The Wilhelmsbad Convention of 1782

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Our text under discussion is titled The Wilhelmsbad Conference of 1782. It is Chapter 1 of a longer work which we cannot identify. It is item 132 in the catalogue.

We regret that we cannot find the author and title of this book, but the chapter itself is a treasure. Well documented from sources of the day, including privately published works, this essay proves that the Illuminati took over French Freemasonry at the Conference of Wilhelmsbad, and it explains how they did it. The author cites four witnesses who attended the conference as well as other writers of the time who became aware of the revolutionary conspiracy.

Many leading figures in Europe at the time joined the Illuminati because Adam Weishaupt devised a propaganda line that used idealistic language to appeal to noble sentiments of freedom, equality, justice, etc. Many of these people quit the Illuminati and wrote against it when they found out that Weishaupt’s Universal Republic was to be gained through deception, blackmail, murder, and other illegal and immoral means. Such memoirs by famous people of the day are cited in this text as well.

The announced purpose of the Wilhelmsbad Conference was to unify degrees and bylaws of masonic organizations in France and Germany so that masons might travel and be received by foreign lodges. In this announced purpose we see the seed of a desire to unify through uniformity that permeates the Illuminati program of universal republics, universal citizenship, universal human rights, and universal and permanent revolution leading to world government.

One of the chief aims of the Illuminati in 1782 was to invite the leaders of Baron von Hund’s Templar Strict Observance to a conference with the Templars of Lyon and subvert it. This was accomplished by promoting J.B. Willermoz’s sister lodge of Templars at Lyon as the authoritative Templar lodge, elevating the Lyon Templar rites over the German rites. The German Templars agreed to merge with the French Templars under the name order of Chevaliers de la Bienfaissance (the name of the French rites). This scheme was put forth by Franz von Knigge, who was a member of both the Bavarian Illuminati and the Strict Observance. He obtained the cooperation of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, who was supreme Grand Master of the Strict Observance, in calling the conference.

Knigge invited Freemasons to this conference of the Strict Observance in hopes that the unification of rites and practices of the Templars might be extended to all of German and French Freemasonry.

Knigge was one of three members of the Illuminati who attended the conference with the intention of secretly establishing the Illuminati over all the lodges of Freemasonry. This conference was intended to rubber-stamp a reality which had already occurred. The Illuminati had already infiltrated the Strict Observance and were guiding it, and they had already made alliance with Willermoz’s Templars in Lyon for revolution in France.

One of the Illuminati delegates, Dittfurth, spoke at the convention and advocated creation of a fourth initiatory degree for Freemasonry. Creation of this advanced degree was supported by the Count of Mirabeau, as recorded in a document found after his death titled the Memorandum of Archesilaus. The fourth degree was devoted to the plan of revolution, which Mirabeau had already embraced, but knowledge of the revolutionary plan was hidden from all except those found qualified by the Illuminati.

“Toward the middle of the Congress, Knigge reported to Weishaupt ‘[a]ll are ecstatic about our primary work’ Knigge added: ‘The deputies at Wilhemsbad almost all came over to me and as they learned the news (I know not why) of the existence of our association, they all solicited me, even the [Prince] de H[esse], to accept them.'”

Without knowing the plan of revolution, which was kept secret from all but a few, Freemasons at the conference became enthusiastic about joining the Illuminati, recognizing the superiority of the Illuminati as an organizing force promoting a universal code of rites and degrees for Freemasonry.

The Duke of Saxe-Coburg sent J.D. Bode to Wilhelmsbad as his personal representative. At the conference Bode was initiated into the Illuminati. Bode lived near Gotha, as did Weishaupt, and Bode became a leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, initiating the Duke of Brunswick and other prominent German aristocrats and working closely with Weishaupt thereafter.

“At Berlin, Bischoffswerder and Wollner enrolled the future king of Prussia, Frederick Wilhelm, when he was still only the Crown Prince. These men exploited the king’s dislike of Jacobins who threatened the king of France. These Illuminati tricked the Prussian king into accepting their loyalty by insisting Prussia attack France. King Frederick Wilhelm unwisely put Duke Ferdinand, the Chairman at Wilhemsbad, in charge of his armies. Duke Ferdinand in the summer of 1792 brought Prussian armies to the borders of France, but then provoked a total Jacobin revolution by his absurd threatenings in his infamous Brunswick Manifesto of July 1792. He said he would raze any city which injured the French king. This legitimized revolution at Paris, as the radicals predictably responded by seizing the king to serve as a hostage to bargain with Ferdinand of Brunswick who was pretending to be a madman.

“The threat was never real, and the Illuminized revolutionaries back at Paris had to know this. The proof was in the pudding. Ferdinand of Brunswick then backed off from ever attacking France. He allowed the revolution of 1792, including the king’s execution, to proceed effectively unmolested by him. Contemporaries of the era visiting Paris called this “retreat of the Prussians” when they had an open door to seize Paris “the mysterious conduct of the Duke of Brunswick…” and the “extraordinary conduct of the court of Berlin.” Nothing could explain it because the French army was “in a terrible state of insubordination, in a state of mutiny….’ which would be no match for the best army of Europe — the Prussian Army.”

The creation of an advanced fourth degree of Freemasonry dominated by Illuminati members meant the plan of revolution could be spread to the French lodges in secret. The main lodge leading the revolution in France was Amis Reunis, the lodge into which Benjamin Franklin was initiated.

“Consequently, the Illuminati by 1782 had achieved amazing influence in France. This was primarily due to their intimate affiliation with the French Templars by means of the Munich Lodge Theodore. Through it, the Illuminati shared their agenda with the Amis Reunis at Paris — cousins to the Lyons system under Willermoz which started their Munich lodge before being taken over by the Illuminati. Weishaupt had four years from his joining the Munich lodge of Willermoz’s system in 1778 to forge his alliances. Then in 1782, the Illuminati enlisted masonic delegates at the Wilhemsbad Congress including its chairman, Duke Ferdinand. They next rode the charisma of Dittfurth at Wilhemsbad. All these factors propelled the Illuminati into a dominant position over the Templar world of Freemasonry. As a result, if the Bavarian government alone discovered their secrets and tossed them all from Bavaria, it meant little because their power now rested somewhere other than in Bavaria or in their own Illuminati lodges. The Illuminati truly had become an international organization inter-twined in continental Templar Freemasonry.”

From this “advanced degree” of the Amis Reunis, all the leaders of the French Revolution were initiated into the program of the French Revolution, elimination of the monarchy, elimination of the Catholic church, the plan of the republic, and the spread of the republican system throughout Europe by conquest of the French army.

[Ed. note: We insert here a list of Illuminated revolutionaries from Final Warning: A History of the New World Order Illuminism and the Master Plan for World Domination by David Allen Rivera, 1994,

• Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758-1794), who was made head of the Revolution by Weishaupt
• Marquis Antoine Nicholas Condorcet (1743-1794), philosopher and politician
• Duke de la Rochenfoucault
• George Jacques Danton (1759-1794)
• Marquis Marie Joseph de Lafayette (1757-1834), General and statesman
• Jerome Petion de Villeneuve (1756-1794), politician
• Philippe, Duke of Orleans, Grand Master of French Freemasonry
• de Leutre
• Fauchet
• Cammille Benoit Desmoulins (1760-1794)
• D’Alembert
• Denis Diderot (1713-1784), encyclopedist
• Jean-Francois de la Harpe (1739-1803), critic and playwright

This list is not exhaustive; for example, it does not include Nicholas Bonneville, who was a leading pamphleteer of the revolution from the Social Cercle, or Franz Anton Mesmer, who organized illuminated lodges of Harmony before the revolution.]

Weishaupt’s takeover of Freemasonry by establishing a secret initiatory level above the other levels became a model of organization for crime syndicates, intelligence agencies, political parties, and corporations set up by Illuminati after the French Revolution. We call this strategy “takeover from above.” A modern example is the European Union, where the Parliament is unelected and sponsors thousands of working committees devoted to taking over the functions of national European governments. Another example is the formation of the Palladian Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike and Mazzini, which serves as a “guiding council” to independent lodges. Adolf Cremieux’s L’Alliance-israelite-universelle was similarly designed to be a “guiding council” for all of masonry in the nineteenth century. Karl Marx imitated Cremiuex by forming the International Workingmen’s Association, designed to control labor unions in every nation. The Communist International served the same function for guiding national Communist parties. Free trade agreements now feature secret committees intended to rule on workers’ complaints and environmental complaints. These committees have legal authority over national (and state) laws and establish regional jurisdictions that bypass national and state courts.

The U.S. Constitution established a federal government that similarly exercises power over the states, governing from above. The U.S. Constitution was inspired by the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who was illuminated, and was directed by Benjamin Franklin, who was illuminated. The U.S. Constitution was promulgated by an illegal assembly, though it was legitimized by the ratification of the states. Illuminated leaders of the New World Order today continue to form various regional and worldwide councils, such as the G7 and the G20, based on no legal authority. Takeover from above. Rule by secrecy.

Weishaupt thus enlisted the leaders of French and German Freemasonry to serve the aims of the Illuminati by promoting an idealistic interpretation of the propaganda of liberty and equality, masking a program of deceit, destruction, murder, world revolution, and totalitarian control. All of the subsequent revolutions in history were carried out by Freemasons, including the Communist revolutions. Weishaupt’s legacy includes:

  • Every international body is designed to take over and govern functions normally performed by nation-states.
  • The highest grade of Freemasonry is designed to control the lower grades.
  • Compartmentalization of the pyramid structure is designed to keep the lower levels from knowing what the leaders know.
  • Weishaupt initiated the idea of spying on members and keeping documentation of their illegal activities and sexual relations outside of marriage, to be used to blackmail followers into silence. 


Organizations with allegiance to the Illuminati conspiracy use pyramid and triangle symbols in their logos, often including the eye above the pyramid.

“In his 1775 book Errors and Truth, Saint-Martin laid out a doctrine so nearly identical to Weishaupt’s ideas that one may truly wonder whether Weishaupt was Saint-Martin’s convert rather than that Weishaupt founded Illuminism by himself.” (p. 54)

Saint-Martin was closely tied to J.B. Willermoz, whose lodge in Munich Weishaupt joined in 1778. We do not believe Weishaupt invented Illuminism all by himself but was influenced by Saint-Martin and Willermoz, among others. We shall have more to say about this in a future post.

“Thus, the proof that the Wilhemsbad Congress decided to use secret societies to create a revolution in France is crucial evidence that historians in the U.S.A. have all but overlooked. The above facts also disprove the claim the Illuminati ceased after 1787. The argument they could not have caused the Revolution of 1792 because of the Bavarian suppression during 1785-1787 is clearly a spurious argument. Once the Illuminati penetrated France by 1782, and changed French Freemasonry, it mattered little what happened in Bavaria thereafter.” (p. 58)

Arthur Waite and Lynn Picknett independently report that the Strict Observance rites were incorporated into the Lyon Templars and given the name “Rectified Scottish Rite,” so this was a merger rather than a disappearance. (Jim Marrs, Rule by Secrecy, “The Illuminati”)

This author specifically names the abbe Barruel, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, and John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy, as presenting the correct version of Illuminati history. However, he has more sources at his disposal and provides a few more details, making this chapter an invaluable source of the time for uncovering the Illuminati conspiracy. 

Many researchers have sought to find the sources of Weishaupt’s occult beliefs by research into the documents of the Bavarian Illuminati. But Weishaupt provides little guidance into his occult beliefs in his documents. Mostly he appeals to idealistic abstractions as a propaganda front justifying the elimination of monarchy and the Catholic church. From the evidence in this chapter, by inference we can assume that Weishaupt adopted the occultism of J.B. Willermoz by being initiated into his Templar masonry at the Munich Lodge Theodore. This occultism originated in the Cabalistic studies of the Portuguese Jew Martinez de Pasqually, founder of the Order of Eleus Cohens. J.B. Willermoz was initiated into this order.

But we also find that the Baron von Knigge was occultist, from his membership in the Rite of Strict Observance:

“During his formative Masonic years before joining the Illuminati, Knigge had become acquainted with Mason and alchemist, Marburg professor Friedrich Joseph Wilhelm Schröder (1733-78). Schröder imbued him with enthusiasm for the occult sciences. On Schröder, Knigge had said: ‘What man would not have been fired with zeal for theosophy, magic, and alchymy, in the company of Scroeder [sic]? These were the mysteries of the Strict Observance, in which I was a firm believer, and practised all the evocations of spirits, and other occult ceremonies of the Order!’ (In George Oliver, The Historical Landmarks and Other Evidences of Freemasonry: Explained in a Series of Practical Lectures, with Copious Notes, Vol. II (New York: Masonic Publishing and Manufacturing, 1867), p. 53 n. 79; cf. Le Forestier, op. cit., p. 210 and Augustin Barruel, op.cit., p. 621.)”

Nesta Webster credited the Illuminated Freemason Cagliostro for initiating Weishaupt into occult practices. Cagliostro claimed to be in possession of an Egyptian masonry, which later became formalized as the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim. Our point is, there were many other occultists influencing Weishaupt besides the occultist manipulator Cagliostro, and these include Willermoz and Knigge as well as other Cabalistic Jews in Germany who carried the revolutionary anti-Christian genocidal agenda of Cabalistic Judaism.

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