The destructive power of media, Part 1

“We are compelled to forget by the collage style of the mass media.” Milan Kundera

We were thinking about media addiction and wondering why there are so few capable writers on modern media. Then it came to us. The obvious answer is that there are many ways of approaching the study of media, and most commentators ignore the fundamental reality that the media are designed to serve the New World Order control tyranny by trapping people in fantasy trances.

Just as most people remain in the outdated Left vs. Right paradigms, so also do they remain wedded to a Left vs. Right view of media. They believe there is a “good media” (our side), a “bad media” (their side), and a neutral ground of “entertainment.” Of course this is naive and stupid, but there you go. All of the visual media are designed to trap viewers in meaningless fantasy loops. The content doesn’t matter that much.

You can learn a lot about media bias by reading news stories on the internet and then comparing what gets omitted in the TV news reporting. However, this is a relatively trivial exercise. By now you should be far beyond any interest in what is reported on TV news.

Let’s outline a few ways of approaching media studies. We begin with the obvious new result. Educators are observing that young kids are addicted to media. Electronic media cause short attention spans and neglect of life activities. Children become embedded in fantasy trance formation when they use media. Children desire the fantasy world, most of them are still in it anyway. Education is really about substituting conceptual learning for image/emotion formation, and all of the visual media work against education.

Educators who supply children with media appliances are working for the New World Order takeover, the liberal agenda of forced retardation through the elevation of the image as knowledge.

Given how many adults watch TV and videos, it seems obvious that adults want to escape into fantasy about as much as children do. And of course most adults are operating out of subconscious image/emotion value trances. Drug and alcohol sales are another measure of how much adults desire escape into fantasy. Take a look around you and you will quickly conclude that most people are operating according to the model of psychological stimulus-response conditioning that the evil psychologists used as their model for human nature.

The addiction syndrome and the attention deficits feed right into psychological diagnoses and therapies. We’ll have more on the evil psychologists and psychiatrists in a future post.

It is interesting to ask whether people today differ significantly from people in the past on this measure of psychological conditioning and desire for fantasy trance-formation. We believe yes, moderns are more conditioned and are in deeper trance, for two reasons. The influence of Freud’s stress on the power of the subconscious sex drive led to the eroticization of popular culture and produced a new kind of man with an eroticized consciousness, and the spread of new media under the influence of the Cultural Marxists quickly destroyed centuries-old tested cultures.

The above little formula points in two directions of investigation, toward the modern artists who carried the false teachings of Marx and Freud into popular culture and toward the elite group of media employees who provide the media messages.

A second question of interest is how much of media degradation has to do with the culture of modernism itself and its mechanical reproduction and how much has to do with the influence of the media controllers.

Even without New World Order message control, video games would cause kids to want to play more video games, and watching porn videos would cause men to want to watch more porn. Watching TV causes people to want to watch more TV, even when there is nothing on. Electronic media are “inherently” addicting because they induce brainwave change, to what is called the beta brainwave level. This is electronic trance formation, regardless of content. Once people go into trance, they want to stay in trance.

So the first principle of understanding electronic media is that people desire hypperreal fantasy over reality, so any image stream becomes “inherently hypnotic.” One of the main insights of the evil psychologists was that the subconscious mind does not distinguish between the perception of reality through the eye/brain forming an image from nature and a flow of mediated virtual-reality images in a video.

Movies and photography are mechanical arts. Even if they were “arts” around the time of their invention, today they have developed into methods of disinformation and mass hypnosis. It is no longer possible to consider a movie based on a comic book full of special effects designed to stimulate maximum sensation as art.

Today this insight about the pervasiveness of media images being supplied by people of bad intent has been illustrated in the “matrix” idea. The present media supply/consumption model allows almost total control over information and hence control over worldview.

Consumers of media believe they are in control of what they consume and what they believe. They find comfort in belonging to one of the two main worldviews, even when TV models behavior that joins or blurs the two worldviews, such as, for example, radical feminists and blacks modeled as experts in consumption or as friendly neighbors looking out for the welfare of the white population.

The funny thing about the persistence of the old false worldviews is that the Left believes the Right is brainwashed, and they aren’t, and the Right believes the Left is brainwashed, and they aren’t. Both are brainwashed, on purpose, by the same media. Both the Left and the Right complain that media exist carrying the messages of the other side, and each side wishes it had total media monopoly.

How childish can you get? Once you get past these two false worldviews and understand how the Left and Right cooperate to build the New World Order, you will recognize the media as a single monopoly of disinformation. You won’t be able to watch. This will be the measure of your maturity, the inability to watch TV or videos because you recognize the programming conventions carrying lies and false models.

The Cultural Marxist theorists were thinking about how to take over media before the 1950s, before TV appeared in every living room. They invented most of the conventions of TV programming, and the owners of the networks eagerly embraced them. This creative media history is provided in The Hidden Masters, so we won’t cover it here. The key figure in setting media conventions was Theodore Adorno. Although many of his inventions are contentless and appear “neutral” to us today, the forms themselves involve a break with traditional culture and can be filled with liberal trash values and propaganda.

Modernism in cultural history is really about development of mass media and making the new forms of popular culture that would break connections with past cultures, particularly with the past values of European bourgeois culture. Today we are so far past bourgeois culture that it has no defenders, except us.

Let’s go back to the time when Marxism attacked bourgeois culture. Bourgeois culture obviously lost this battle, as you can see from the proliferation of degeneracy and the liberal pseudo-scientific culture forms. You can still see good examples of bourgeois culture in old movies about the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, how people lived with nice furniture and good food and books and music and real education. They were living closer to nature. Without electronic appliances. Everything was at the human scale. People thought and strived and debated and cared for each other and formed communities.

The Marxist alternative was collectivization of the arts, no individual expression. Novels and paintings were banned in Russia. All art in the Soviet Union was collectivized under state control promoting propaganda. The leading Russian artists emigrated to Europe, where they formed bohemias, a kind of think-tank of alienated intellectuals who criticized bourgeois culture without embracing collectivism. Out of these bohemias came the modern art movements that joined with Cultural Marxism to displace the great culture of the past.

Today the battleground of the culture wars is over preservation of a “middle class” versus collective slavery under socialism. This discourse generally ignores the corruption of the middle class by feminism, multiculturalism and integrationism, and other Marxist initiatives that are designed to produce the collective mass pseudo-society. The chief feature of multiculturalism is nonresistance to socialism. It really doesn’t have anything to do with respect for genuine cultures.

You can take the measure of the great bourgeois culture of Europe against the modern middle class and see how far the degeneracy has spread. The middle class really are the masses now, they have been entirely penetrated and taken over. It didn’t require the infiltration of Communist cadres, they did it with the media. Now these degenerate attitudes are internalized. People are really just walking time bombs of false ideas marching toward their own destruction.

But changing worldview is difficult. Most people don’t do it by investigating history, as we did. Their worldview change is forced upon them by big events, such as Depressions, together with some questioning of their basic assumptions and the exposure of their heroes as villains.

Rational argument doesn’t effect worldview change. People have an inherent predisposition to ignore information that conflicts with their existing worldview. One reason is, everyone needs a way of organizing the world in some positive way. People believe they will plunge into chaos if you remove the building blocks of their worldview. Actually, it isn’t that dramatic. You can change from false to true just by a little rearrangement of the existing concepts, a more accurate history, a little wising up, a little overcoming of the inherent problem in everyone’s condition of being a naive child and struggling to grow up and understand the world.

We don’t have a magic formula for handing you the right worldview, and we cannot calculate how much you will struggle to discard false beliefs, but we believe that one of the real eye-openers to what is going on is to reveal the planning of the elite controllers for total global control. Once you understand the higher-level planning, it will be obvious that the politicians you admire are merely low-level actors carrying out orders from above. They are governing against your interests.

The manipulated cardboard images of the conventional authorities must first crumble in your mind before you can find yourself standing on the broad plain of adventure for the good.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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