The destructive power of media, Part 2

The early history of TV is really the story of the radio and vaudeville acts being gradually replaced by the rock and roll acts, the sitcoms, and the dirty comics. This trendline of elevating sex talk and sex imagery wiped out the old humanist popular culture and replaced it with the vulgar liberal pop culture. The appeal to sensation killed the appeal to human values.

But the key to understanding the history of TV is that the appeal to sensation and trashy liberal values was deliberately induced to further the Marxist agenda of takeover.

All of the electronic media today promote sensation and discourage thinking. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it became that way through planned subversion. This is the missing history of Cultural Marxism they will never teach in school. Thoughtful discourse takes time to present, but sensation can be programmed in an instant. That is why the media are dominated by sex appeal, violence, perversion, and comic-book stories, targeted at adolescents, along with role-modeling of Marxist subversives as authorities.

We have researched each of these streams of degeneracy. This history begins with the degeneracy of French aristocratic culture, then feeds into the radicals of the French Revolution. Many revolutionaries were pornographers. The drugs and porn and prostitution coexisted with radical organizations and presses in the bohemian quarters of the big European cities. The Marquis de Sade is the chief authority in liberal perversion, even though he was an aristocrat. The Left loves his criminal attitude because the Left is a criminal enterprise that refuses to recognize the legitimacy of law. Even though his books were banned or held in closed library stacks, you will find a series of essays by liberal writers elevating the Marquis as the sublime author on sadistic sex, with the correct political orientation. No mention of the sufferings of the women he exploited. He is a model for the outlaw Romantic hero obsessed with sex perversion.

The satanic brooding self-absorbed Romantic hero became the modern anti-hero. The Rebel Without a Cause, the anti-hero, became the model for adolescent rebellion. The anti-hero is incapable of positive action, but he is given to outbursts of destruction. That was good enough for the Marxists.

Decency movements of the early twentieth century lost their fight against liberal filth because liberal psychiatrists defended these materials as harmless. The evidence shows otherwise. Freedom of the press allowed the sewer of liberal perversion to flow into American culture.

With the development of TV and video, these anti-social stories and images were available for quick and cheap mass distribution, with designer production values to make them even more appealing. We would not be allowing perverts to rule us today if American had not first been desensitized to liberal filth by the mass distribution of perversion, violence, and criminal behavior.

Why does it matter so much if people regularly submit themselves to the stream of visual images? Because the subconscious mind is constantly looking for something in the information stream to identity with. The self is not constant but is in a state of becoming. It is searching for its new model of the future self. Controlling the input controls the possibilities for the future self. If the controllers can get the masses to consume junk regularly, the result is junk people. Hence, “they became what they beheld.” Remember, the mind has no inherent firewall of superior values. Superior values must be modeled and learned.

We are measuring the distance from Jack Benny and Father Knows Best to the domination of TV programming by Marxist perverts. TV today is mainly about feminist pervert role reversal. How did perverts get to be thought of as authorities? The suggestion that normal guys should bend over and take it in the ass from Marxist queers comes from the New World Order Communists at the UN.

Here is the link of interest. UN CEDAW and the globalist gay and feminist war against men. Know your enemy.

There is nothing normal or liberating about perversion. The real liberation New World Order studies promises is, when you grow up you won’t be interested in any of it.

The masses are now programmed by stimulus-response conditioning to prefer sensation (images) over words. The effect of this conditioning is to produce illiterate liberal zombies, the dumbed-down dead-end kids with zero knowledge of history and zero interest in any intellectual subject. Their parents have been kind enough to provide them with appliances they can carry around so they can access media constantly and communicate with their friends. We can’t imagine a more effective way of breaking generational contact with the past.

Liberals are by definition subversives, so of course they are attracted to the line of visual subversion that began with the modern art movements, Dada, Surrealism, Bauhaus, collage. The founder of Surrealism, Andre Breton, was a Communist. The founder of Dada, Tristan Tzara, met Lenin at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in 1916. Tzara later supported Stalinism. Dada was literary terrorism. Surrealism was the elevation of the meaningless image to supreme value and experimentation with machine-human combinations, the logical outcome of materialism. The original Surrealist artists were drug-addicts. Most of them committed suicide because they had enmeshed themselves in meaninglessness.

Every positive evaluation of Surrealism by liberals ignores this history. It is covered up on purpose. Even though Marxists are devoted to genocide, they don’t want their cadre to understand that the search for a “zero point” in the subconscious mind, which would place them above all earthly problems, was a failed experiment. Today’s liberal activists seem entirely unfamiliar with the high drop-out rate, the high murder rate, the high suicide rate, and the ugly system of ideological control necessary to control Communist cadre, including the art and media workers.

The universities now teach these failed experiments as glorious discoveries and artistic authorities.

We don’t believe the founders of image terrorism could have imagined the invention of electronic media that would spread around the world and ensnare the masses in neurotic trance based on Surrealist absurdism and image juxtaposition. McLuhan wrote about the “global village” the media were creating, meaning the spread of Western values around the world that destabilized existing cultures and softened up populations for corporate takeover. The free traders argued that this was a good thing as it resulted in profits for Hollywood, and Hillary later reinterpreted the “global village” phrase in terms of spreading feminism to destabilize traditional cultures.

The other side of the story is how many countries set up commissions and passed laws to restrict the flow of Hollywood filth into their countries to protect their culture from contamination by liberal criminal pervert universalism.

As late as the 1980s, pro-globalist media analysts were praising the mass media for erasing cultural differences in a global village. This was a good thing because the universality of liberal opinions would lead to large-scale solutions to problems that national governments couldn’t solve. Only the dumbest people believe that today. Even the agents of globalism who are profiting from its corruption wouldn’t dare project such an idealistic version of the New World Order takeover.

The same promoters of globalism were promising that Communist China would “democratize” as its economy grew. You don’t hear that BS anymore. Now that America is bankrupt and China is wealthy, there isn’t any democratic opposition in China. Now everybody knows the globalist agenda is Chinese Communist supremacy.

But no one anticipated the internet video, the rock video, the rap video, the handheld devices, and the elevation of satanic child stars to global prominence. We think the tide of technical innovation outstripped the Cultural Marxist content right about the time satanists became more active contributors to media programming. The controllers are fine with Satanism.

Satanism is the only religion that is compatible with modernism. Modernism in culture presents itself as scientific or as a continuation of Romantic obsessions. The real culture of modernism is Marxist Satanism. The Marxists never object to the presentation of perversions or occult themes in media because that is the religion of the Marxist elites. The materialist dogma is just propaganda for the stupid masses.

The psychiatrists provide cover for elite exploitation of the innocent by labeling anyone who gets caught as having “sex addiction” that can be cured by “therapy.”

“As the media invade our lives, liberal kitsch becomes our moral code.”

The invention of pop art in the 1980s ended Western civilization’s search for meaning in images. Pop artists drew from the existing collection of images, reframed them, and recycled them for profit. No one asks what a pop art image means. The pop artist is just showing you what you have already seen, and the pop art consumer is so unsophisticated that he accepts the recycled mass image with the delight of recognition.

What particular image is shown on TV doesn’t matter as much as the flow of images inducing trance. But by now the image-stream is so well tested that you see the same formulas over and over again.

“TV is a vampire that sucks meaning out of art and returns it as a commodity. Everyone who is in contact with the media are also drained of power and meaning. This is how the power center of the media maintains its power.”

The power of TV is the power to induce passivism, to form the inert masses. We believe this was what McLuhan was trying to say with his “The medium is the message” and “The medium is the massage” slogans. Above and beyond any content, TV conditions viewers to passive trance-formation. This is the result of the electronic wave entering the brain at a particular frequency combined with the degenerate, adolescent liberal culture designed to dumb down the masses.

Video and TV images also contribute new social values inherent in the media, such as instantaneity, mobility, changing points of view, scalability, stop and rewind and slow motion review, maximum choice. All of these values become internalized and work against the values of print, the values that made traditional Western culture great. The psychiatrists cover for this degeneration of mental capacity by labeling it “attention deficit disorder” and promising therapy with drugs.

The point of intersection of psychiatry with the drug industry is where you will find the biggest scandals about how the psychiatrists are controlling the population. But that is a subject for a future post.

The Cultural Marxists in the university are carrying the leading edge of destruction of literacy with their denial that texts and biographies have meaning (reference) and only the words matter. This one-two punch has knocked literacy into the dustbin of history. Deconstruction’s insistence that there is a (capitalist, patriarchal) code embedded in all traditional literary genres further reinforces this turn away from literacy to image trance-formation.

When you wake up you will figure out that the modeling and subliminal suggestions in the media are Cultural Marxist programming as well as capitalist programming. The big capitalists are all Cultural Marxists now, promoting the global pervert world order.

The focus of TV is at the level of the teenager because only teenagers are interested in temporary sensation. As you get older you will begin to realize that you can’t remember any of it because it is all meaningless.

This means the nature of the subconscious mind has changed for the dumbed down liberal pervert masses. If you test their subconscious you will only find TV slogans, not the artistic images Jung described as elemental.

Jung’s psychology was entirely deceptive. There is no collective unconscious, there is only individual input and output. If you consume liberal pervert garbage, you will become liberal pervert garbage. Seems obvious.

What do you give up if you give up TV? Ads. Upcoming program messages. Soap opera actors doing stupid things. Contests. Cops and criminals in infinite variety. Politically correct cartoons. Movies based on cartoons. Movies based on comic books. Teenagers, the most clueless people on the planet, portrayed as superheroes. Millionaire athletes playing for the highest bidder, presented as “your team.” The daily digest of news stories that don’t matter, with even more boring commentary by paid lobbyists. The rap soundtrack. Reruns. Rehab stories. Feminists gossiping with feminists and gays about being feminist and gay. Vulgar unfunny comedians talking about bodily functions. Recycled gothic horror. Vampires as teenage role models.

No wonder people are migrating to the internet. They are famished for content because everything on TV is ugly and evil, on purpose. This is the liberal culture. There is nothing to it.

Readers have one inherent edge over viewers. Reading is active, viewing is passive and produces the masses in trance. But for reading to translate into opposition, one must read the right texts and not be distracted by the puerile output of the big publishers —  the meaningless specialized histories, the cookbooks and self-confessions and celebrity biographies and pet stories and self-help. The publishing industry has transformed itself into a mass culture industry that profits from the forced retardation of the masses. The textbook industry has been taken over by Marxists.

“Books create individuality, images create the masses.”

Verbal literacy and visual literacy are both real, important skills. The masses have neither. You need to study the arts, art history, and design to get visual literacy. You need to study literary criticism to become literate. But educators teach visual literacy entirely under the modern paradigm, so the “art workers” get introduced to the sickest of the modern movements and then take their skills to serve the most corrupt institutions. That is where the money is.

The art industry exploits the naivete of the visually illiterate art consumer by promoting the legitimacy of the “equality” of taste and the superiority of modern art.

“Advertising limits demand by creating social distinctions. If they can get you permanently viewing advertising you will become what you crave and die for it.”

Every high school kid knows this and dreams about profiting by joining the image manipulators using subliminal persuasion techniques to sell to a naive audience of suckers.

“The Third World is the only location of resistance to image.” And that is changing fast, for the worse, as the image culture spreads around the world and displaces traditional cultures.

Very few media critics write about the recent linking of electronic media forming a self-referential grid feeding the consumption of images that induces the desire for the consumption of more images above the previous cultural values of freedom, exploration of nature, or intellectual adventure. But this same grid also forms the global police state even as it induces attention-deficit, moral-deficit, intellectual-deficit, and emotional-deficit. Teachers are now finding that children raised on electronic media cannot study. At the same time, the pervasiveness of media seduces whole generations of kids into wanting to become video-makers, game-designers, journalists, talk-show hosts, rock stars, porn stars, web designers, internet marketers, the whole constellation of useless occupations.

The older media critics wrote about the “shrinking of the world” to mean the formation of mass conformity, mass attitudes. Actually the shrinking of human possibilities is now controlled by the New World Order police state and the technology takeover plans of transhumanist futurism. The media are part of the police state. We shall explain this power model in more detail in future posts.

“The great tragedy is the disappearance of the web of organic life. Because we are slaves of machines and ourselves machines, we are the slaves of slaves.”

As long as you continue to consume the electronic media, you are the slave to electronic hypnosis. They are enmeshing you in meaninglessness. You are paying them to enslave you.

The job of the resistance beginning around the 1980s was to short-circuit the imaginary global village propaganda and expose the true corrupt agenda of the global elite. But documented histories about the globalist insider manipulations are not sufficient to break through the propaganda matrix. It took the banker crisis, the bailouts, and the subsequent horror show of corruption of the Democratic Party to wake people out of their false belief that leaders were acting in their interest. Actually, the political leaders have been acting “globally” to subvert national democracy since before World War I.

Today the resistance is coalescing around the tea party. If you aren’t permanently angry about America’s betrayal by New World Order perverts, you’re too retarded to be interesting to us.

But the tea party has its limitations, and one of them is the failure to address the bad effect the media are having. There is a pervasive sense that one must get on TV to have one’s cause heard. This simply reinforces the media power center.

Restoration of a genuine Western culture begins by abandoning electronic media and recognizing the superiority of bourgeois culture. At the human scale, close to nature, immersed in the great books and the great art of the past. Man controlling his small machines rather than becoming cogs in their system. Rejecting all modern culture forms, including  the authority of psychology and the social sciences.

You will find more about human potential in the history of the European symphony than you ever will find in any movie collection or any modern “human potential movement.”

If they invite you into the “Communication Department,” start talking about “media studies,” and promise you access to a video camera, run for your life.

The only question of interest today is, can you come out of trance, drop out of their media slavery, and undo your conditioning before the global police state takes you over completely? We aren’t optimistic about your chances.

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Of course they are selling you police-state internet control as cyber-security.

Going online makes it easier for them to get data about you and control you. The tax departments are going to get access to your phone and internet records. Face it, you are photographed whenever you go out in public, and every transaction you make is recorded.

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Getting you conditioned to using computers, personal assistants. Pulling you into their tracking system with small bribes. Technofascism is required reading.

Building the police state in Afghanistan. Oh, it wasn’t about “al-qaeda” after all. Your tax dollars at work.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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