Theosophy and modern art

We stumbled upon an interesting website called CESNUR, Center for Studies on New Religions. CESNUR publishes articles on a variety of modern religious movements, including Theosophy.

It’s clear that many modern artists were Theosophists, or fringe occultists. Modern art was not mainly about the scientific revolution, it was about the persistence of magic and the occult, linked with revolutionary politics. Of interest:

Every Picture Tells a Story Edouard Schure’s The Great Initiates’ influence on the visual arts.

Theosophy and the Visual Arts: The Nordic Connection

On Theosophy’s penetration into Latin America and influence on the arts; Nicholas Roerich and associates.

Zollner’s Knot: Jean Delville, Theosophy, and the Fourth Dimension

Marco Pasi provides a gentle introduction to occult influences on modern art in Changing Gods: Contemporary Art and the Cultural Fashion of the Occult.

An account of the 2013 conference Enchanted Modernities. There is more going on at the Ritman Library than meets the eye.

Abstracts of papers given at the second conference. Have a look at these titles. Notice the joining of Marxism with sex perversion. We’re not here to make fun of modern art influenced by Theosophy, but we are here to make fun of occultist academics investigating Theosophy. Imagine that you have just enrolled in a university staffed by one of these occultists who has infiltrated the university and now actually makes a living combing through the residue of Theosophical expressions and writing down his thoughts. As long as he focuses on the concept of creativity,  can appear to be on sort of neutral ground, and an investigator rather than an advocate and change-agent, but Theosophy is a pseudo-history as well as a branch of the Illuminati. What they don’t write about is Madame Blavatsky’s membership in Freemasonry and the Carboneiri, channeling of spirits, the Lucis Trust, one-world government, Lucifer worship at the UN, and a historical parade of occultist frauds and charlatans. You should drop out and ask for your money back.

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