Queer all over: The Pervert World Order

“Worshippers described the trance state as follows: ‘It makes a different person out of me; I feel queer all over.’ ” Hugh Bowden, Mystery Cults of the Ancient World, p. 220, on snake-handling.

Now that the Marxists are in control and the perverts have become affirmative-action Marxists, the trendline is moving toward Total Liberal Perversion, the Pervert World Order. The key to understanding the Pervert World Order takeover is to learn about the elite pervert groups. The various liberal political front groups expressing political support for each other aren’t populist, they are under the control of elite perverts. We’re going to lead you to the elite perverts and explain how they operate. The agenda is not gay participation in this or that institution, the agenda is exploitation of the weak and helpless by perv predators.

Twenty years ago sodomy was against the law, and one could count on the police to police the predators and protect the weak. No more. Law enforcement is now feminist/minority dominated, and the police of course selectively prosecute or fail to prosecute their favored groups. Recall the statement by the chief of police of Los Angeles, “If you don’t like it (our failure to prosecute Mexican gangs), leave.”

Good advice, actually, because the multicultural pseudosociety is a riot of crime. Your children are the target, the intended victims of the forced-integration propaganda enforcing social destruction by undermining parental authority. What is actually under way is, the cattle are being herded into the liberal institutions so that they are more easily conditioned and controlled. The destruction of the old lines of community authority and parental authority and the elevation of secular authorities works to the advantage of the elite perverts by creating pools of innocent kids for their easy exploitation.

The Marxist destruction of society makes every social value, including morality and religion, appear to be obsolete. The guiding ethic of the pseudosociety is now individualism controlled by collectivism. Individualism ramps up ambitions — for wealth, for technological development, for reputation, for pleasure, for dominance  — and brings the most warped personalities to power. The Left wants to control the economy and the pseudo-society of disoriented individuals through speech codes and campaigns that condition behavior. Their program is to eliminate births, useless old people, all existing real societies, the old morality of social cooperation, any stable communities, old knowledge, all weapons of resistance –and replace them with slogans, bureaucracies of control, and mindless media images.

Building the global pseudosociety is not really a good project because interlinked mass systems are very vulnerable to catastrophic breakdown. The guiding paradigm of futurism is too narrow to end in a good result for man. The big-picture dynamic of the New World Order is not just building the control system and the police state, it also involves squeezing every positive human value out of the system to extinction.

By the way, what do you think the founders would think of forced racial and queer integration and quotas for the retarded liberals? Remember, some of these old birds pushed “equality,” so there is no simple answer.

The “culture” has changed drastically for the worse, but we think people generally live in the past and fail to adapt to gradual takeover. This puts the good people on the defensive, of course, enveloped in layers of Marxist propaganda while the secular institutions become more open to the schemes of predators. To avoid getting pulled in to their decadence and supporting their exploitation, arm yourself with knowledge about the pervert takeover. You must take extra precautions for your safety and especially for the safety of children because all liberal institutions actively initiate children into perversion now.

Gay aggression

Gay U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker rules California Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. This is what happens when you appoint gays as judges. Notice, in his ruling, that he said the state has no interest in treating homosexual couples differently. But we don’t care about the state’s interest, we care about society’s interest. Lots of false assertions in this ruling. We assume the case will go to the Supreme Court.

(Update: lower court decision is now voided by court of appeal.)

Reaction to the Prop 8 ruling.

Conservative talkers notice that Marxist pervert judges overturn the will of the majority all the time, yet they continue to insist that the Constitution is a masterful blueprint for government. Nope, too easily infiltrated and undermined. Fascist military dictatorships are the best form of government, as long as they kill the Communists, keep the crooks and the perverts under control, and don’t overspend.

You will notice that the countries in Europe that have the best-preserved cultures were Fascist, not Communist, during World War II. This is no accident because culture destruction is a primary goal of Marxism.

Cliff KInkaid on the gay threat to the military. Have you noticed that media reporting on gays in the military never discusses the threat to straight guys?

Feminists who support gays in the military should also support coed showers in the public schools their daughters attend, just to be consistent. But of course feminism is an irrational propaganda construction dominated by NWO perverts. Don’t bother looking for consistency in the party line of the feminist pervs. The elite gangster perverts get extra vampire thrills when they degrade women into goddess worship, green depopulation, empowerment over the more qualified, manipulation of boys, masculinization and robotization, and initiation into perversions.

Growing gay influence over TV.

Gays set quotas on TV networks.

CBS goes gay. Funny comments about a sad situation. Can TV get any more vulgar? Yes, it will, as long as liberals do the programming.

Gay Marxists won’t be satisfied with one cable channel, they want to undermine all genuine culture and replace it with their perversions. They think mass broadcasting about Magical Gay stereotypes will make them appear normal. Television has become gay, unwatchable, disgusting. TV has become a showcase for liberal perversions and modeling of anti-social dysfunction.

You can’t rely on feminists to report the news, even when they do nothing more than read scripts written by others. Notice how excited these feminists get when they interview some wealthy global criminal. Also notice that the liberal “men” never object when the feminist reporters go into their “glass ceiling,” “sexual harassment,” “underpaid women,” or “overpopulation” rants.

Has there ever been any group of people more out of touch with reality than liberal journalists?

The TV movie drama formula has become, feminist superior (police officer, intelligence expert) directing lower-level stupid liberal guys who admire her intelligence, courage, and decision-making. The feminist “authorities” are good fighters and good shots, too. Their particular combination of smarts and courage is just the right combination to save the country or the community from terrorist and criminal threats. They also make excellent single mothers. Actually, feminists are the terrorist and criminal threat, and the guys who work for them are role-reversal perverts.

The “crime drama” format allows liberals to model the infinite variety of their perversions and make you think that feminists are taking the criminals to justice when in fact exactly the opposite is the case. Feminists are selling out the normal guys to the New World Order takeover.

At the more adolescent level, TV feminists are mythologized as comic-book superheroes, often operating outside the law but definitely aiding and protecting humanity. Comic-book porn feminism is the gateway drug for young guys curious about sex. The message is, feminist perverts are your sexy model. Don’t worry about the role-reversal and the domination. You’ll get used to it.

Keep your kids away from the TV, the internet, and the comic book movies if you want them to have a chance at a normal life.

Such shows serve to legitimize feminist traitors in leadership roles in the real world, if you call government bureaucracies the real world. Obama couldn’t appoint traitor Janet Napolitano to the position of head of Homeland Security without some modeling of feminist role-reversal perversion as normal for the masses. That she was allowed to take office is a testimony to how many feminized men there are out there doing nothing about their own enslavement.

We wonder about the manhood of the male actors in the TV crime dramas who can be bought off to play these sell-out roles. You can’t always tell, but we suspect they are mostly gay.

TV is a pure Marxist pervert wasteland now, only of interest to perverts living in liberal pervert fantasyland.

How the federal government funds hate campaigns against men.

“Tolerance” is the key slogan of the takeover propaganda. Tolerance of liberalism is not a virtue. Liberals are not tolerant back. Race and culture preservation are the real virtues. There is no such thing as a good liberal.

Obama’s anti-family, pro-gay agenda.

The success of the pro-gay agenda has made life unlivable in the United States. Imagine being governed by militant Marxist gays and stupid feminist perverts, that is what we have today. America is finished, upside down. If you don’t believe me, take a walk around any shopping mall in any city and note the dead liberal eyes, front brains emptied of content. Migrate.

Liberals are junkie cockroaches feeding on your productivity. They respect no boundaries or genuine human values. They never rest, they constantly advance to destroy every positive human value. Liberalism is a propaganda line of lies, deception, destruction, and death. Liberals only feel high when they feel queer or fulfill their death quotas. Step on them. There is absolutely nothing to fear from their throbbing animal hate when they get exposed and cornered.

Republicans and many tea-partiers are pro-gay. Gay will become the dividing line that splits the Right. FOX News is pro-gay and getting gayer. The tea party is caught in the middle of this battle and will be taken over by Republicans devoted to gay and black Marxism under the slogan of tolerance.

There is no such thing as a right to be gay. There is only the radical agenda which inserts perversion into Enlightenment rhetoric that has already shown itself to be power-mad, infinitely contentious, and destructive of all social and cultural values.

Pay attention to the silence of the Left. Liberals never object to any form of porn, any public or media exhibition of sexuality. The judges are extremely soft on sex predators. They don’t believe there is such a thing as perversion or sex crime, except for the feminist concern with rape. The feminist position is changing now as feminists only believe rape is a crime when it is committed by a white man. Black men forcing sex on white women is not rape, according to white feminist rape victims parroting the latest feminist party line.

This linking of pervert special interest groups into Left solidarity is no accident. This linking is merely one aspect of the larger network of subversive organizations linked in common cause, the totalitarian takeover. There is no significant difference between the network of Progressive groups organizing the naive into community activism and the network of elite pervs organizing schools and orphanages to prey on children or the network of feminist groups devoted to gaining special rights and castrating men.

The pervs want to confuse you with talk about the genetic basis of homosexuality. Ignore all secular theorizing about perversions. A better model for understanding queer initiation is the Mystery cults that worshipped the Great Mother. Mother’s priests were made into homosexuals, and they believe anal intercourse was the key to occult enlightenment. Mother’s priests were snake-handlers. Homosexuality is better understood as initiation into the sex addiction cult of goddess-worshipping feminism.

The goal of the Queer Left is acceleration of the program of initiation of the weak and defenseless into pro-pervert attitudes so that they can become victims for the more advanced pervs.

The elite pervert networks:

Aangirfan on high-level Bilderberg pedophiles. If the high-level pervs can make you think that pervert is normal, they’ve won the pro-pervert New World Order propaganda campaign.

Glad we checked in with Aangrifan. We never know what he’s going to cover. Turns out he has a lot of posts on child sex trafficking.

Baby Peter abuse leads to network.

The Jason Owen connection.

Trafficking in Washington, D.C., Iran, Iraq, Bosnia.

On the Island of Jersey.

Girls imported to England were promised a job.

Gordon Brown accused.

Possible satanic abuse case in Idaho.

Inconclusive background on satanic abuse.

Mysterious child deaths.

Roald Dahl, Ian Fleming, Aleister Crowley.

The Irish Ryan Report.

Puerto Rico is haven for pedophiles.

Elite pedophiles in Portugal, Catholic church, U.S. military.

Global gay pedophile ring operating on Facebook busted. Facebook is for stupid people.

Tracking Jeffrey Epstein.

The OTO in Australia.

Aftermath covers Catholic abuse as well.

Elites target orphanage in Portugal.

Organized pedophilia on the internet.

Pseudo-Occult Media has burned out, but here is a case study in French perv media.

Centurean on how white women and children suffer under multiculturalism.

Mike Stock observes that popular culture is porn. Yep, pop culture is not culture. Notice in the Comments that young people believe they are not affected by it. We might believe them if they had ever been exposed to a genuine culture or ever displayed superior values.

Behind the feminist porn plague.

Reports on human trafficking.

Sex slavery in Kosovo.

The borderless world order makes it easier to traffick women and children.


While we’re at it:

WorldNetDaily reports that drug and weapons supply lines are extending well into the United States. The guard at the border is broken. (It always was broken.) Now the Democrat/Mexican war against the United States is in your neighborhood. Funny how the media always characterize the Mexican invasion in terms of farm workers. We see the criminal gang punks in our town every day, and they are menacing, tattooed, armed. These immigrants aren’t farm workers or any other kind of workers.

The drug gang-Mexican restaurant-Democratic party connection in California. How the Mexican gangster takeover really works at the street level. Careful who you do business with.

The Anglo Sphere is fragmenting.

Lefties make social science out of white decline.

Speculating about the white woman question.

Modern Survival draws an interesting relocation map. But relocation without white sovereignty inside the United States only buys a little time. Long-term they have us under pervert control, and nothing could be worse.

Fjordman on why multiculturalism is worse than Communism. And we shall add, what has diversity given us but cover for ethnic gangsters, the promotion of the inferior, anti-white policies, and endless lawsuits?

Green shoots:

A New Right Freedom Party founded in Germany. There is a trend against the Social Democrats and in favor of New Right parties. If you don’t know what else to do, find yourself a new party to support. The Belgian New Right party is taking seats in the new Parliament.

English Defense League. Europe is ahead of us in forming resistance.

Neofascist film review website. We haven’t seen any of these films, but we like the idea of it. It’s still a culture war. Theirs is utterly degraded, ours needs reviving. Boycott the liberal pseudo-culture.

A nod to A Race Against Time.

If you don’t separate from the decadent liberal secular institutions, you are remaining in their crosshairs as a potential victim. Even if you arm your kids with sprays and whistles, they can still become victims of the liberal pervs.

Try this little thought-experiment: Imagine that you are a liberal that embraces gays and minorities, watches TV, and listens to the messages of Marxist politicians such as Obama. These folks love the liberal garbage culture and can’t imagine anything better. Most of them have never read a great book. They have no interest in generational continuity, no sense of gratitude for our ancestors’ greatness and sacrifice and no sense of obligation to pass on a good world to the next generations. Most of them can’t answer simple questions about the Constitution or identify a founding father. But they are crazy for legalized drugs and stupid videos, and they consider gay to be normal. You want to leave your children in the care of these people?

Just for fun:

GQ Magazine has noticed that many celebrities are controlled by their wives and girlfriends.  Men.style.com has an amusing slide slow. Look, these guys are liberals, so what did you expect? Manly men? Nope, liberals are all perverts now. The liberal straight guys have been talked in to endorsing public gay street sex, with children present, using “civil rights” as an argument.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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