Listening to white males

As you know, NWOU is posting a lot these days about race and gender because the “hate speech” legislation and the planned internet control policies may soon forbid any honest discussion. We suggest that you print out any information of interest to you as there may soon come a day when anti-New World Order websites get shut down. Your personal library is a valuable resource for future generations, who will be even more controlled than we are. Guard it and preserve it.

NWOU is aware that there are many victims of race and gender discrimination, but for some reason conservatives have failed to fight feminism and extend their compassion to its male victims. This is probably due to a failure to recognize “women’s rights,” “children’s rights,” and “human rights” as Communist fronts. Conservatives are very weak in recognizing the Communist influence over the civil rights movement as planned social destruction. Civil rights seem desirable, and their extension seems desirable, so conservatives climb on board the civil rights movement without recognizing that many rights are incompatible with each other and “human rights” is a global Marxist program of family destruction.

Conservative patriots also seem to have a blind faith in the setup of the U.S. federal government. If you love legislation by Congress so much, you’ll have to explain to us how the money interests, the Marxist groups, and the identity queens have managed to take over your wonderful system and legislate against the interest of white people in general and white males in particular, and you’ll have to explain how any project of reform can prevent this from happening again. The weaknesses and abuses of federalism lead directly to New Right thinking about how to insulate, protect, and nourish our own against the totalitarian threat of all new “federal” institutions that are being built to enslave us under regional unions and world government.

Having said that, the patriotic resistance is the only resistance we’ve got, so we’ll support it.

In the past we rarely visited men’s websites or honored the work that is being done there to educate and support the victims of feminism and identity politics. Understanding the power of the anti-white male agenda more clearly has led us to revise our priorities. Lately we have been surfing around men’s websites in hopes of finding a genuine conservatism, some good advice for handling difficulties, and some resistance to the feminist takeover plans. Today we’ll report on what we’ve learned.

Men’s websites range from well-organized and sophisticated sites that recognize that feminism is part of the Communist New World Order takeover to individual voices expressing pain and outrage inarticulately. We were surprised by how much we were moved by individual websites where young men tell their personal stories and express outrage.

“There is an ideological commitment to the notion that any differences occurring between males and females represent a failure of society to create equal and perfect opportunities for everyone so that the sexes will end up the same. This is a mindless concept.”

Masculinist Advice attempts to summarize the legal shift toward women’s privilege in a list:


1) Careerwise, I can complain about harassment and not be laughed at or have my gender called into question by both genders.

2) I can skip a few years of employment and then return, demanding the same raises that others have had who remained employed. If my demand is not met, I can accuse the company of discrimination.

3) Even though I’m more likely to abuse children, I am perceived as sweet & innocent.

4) If I start a fight with a man, I can be guaranteed others will come to my defense – even if he isn’t defending himself.

5) I can go to a bar and drink for free.

6) I almost never have to worry about being sexually harassed by my boss as I can take him to the cleaners if he even tries it.

7) My ability to do a certain job will never come into question because of my gender.

8 ) I can fall on my gender as a sympathy vote if I run for politics.

9) I can marry someone based on their financial or social status like it will actually empower me more.

10) I can sexually assault men and remain legally immune.

11) I can go out in public wearing almost anything without being harassed or judged as I have a lot more options in clothing, whereas men are generally restricted in their ‘acceptable’ dress codes.

12) If I so happen to meet someone at a party, and decide to have sex, I would be viewed as being ’empowered’ and television even promotes this with programs like ‘Sex in the City’.

13) I can sexually mutilate my male children and deprive them of a few thousand nerves which assist greatly in enhancing sexual pleasure.

14) My handbag is my world and get to have groups follow me for a simple pee.

15) I don’t have to worry about the father’s opinion if I get pregnant, it’s all about me!

16) I can bash men and no one bats an eye-lid, if a man bashes us women – we call him a misogynist and people will shun him.

17) I can date more than one man at the same time, and society would think I’m empowered.

18) I can put on the television and be safe in the knowledge that women are portrayed positively while men are portrayed as idiots or abusers.

19) I am practically immune from legal repercussions for my actions as I have feminist groups coming to my saviour – even killing my children or husband.

20) I reproduce – that must be pretty awesome for guys to witness.

21) I can fake an orgasm… something almost impossible for a guy to do.

22) No pharmacist can claim the right to deny me any medicines I ask for at a drug store as I can claim discrimination. Of course, if I’m underage that’s different – duh.

23) Even when I am acting within my gender role, I am GAINING from it, rather than being oppressed as I can CHOOSE to stay at home and enjoy watching the children grow up while my husband (assuming I bother to keep him around) works his ass off to keep a roof over our head.

24) If I go to church, I can attend knowing the folks are taught immeasurable levels of respect for me and it is meant to be mutual respect.

25) I don’t have to live up to expectations of how thin I am supposed to be – feminism freed me from such pettiness.

26) I get to use PMS as an excuse for murdering my children or husband

This list is a little scattered, and incomplete, but you get the main idea. Women are privileged under the law, and these men resent it.

Masculinist Advice advises men not to marry American women or have children here because of the lack of men’s rights. Masculinist advises fleeing from America and considering marrying foreign women. There really are only three responses to the feminist takeover, resist, submit, or flee. Masculinist is one of many men’s sites advising men to flee from the influence of white women.

“It is the most socially destructive movement perhaps in the history of the world — and I mean that in the scientific sense,” he emphasizes. “Every single culture, every single nation that’s adopted feminism [as a dominant philosophy] is now dying out. Feminism means death.” “Every single society or subculture in the world that has adopted feminism now has a below-replacement birth rate. If you now have to pay women to have children, you’ve really reached the point of no return and it’s just not going to work. In fact, lots of countries now are paying women to have children ….”

WhatMenAreSayingAboutWomen has a nice article on statistics from the Population Research Institute showing the declining birth rates in every country that has adopted feminism. Paying women to have children has never turned a country around from the feminist death-spiral. No country has ever recovered from a feminist takeover.

Another post at WhatMenAreSaying reports that 22,000 American women abandon their babies every year at hospitals, and 1.5 million mothers per year have abortions or abandon their babies to adoption. It appears that the women who abandon their babies at hospitals are not prosecuted for child support payments, as men would be.

Glenn Sacks, Fathers and Families, reports on domestic violence cases and laws, inspirational fatherhood stories, legal news and political developments.

MensActivism reports that schools are cutting boys’ athletic programs at a higher rate than girls’ athletic programs as state budgets for schools are being cut. MensActivism carries news about boys vs. girls in school, wage gap claims, and wider interest news topics. The related site lists companies that discriminate against men. You should be boycotting these corporations anyway, just for their New World Order monopoly capitalism orientation.

WhatAmerican/WesternWomenDon’tWantYoutoKnow is a tabloid-style one-man’s-opinion work of passion, and humor. Worth a look. Interesting graphics. The main message is, don’t marry an American woman.

Exposing Feminism is another law and domestic violence site, but the Essential Reading links in the Left column are great. Also, links to women’s anti-feminist sites.

Rebuking Feminism covers some of the more extreme feminist reproductive practices, such as gene selection of children, sperm and egg sales, solo motherhood, and other male-rejection agendas. Rebuking Feminism covers feminist rejection of science, feminized men in media, evolutionary theorizing. Advances in fertility science have turned eggs and sperm into commodities. Egg and sperm banks open opportunities for reproduction without mates. Evolutionary thinking suggests women would benefit from selecting from a few optimum sperm samples rather than marrying. There is a market for surrogate mothers. These practices excite New World Order futurists because they open a vista of total social destruction and designer superchildren.

Male Rights Network keeps up with the trends promoting matriarchy and has managed to get past conceptualizing in terms of rights and freedoms.

“Feminist theory is an unstable dialectic. Truth, justice, logic, history, scientific evidence, repeatable results, reproducible research, observations of natural phenomenon, all these are simply words to radical feminists. Words that they believe are designed to cover up a monstrous oppression of women under the masks of religion, marriage, and motherhood that cloak the patriarchal family. Psychologists call this need to have reality match your preconceived notions regardless of the evidence “fantasy thinking.”

Objectify Chicks is more intelligent than the name suggests. Objectify has gathered statistics questioning all the assumptions of the need for special legal protections for women. A high proportion of rape charges are false, mothers are 25 times more likely to kill their children than fathers, women commit 58 percent of child abuse and 78 percent of fatal child abuse, women are much more likely to initiate domestic violence than men.

Analysis of such statistics leads inevitably to questions about the “basic nature” of women. The statistics destroy the feminist stereotype of the weak and well-intentioned woman requiring legal protection from predatory, violent men. This understanding gives rise to various lines of thinking, all of which are subject to overgeneralization. Some men’s sites characterize all women as predatory manipulators of naive men, even without the special privileges of feminism. Some men’s advice sites seek to correct the naive idealization of women by offering seduction and dating tips for keeping the upper hand. Others see the deck so viciously stacked against men that they advise celibacy. Our take-away point is how much the sexes distrust each other and seek survival strategies when sexual relations are explicitly understood as power relations.

You can see the dysfunctional strategies of both sexes modeled in popular culture, which presents the integrated feminist matriarchy as comedy rather than tragedy. We’re inclined to think that all of these strategies are dysfunctional, but we can’t blame anyone for adopting particular flight or resistance strategies in this strange era.

Gentleman’s Quarterly has noticed that many prominent men are feminized.

The Rights of Man is a British site reporting on gender trends in education and employment. How putting women on a corporate board can ruin a corporation. Rights is soft-spoken and reasonable.

Verlch is more of a tough guy. Verlch notes that British Airways refuses to allow men to sit next to children on flights due to the success of feminism in characterizing all men as potential child-abusers. Verlch believes women should not be allowed to vote. Considering how they vote, we are convinced. Arguments Against Women’s Suffrage. Democracy and voting are overrated. They got us into this mess. Conceptualizing one’s identity around “rights” is similarly a very low level of thinking. Verich is thorough and clear-minded. Learn here.

Carey Roberts sets conservatives straight about feminism.

“Feminists became convinced that the previous Marxist revolutions had failed because they had failed to target the family.”

Marc Rudov is a fairly well-known men’s rights advocate who gives advice to men and writes about current affairs. We don’t have any problem with Rudov, but note that his environment is business-oriented and middle-class and his advice is personal. The problem of starting up a business and hiring women doesn’t enter into his advice. The business world is entirely taken over by feminist law, and Rudov can’t help us with that big problem.

As much as we admire lawyers who attempt to legislate and litigate for men’s rights, we recognize that this is a losing battle. The culture and the law are entirely taken over. We’re not going to get them back. We advise flight, and avoidance of the legal system and the mass culture. At The Equal Justice Foundation, Darren Blacksmith advises men to go on strike against marriage. Many others besides Blacksmith note that promiscuous girls have so many partners that they are diseased and/or psychologically damaged by their twenties. Undermining of male authority is now so complete that women look to romance novels or politicians or criminals for their authority figures. This explains the popularity of Bill Clinton. Stephen Baskerville reinforces the idea that marriage is now out of date, and too risky. Those promiscuous young women become adulterous older women, and a man’s financial future is under the control of their games and fantasies.

Many young men who figure out that feminism is about domination, not equality, start up websites that deal with personal stories and rants. We’re not putting these sites down, but they usually run out of gas after a short while. Our point is, these sites record stories that should be written up as novels, short stories, plays, or movies. But there is no conservative cultural movement giving these men a voice. There is no conservative culture. These men are invisible to the broader Marxist culture. We value their stories, even if their form is a bit inarticulate.

The questioning of the nature of white women then leads men’s advocates to question the nature of white men. If white women are manipulative monsters and feminist change-agents, what does that say about white men’s weakness? This sort of questioning leads to attitudes of passivism and surrender, so let’s rebut it here. One should not overgeneralize that white women are all bad. The senior generation of women, the ones who were young adults during World War II, are mostly wonderful, solid women. The weakness is not in white women per se but in the boomer generation lost to feminism and Cultural Marxism. The masses of white women will not be saved as there is no strong counter to the trend of total takeover. So saving has to be done on a selective basis. Given that everyone is so disorganized under the present degeneracy, we started to think about an anti-feminist symbol, a way of recognizing women who are not corrupted by feminism, so that good people can find each other and build an ark. Perhaps conservative match websites and local singles groups do this work, we don’t know.

The other option is flight to a foreign country. Men’s websites vote on the best foreign women. The winners are the Indians, the Koreans, and the Russians. Asian women in general rate high. The problem with expatriation is, it doesn’t form an opposition movement, it only offers a short-term survival strategy. However, many men’s websites are expatriation sites.

We have to recognize that flight is the main response to the takeover. For some reason, Americans would rather move than organize to fight Communism.

Guy White writes about race and gender trends. Given that so many men are avoiding white women, this race and gender discussion is interesting. Is there some optimum couples’ race mix that compensates for the sell-out of white women to feminism?

Prominent white males are increasingly choosing nonwhite women for mates. Escaping the Matriarchy has an interesting post by an American married to a foreign woman and living in the USA. Another post advises men to look abroad for brides, where they will find better women and have more rights. These sites suggest that we have passed a tipping point, it’s too late for white men and women to reconcile their differences, and the best option for white men is a woman of another race.

Related: An interesting post by a Negro woman complaining about Negro men. This woman believes Negro women would be better off with white men. Are there parallels between Negro women’s dissatisfaction with Negro men and white men’s avoidance of feminists? Not really. White men are responding to a Communist takeover in the law that removes their rights, as well as to the attitude problems and inferior intellects of feminists. Taking up with a feminist involves aiding the enemy and immersing your life in propaganda slogans. Negro women are simply dissatisfied with poor character formation among Negro men. Negroes in America achieved matriarchal degeneracy before white women betrayed white men. Most Negro women are not keen about embracing feminism….although there is the Oprah phenomenon.

It seems wherever we look below the radar of mass media, anger, mistrust, and discontent bubble up between the sexes. Perhaps foreign mates look attractive simply because white Americans have had so much experience now with white women modeling Communism. We observe that liberal men as well as conservative men are flocking to foreign women. Caution: European women are feminized, and foreign match websites are full of fraud. And, we wonder about the wisdom of bringing a foreign woman into the United States, where she can be seduced by feminist propaganda and the mass culture.

The implication for happily married lovebirds is, a feminist neighbor or feminist role models in media can change your lovely wife into a monster overnight. Things may be great today, but the future is very uncertain for married white guys. She has all the bullets and she can take you to the cleaners. All of the laws and institutions are prejudiced against you. Tread carefully. You probably already are if you are married. Aggressive lesbian seduction strategies can also complicate life for the white man married to a weak white woman. Lesbian seducers are now being emboldened by approval from women’s talk shows.

Miscellaneous notes:

Feminists are primarily white women. Minority women are less interested in feminism.

White women are way overrepresented in porn. Check out Girls Gone Wild. All white. White college girls think porn stars are cool liberated role models. Young men should avoid college and college girls and gain useful skills. The knowledge you get from an undergraduate education is misleading and useless.

Men’s websites are not kind to white guys who are dominated by their wives or girlfriends. Single white guys are less interested in socializing with married men because observing obsequious behavior is not uplifting, and women’s nagging is offputting. We’ll spare you from hearing the derisive language. No links. The point is, feminism not only splits men from women, it also splits single men from married men. There is no end to the damage. Feminism is a very clever subversive strategy, even though all of its claims are false.

One website introduced us to the idea of “ghosting.” Ghosting means stepping around all the liberal zombies in the local public arena and avoiding all indications of sexual interest from females. Ghosts glide through life and make themselves invisible. However, the end result of ghosting is kind of an empty life, and one may be ignoring the possibility of meeting a good woman by rejecting all of them.

We are not in the business of giving dating or marriage advice, but we are fully aware that any man who gets involved with a woman is making a very risky bet on a happy future. We are satisfied to let these discouraged men speak for themselves rather than attempting to offer a program for renewal. As we cast about for potential allies, the beaten down American white male is certainly a candidate, along with Europe’s New Right, the Scandinavian Hells Angels, Italy’s Berlusconi, Europe’s angry anti-EU web bloggers, and some of the more sophisticated tea party protesters.

Taken collectively, men’s websites have figured out that feminism is Communism and is intent on destroying the family, the father, and white culture. The responses to the takeover are individual, however, and not organized. Can men’s rights become an organized resistance? Probably not. But as the trends working against boys and men become more clearly documented, the individual backlash against white feminist women may become more clearly defined as aware individuals grow in numbers. Although today it appears that white men and boys are the big losers, an extrapolation of present trends leads us to believe that in the future white women will find themselves increasingly abandoned and reviled. It is interesting to imagine white males leaving the most liberal states, and then leaving America as the socialist takeover progresses to tyranny. What happens to white feminists when America becomes a Third World country dominated by minorities? Remember, the more white outmigration there is, the dumber and poorer America becomes. Will the browns and Asiatics turn on the white women and revile them as privileged elites in the age of equality? Will resentment grow against Negroes as the most privileged superminority? Will the Asians continue to support anti-Asian discrimination? Or will the dumbed-down masses be so involved in drugs and videos that they don’t even notice shifts in power?

This is an odd situation to analyze because it has never happened before in history. Feminism definitely aids the socialist New World Order takeover, but it is going to leave a lot of victims in its wake.

Cybelians is the website of the First Church of Female Supremacy. Have a look at modeling for the female supremacist. We actually think a lot of this is already going on, but we don’t run in liberal circles.

We lifted the following cartoon from WhatAmerican/WesternWomenDon’tWantYoutoKnow. It’s priceless, hope he doesn’t mind.


About The Author

I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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  1. If you’re into femdom and especially fiction about it, indisputibly the Mark Twain in the genre is James Pendergrass ( I’d also love to know if any of you know any similar authors!

    waste of time.

  2. john thames says:

    I offer my definitive refutation of feminism for rebuttal/

  3. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

  4. john thames says:


    As this writer has repeatedly emphasized in his essays, Communism was a front for Jewish revolution world-wide. The new “ism” of the world is feminism. Is this new “ism” another front for a Jewish attack on traditional gender roles? The evidence strongly suggests that this is the case. Way back on February 20, 1978 “Time” magazine gave the game away with an article “Sexes: The Women of Israel”. The article may seem dated but by 1978 the feminist movement was in full flower in America, if not in the Promised Land. According to English-Jewish journalist Lesley Hazleton in her book, “Israeli Women”, “the liberation of Israeli women is a myth. They move in a male world of reality in the false guise of equals.”

    According to the “Time” article:

    “By Western standards, she reports, Israel’s attitude toward women is regressive. Women are not allowed to testify in rabbinical courts, which handle divorce and marriage for all Jews. They cannot divorce without a husband’s permission, and childless widows need a brother-in-law’s approval for remarriage, sometimes gaining it with bribes. If a woman has been widowed three times, with all three husbands dying of natural causes, she is declared the isha katlanit, the fatal woman, and is legally forbidden to marry again. If a husband simply disappears, no matter how long he has been missing; his wife cannot remarry without absolute proof of his death…”

    In civilian employment, women are not much better off. Only a third of them work outside the home, mostly in lower paying jobs. Women account for only 9% of the higher-grade civil service positions, 2% of all professors, 1% of the nations engineers…Though the law calls for equal pay for equal work, many women are paid less than men for similar tasks…”

    “In primary schools, she says, youngsters absorb a shocking degree of sex stereotyping that takes its toll on Israeli females…In the kibbutzim, men call the tune and fill almost all the important jobs.”

    The information given by Lesley Hazelton may be confirmed by other sources. For example, the Israeli academic Yael Yishai, in “Between the Flag and the Banner: Women in Israeli Politics” writes on p.187:

    “…Religious courts discriminate against women in other ways as well. For example, a man may commit adultery and eventually marry his lover, while a married woman is forbidden ever to marry her lover, and any children born from an extramarital affair are considered bastards (mamzerim). In Judaism a bastard is a pariah. He or she cannot remarry unless the potential spouse is also a bastard. Neither can a bastard in Israel marry outside the faith as the exclusive control of marriage in Israel by the religious authorities precludes such a possibility. Another infringement on women’s rights caused by religious law is the levirate marriage: a woman whose husband dies leaving her childless must be released from her deceased husband’s unmarried brother in a ceremony carried out in rabbinical court. Often extortion payments may be involved before she gets her release…Widows of war casualties, often childless young women, have occasionally been trapped in this bizarre situation.”

    Although feminism has made minor strides in Israel, the patriarchy is still very firm. Women are expected to ride in the back of the bus, only with great reluctance are women being admitted to the rabbinate. The Orthodox in particular are adamant that Torah and Talmud are for “men only”. Israel has no affirmative action to promote Arab girls over Jewish boys in the work place. That holy of holies, pro-choice abortion, is unknown in Israel. The Jewess must apply for permission to have an abortion to a State Board, which makes the choice for her. Such factors as the mother’s ability to provide for the child financially are balanced against the state’s need for a higher Jewish birth rate.

    One need not do much of a comparison to realize that Jews in Israel are repressing women the same way they are “liberating” them in America. That the feminist movement in the U.S. has been Jewish led from inception is indisputable. The early 1960’s feminists were entirely Jewish. Betty Goldstein/Friedan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem were a few of the founders. The universities are full of Jewesses who are the driving force behind feminism. Such creatures as Adrienne Rich, the lesbian poetess at Stanford University, Elena Kagan, the former president of Harvard Law School gone to the Supreme Court, are good examples. Ninety per cent plus of feminist books are written by Jewess and published by New York Jewish publishers. Think of writers like Naomi Wolf, Erica Jong, Linda Ellerbee, Andrea Dworkin, Shulasmith Firestone and Hannah Rosin, the recent author of “End of Men” in the Atlantic Monthly. (One rather doubts that she foresees the “End of Men” in Israel, however.) Think of media commentators like Leslie Stahl and Barbara Walters. These feminists scream about the evils of white male domination in these United States. But Barbara Walters and her ilk remain silent on the subjection of women in Israel. They scream about the Taliban but make no mention of the Jewish sex slave trade and the brothels in Tel Aviv. They make no demand that the state of Israel register as a “sex offender” before the United Nations.

    The founding mother of 1960’s feminism, Betty Friedan, has a communist past as great as or greater than that of the civil rights saint, Martin Luther King, Jr. She wrote a play defending the now proven guilty Rosenbergs while in college. She worked as a newspaper editor for the chief communist union of the late 1940’s/early 1950’s, the United Electrical, Radio and Machinists Union. She was a member of the Communist Party’s chief legal front for females, the Congress of American Women (COW). When a professor Daniel Horowitz interviewed Betty for his biography, “Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminist Mystique” (University of Massachusetts Press), Friedan refused to provide all of her private papers for fear of the extent of the proof of her Communist background. This material still remains sealed from public scrutiny, just like the records of the FBI surveillance tapes of Martin Luther King remain similarly sealed.

    The proof that feminism is a Jewish assault on white male patriarchy is overwhelming. The Jewish preponderance in the movement, the disparity between what Jews practice in Israel versus what Jews preach in these United States and the Communist background of feminism’s “Jewish Mother” leave no doubt of the thesis.

    Communism is not a front for a worldwide “Jewish” revolution because, as you noted, the religious Jews aren’t involved. The secularized Jews led Communism, but many other ethnic groups participated. The abstract collective noun “Jews” really has no meaning in this context. The phrase “Jewish assault on white male patriarchy” needs to be changed to “Communist Jewish assault on white male patriarchy” or just “Communist assault on white male patriarchy” to be more specific and avoid the logical fallacy of overgeneralization to include all Jews and exclude the non-Jewish Communists. Those big collective nouns can trip up your logic, be careful with them. Because “Jewish” sometimes means ethnic group and sometimes means religion and there are various secular and religious groups of Jews, it’s best to use more specific terms. Hope that helps clear things up for you. Thanks for sending us such an easy example to correct.

  5. emt training says:

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  6. stu says:

    There is no point marrying a foreign women then bringing her home to your western country. She will be corrupted by the feminist environment within 5 years and then she has an even greater advantage then a white women has over you…….she is a minority group……double victim……a woman……and a migrant……and probably a mail order bride that you took advantage of her poverty in her home country to “buy” her and bring her home to live under your subjugation.

    I recommend a combination of ghosting……game…..and mens rights activism.

    At the end of the day I believe that the only way we are going to rid ourselves of the evil ideology of feminism is with a lot of spilt blood and maybe even the destruction of our civilisation. If it comes to spilt blood……I know I’ll enjoy very much butchering the mutilating those manginas that have made all this possible.

    There is one other element to a possible solution that most men have not even thought about. Maybe it’s time we started looking at Islam………even Islamists……as our friends…not our enemies…….they are after all the enemies of the establishment……and the establishment is definately not our friend. Perhaps we should vote for any muslim independent or party candidates…….on a local level all the way to the top……perhaps we should adopt an approach that anything that insults Islam is intolerable and evil………perhaps Islam is the last and only hope men have to get their rights back……..perhaps we shouldn’t give a rats arse how bad Islam is to women………maybe that is what is required to keep women in line. The countries governed by Islam seem to be the only countries that have remained immune to feminism……if they are corrupted and taken over by feminism……then men lose the only men on this earth that have any power to oppose feminism and attack feminist ideals.

    If western men could stop thinking about womens rights……and how shit women have it in muslim countries all while they themselves……men have it shit in our own countries…….why are our male solders being killed en mass in afganistan……….I’ll tell you why…….we are killing male chauvinist pigs off for the benefit of women…….and men are dying in droves to benefit nobody but women. At the very least men should refuse to support that war…..and definately should not fight it for the feminists…….your only going to getting treated as a voilent war monger male in the end anyway.

  7. Zoe Murphy says:

    asian women are petite and most of them are mild mannered compared to western women*,.

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