Drugheads plan your future

In The Beginning transhumanists were an educated Progressive New World Order elite who thought scientifically about artificial intelligence, robots, computers, and biotechnology, but transhumanism today has become the official philosophy of the old 60’s counterculture, with millions of cultural revolution agents promoting goofy ideas of progress. Some old drugheads survived and more are produced every day. They are exercising their wild imaginations in the void and innovating in the arts and on the web, mixing up Progressive ideas with occultism to form the satanic mass culture.

The occult technoculture is part of the planned change those politicians promoting socialist takeover don’t talk about. This is the “behind the scenes” agenda of dead ends and wasted lives promoted as questing for freedom from society, “alternative realities,” “enhanced consciousness,” empowerment, and global identity.

Do you think that you are immune from their influence? Probably not, and your kids certainly aren’t. We know you don’t like to visit these websites, but you should keep up with the cutting edge of the unchecked nihilistic imagination because it is part of the transhumanist global culture they are planning for you. Advances in communication technology are providing access to and support for ideas that were discredited before these “voyagers” were born. You don’t have to quest for occult knowledge anymore, it is prepackaged for mass consumption and fed into mobile devices.

h+ on technology and media.

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Future Hi: Everything you never wanted to know about.

Technoccult: GRIN technology news plus nostalgia for the failed ideas of the 60’s.

Phase III: Drug research and neurobiology.

Flower of Kairos: Adolescent fantasies about magic plus media projects. This is how all those Harry Potters the public schools train to use media appliances are going to end up.

Reality Carnival: A news blog leading to an infinity of dead ends. Don’t waste any time here.

Third MInd: Stories on “occult evolution.”

Tomorrow Museum: Being creative with trivial ideas.

exorientlux: Occult gossip

urbeingrecorded: What happens when naive idealism meets augmented reality?

Disinformation: AlterNet news feed plus ET preoccupation.

Anders transhuman page: Transhumanist language, art, philosophy. Programming the human brain. Hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, self-help, all the old occult mind control programs juiced up to enlist you into hastening the Singularity by perceiving alternative realities and “reinventing your self.”

These few websites are just the surface of a very big druggie/occult presence on the web. Transhumanist nihilism and satanism are the culture for millions of people around the world. They think it’s “futuristic.” The old drug voyagers and the newly recruited kids don’t even bother to think about the radical incompatibility of the “I am everywhere and there is no other” consciousness and the basic paradigm of science. Let alone the control agenda of the New World Order hive mind. The new generation imagines that new technologies + new drugs = new consciousness = global progress. Unfortunately, the defining characteristic of liberals isn’t Enlightenment, it’s going over the cliff without waking up and working for the takeover while imagining they are liberated. The kids are never told about Alan Ginsberg as global pedophile or Timothy Leary as CIA contact and global fugitive, let alone MK-Ultra and mind control programming.

Nietzsche predicted that the “last man” would be a longlasting phenomenon. Nietzsche believe that naive revolutionaries would give rise not to quaking and transformation but to a long period of equilibrium based on the persistent continuation of degenerate thinking. There is an echo concept in transhumanism’s “gray goo” universe, where false promises lead to dead end lives and the myth of progress closes every exit. The basic con job of transhumanism is its promise of “evolution” to “Superman” while holding its followers prisoner in the Kindergarten of occult socialism and radical individualism.

Nietzsche’s Superman was not physically altered and armed with appliances and enhanced cognitive skills. Nietzsche’s Superman was alert to false ways of thinking. The Superman comic books and movies and their spinoffs don’t help kids escape from false thinking, they pull kids into the dumbed-down degenerate video culture where feminist, satanic, and Communist models set their thinking and their aspirations.

The “therapeutic culture” is now integrated with the radical multicultural junk culture. Zillions of naive teenagers think the degenerate videogame, rap music, and radical occult drug culture is going to “give them a creative edge” if they can just conjure up a little magical thinking to empower themselves into the instant fame network. Remember, these kids go to public schools and don’t even do well there. They have no idea of history or culture. They don’t read or, when they do read, they read the wrong things. They live under feminist matriarchy and lack male role models. Remember how awkward you were as a teenager? Now imagine having false promises of occult enlightenment injected into your brain at that age, and the pressure of everyone doing it.

Untold millions of kids around the world are being programmed in their public schools with the false idea that they can succeed in life by visiting websites and watching videos, then making videos about any goofy thing. The end result is a massive oversupply of Stupid Videos. Al Gore even has a TV channel, Current, devoted to the investigative video voyager who ventures out to record his preconceived ideas. The brainwashed liberal masses love this stuff. It supplies them with role models, pseudo-careers, confirmation of the slogans they think with. They can even think they are “saving the planet” with this mindless dreck.

Don’t turn away from the wreckage. This is a big playground, it’s everywhere, on your streetcorner and right into your home with the appliances you bought so they could send it to you. Even though you can’t imagine mobilizing a positive culture to rescue them, at least figure out how to set up your own firewall.

Now that society has been destroyed almost everywhere, the masses are in search of a model of reoganization to overcome the depression and despair liberalism causes. The available model for “forming new communities” is the digital network. Just as the Left attempted to reorganize society based on industrialism in the twentieth century, today the Lost Left attempts to organize “virtual communities,” “activist networks,” and other imaginary pseudo-societies based on the easy communication of videos via cell phones and internet.

There isn’t any enlightenment in these liberal pseudo-communities. They are not going to make you smart, connected, and Enhanced, they are going to make you superficial. The mass liberal occult culture will addict you, rob you of your attention span, and make you mentally ill.

The makers of the appliances and the networks are very keen on profiting from them. The culture industry is very keen on connecting everybody to their hyperreal imagery. They will use any kind of sloganeering and modeling to persuade people they are being left out if they don’t join. Actually, giving cell phones to teenage girls simply enables them to form instant gossip networks, but the ads never mention the social destruction that accompanies the digital network. Instead they promote connectedness as safety.

You already know that if you send your little darling into the public school system they will transform her into a Communist feminist change-agent promoting world depopulation through forced sterilization and abortion. She will become a happy global traitor, a race-traitor, a family and society destroyer. She is also going to be led into occult imagery so that she can “magically” transform her consciousness into perceiving alternative realities. These fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers. It starts with Disney cartoons and produces Madonna and Britney Spears. These fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers. Cabala, mass hypnosis, drug addiction, and Satan worship are now defined as “creative.” These fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers. We are actually living in a “culture” of mass mind-controlled zombies going in and out of trance at the push of a media button. These fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers. Kids who use these media today are stimulus/response mind-controlled into permanent occult fantasy formation.

We want you to grasp the idea that these fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers, if you didn’t already know. You are not “providing entertainment” for your child, you are simply walking down the path they have laid out for you to occult initiation. That’s why kids can’t think and have short attention spans. They are preoccupied with occult fantasies.

You may think that cartoons and pop music are harmless entertainment. You are missing something. The liberal mass culture is actually manipulated mind control designed to imprison the curious and the naive in techno/occutlism.

The result of occult progressive transhumanism isn’t super creative people, it’s mental illness, addiction, and pervasive ignorance about who did this to them. They have been guided down the rabbit hole because that’s where the Marxist masters of the public schools want them.

Ask yourself this question. You learned the internet in a couple of hours, but every public school system in every “advanced” country around the world is spending years training kids to go on the internet, as if it were the educational system’s highest priority. Why is the internet so important to the world education controllers? Because it’s going to foster independent thinking? No, because it’s going to lead them to videoworld, Facebook, and other social networking sites where the spy agencies can monitor them.

The peculiar quality of this occult culture linked with socialism is that the socialists will set up “therapists” to deal with the damage they cause. But therapists aren’t experts in saving anyone because psychology has been targeted for Marxist takeover since the 1920s. Even if a few therapists manage to save a few addicts from substance abuse, they never save them from global socialism or the globalist satanic culture. This is the vicious circle you must step around as the wasteland grows. You can’t stop it because almost every country now indoctrinates its school children into the Mindless Video network. Virtual reality is more attractive to these kids than reality, or thinking, or genuine accomplishment based on human values. The easy access to networks and cheap technology will stimulate a vast expansion of fantasy, pornography, fetishes and perversions, violence, dark psychological states, cults, horror, identity-splitting, and role-playing using robots, avatars, superheroes, and dark spirits as embodiments of their anti-human values. The explosion of twenty-first-century mass media Satanism is making the rise of Satanism in the late nineteenth century look like a parlor game.

The mediocre do not rise in the vulgar TV culture by accident. They serve a purpose, modeling of perversion and degeneracy and normalization of the lowest forms of occult culture.

Illuminati-controlled pop stars have short half-lives, but there is always another stooge being pushed on stage with promises of fame and wealth.

Do you have a recipe for rescuing permanent adolescents from the techno/occult media culture? We don’t either. If you are going to preserve some authority structure and some real knowledge from the seductive hypnotic trance of hyperreal imagery, you are going to have to pull your kid out of the public school wasteland and throw the appliances, and the comic book fanatasyland that passes for mass culture, into the trash where they belong.

Of interest: Britain establishes rehab clinics for kids hooked on internet.

NIce long piece on the internet in various countries at the Wall Street Journal. Conclusion: the internet keeps populations pacified under police state control. We agree. We see no future for the internet and are planning our exit.

Who controls Russia’s internet.

About The Author

I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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  1. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  2. Juliano says:

    I actually have learnt lots since I got online a few years ago. Like anything it hs its positives and negatives. Mostl likely the worst negative is the people who have to slave away making them in out-of-sight countries so westerners can have them cheap, AND the toxic waste/shit that technology inevitable makes, and again it is poor people who have to live near it or on it.

    But to the rest of what you say. I am someone who has had my life greatly enriched from psychedelic/sacred experience and yet am questioning psychedelic transhumanism. I am intending to do a blog about this in near future
    I am aware that thetwo most well-known speakers and writers about psychedelics since the start of the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s have been TWO psychedelic transhumanists, Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna!

    Wheres your evidence that Alan Ginsberg was a pdophile. I did a quick Google and haven’t found anything, so I really think that if you are gonna accuse someone of that–alive or dead–you should back it up!

    Although some of what you say I can agree with I find your overall thesis muddled. You seem to have a complex about women. You blame this ‘cccultism’ on a matriarchy…? Like err where would that be? You mean single mums struggling to bring up kids? I dont call that a matriarchy, I see that as women struggling to cope like the rest of us in a very PATRIARCHAL brutal corporate facist war mongering genocial and ecocidal world. And the entertain ment industry CERTAINLY isn’t ‘matriarchal’ as it emphasizies ridiculous images of ‘males’ as being very muscular and hard. I recenlty saw a video that actually shows how bicep, and chest measurements of male action dolls and other film hereos has increased more and more. THAT is phallic patriarchy mate!
    In much music the women are ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’ and just mindless eye candy for the ‘hard gangstas flashin their pimpin money’

    Now to your term ‘druggie’—I will briefly spell out where I see you confused, and believe me its not your fault because this goes VERY deep.
    OK, to be direct–from WAY back—we can begin with the biblical Book of Genesis–and their garden of Eden myth which is the ‘west’s ‘creation myth’—analyzed it is clear that the patriarchy are attacking the Goddess and hey symbols which includes her sacred fruit–entheogen
    And if you can connect that far back with now that is exactly their game. propaganda is messin with our imagination. We are NOT just rational beings—even more so we are beings who dream and imagine. What happens with the predatory mindset is it attempts to SUBVERT benevolent imagination so as to enslave us, because if they can have us guilty about our very being and see nature as ‘fallen’ or being meaningless (as is so now in the scientific materialism) then they can fuck with us some more, and more and more…….see?
    Sacred medicine when used with the deepest love and respect can see right through their games, and inisghts forthcoming can greatly help us how to live intelligently and lovingly WITH nature.

    You are barking up the wrong tree. You are blaming the wrong things, and this IS a trick of theirs too!

    Sorry I don’t have enough space to address your points. You haven’t read the book, that puts you at a disadvantage. Occultism isn’t essentially matriarchal, but the feminist and environmentalist elevation of goddess worship is pure bs, see the Combatting Feminist Ms-Information link for an introduction to feminist falsification of history. All goddess cultures practiced human sacrifices, no thanks. The goddess everywhere is a death goddess. The modern socialist feminist matriarchy is the source of social degeneracy, children raised without fathers have higher crime rates, lower achievement rates, higher addiction rates, etc. My book rebuts Jung’s claims of collective consciousness and inherent archetypes, which is where you will spend your time in “imagination,” accomplishing nothing except perhaps making this psychic realm into “art.” It’s just escapism. Or you might get into channeling, which will put you under the “authority” of a spirit. My book exposes this theosophical project as closely allied with the Illuminism of Cagliostro, a Freemason magician con artist. Today this con job expresses as the new world religion under Benjamin Creme as spokesman for the “hidden masters.” Turns out they are all global socialists. It’s a con job. Madame Blavatsky was a fraud, and you might begin your further reading project here. The Ginsburg pedophile charge comes from a video by someone who followed him to Mexico, I admit this is one of my most poorly documented assertions, generally I don’t refer to videos for that reason. We’re waiting for the gays to denounce pedophilia but not holding our breath. Your main error is, the psychic realm is not spiritual, and dream images are not liberating, they are junk residue. Jung was a channeler. By the way, I used to be you, then I grew up. The propaganda is universal, no one escapes from it. Read further. Drugs aren’t sacred medicine, and you’ll find living lovingly with nature is bs when you move out of the city and into your teepee and give up money. You are living in adolescent fantasy and are following a NWO brainwashing program, you just haven’t figured it out yet because you don’t know enough about the people you idolize.

  3. Grey-gooer says:

    Dude, just remember – these fantasies are pre-programmed by the New World Order media controllers…

  4. grimnir says:

    Lol. Fucking hilarious. You are pretty well set in your world view, that’s for sure.

    Incidentally, as a progressive transhumanist I can tell you that you don’t really have a good grasp on how our sub-culture develops, though you’re certainly right that we’re out to destroy your feeble, limited, antiquated and entirely unacceptable culture by simple virtue of being a more attractive option for people (oh noes, I’m a satanic race-traitor!). See, it’s more of a ground-up sort of thing, there’s no hierarchy, and very little organization of any kind more complex than a list of popular websites, a bunch of disparate academic research programs and competing corporate projects that we mostly sit around talking about, imagining the possible futures. As the more drug-addled occultist progressive transhumanists we mostly stand against mainstream culture along the lines of entrenched corporate power structures, though obviously we use the same tools, making the most of our beloved brainwashing technology.

    Also, transhumanists are mostly pretty literate and intelligent. Not everyone, but the ones pushing the platform, writing for all those websites certainly are well grounded in history, religion (the study of it, anyway), and political science, not just applied psychology (mind control!), and degenerate art, literature and music.

    Anyway, we’re both socialists and radical individualists, yes, but if you think that we’re in league with the corporate powers than push the mainstream culture, you don’t get it. The left has been more systematically oppressed than the far right, as it happens, hence our economic inadequacy and lack of significant organization. This is just the naturally developing response to that, a totally dispersed and autonomous groundswell that’s taking the culture by storm. If we’re for the New World Order, as you put it, then we’re against the old world order, with its massive inequality, corruption, and corporate-state control mechanisms of dominance and obeisance backed up by acts of horrific violence and invasion of privacy. We’re against controlling the public because we believe our ideas will consistently win by virtue of their rightness alone. Personal liberty combined with freedom from worrying about survival will naturally lead people to our vision. While there is a corporatist transhumanist element that is okay with there being an elite group who benefits from eternal life, enhanced mental capacities and the like, if you’re a socialist occultist transhumanist you’re probably after a more democratic distribution of the technology.

    Also, like most people on the right, you’re confusing ‘socialism’ with ‘totalitarianism’. There’s a pretty big difference. Our government is certainly, obviously totalitarian, but it can hardly be considered socialist when we have bigger income inequality than at any point since 1929. It’s a corporatist state (more Hitler than Stalin), controlled by big money interests that drive mainstream culture. Progressive transhumanists simply subvert the process of social control towards our own ends, and largely live among the fringes, waiting for everything to collapse so we can assume power.

    Anyway, to sum up: you’ve pretty much got it right, but 1) we’re not with the mainstream corporate power structure; and 2) we’re not stupid, though no way of thinking is free of moronic adherents; and 3) you’re confusing ‘socialist’ with ‘totalitarian’.

  5. NecroPsyChroNauTron says:

    Great article, I seriously couldn’t peel myself away from the screen. Think I’ll start reading more of these online article things. Can’t have too much of a good thing eh?
    I identify as a transhumanist. I find internet addiction and lack of attachment to reality/desensitization to be a very, very real problem. Stuff like WOW, scares me. I’m physically active, and pretty in tune with my morals. I care about doing something good in the world.
    Most people I’ve met who would also identify with transhumanist ideals also fit this profile.
    I don’t however see the connection between people inspired by the idea of augmenting the human experience and nihilistic disenchanted, disconnected youth.
    I mean, I think thats your point. This whole thing came off a bit ranty and ludditic, but I’m 100% with ya on the pop-culture stuff.

  6. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

  7. Klintron says:

    Thanks for the link! I often have a hard time explaining what my site is about to people, and I think you summed it up quite nicely.

    By the way, you can block certain sites from appearing in your Adsense using the “Competitive Ad Filter.” There’s also the new Ad Review Center that I haven’t looked into yet. https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=43688&sourceid=aso&subid=ww-ww-et-asui&medium=link

  8. Walter Smith says:

    Hello, Director. I was reading your informative article, and, in glancing, noticed that you are running advertisements by Google Adsense, and, worryingly, they all appear to be promoting the very agenda (for example, “You want to leave the Matrix?” leads to an obviously drug-inspired occult-technology squeeze page) that you are rightly speaking out against. I feel that this manner of disharmony between your message and the sponsorship of your web-site, while perhaps unintentional, may provoke the misleading feeling that you are parodying the anti-occult message, a thing that we both should know is what the Left does best.

    In the event that this is satire, I commend you on your dedication to realism (so far as that some may not think you are joking), but suggest that you actually look more closely at the content you are satirizing! Just by actually reading things like “The Hidden Masters” and verifying them, you will understand that it is not all a big joke, and that things that you have presented in send-up are real and dangerous threats to the survival and future progress of our great race.

    Thank you.

    Good point Walter, I wasn’t paying any attention to the ads. I don’t have any control over the ads that appear, and I believe they are different for every page that loads. But I also wonder if this “conflict” really amounts to much of anything. You are a sharp guy, I want you on my side.

  9. that is pretty an absorbing report, i liked the way you hooked my particular attention so promptly

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