The plan to kill off men

“No, I don’t feel at all like a human being. I hate the “human species”—look at it! I hate what it is doing to this earth: the invasion of everything. The last two frontiers are the genetic wilderness and the space wilderness; they’ve colonized everything else. It’s a totally invasive mentality—rapist.”

What is female integrity? Well, umm, it’s a little complicated. It’s a rejection of this and that and then it’s the capacity to realize the interconnectedness of all the universe, and of course it’s lesbianism. And the wonderful way women think.

Mary Daly appears to have taken feminism about as far as anyone can, beyond identifying herself as a human being. Mary thinks that women are nature and men are all horrible. She favors reduction of the male population to ten percent of current levels and prefers to live in an all-female utopia. Actually this idea is well over 150 years old, so Mary is just recycling nineteenth-century feminist utopian thinking.

There is no basis for believing that women are pacifists or more nurturing or kinder or less ruthless than men. Daly’s idenitification of women with nature is silly. Nature is impersonal and cruel. As you can tell from the questions in this interview, the folks on the matriarchal Left are very confused, and ignorant of history.

Priceless quotes:

“What I love is the way women think.” (Me too, if by “love” you mean “find confusing.”)

“In general, patriarchal culture is necrophilic, fixated on hatred of life and love of death.” (hate hate hate, can’t wait to die, right guys?)

“If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males. People are afraid to say that kind of stuff anymore.” (Nobody’s afraid to say it, it’s the reigning ideology of socialism. And very well funded.)

“How can I care what he thinks? He doesn’t get it.” (Guys never do.)

Digression. Back in the 1970s, everyone’s girlfriend was required to attend feminist seminars (local gatherings in private homes) to catch up on the very latest in feminist propaganda. Of course they would all dish about their boyfriends and compare notes to find out if anybody was doing something for their man that she shouldn’t. Then, when the girl came home, she would run some line against her boyfriend. Not being up on the latest twist in feminist propaganda, the guy would fail the test or give the wrong answer. That is where “You just don’t get it” comes from. Actually, guys, there isn’t anything to get, they set the girls up with some “inside secret” to make you look like a fool. But the phrase caught on, and lots of feministas are caught in the 1970s fads, Dalai Lama, interconnectiness, females as nature, and other silly New Age stuff.

By the way, not a word from Daly or the interviewer about the Communist origins of feminism. Although, Daly does have a Communist and genocidal model of thinking. That’s why there’s all that trouble trying to find a link to some “women’s spirituality.” Notice, Daly doesn’t even bother anymore with differentiating between spirit and matter.

There’s your feminist lesson for today, boys. Tolerate these ignorant bitches at your own risk. They are out to eliminate you. And, don’t think this is one lame isolated pervert. Look at her resume. Remember, the world population reduction program is very well funded, active around the world under UN auspices, and under the control of feminism.

Feminists like Daly are funded, not prosecuted.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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