Radical Evolution, Part 1

We are still standing on square one pointing to the people and institutions that want to control us under the New World Order. We haven’t paid enough attention to the U.S. military. No, we are not talking about Iraq and Afghanistan, counterinsurgency strategies, or psyops strategies to spread disinformation through the U.S. media. We are talking about the planned development of technology under the guiding hand of transhumanism to plan the future in every aspect of life. The chief research and development agency of the U.S. military is DARPA. They are planning our future.

Joel Garreau’s Radical Evolution offers a history of DARPA and various responses of elite thinkers to the DARPA agenda. If you become aware of some of DARPA’s projects, you will quickly conclude that the U.S. military is building a global communication and control system that may be buffered only by competing control systems originating in China and Europe. It is obvious that the control system is being applied inside the United States as well as oriented toward “foreign threats.” But there is more to DARPA than simply building the global police state. DARPA is also involved in changing man. That is why Garreau chose for his title the liberals’ two favorite words, radical and evolution. DARPA’s vision is about controlled evolution. Which, of course, is not really evolution at all.

Our comments in the following summary appear in bold.

Review of Joel Garreau, Radical Evolution, New York: Doubleday, 2004.

“Radical evolution” is Garreau’s term for the planned future of the global New World Order. Forget about the political leaders and the international agreements for a moment. Forget about the Club of Rome and the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Man’s future is under control of social engineers, and the social engineers are under the control of the technology innovators.

DARPA, the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, leads all technological innovation in the United States. Driven by futurist thinkers, DARPA is now leading the planned altering of mankind.

DARPA invented the computer mouse, the internet, email, computer graphics, human speech and translation software, UNIX, and parallel processing. It contributed to global positioning, the cell phone, night vision, weather satellites, spy satellites, the Saturn V rocket, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. It developed laser weapons, particle beam weapons, electromagnetic pulse weapons, and robotic weapons. DARPA defines its mission as imagining what is possible and then inventing it. DARPA initiates funding of projects rather than carrying out all the research itself. Most of its research is carried out at universities and corporations. MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon developed information technology under DARPA. DARPA nourished Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and Cisco Systems. DARPA’s human biology experiments are conducted through the Defense Sciences Office in Arlington, Virginia, near George Mason University.

NASA was spun off from DARPA. The public’s perception of NASA as a successful and honest science broker is false. NASA is extremely secretive, occultist (masonic), and on board with plans for the scientific dictatorship. NASA is not independent. NASA and DARPA are about technological control over the planet. They are not about democracy, individual rights, or any of the other idealisms naive people believe in.

DARPA is riding the crest of Moore’s law, that the power of information technology will double every 18 months, into the indefinite future. DARPA wants to develop supercomputers with human intelligence to control the planet.

Brain-machine interfaces are now the cutting edge of research. DARPA is developing neurotechnology for biomimetic robots. They want machines that are more like animals by using neural tissue to communicate with robots. First came cochlear implants that allow the deaf to hear by wiring tiny computers directly into the nervous system. Retinal implants then allowed the blind to see.

One of DARPA’s experiments involves drilling a hole in a monkey’s head and implanting a device with hundreds of wires, each of which lines up next to an individual neuron. Eventually such implants will be used to assist paralyzed people to move things using only thought. Next, ordinary people will command computers using only thought. All of these innovations are creating pressure among the elites to implant chips in everyone.

Sensory input from robots at a distance will be fed into the brain. Sounds, sights, and smells can be transferred from remote sensors directly into the brain. This closed loop between human and remote object will be called “telepathy.” Of course it is really designed for remote control of every environment.

By 2010 soldiers will be fitted with uniforms with embedded sensors that monitor his vital signs. He will receive video from distant robots through his helmet. The helmet will also hold a camera, night vision, infrared sensors, laser finders, and a global positioning system. The helmet will transmit and receive. He will read text messages from a retractable eye piece.

The Engineered Tissue Constructs program is designed to rebuild customized organs on demand inside your body.

The Metabolic Engineering program will allow badly wounded soldiers to go into suspended animation to be able to survive without oxygen. There is a program to develop sprinters who run for 15 minutes on one breath of air.

The Bioinspired Dynamic Robotics program is trying to put lizard feet on robots so they can cling to walls and hang from ceilings.

The Mesoscopic Integrated Conformal Electronics program prints electronic circuits on the frames of eyeglasses, woven into fabrics, even on insects. This means antennas, fuel cells, batteries, and solar cells can be put anywhere and used as sensors.

The Biological Input/Output Systems program allows plants, animals, and microbes to serve as remote sentinels for reporting the presence of chemical or biological particles.

The Superman program amplifies muscle movements to allow a soldier to carry a 500-lb pack for a long time.

The Brain-Machine Interface Program puts wireless modems into people’s skulls.

DARPA has developed a drug, Modafinil, that kills the urge to sleep. Available only by prescription.

DARPA has developed motors that are smaller than a human cell.

DARPA has developed the M2A disposable diagnostic capsule, a video system in a pill that scans the body’s organs when swallowed.

Computers will soon be able to make medical diagnoses and issue prescriptions based on your individual genetic makeup.

Information Processing Technology is devoted to making computers reason and learn, machines that know what they are doing. Planetary control will be automated as much as possible.

DARPA rationalizes its mission as follows:

“You can’t let the fear of the future inhibit exploring the future.”

“Fundamentally altering human nature would be an unintended consequence.”

But of course the futurists have been thinking long and hard about altering human nature, and the U.S. military is devoted to controlling the planet, controlling economic innovation, and developing a new Superman.

DARPA believes it can control the future through the combination of genetics, robotics, and nanotechnology. This is called GRIN.

Transhumanists define the Singularity as the unstoppable transformation event that launches man into a new phase of evolution. Of course, this isn’t evolution, random mutations magically leading to a perfectly formed organism that looks like it was planned. This is genetic and social engineering.

Development of new technologies will disrupt all social relations. For example, the futurists believe it is in women’s interest to buy sperm from a very intelligent man rather than marry.

DARPA recognizes that they have to initiate propaganda programs to tell people why they have to alter their belief systems because most people are not ready for the planned future. The planned future is going to come regardless of what you believe. Every area of life is planned. Few people even speak out against it anymore. When dissenters dissent, they usually dissent against one aspect of it, not against the whole takeover.

Ray Kurzweil is the leading transhumanist thinker. He wrote The Age of Intelligent Machines and predicted the worldwide web, the computer chess champion, intelligent weapons in warfare, the breakup of the Soviet Union. In The Age of Spiritual Machines (1999), he predicted nonhuman intelligences (intelligent robots). In The Singularity is Near (2005) he predicted there will soon be a transformative event that changes human life on earth.

Kurzweil believes that human immortality will come within 20 years from advances in medicine. Kurzweil points out that scientific progress continued through the World Wars and the Depression. Capital market meltdowns don’t prevent technological progress.

Actually, nothing can stop progress to total takeover unless the controllers go to war against each other or the global financial system completely crashes.

Stem cell research is being pursued in China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Scandinavia and Great Britain. U.S. opposition to stem cell research means nothing.

Kurzweil points out that scientists are trained not to think about ethical issues. (See www.kurzweilai.net.) Scientists generally are not independent agents, they are cells in a pyramid, just like intelligence agents, Freemasons, and mafia members. They are hired to carry out a task, and they usually do not own or develop the technology that results from their research.

By 2019 computers will be embedded everywhere. People will communicate with computers via assistants. Phone calls will include images sent to the eye.

By 2099 humans will become software and be separated from the body.

“In the future, we’ll all have 15 minutes of privacy.” Phil Zimmerman

Isaac Asimov believed that the laws of social science and history were as immutable and calculable as the laws of science, and this knowledge would help perfect society. Asimov was proven wrong in the nineteenth century, but this belief inspired social engineering. The scientists are going to try to make it appear as if “laws” are working themselves out in their social engineering program of total takeover.

The National Science Foundation and the Commerce Department take seriously Kurzweil’s scenario. The report Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance by Mihail C. Roco and William Sims Bainbridge appeals to constituencies in Defense, industry, and management of the economy. These folks will cooperate to set the future. Get on board and profit from it or be left out.

The expected future has mind-machine interfaces, wearable sensors, cross-cultural team projects, medical improvements, environmental friendliness, eradication of handicaps, smart defensive and offensive weapons, instant information access, smart space exploration vehicles, increased crop yields through monitoring of individual plants. It is being sold to the public as world peace, prosperity, and evolution. Humanity will become a single interconnected superorganism connected to a central brain that issues directives.

Roco believes in The Curve, the convergence of all human wisdom, the merging of all knowledge fields by an understanding of their commonalities into a holistic convergence of nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, and information technologies, the GRIN technologies. Roco and the futurists believe that technology and social reorganization will bring about the old occult dream of “wholeness.”

We think it will bring about the old Communist dream of world tyranny. The fields of knowledge cannot be merged without doing violence to the various methods in each field of study that have been developed to produce that knowledge. Knowledge fields do not have commonalities, they have specialties. The dream of “wholeness” is infantile occultism disguising global control.

Gregory Stock, Director of the Program on Medicine, Technology, and Society at the School of Medicine of the UCLA, believes we should be adding genes to people. Stock is the author of Redesigning Humans and Metaman: The Merging of Humans and Machines into a Global Superorganism. Stock uses the evolution metaphor. He says that Homo sapiens will spawn its own successors by fast-forwarding its evolution.

“The coming possibilities will be the inadvertant spin-off of mainstream research that virtually everyone supports. Infertility, for example, is a source of deep pain for millions of couples. Researchers and clinicians working on in vitro fertilization don’t think much about future human evolution but nonetheless are building a foundation of expertise that will one day be the basis for the manipulation of the human species.”

Stock loves the way the New World Order can subsume entire fields of enterprise into its pyramidal structure so that the innocent can be enlisted into working on projects that can later be controlled from above. We don’t. The phrase “fast-forwarding evolution” really means making sure evolution doesn’t happen anymore. What is really going on is controlled human genome alteration.

Somatic gene therapy will fix bad genes that cause disease. Swapping out the bad gene does not affect future generations as the change is not passed on through reproduction. Of course there is a risk in somatic gene therapy, and one person, Jesse Gelsinger, was killed in 1999.

Germ-line interventions change the embryo and therefore are passed on to succeeding generations. This is the “designer baby” option. One starts by choosing eye color or sex, then proceeds to changing clusters of genes to produce a superman.

Scientists can add a new chromosome pair, numbers 47 and 48, to an embryo, that hold plug-in points where you can stick gene modules and their controls. The plug-in points can be designed with off-switches. Gene combinations can be discarded, so an industry will grow up to provide the latest designer genes for new children. This overcomes the argument by the Council for Responsible Genetics that germ-line engineering should be banned. Basically, all girls can be made pretty and all boys can be made smart, or vice versa.

Kurzweil says, in the genetic and technological tinkering, the nonhuman part will eventually dominate. “After you have done hundreds of thousands of these changes, we will be very different than we are today.”

These are called Version 1.0 bodies.

Key terms: DARPA, GRIN technologies, transhumanism, The Singularity, The Curve, somatic gene therapy, germ-line intervention, designer genes, Version 1.0 bodies.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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