News for February 14, 2018

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Matteo Salvini, a leading candidate for prime minister in next month’s Italian elections, has promised to kick out at least 100,000 African invaders per year. Candidate Silvio Berlusconi pledges to deport 600,000 if elected. We don’t know how the Italian elections will turn out, but the anti-immigrant feeling in Italy has the potential to split the European Union apart. More election news here.

65 percent of young Italians oppose the Muslim invasion.

How the Left collapsed in Italy.

Tyler Durden reports on Goldman Sachs’ view of EU politics. Populism rising.

“All European patriots and sovereignists are today fighting the Brussels superstate.”

Europe’s right-wing parties form coalition for New Europe.

Israel threatens Lebanon with invasion. Real fireworks since this report as Israel sends its bombers into Syria. Putin warns Netanyahu to stay out of Syria. Israeli Justice Minister warns Putin better do what Israel tells him if he wants to live. That’s how the Jews do it.

The Jew master plan is, first Iraq, then Iran.


Israeli police investigation ends with recommendation that Netanyahu be prosecuted for bribery. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Netanyahu to be prosecuted.

A review of Ronan Bergman’s book Rise and Kill First, which documents over 2700 assassination attempts by Israeli assassination squads, is up at The Daily Sheeple. (more…)

How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 4

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Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


The newly formed State of Israel greatly helped in the establishment of world terror in the Western hemisphere. Five years after the war the Israeli Parliament passed a resolution according Israel the ”right to punish war criminals” and to demand their extradition from any other State. This is quite beyond the limit of any sort of legal justice, a State here claims the right to be judge of so-called “war crimes” which were said to have been committed before that state existed. Here we are faced not only with post facto law but with a State directly benefiting from it. Every form of criticism or purely theoretical literary activity can be prosecuted. Israel has the right to extradite and hang Swedish, Chinese or Argentine intellectuals.

The special feature of this law is the fact that while it tries to place all Gentiles under Jewish law, it intends to exempt all Jews from the laws of Gentile States.

The internationalisation of raw materials, the European Army, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and the Schuman Plan (drawn up really by David Lilienthal), are all intended to drive the non-Communist world under the economic terror of the Jews.

The U.N., governed by the Jews, will be the supreme power of the world, and on the basis of the genocide convention, drawn up by the Polish Jew Raphael Lemkin, professor of Yale University, everything that can be called “anti-Semitic” will be punishable by death or imprisonment. p. 184

“Without an absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilisation” state the Protocols, for: “What we have got to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.”

The Potsdam Agreement made twelve to sixteen million people Stateless. The Eastern European independent landed peasantry, and the skilled craftsmen and artisans of the Sudetenland, were reduced to a destitute proletarian mass thrown across the frontiers with a hundred pounds weight of luggage per head. The nazi professors were forced to do the job of streetsweepers and the nazi streetsweepers were thrown out of their jobs. The Transylvanian Saxons were carried off to Siberia, while the highly cultivated German settlers of Southern Hungary and Northern Yugoslavia were sent to Tito’s extermination camps, where glass powder was mixed into their food. Sixteen million people were torn from their country and made into a rootless, Stateless, destitute, hungry mob. They were driven like cattle towards Western Germany in the name of humanity.

Previously, Beria had liquidated the Polish intellectuals and national leaders in the Katyn Woods. Eleven thousand officers, mostly doctors, professors and artists, were called up from their civilian professions, were exterminated, and more than a million Poles were carried off to Siberia. Who were responsible for this? According to the official records of the U.S. Congress Investigating Commission, Father Braun reported concerning his Russian adventures (Reports of Investigations, page 197) that he had seen the secret police at work between 1936 and 1937, during the days of comrades Jcshov, Jagoda and, more lately, Beria (all three of them Jews). They were successive chiefs of the secret police. He had also seen the Russians (Jews) murdering their own countrymen in cold blood. In view of the fact that internees were murdered by the thousand in the concentration camps of the Soviet Union, and that these atrocities were regarded as merely routine work not worthy of mention, it can be understood that the extermination of influential Poles such as doctors, writers, professors, teachers and civil servants, etc., was similarly regarded. The report adds that this was just a part of their general plan which was the systematic extermination of racial and national groups. (more…)

How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 3

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Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


In the course of the Nuremberg trials several witnesses testified that an order written and signed by General Eisenhower was found in the Harz Mountains. This order directed that for every American soldier killed twenty German hostages must he slain. It is also noteworthy that during the Korean war the Americans were compelled to adopt “German methods” against the partisans. Whole villages were razed from the face of the earth because it was suspected that partisans might be hiding there. On page twenty-five of Colliers magazine of August 26th, 1950, several photographs were published depicting captured partisans and hostages, The caption under the photographs says: “The events of the war show that in Asia very little regard is shown for human life. Southern Koreans suspected of treason were loaded into trucks to carry them to the place of execution. (In some cases their backs were broken before they were shot.)”

In these pictures the Korean partisans are guarded by American soldiers. Thus it can be seen that Eisenhower, as well as McArthur, found it justifiable to take hostages. Yet members of the German security forces were sentenced to death for obeying orders of exactly the same nature. p. 153

The camps were under the constant supervision of the sanitary authorities and regularly inspected up to the time of the invasion of Europe, i.e., up to June, 1944. The average number of natural deaths was 200 monthly in 1944. But when saturation bombing paralysed the transport and communication system of the Reich, the rationing system became more and more chaotic, and in consequence epidemics broke out.

Shem, the underground paper of Jewish nationalists in France, on July 8th, 1944, published a noteworthy article describing conditions in the internment camps of Eastern Germany. We should regard these reports as reliable sources of information, for they were given by Jews to Jews and they were based on direct experience. There is not a word in the report of this Jewish paper about extermination or maltreatment of the internees. Neither is there a word in these accounts about gas-chambers, extermination camps or infanticides. p. 155

At the end of 1945 new inmates appeared in the concentration camp of Dachau, But these were no longer Jews but some of the defeated German people—the “war criminals”. They were ordered subsequently to build various additional auxiliary buildings with the greatest possible speed. But first of all, the horticultural beauties of the camps had to be destroyed because it would be rather difficult for the American cinema-going public to believe that the Jews were suffering amid nice gardens and flower-beds, especially when they came to the cinema in the anticipation of seeing horrors. Thus the workers received orders to dig a blood-pit with a drainpipe for draining off the blood, because it must be made to appear that here Jewish blood had been flowing in streams. The shower-baths, dressing-rooms and reception halls had to be rebuilt so that they should appear like gas-chambers. For the sake of achieving this appearance a special separate concrete structure was built with small porthole-like openings, and these contraptions are still on show to-day purporting to demonstrate that the killing “death gas” was let in through these portholes. The captive workers also received orders to build “a special execution yard purporting to show where the victims were shot through the back of the neck”.

The Jews converted this camp into a chamber of horrors and a memorial plaque was unveiled, the inscription on which says that 238,000 persons were cremated here. But the crematorium had only two furnaces. In order to cremate the alleged 238,000 bodies, these furnaces would have to have been kept going for three years without ever stopping, and in this case about 530 tons of human ashes would have been recovered. p. 156


How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 2

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Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


Ben Gurion and Chaim Weizman stood by in readiness to revive and to re-establish one of the main pillars of world rule—the State of Israel. They issued their orders to the soldiers of Washington, and replaced the White Cross insignia on the steel helmets of the American 6th Division with the Magen-David (six-pointed star). They ordered the bombing not only of Germany but of all the monuments of European culture. They delivered arms to the Soviet Union and gave her eleven (thousand) billion dollars out of the pocket of the American taxpayer.

The magnitude of Jewry’s world conquest is demonstrated by the fact that of all the war aims and promises, including the Atlantic Charter, the only plans achieved were those above mentioned together with some small adjustments.

All raw materials and industrial production of territories under quarantine, continues Clause 37 of the world order, will be used for post-war reconstruction. Other clauses explain that all persons born in East Prussia or the Rhineland will be expelled from the occupied territories and their estates confiscated for reparations. For potential military reasons, a plan must be elaborated to control the birth-rate of the territories in quarantine and thus reduce the numerical strength of the aggressor nations. This is the very first instance in the history of mankind that a nationalist minority has openly renounced a law of nature and proclaimed its intention of destroying other nations. p. 101

Samuel Fried, the well-known Zionist and pacifist, during the early part of the 1930’s, while still in the flush of the First World War victory, does not hide the mass-murderer psychosis which is to be found in the drafts of the later peace treaties. “People dreading the revival of German power will never again see the restoration of Germany’s military might. We will nip in the bud every effort to restore it and finally, should the danger persist, we will destroy this nation hated by everybody both by partition and also by dismembering the country as well as by ruthless mass- murders.” p. 104

It is a shock to realise that in the security of freemasonic lodges, “democratic editorial offices” and Zionist associations, books, articles, essays and political speeches are conceived and written, all proclaiming murder. These are not the unavoidable casualties of war but murders and cruelties planned for the ensuing peace.

Th. Nathan Kaufman, in his book Germany Must Perish (edited at Newark, see p. 104), wrote as early as 1941 that after the war Germany must be completely dismembered. Kaufman demanded that the German population, both male and female, surviving the aerial bombings, be sterilised in order to secure the total extinction of the German race.


How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 1

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“Anti-Semitism’ is the means of counter-revolution.” Vladimir Lenin

Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


During the Zionist Congress of 1897 at Basle, Dr. Mandelstein, Professor of the University of Kiev, in the course of his speech opening the conference on August 29th, emphatically stated that “The Jews will use all their influence and power to prevent the rise and prosperity of all other nations and are resolved to adhere to their historic hopes, i.e., to the conquest of world power.” (Le Temps, September 3rd, 1897.)

It is taught by the Jewish Rabbis that all non-Jewish people must be excluded from sharing the new world or taking any part in it; they can only be tolerated as a despised herd. (Traktat. Gittin, Fol, 57, Babylonian Talmud.) p. 17

Maimonides also admits that Christianity made the world familiar with the Old Testament, i.e., with Torah, but adds that its interpretation was erroneous and that the errors will be evident at the arrival of Jewry’s political Messiah who, as leader of Jewry’s armed power, will subjugate the non-Jewish nations of the world and will exterminate, together with their women and children, all those who refuse to accept the laws of Noah. (Jewry and Christianity, by Canon Lipot Huber, p. 141.)

One of the greatest mistakes of the “anti-Semites” was to regard the Jew as an internationalist. The Jew was never an internationalist, but the conscious representative of a tribal nationalism that sought domination over all the other nations on earth. He lived in various lands, occupied positions of different social levels but fundamentally remained a Jew.

During the preparatory sittings of the Sanhedrin summoned by Napoleon in 1806, Rabbi Solomon Lippman Cerfberr said: “We have forgotten whose descendants we are. We are neither German nor Portuguese Jews. However dispersed all over the globe we may be, we still remain the same nation.”

Doctor Leopold Kahn summed up these sentiments when speaking about Zionism in a Jewish school at Pozsony (Bratislava) in 1901: “Jews will never be assimilated and will never adopt the customs or morals of strangers. The Jew will remain a Jew under all circumstances.” pp. 20-21

German National Socialism was ready and willing to co-operate with other peoples. It was hostile to one race only, Jewry. Whereas the Jewish type of “Nazism” is hostile to all races and to all non-Jewish social and ruling castes. p. 23

“We are one nation”, stated Theodore Hem, the founder of Zionism. “We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews!”

“And (God) hath made of one blood all nations of men.” (Acts xvii, 26) says Paul in Athens. And he says this because from the God-created blood brotherhood, one nation, one r a c e — t h e J e w s — excluded themselves by their own fierce tribal nationalism. p. 28

In the Wiener Freie Presse on December 24th, 1921, the Jew WaIter Rathenau wrote precisely the same thing when he said: “Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.”

Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who gave the name of Great; the secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world.” (Protocol Ill.) p. 46


The “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” hoax

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“In ancient times we were the first to put the words ‘Liberty’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Fraternity’ into the mouths of the masses … words repeated to this day by stupid pollparrots; words which the would-be wise men of the Goyim could make nothing of in their abstractness, and did not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter-relation.” He claimed the words brought under their directions and control ‘legions’ “Who bore our banners with enthusiasm.” He reasoned that there is no place in nature for ‘Equality’, ‘Liberty’ or ‘Fraternity’. He said “On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of MONEY. The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent upon us.”

Mayer Rothschild

From Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr,


Having established in our previous posts that Illuminism, the doctrine of worldwide revolution to form a one-world government, was the plan of Frankist Rothschild Jews, the question naturally arises, who put together the propaganda campaign to turn people’s loyalties toward this project? The Illuminati propaganda relied on an appeal to abstractions, most notably “liberty, equality, fraternity,” as a promise of a better life under the governments of the revolutionary republics. To round out this propaganda campaign, the monarchs of Europe, and most notably of France, had to be made out to be tyrannical despots, whereas the constitutional republics were portrayed as reflecting “the will of the people.”

Obviously this propaganda was quite effective, for it drove revolutions in France, the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America, all planned within the lodges of illuminated Freemasonry. The slogan continues to inspire the globalist socialists who intend to unite humanity in their Universal Republic, erasing class differences, cultural differences, national differences, gender differences, religious differences, and probably many other differences as well, thereby ending human evolution by enforced sameness or similarity. For this project to succeed, “the people” must first be formed into the blindly obedient brainwashed masses. This has already happened through control over media and education.

We wonder why this project seems appealing? One must break one’s identity with one’s race and culture to embrace an impossible uniformity among the peoples of the world. The real program, rule by satanic Jews from Jerusalem with the rest of the world their slaves, is even less appealing. We’re not too keen on rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem and reestablishing the practice of animal sacrifices, either. But the true objectives of Illuminati globalism remain hidden from the masses behind a veil of propaganda and lies.

So, who invented the appeal to bloody revolution, murder of the king, and the elimination of Christianity as liberty, equality, and fraternity? And why did people think the revolutionaries would make better rulers than the kings?

Here we begin our search. William Guy Carr’s book Pawns in the Game is a great source for understanding the campaign of propaganda and deception and the role of the Jewish leaders in establishing the propaganda front.

Next, we briefly stop by Living in the Langudoc, where they tell us the motto was invented by Francois Fenelon and was associated with the Enlightenment. After the revolution, Parisians wrote this on their houses:

“Unity, indivisibility of the Republic; liberty, equality or death.”

This slogan reminds us that the revolutionaries were bent on genocide of the Catholics and death to opponents of the revolution. The first manifestation of the revolution was to split the population into pro-revolution and anti-revolution factions and institute the Terror of mass murder against the opponents of the revolution. Notice also in this slogan there is no possibility of escape from the republic.

Dwight Longnecker at the Imaginative Conservative reminds us that the slogan replaced earlier slogans, such as “faith, hope, and charity.” We would add, the pursuit of “the good, the true, and the beautiful.” Longnecker analyzes the shortcomings of the terms “liberty, equality, fraternity” in the ways the modern Left defines them, but these terms had different meanings to the early revolutionaries.

To Thomas Jefferson and the slaveholders of Virginia, the word “liberty” meant the liberty to own slaves. For all of the early revolutionaries in France, “liberty” meant anti-Catholicism. See our book The Illuminati and Thomas Jefferson for documentation of these points.

Let us recall that the slogan was taken up by the Freemasons, and the Freemasons have their own definitions of words. Here is a quote from the Grand Lodge of Universal Mysteries website:

“The Liberty of soul and conscience; the Equality of divine origin; and the Fraternity of that true fellowship which characterises humanity’s eternal purpose, which is ‘to love one another,’ and that to secure these essential Rights of Freedom in the spiritual life of all peoples and their quest in the pursuit of Wisdom and of Truth, the Ancient and Honourable Institution of Masonry (Free-Masonry) has been established upon the Earth by The Most High (and the Grand Lodge on High) to be a custodian of the Ancient Mysteries (and therefore a custodian of the divine Plan) within the bosom of Humanity, in order to secure and establish these Mysteries within the program of human living, and to guide the members of the Craft in their Lodges at Labour upon the Earth to assist in and cooperate with the divine Plans of The Most High and His Lodge—the Grand Lodge on High—in building and raising the Temple of Humanity (as a Temple of Light) to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe for the welfare and betterment of all peoples; that through establishing the perpetuation of these Mysteries (pertaining to humanity’s divine purpose), the divine rights and spiritual life of mankind may be protected and preserved.”

This interpretation of the slogan may be understood within the framework of Freemasonry’s ideas about its own divine founding and its project of building the Temple of Humanity in order to preserve the ancient Mysteries. But this idealistic interpretation is itself a propaganda cover for the true objective, rebuilding the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and rule by elite Jews over all of humanity. Notice, at this website, the logo gives prominence to the slogan “As Above, So, Below.” So, for the Freemasons, the purpose of revolutionary liberty, equality, and fraternity is to build a united humanity that is guided by ancient superstitious magic. Seems far removed from the Age of Reason, doesn’t it? In fact the spiritual belief system justifying revolution and a new world order is the Cabala, which is associated with worship of Lucifer. That high-level Freemasons worship Lucifer has been well documented in many books and at many websites.

The phrase “As above, so below” refers to the belief among the ancients that temples, pyramids, and other symbolic structures were built upon the earth directly under particular constellations or stars. Some of the ancient Mystery schools considered these stars to be the locations our human ancestors traveled from to arrive at earth and teach certain humans the arts of civilization. These “secrets of the Mystery schools” provide foundational beliefs of Freemasonry and similar occult organizations that they are the proper, authorized guides to humanity. But there is nothing in the early Mystery schools about liberty, equality, fraternity, and nothing in Freemasonry about liberty, equality, fraternity until the time of the French Revolution. The slogan was a late injection into masonry by the Illuminati, and it caused endless squabbling among the masons as the ideal of equality conflicted with the established hierarchical grades of initiation.

Among the French revolutionaries, the idea of liberty meant liberation from villages, guilds, monasteries, and large families. Equality meant the abolition of the privileges of the clergy and the aristocracy and the end of serfdom for the peasants. Merchant guilds were banned. Workers were collectivized and forbidden to form associations. Charities were banned as it was the responsibility of the government to provide employment and charity for the needy.

“There is no longer any association inside the state, there is nothing else than the individuals’ interests and the General Will.”

General Will meaning, the will of the leaders of the Illuminati. So the idea of “fraternity” does not mean a right of free association, it means the requirement that associations be banished so there is no other location for the loyalty of the individual to deflect from his required loyalty to the state and to Freemasonry.

The General Will is another of those meaningless abstractions. There is no general will, or will of the people. The “people” are the revolutionary party; for the revolutionaries, the will of the faction in power is the will of the people. The General Will in practice is the will of the leader of the Illuminati, and everyone must conform to it or face death.

The revolutionaries promoted government schools to provide a uniform indoctrination in republicanism.

A new religion was established, worship of nature, but this quickly faltered. Next they tried worship of the leaders of the revolution, which disappeared after the Restoration in France. Finally the revolutionaries settled on worship of the state as their religion for the masses. For the upper-level Freemasons and the Frankist Jews who guided them, worship of Lucifer was their religion.

According to the propaganda of revolution, by definition all other systems are an intolerable tyranny, and so wars of liberation are necessary to bring the benefits of mandatory uniform individualism to the entire world. How extreme French nationalism is supposed to translate to other countries is a problem that is never addressed in the public propaganda of revolution. But out of necessity the culture shift from nationalism to international government must be addressed in the secret councils of Jews and Freemasons guiding the world to its uniform slavery under the rule of Jerusalem. We see this shift in propaganda after many republics were formed with the formation of the Communist International and the current propaganda promoting globalism and the New World Order. The early republican revolutions directed loyalty toward the state; after the revolutions had achieved a world of republics, loyalty is directed toward international organizations devoted to abolishing the sovereignty of the state.

At Humanity in Action we find a post that describes the present state of France with regard to its slogan. France is quite insistent on inculcating the revolutionary values in its schoolchildren, as long as they are interpreted as the values of the French state and its citizens, with no room for any gap between the two. The French republic cannot have its people using its revolutionary rhetoric against the French republic. Every republic must pose as the single defender of the revolutionary values, with no alternative and no secession possible.

A sample of public opinion in France reveals widely differing interpretations. Some believe that liberty, equality, fraternity has been achieved with the constitution of 1958. Some believe the revolutionary ideals have yet to be achieved and are a work in progress. Interestingly, many immigrant groups have fastened on the slogan as a way of gaining more political power for immigrants, as a way of shaming the French for exclusionist ideas and practices. Immigrants to France use the slogan to support multiculturalism and affirmative action programs. The widespread immigrant Muslim violence is interpreted as the voiceless symbolizing their desire to be integrated into France with violence rather than through education and employment. It never seems to occur to the French that the Muslims aren’t going to integrate and will take them over and force them to convert to Islam.

“The revolutionary symbols are hung onto so badly precisely due to the emptiness of their meanings. This proves to be an interesting safety mechanism, as the more disaffected people become, and the more the gap grows, the more people will cling to these symbols and hence feel more a part of French society.”

So it turns out that the French law that makes immigrants and natives equal under the law is bolstered by the empty slogan of liberty, equality, fraternity, now stripped of its terrorist and socialist connotations and appealing to a nonexistent national unity while the Muslims form their separate communities and gangs, ruling under sharia law, and their Jewish masters roll ahead with their plan to eliminate the white race.

From Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952, comes the following quote:

“The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born.

“Our control Commissions will, in the interest of peace and wiping out our interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with white. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark people.

“… This war will end for all time the struggle against the Gentiles… Our race will rule undisputed over the world… And so, with vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israel will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.”

It was the international satanic Jew who invented the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” to fool the goyim with a false philosophy while they built their empire on the ruins of Western civilization.

We all have our individual interpretations of freedom and equality, but hundreds of years of legislation have overridden and limited whatever values our individual ideals might uphold. One cannot make a coherent politics out of contradictory abstractions that had peculiar meanings to our revolutionary Jewish overlords and was designed to ensure white genocide. We badly need a different slogan that represents true Western values and a direction toward formation of white enthostates.

The Truth About “All Men Are Created Equal”

Jared Taylor, from American Renaissance

News for December 15, 2017

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House of Representatives passes bill to make anti-Semitism a hate crime. Telling the truth about Jewish history and Jewish beliefs is anti-Semitism to the Jews and their lackeys. Free speech is going to disappear under the new internet neutrality regime. We expect our site to be taken down. Download and save what you need now.

Israel’s Capital is Washington, D.C.

Not all Jews are Zionists:

European Union refuses to endorse Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump doesn’t have supporters in other countries reinforcing his decision to move the U.S. embassy.

Ashraf Ezzat explains why Jerusalem was not the capital of Israel in biblical times.

Patrick Cockburn speculates about future geopolitical alignments following Trump’s announcement regarding Jerusalem.

Jews salivate about Third Temple, the messiah, and total control over the world. We are so looking forward to seeing those animal sacrifices to the Jew god at the new Temple.

The late Dr. Udo Ulfkotte wrote a book exposing the CIA control over media. Then he died.

Tyler Durden looks into China’s $10 trillion investment plan. China’s control over the New World Order looks unstoppable.

Finland has its very own anti-EU political party.

How the Clinton crime syndicate looted Russia. Anne Williamson’s testimony before the House banking committee.

Putin declares Russia is gmo-free, set to become the world’s top producer of organic food. The future of the white race is in Russia.

Joachim Hagopian discusses Satanism and the deep state:

Charlie Bayliss reports on local government documents in England showing a large number of child abuse cases involve witchcraft and demonic possession. updates us on the challenges facing the Euromediterranean Union. There is growing pushback against EuroMed, but not enough.

Media cover up high anal cancer rates among homos.

International Men’s Organization, an excellent website, names the Jews behind the politicization of homosexuality.

Explaining the historical relationship between Gnosticism and homosexuality.

Russia sets commission to investigate Jewish ritual murder of Romanov family. Mike Walsh has some comments on this history at Renegade Tribune.

2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder.

The Zionist Congress directs the World Zionist Organization. We don’t see much reporting on their activities in the Jew-controlled media, do we?

Wolzek’s Terror Timeline: History of the Jewish War Against the World.

Justin Raimondo reminds us that the communist media pushing the Russia conspiracy theory were the same media controlled by the Soviet Union a few decades ago.