Stories of interest, May 22, 2016

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Mexican drug gangs are moving Islamic terrorists across the border.

Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal for Men.

You can keep up with these and other disturbing stories from Sweden at Cucked Sweden.

Evalion (was) a You-Tube poster whose videos were attracting some attention, until her channel was banned. It turns out that Evalion’s content was triggering liberals because they don’t understand history and are controlled by Jewish propaganda.

More Evalion and reaction at You-Tube.

Even EU officials admit Merkel’s open visa deal with Erdogan will lead to more terrorist attacks in Europe.

Atlantic Centurion has a nice piece on Obama’s trip to Europe in April and its messages.

The EU denies Alexander Dugin entry to Greece.

“Europe can now see that the creators of the myths of ‘European fascism’ and ‘Russian totalitarianism’ are a small group of perverts.”

Marek Glinka profiles former Green Party leader Volker Beck, a homosexual activist who was recently arrested for methamphetamine possession.

Jan Oberg reminds us that European immigration stems from war, and war stems from arms deals.

Phil Butler at New Eastern Outlook looks at the NWO takeover of Europe from the European perspective.

Europe has begun building the TransAdriatic Gas Pipeline to bypass Russian gas imports.

More to the story: The FBI has 80,000 documents on Saudi ties to 9/11.

GOP Congressman Offers Bill Blocking Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Edict.

Evil Pope Francis says Moslem immigrants must breed with native Europeans.

The U.S. government’s underground command and control center.

Whistleblower accuses Clinton Foundation of fraud. Fraud fraud fraud. Background on Hillary’s life of crime. The Daily Mail reports that Bill Clinton took 26 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex plane. George Soros and the Rothschilds are funding Hillary’s campaign. Hillary as secretary of state took $100 million from Middle East regimes. What did they get in return?

Why is TSA causing such long lines at airports? It might not be just to get more money.

Free 21 looks at the recent spate of trade deals in terms of opposition to the U.S. NWO takeover policy and Obama’s turn to a strategy of Grand Enclosure. These trade treaties are not yet a done deal.

There are lots of stories out there on the collapse of socialism in Venezuela. This one is on conditions in hospitals. Don’t vote for socialism, folks, it never works, even if it seems you are getting free stuff.

E. Michael Jones is interviewed on the Jewish control of blacks as a proxy army. Some interesting history on the civil rights movement and attempts to control black culture.

Wendy’s restaurant is installing self-serve kiosks in 6,000 restaurants. McDonald’s to follow. Watch those fast-food jobs disappear, just as the higher minimum wage kicks in.

Mark Weber adds a footnote to our understanding of Franklin Roosevelt’s lies.

A letter from the British Ministry of Information written in 1944 instructs the media to construct a false narrative of lies about a Jewish Holocaust in Germany as a counter to Stalin’s genocides.

“We all know the crimes committed by the Bolsheviks over the last 24 years in Russia and Eastern Europe.

It is inevitable they will do the same in Central Europe.

We will cover up their crimes by lying about the Germans.

The public is not as stupid as it was, our lies will be better.

You (BBC & Church) must spread these lies, convincingly.”

An English professor of economics explains why you don’t need free trade agreements to trade freely. Free trade agreements are actually about the right to construct factories in another country, hire cheap labor, and import the goods without tariffs.

Hat tip RobinHoodUKIP at You-Tube.

Excellent website: United Against Mind Control

Walid Shoebat has put together a video showing human sacrifices in Mexico. These practices are connected with the drug cartels, where Satanism is practiced, as well as with other cults that are flourishing in Mexico as the influence of the Catholic church wanes. There is also a section on citizens organizing and arming, fighting back against the drug cartels. We don’t know anything about Walid Shoebat, but the video footage seems genuine, the interviews seem genuine, and the state of barbarism in Mexico is something everybody should grasp. If the graphic images are too intense, fast forward to another section.

The Communist racist anti-white party La Raza is directing immigration from Mexico, and part of their pitch is that Mexicans must take back territory from the United States because there once was an Aztec colony in the southwest called Aztlan. Hence the appeal to human sacrifices as an Aztec practice. Barack Obama addressed La Raza while running for president in 2008 and said he supported their goals.


How the ladies can help oppose white genocide

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Hat tip Johnny Mantraseed at You-Tube.

Germans chase Justice Minister Heiko Maas off the stage with cries of “Traitor!” as he addresses Labor Day audience in Zwickau. Why let him back into his limo?

64 percent of Germans will vote against Merkel next year.

Reporting in depth on the takeover of Sweden.

Moslem gangs establish “sharia zones” in Denmark.

Soldiers of Odin come to United States. An unanticipated development.


Moslem refugees try their rape game in Russia and come up against nonfeminized Russian men.

Paul Craig Roberts has some thoughts on the United States of Europe and the neocon foreign policy.

People who liked this also liked Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICs. (more…)

Pope Francis and the new world religion

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The present pope, “Francis,” is the major leader of the program to homogenize  the world’s religions. Wherever he goes and whatever he says, the message is anti-nationalist, anti-self-determination of peoples, and pro-NWO takeover. The program is pretty far along now and is influencing all religions, which is why you don’t know what you’re going to see or hear next week in your church.

The rhetoric around this movement is going to involve “united moral authority,” “overcoming differences,” and denunciations of particularism as extremism. The usual liberal BS.

The role of the Catholic Church in the New World Order takeover.

More on Pope Francis and the new world religion.

Cornelia Ferreira reports the pope’s role was suggested by Shimon Peres.

News update, May 2, 2016

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The headline last week was, “Obama goes to Saudi Arabia, kisses ass, lies to press.” No details of the meeting appeared in the media. Fort Russ has a little more insight into what went on.

On the 28 pages implicating Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks:

Steve Lendman weighs in.

James Corbett weighs in.

Luke Rudkowsky weighs in.

Putin challenges Erdogan. We’ve been hoping for this. It seems obvious to us that Erdogan has to go, and Putin is the only one to do it.


Lefties attack Alternative for Germany Party meeting in Stuttgart. Lots of coverage at Breitbart.

New Jersey, Kansas withdraw from refugee relocation program. That’s how you do it.

Just a little example of a larger story: Banks are corrupt but no one goes to jail.

Syrian voters reelect “dictator” Assad with solid majority.


Islam is unconstitutional

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What we can expect from Islamic refugees in the West:

Hat tip End of Zion

Voice of Europe:

Hat tip Fanghorn Forest

Moslems have been forbidden to enter the United States: See our link The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act in our post Weaponizing Immigration. However, not only have Moslems gotten around this immigration prohibition, they have actually created an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations that conflicts dramatically with the U.S. Constitution, The Declaration of Human Rights, and UN declarations regarding human rights. The following material is quoted from New Euro-med:

“Islam is unconstitutional because it preaches concepts and ideologies contrary to the constitutional fundamental principles, with regard to respect for life and equality between people.

“– Art. 2 of the Constitution: “… the inviolable rights …”, which are totally different in the Islamic religion, so as to have created its own paper, The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed on Saturday 19 September 1981 at UNESCO in Paris.

“– Art. 3 of the Constitution: “equal social status … without distinction of sex, race, language, religion“; in the Qur’an, however, it is enshrined in the superiority of man over woman and the Muslim over non-Muslims.

“– Art. 13 of the Constitution: “Personal liberty is inviolable, may be limited only by reasoned decision of the Judicial and only in cases and ways provided for by law. … “; in the Islamic Declaration of Rights of Man, however, individual freedom is subordinate to the Shari’a.

“– Art. 27 of the Constitution: ”death penalty is not permitted …”; Islam, instead, has death penalty for apostates, adulterers and homosexuals; it is confirmed by all four Koranic schools and, therefore, reliable.

“Here comes a bitter statement that is politically incorrect – but not far from the truth

“Jim Kirwan, Jeff Rense 27 March 2016: (Muslim immigrants) always steadfastly remain ignorant of all that is needed for anyone to even exist in the world of today.

“Muslim-migrants    Young Muslim men + one woman and children invading Europe – thanks to Angela Merkel and many other Marxist feminists, who are severely infected with inverted humanism, and who can look forward to women´s future status in Sharia Europe: The woman carries a big child and has to walk barefoot in snow and ice – while the men do not care!

“They steal whatever they think they need, like cellphones, computers, etc., but they are powerless to maintain the cell-towers, or the infrastructure at any level: Because they have on an average a low IQ level. Many cannot read, yet they are convinced that if they just take over the countries where millions of people once lived—they too will be able to have the same kinds of success that those formerly settled nations once enjoyed, just because they decided to invade anywhere they choose to go: Believing that no one can, or will ever be able to stop them.

“The truth is all they will end up doing, is bringing about utter poverty, total destruction and starvation to every place they decide to invade. The world must come together to wipe Sharia Law & Islamic forces off the face of the earth or die: That is the only choice.

“According to this ranking of world states by IQ, the average IQ of the migrants surging into Europe is about 83 (Somalia only 68).”


NWO news, April 20, 2016

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Britain’s Home Secretary says Britain to phase out “whiteness” by 2030. She apologizes to Jews, supports pedophiles. This is what we’re up against over on the Left.

A professor at Portland Community College delivers a lecture against whiteness.

A Jewish professor comes out against whiteness.

Hat tip acesOaces.

Hungary’s government names 900 Moslem “no-go” areas in Europe. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Like, every Moslem neighborhood.

The European Jihadi Union by Pepe Escobar. An exploration of the contradictions involved in Europe’s security at Sputnik News.

“Europol sources swear that at least 5,000 jihadis have entered the EU disguised as refugees. No one’s asking; if they have been positively identified, how come they were not arrested? At least 400 of those may be ready to wreak havoc all across Europe.”

And how many ISIS terrorists has Obama identified and arrested? Zero, we believe. The refugees are not carrying documentation in most cases. We are picking up rumor that Obama has allowed ISIS leaders into the United States following recent defeats by Russian forces. (more…)

X22 economic report

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“Many governments, including ours (USA), overtax their citizens to feed their own insatiable need for money. Then the legal thieves running the government and their cronies, unwilling to abide the tax levels they created, move their wealth off shore to places like Panama.” – Daniel Henninger, “Panama Bernie,” Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2016.

Who is Jeff Nielson, and how did he get so smart? He is not one of our students, but he has figured out the financial conspiracy involved in the globalist NWO project. Sharp guys can infer the corruption from a study of the structure. We don’t like the title, The U.S. Economy Is Projected to Crash in the Next 2-3 Months, but listen anyway to understand the criminal conspiracy we are living under and the various corrupt pressures that are destabilizing the economy.

We are picking up a lot of signals of global economic distress linked to financial fraud, but we are not forecasting an “economic crash.” The trendlines, however, are not good for any national economy, and there appears to be no stable national currency. Would someone please ask these globalist politicians why their idea of a single financial network and a single trade regime for all of the nations of the world isn’t producing prosperity for all? And why are the politicians themselves, and their financial controllers, so busy moving money to offshore tax havens to protect their assets?

Of all the economic distress signals we are picking up, the crisis in Italian banks may be the most important.