al qaeda in Asia

Posted By on September 11, 2014

Aangirfan offers a piece on al qaeda’s expansion into India, Indonesia, and Maylasia. “Crypto-Jew” means a Jew pretending to be someone else. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the jewish playbook.

See the video The Truth About ISIS and Obama’s War Speech at PrisonPlanet for a quick explanation of Obama’s “sudden desire” to go to war against an organization he recently armed, ISIS. The target is Syria, then Iran.

Entering the correct history

Posted By on September 8, 2014

The corruption of higher education. They didn’t teach you much at school.

April Holloway briefly describes 10 ancient texts that changed the world at Ancient Origins. None of my teachers mentioned any of these texts, except one: the laws of Hammurabi. There are more than 10.

Scholarly articles on the Bavarian Illuminati. Modern history starts with the French Revolution.

Adam Weishaupt, a Human Devil.

The Rothschild Bloodline.

Build a solid foundation.


A guide to the UN

Posted By on September 1, 2014

Brent Parrish at The Right Planet has put together a little quiz on the history of the United Nations. Check it out.

Turning kids into perverts

Posted By on August 25, 2014

The main agenda of socialism is to destroy the family and religion, creating a pseudosociety of individuals controlled by an all-powerful central government and mass media. Gay socialism builds upon feminist destruction with the agenda of turning everyone into a pervert. This has been going on for many years, but now it is taking the decisive turn.

Starting next year, the European Parliament has banned the depiction of the traditional nuclear family in all schoolbooks. This policy will next be extended to media and advertising.

Please take note of any depiction of the traditional family on your television. Try to mark the turning point when it is no longer depicted at all. This is our future under pervert socialism.

“Homosexuality must be taught in kindergarten as something to be experienced that will make you wiser.”

The movement to decriminalize pedophilia has a long history. Its success has now reached the point that pedophilia is being redefined as a medical disease rather than a criminal offense. Hence, judges are now giving sex offenders very short sentences and remanding them to the treatment of pervert psychologists.

Young children are now being exposed to porn movies as a way of familiarizing them with the varieties of sexual perversion.

Catch the story at Golden Dawn America.

Kevin Jennings, etc.




Germany in the squeeze

Posted By on August 14, 2014

“The West in on the wrong path.”

The German Handelsblatt editorializes for a reasonable solution to Obama’s pressures on Germany to extend economic sanctions to Russia. Germany is in the squeeze. Why should Germany favor Obama’s sanctions when it has long-standing economic ties with Russia? Well, the outcome depends on how Merkel tilts. And this is crucial because the German economy is the strongest in Europe, essentially the guarantor of European sovereign debt.

France and Italy are now in recession. Too much socialist debt.

 Germany’s economic forecast is for no economic growth or very low economic growth due to Russia’s response to Obama’s sanctions.

The pressure is on German Chancellor Merkel, but so far we do not see a coherent rising opposition that could derail Germany’s economic plunge and the continued totalitarian takeover of Europe by the European Parliament.

The rest of Europe is starting to feel the economic pain. Russia’s food import ban will certainly arouse more opposition to Obama, but will it be enough to tilt Europe toward Russia and away from Obama’s war?

The mass murder of citizens in East Ukraine may bait Putin into invasion. His humanitarian aid caravan is a worthy first response.

Of interest:

Destroy Zionism has articles describing Alexandr Dugin and Vladimir Putin’s Eurasian multiculturalism and support for Israel. Nice research. We are starving for opposition to Obama’s NWO takeover and will take it where we can find it. Obama’s vision is Full Spectrum Dominance and total control of the globe. Putin respects a decentralized geopolitical model.

On the death of Robin Williams: Good Fight explains satanic possession among Hollywood actors.

Child abuse by Orthodox Jews.


FEMA camp-fu

Posted By on August 8, 2014

Ooops, a TV news crew films a prison camp.

From Above Top Secret

America the economic bully

Posted By on August 4, 2014

The BRIC nations have started a new alternative to global central banks, called the New Development Bank. Michael Hudson discusses this development in Escaping the Dollar.

“And basically I think what’s motivated the BRICS, these countries together, is they have one thing in common: they’re all under attack by the United States economically, and in Russia’s case militarily, with sanctions. And so what Russia is trying to do is say, look, right now the United States can make a threat against us. They can say, if you don’t do what we want militarily or politically or economically, we can block your currency payments, we can block the banks, and we can strangle you.”

BRIC cooperation is occurring because the New World Order is being run for the benefit of the United States at the expense of everybody else. The new BRIC cooperation also includes nuclear weapons cooperation.

So the United States is attacking the BRIC countries, and presumably many other countries around the world. What’s new about the story is, the rest of the world is organizing to resist. This means we are in a new phase of the New World Order takeover: Organized Resistance. How is that going to work out? We think it’s going to threaten the fragile global financial system. Asset seizures, currency declines, debt defaults, broken trade agreements.

We have never liked to predict economic doom as we know the Federal Reserve is capable of supporting fragile banks with very low-cost loans. But this time it feels different. We are moving into crisis stage due to the aggressive bullying of the U.S. government abroad. Other nations are organizing for self-defense.

The United States government has put in place many new regulations over foreign banks. The general name for this is Facta. The U.S. claims the right to seize illegal assets of foreign banks. Obviously this tactic is making America very unpopular abroad.

The U.S. government just stole $8 billion from a French bank. This could have been a warning shot to the French government not to consummate a deal with Russia. Note that the U.S. took Ukraine’s gold and has robbed other nations that it has “liberated.” The New World Order is just American gangsterism.

Obama recently seized control of FTBE bank in Cyprus. The excuse: money laundering. The reason: to penalize Russia.

It seems that NSA spying on German Chancellor Merkel was designed to block cooperation with Russia. However, the backlash to spying and sanctions will probably be a tilt by Merkel toward Russia. One reason is, the economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Russia are costing German corporations too much profit. Europe is now organizing its resistance, though this is in the early stage.

By the way, NSA spying on Americans is mainly designed to establish sexual preferences and behaviors of government and corporate officers for purposes of blackmail. Yes, this was J. Edgar Hoover’s modus operandi. It goes all the way back to Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati. It’s an easy method to maintain concensus and prevent dissent. This is how the gangsters maintain control of their subordinates.

Here at home big banks have been hit with a big $250 billion lawsuit for mismanagement of their mortgage portfolios during the housing crisis. Can any of these banks afford to lose this lawsuit?

The criminal Obama administration has shifted the U.S. system of government from neoliberalism to racist socialist dictatorship. As it ramps up the debt, it’s increasingly depending on newly legalized confiscations of wealth to stay afloat.

How U.S. food aid sent abroad wrecks foreign markets and bankrupts farmers.

It is possible that the European financial stocks have peaked and are turning down. We are sure the European central bankers would like to see the euro decline. If France and Germany rebuff Obama’s sanctions against Russia and split the U.S./European alliance, Europe will be cut off from U.S. Federal Reserve support. Its banks will fail and its economy will go into recession.

England’s financial system might be the winner in the new global financial war. The recent Argentinian debt default was politically motivated, over Argentina’s refusal to reward so-called Vulture Funds, who had accumulated Argentina’s debt at pennies on the dollar, with full repayment. The Vulture Funds, many in England, hold billions of dollars of distressed government debt from many countries. If these countries end up paying their debt at par value, England’s banks and hedge funds will profit handsomely. If they repudiate their debt and join the BRIC rebels, England and the U.S. will become isolated in the global financial war.

Although European countries are not the most debt-ridden and most vulnerable countries in the world, we are keeping our eyes on Europe this year. Europe could be the first big egg to crack under U.S. financial pressure. Rippling global debt default could start anywhere, but we think it will hit Europe hardest.

Websites of interest:

European Daily News

Project Nova Europa