Calling out Merkel

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Obama’s puppet Merkel flashes the Illuminati pyramid sign.

The global finance reset

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We are picking up news that a global financial reset is under way. The “reset” is occurring because of opposition to America’s financial terrorism (sometimes called sanctions, sometimes involving more direct attacks on trade and currencies). America’s financial subversions of other nations are a form of warfare, and most of this goes on in secret. But many countries are able to figure out when they have been attacked, and the victim countries are organizing an opposition to the New World Order financial system. How are things progressing?

There is a big push to reform the IMF and make it less accountable to the United States. New American has a post full of proposals, what-ifs, and how-awfuls. Apparently the UN and just about every major country is in on this. It’s not just an alternative currency, it’s also a tax plan. But we’re not convinced this is how it’s going to work out.

Bolivia’s president weighs in, defines the problem as capitalism. The problem is, the financial system is capital, and you can’t build anything without capital investment. (Socialists, take notes.) Regulation of capital by socialism would simply be absurd, another proposal for theft and a failing economy by those who know nothing about economics. But no one wants to wait for socialism to fail everywhere, so on we go.

Philosophy of Metrics has a post on how the global financial reset will structure, emphasizing bailout of European banks. Bypassing American influence remains the goal of IMF restructuring, as well as linkage to the BRICs New Development Bank. It looks like the Chinese yuan is going to be the center of the alternative global currency to the dollar. We take it that 2015 is the year for negotiating the new set-up, with everything to be in place by 2016.

FOFOA explains the stagnation of the global economy. This doesn’t have that much to do with the reset, we just threw it in case you want to learn a little about why globalism is a screw job.

Obama tries to kick Russia out of SWIFT, but gets pushed back. We love it when Obama is exposed as a helpless tyrant. Wouldn’t you like to push this dictator over, too?

How the IMF is handling the bankruptcy of Ukraine. Who will divide up the carcass. Who will insure the bonds. You see, Obama gets to overthrow the Ukraine government, wreck the economy, and have us pay for it. Aren’t those socialist criminals clever? It’s all about doing evil with other people’s money.

Spain joins Italy, Hungary, and Greece in moving away from Russian sanctions. Slovakia and the Czech Republic seem to be slipping away from Obama’s noose. Aren’t they scared of Putin’s expansionist ambitions? Wait, all the euro-rats are deserting Obama’s sinking ship. Germany, France, England, Italy. And, there goes Australia. This realignment is looking like a done deal, a thorough rejection of U.S. economic imperialism. OH NO, not Japan, too. Does Obama have ANY friends left? Nope, and he just took a major shellacking in the last congressional election. The most hated man on the planet. Even the Chinese Communists and Fidel Castro are laughing at this Commie fool.

“It can be safely stated that anything the Washington crew touches turns to shit, and any ally approached turns to the East, all in time.”

Hat tip to Jim Willie, who has been on this financial wreckage for years.

We know many details remain to be worked out, but there you have it, the plan, the trend, the timeline. Now, let us ask, is there anything Obama can do about it between now and then? How about, bribe his former socialist slaves in Europe to come back to the old system? Hmmm, that would take a LOT of money, and you see, Obama has run up so much debt that his piggy bank is running empty. How about, start a war, say, with Russia, using NATO as a proxy? Possible, but the war games show Obama loses. Europe has been pretty much totally indoctrinated into pacifism. What 20-year-old French kid is going to want to go into Ukraine to die for socialist Europe? OK, how about this: Obama signs trade deals with Europe and Asia to at least get a piece of the action to benefit U.S. corporations? Not exactly out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, but what else does he have?

Europe is ramping up opposition to the TTIP, but we have yet to see domestic opposition stop a trade treaty. We believe the treaties will be negotiated to some final agreement suitable to all the elites. Very civilized. And basically no big deal. The United States will accept a more subordinate place in the world, the U.S. economy will continue to decline for the vast majority. Big corporations will get a little edge for making more profits if the developing economies can get growing.

Of interest:

Audit of Federal Reserve reveals $16 trillion in unreported bailouts. Well, there’s your crime justifying banishing the Fed. But don’t hold your breath. The corruption is systemic.

Lawrence Wilkerson offers a foreign policy analysis. A breath of fresh air when you consider what the Republicans are up to, supporting Israel. But we don’t expect anything to come of it.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt tilt toward Putin.

Exposing Netanyahu’s lies.


The origins of conservatism

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Review of Darrin M. McMahon, Enemies of the Enlightenment, New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

McMahon subscribes to the liberal/Marxist position that the French Terror was a “necessary” response to counterrevolutionary opposition and was not the original program of the revolutionaries. However, a close examination of historical documents and events contradicts the standard Marxist analysis, as we have documented in Chapter 22.

The counterrevolutionary argument against the French Revolution consisted of highlighting the peril of confusing freedom with license, appeal to the patriarchal family as the source of social order, elevation of recent history of France as a time of order and high literary accomplishment, criticism of the theory of abstract rights as opposed to concrete social realities, and the need for religious support for monarchy. McMahon characterizes the counterrevolution as extremist and unwilling to compromise, fearing that the ideas of the philosophes would imperil the social order. McMahon characterizes the French ounterrevolution as modern, for tradition up to this time had been unexamined and undefended by conservative political theory.

Although the conservatives opposed free speech and freedom of the press as revolutionary strategies, they also engaged in pamphleteering and publishing as a counter to the revolutionary literature. This French Catholic critique of Enlightenment found its way to Eastern Europe, Latin America, Italy, and Spain and was the foundational literature for modern right-wing ideologies. (more…)

As your world turned, March 6, 2015

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How the European (Socialist) Dream Is Dying, State by State. A graphic look at shifting public opinion on the EU. But public opinion is not shifting fast enough, and the Commie Jews have the proposed legislation to tighten the screws on dissenters. QE will buy the banks more time, and Greece seems to be getting the old shaft on debt negotiations.

Strategic Culture on developments in Ukraine. Wayne Madsen on EU expansion toward Russia. (more…)

California’s geoengineered drought

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From Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch.

The endgame is near for Europe

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We click here and there like everybody else and we came across 11 Myths About French Girls at Return of Kings. We appreciate this kind of first-hand reporting on the ground. Let’s briefly summarize: French women have adopted feminism and lost sexiness, communication skills, style, education, the feminine arts, and the appreciation of men. Groupthink replaces individuality. Nothing there, really, the girls have flattened out. France is finished. Time to move on.

We wonder, not having been to France, if the myth of French sexiness was just an image made in the movies. France is home to Grand Orient Freemasonry, existentialism, postmodern theory, socialism, Communism, the ’68 New Left — the whole nightmare of bad Illuminati ideas. How could the women remain real under this assault? There is no such thing as French conservatism.

Gallia Watch has posted a video on what it means to be French. With all due respect to Gallia Watch, which is fighting the good fight against multiculturalism, Christian France disappeared decades ago. ¬†Notice there is no mention here of Robispierre, Napoleon, the Illuminati, the sexual revolution, the ’68ers, the takeover by French socialism and the EU Parliament. France’s white birthrate is now below replacement, and France will be a Moslem country by 2050.

Which brings us to our recurring question, which European country will be the first to become Moslem? Probably Sweden.

If This is England, where are the English?


¬†”Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen.” explains why the European Union is a criminal cartel.

Lots of links at I Am an Englishman.

Get your Europe news at Daily Europe.

Diversity is Chaos. Actually, the goal of diversity is white genocide.

Interview with Mark Steyn on multiculturalism. From Elliot Lake News.

The End Game, a documentary on white genocide. (Not to be confused with the Alex Jones documentary on the New World Order called Endgame.) From

E. Michael Jones

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E. Michael Jones is the Catholic author of Libido Dominandi. Check out his interviews below.

We’ve been struggling to explain how the controllers use freedom as a means of control; this is the best explanation we’ve found.