What Tony Blair is up to

Posted By on November 23, 2014

Term limits and electoral defeats are not enough to rid us of the globalist politicians; they just move up to the globalist network and continue their evil work behind a new mask. We lost track of Tony Blair after he left office, but he pops up again in our research. Now we believe he is a central player in a couple of entangling global networks.

Tony Blair founded the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in 2008. Matthew Butler provides background at The Conscious Reporter.

Tony Blair will be using “religious extremism” as a divisive slogan to impose the new world religion. His tentacles will include “peace” and “health” as justifications for global takeover. How will he accomplish this? Why, through education, of course.

Who is funding this mess?

A little opposition.

Truthout offers criticism on several fronts.

It seems Tony has been busy introducing Saudis to Chinese, for a fee. In fact he has been an “advisor” and deal-maker for several countries.

Tony’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We don’t much care for him, either.



Roman religion

Posted By on November 20, 2014

Chris Everard describes Roman demon-worship. From enigmaTV.com

Marriage is not the gay agenda

Posted By on November 15, 2014

BBC children’s cartoons contain gay programming.

In Nebraska elementary school children are being taught how to use strap-on dildoes for gay sex. Florida children are introduced to Satan worship in school. Child porn in the classroom.

Harvard teaches its students how to have anal sex.

SHAG sponsors sex info field trips for college kids.

Cambridge University study finds that gays and lesbians are more likely to be mentally ill.

Protesters against homosexuality in Italy, called Standing Sentinels, are attacked by gays.

Of interest:

Swedes oppose motherhood.


Europe continues economic slide

Posted By on November 8, 2014

A summary article on Europe’s economic woes at The National Interest.

The United States turns its attention to punishing the newly united BRIC nations.

U.S. economic sanctions against Russia are taking hold as the ruble is in danger of crashing, due to capital flight and lower oil prices.

The Anonymous resistance movement takes to the streets in cities around the world.

French farmers protest against bans on manure, sanctions against Russia.

Socialist corruption in Spain.

Germans protest the refusal of Moslems to integrate. Germans and Moslems live in “parallel societies.” Germans joining ISIS have highlighted the national security threat Moslems present.

Of interest:

Stop NATO.

Monsters Among Us. What Google, Wikipedia, and social media are really all about.

Vaclav Havel, hero of the Czech resistance to Soviet domination, has passed away at age 75.


Geopolitical moves

Posted By on October 31, 2014

We are keeping an eye on the European financial crisis. As Obama’s sanctions against Russia have stimulated a response in kind by Putin, Europe’s economy has moved toward recession. The European Central Bank response is quantitative easing. Meanwhile, stock markets have been declining, with $3 trillion in losses. 

Putin’s main card is natural gas supplies to Ukraine and Europe. Recent negotiations have opened resumption of natural gas shipments to Ukraine upon repayment of the first tranche of the outstanding debt.

Meanwhile, oil prices have fallen from over $100 per barrel to $$80 per barrel as the Saudis continue to pump. Most likely this is a financial attack on Russia coordinated by the Saudis and the U.S.

The EU presented England with an annual surcharge of nearly $2 billion, leading to speculation that England may be pressured to withdraw from the European Union.

Immigration debates are coming to the fore. Jihadis returning from Iraq and Syria are being recognized as a security threat. Newly formed right-wing groups are getting more vocal in their opposition to immigration.

The EU – U.S. free trade agreement, called TAFTA, will further undermine local laws in Europe in favor of global corporate interests. More on secret global trade deals.

However, the rest of the world is organizing against the New World Order takeover, and they have an official organization and name — Group of 77 and China.

Putin’s speech at the Valdai Club.

Dmitry Orlav criticizes U.S. foreign policy.





What is the war on terror, again?

Posted By on September 27, 2014

Let’s begin with ISIS. The U.S. media consider ISIS to be the reincarnation of al qaeda (Islamic terrorism) establishing the Caliphate and threatening to export terror to Europe and the United States. The generals are ready to invade Iraq, but Obama has settled for a tepid bombing of empty targets at night.

Edward Snowden says the head of ISIS is a Mossad agent named Simon Elliot. And why is John McCain seen in a photo with Elliot? Obama and U.S. allies have armed ISIS.

Aangirfan reports that the top leadership of ISIS are not Moslem but Chinese and Georgian CIA assets. The purpose of ISIS is to knock over Assad. Obama isn’t going to stop them.

Multiple sources on this same subject reported at Veterans Today.

Anti-media has the history of the creation of al qaeda and ISIS.


Land Destroyer notices that Obama has not imposed economic sanctions on any nation supplying ISIS.

“If we really wanted to end ISIS we would cut off their funding.”

Why the U.S. doesn’t want to end terrorism at PressTV.

Obama wants an international law tracking and penalizing “terrorists” traveling abroad. As Obama has said, anyone who opposes him is a “terrorist.” A breathtaking move on the chessboard of global tyranny. Any nation that doesn’t control its terrorist citizens is a terrorist state.

Actual state sponsors of terrorism might be made uncomfortable by such laws. Chief among them would be Saudi Arabia. Here’s why.

The “war on terror” was first proposed by Benjamin Netanyahu. If you haven’t figured out yet that 9/11 was an inside job, search until you figure it out.

Meanwhile, Obama has organized U.S. military and NATO special operations forces to respond to any international threat. U.S. armed forces routinely serve under NATO commanders. That’s what the New World Order is, my terrorist friend, the joining of the U.S. military with NATO and Israel to impose Full Spectrum Dominance on all opposition. Add to these capabilities private armies  or “security forces” for hire as well as special agencies attached to the executive agencies and we have to conclude that Full Spectrum Dominance has nearly been achieved, excepting China and Russia.

This does bring to mind George Orwell’s slogan “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” A perpetual war against a bogus “enemy” justifying the destabilization of any nation hostile to the global takeover.




Obama’s accomplishments

Posted By on September 20, 2014

Time for a little ironic humor. Check out Obama Historical Achievements at Monty Pelerin’s World. Yeah, we know, the worst president in history, and it isn’t funny.