The Illuminati on TV

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Hat tip to Justme1980 on YouTube. Nice work.

Pervert order out in the open

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Deep background history on child molestation in the United States by David McGowan.

Kevin Annett interview and several stories about elite pedophiles at Alternative News Network.

Lifting the veil in England. Stories of chid sexual abuse by leading politicians are a daily staple of English news. Aanirfan carries dozens of stories exposing pedophile networks.

A Who’s Who of child abuse.

The Bill Clinton satanism video from Infowars:

Feminist advocates giving children to pedophiles.

Promoting perversion is part of the Marxist war against the family. Society needs to be destroyed so that perverts can have maximum sexual freedom.

One by-product of the sexual revolution: 110 million Americans are infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

Guide to the New Age

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The Global Alliance.

There is a little more to it, but this will get you started.

NWO progress report November 2014

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Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party wins two by-elections by large margins, demoralizing England’s Conservative government and forcing Prime Minister Cameron to change immigration policy. The day after Cameron announced proposed payment cuts to immigrants, the EU took him to court in Brussels to force him to pay more. Nobody is happy that Angela Merkel is quashing Cameron’s plans to cap immigration.

Joining the European Union means that any “will of the people” of England is a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Cameron outlines an economic policy to avoid recession, which includes embracing Obama’s TTIP European trade agreement. This treaty is a huge step forward to integrate Europe and the United States.

A couple of days later, France’s President Hollande rejects the TTIP, in its present form.

More on Obama’s trade proposals from Michael Hudson.

Ukraine extends citizenship to foreigners to take over government, begin privatization process. By the way, the Senate passed the bill mentioned in this article condemning Russian aggression.

Putin is facing falling oil prices, capital flight as U.S. sanctions bite.

Russia’s energy minister puts a bright face on falling oil revenue. OPEC continues to pump.

EU blocks Russian pipeline. Putin negotiates gas pipeline deal with Turkey.

Putin ally Yevgeny Fyodorov accuses Russia’s central bank of engineering the fall of the ruble, organizes National Liberation Movement to purge pro-globalist, pro-U.S. elements from Russia.

Russia Insider is your source for news.

China’s economy seems to be OK, and their stock market has been rising, but trouble is brewing over fraud and corruption. Fraud on this scale could easily ripple through the global economy and cause bank failure. Another reason not to have a global economy.

In November at the G20 meeting in Australia, Putin is largely embraced while Obama stuns attendees by attacking China. Australia’s prime minister rejects Obama’s anti-global warming campaign to support coal.

“The great achievement of Obama’s Presidency is that the US is now on bad terms with both China and Russia where it could have been on good terms with both.”

Hmm, Vice-Presiden Biden was just talking about building up China: has a great summary article on plans to take over the internet.

“The Obama administration has already begun the phased transfer of Internet control to a structure that has been set up as a transition platform for UN control.”

Of interest:

Freedom Orchard white colony established in Chile.


What Tony Blair is up to

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Term limits and electoral defeats are not enough to rid us of the globalist politicians; they just move up to the globalist network and continue their evil work behind a new mask. We lost track of Tony Blair after he left office, but he pops up again in our research. Now we believe he is a central player in a couple of entangling global networks.

Tony Blair founded the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in 2008. Matthew Butler provides background at The Conscious Reporter.

Tony Blair will be using “religious extremism” as a divisive slogan to impose the new world religion. His tentacles will include “peace” and “health” as justifications for global takeover. How will he accomplish this? Why, through education, of course.

Who is funding this mess?

A little opposition.

Truthout offers criticism on several fronts.

It seems Tony has been busy introducing Saudis to Chinese, for a fee. In fact he has been an “advisor” and deal-maker for several countries.

Tony’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We don’t much care for him, either.



Roman religion

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Chris Everard describes Roman demon-worship. From

Marriage is not the gay agenda

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BBC children’s cartoons contain gay programming.

In Nebraska elementary school children are being taught how to use strap-on dildoes for gay sex. Florida children are introduced to Satan worship in school. Child porn in the classroom.

Harvard teaches its students how to have anal sex.

SHAG sponsors sex info field trips for college kids.

Cambridge University study finds that gays and lesbians are more likely to be mentally ill.

Protesters against homosexuality in Italy, called Standing Sentinels, are attacked by gays.

Of interest:

Swedes oppose motherhood.