Charlottesville was rigged

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If you wanted to hold a white nationalist rally, why would you do it in a city the mayor declares to be “a capital of the resistance” to Trump?

Steve Pieczenik profiles Richard Spencer and Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, who previously worked for John Podesta and Barack Obama. Pieczenik believes both men were cooperating with the CIA and/or the FBI. While it’s difficult to prove exactly who is an agent, it’s well known the Alt-Right is infiltrated by government agents. Jason Kessler, an organizer who claimed to be Alt-Right, was active in the Occupy Wall Street movement until a year ago.

Signer and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and cancelled the demonstator’s permits to assemble, then ordered the police to stand down as the Alt-Right moved away from the park toward Antifa.

Eyewitness timeline.

Brennan Gilmore is the guy who filmed the car crash. Brennan and the film itself are fishy, as if he had advance knowledge that a car would be driving to that spot. Brennan Gilmore worked in Africa as a Department of State foreign service officer. Hmmm.

Early reporting indicates the driver, James Fields, was not a Nazi sympathizer but a Hillary supporter. Reports have circulated that he is mentally ill. Sounds like a perfect patsy.

Best video we’ve seen:

The driver was not James A. Fields, he was James G. Fields. It appears there were 2 different cars.

American Everyman makes a few good points about this psy-op:

The point of the psy-op is to discredit white nationalists as Nazis and take away their free speech rights. Real Nazis (Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi biker gangs) were nowhere to be seen at the rally.

This was a staged event with professional crisis actors and government agents.

The white nationalist movement isn’t well enough funded or organized to form a political party. It’s a diverse group of people lacking a common ideology and a leader. As the Alt-Right takes its form, we should be seeing more opinion pieces like this one:

9 Reasons Nazism Should Be Kept Out of the Masculine Right

Antifa is much better funded and organized. George Soros is paying $25 an hour for street demonstrators, and he has the support of the deep state and the Democratic Party as well as Communist and Socialist organizations. Recognize what you are up against, and be tactical. Be safe.

News for August 13, 2017

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The Three Seas Initiative designed to improve cooperation among Eastern European nations is one of the most important developments against the New World Order since Vladimir Putin’s announced opposition. Reporting here, here, and here. We think of it as a fledgling alternative to the European Union for the Eastern European nations, without the slavery of socialism and that nasty anti-white agenda. The future of the white race lies in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The deep state needs to take down Trump before Trump takes them down.

Putin vows to end pedophilia before leaving office.

“Pedophilia is encompassing every aspect” of both modern politics and the entertainment industry, adding: “If I have to destroy pedophilia before I leave office, then so be it.”

Putin recently spoke out against the epidemic of pedophile networks encompassing the United States saying the West is being manipulated by “Satanic pedophiles.”

Yeah, that’s what we said.

Putin has recently banned U.S. citizens from adopting Russian children to prevent the children from being exploited by pedophiles in the United States.

pope francis
Putin denounces phony New World Order Pope Francis:

“If you look around at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God, not the God of the Bible.”

“Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position. He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression. As we have seen before in communist states, this system is not compatible with Christianity.”

You see why we admire Putin. He speaks out against the evil globalists.

Italy begins to impound immigrant boats.

Debbie Wasserman-Jew throws cold water on the Russia hack story:

Nordic Youth halts a faggot parade in Sweden:

Swedish propaganda promoting the migrant invasion:

EU attacks Poland over new law allowing removal of judges.

David Kraft reports that 70,000 white South African farmers have been murdered by the blacks.

France passes law prohibiting anti-Semites, holocaust deniers, racists, and homophobes for running for office. That blocks us out.

UN wants England to take in twice as many invaders.

UKIP isn’t much of an opposition party in England. Needs leadership. John Woods pushes Anne Marie Waters as a potential leader. We’ll see. We don’t have any confidence in lesbians.

Pollution from pot farming turns California forests into toxic waste dumps.

Trump begins vehicle inspections at Mexican border to stop Obama’s drug imports.

Plan to enroll foreigners in U.S. military plagued by security risks, infiltration.

Robots to take over retail banking.

Google’s Skynet program activated to suppress conservatives.

University of Georgia professor allows students to choose own grades to avoid stress.

Google fires James Damore for expressing his opinions on diversity.


Former Netanyahu chief of staff to testify in corruption probe.

Australia wants to go cashless, implant chips in currency.


George Webb has been arrested, though we don’t know the charge. Catch up with George’s investigation into the Awan brothers scandal:

NewsMax is reporting that the Justice Department is offering Hillary a plea bargain: Plead guilty to national security violations and avoid jail time. We were hoping for a big, messy trial on TV, followed by a prison sentence.

The Nation has a long piece on the DNC hack and the phony Russia investigation.

A school administrator in Los Angeles has been charged with 15 counts of embezzlement of public funds after overseeing Michelle Obama’s lunch program. What, you were expecting honest administration from a socialist government?

We might remember the date that whites began to fight back as August 11 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Coverage at The Federalist is pretty good. The torchlight parade the night before shown below featured about 150 Alt Right protesters. The TV media seem determined not to report the facts or allow anyone from the Right to speak.


Jim Marrs has passed away at age 74. You can hear a last interview with Jim here. However, Jim made a few mistakes. The claims of Zechariah Sitchen on the Annunaki are not reinforced by any other translator of the cuniform tablets. The Bavarian Illuminati did not create the Rite of the Strict Observance. The Illuminati were not idealists, they put forth idealistic abstractions to con good people into joining them. Nevertheless, hat tip for a life spent in unmasking the conspiracies. R.I.P. Jim Marrs.

jim marrs

Down the Awan rabbithole

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The Amran brothers were crooks and had ties to terrorists. A perfect fit for the Democrats.

FBI seizes smashed hard drives from Imran Awan. Kind of reminds you of Hillary’s smashed Blackberrys, doesn’t it? Like he might be hiding something?

The next day Awan tries to leave the country and is arrested, charged with bank fraud. Bank fraud? We were thinking national security violations.

“One bombshell that has been all but ignored by the main stream media is that Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.”

Imran Awan also worked for the Clinton News Network.

Looks like Awan could have been involved in a variety of crimes.

Debbie Wasserman-Jew keeps Awan on payroll even after Awan is banned from Congress. They’re closer than close.

Investigator found dead.

Not just friends with Bill, also friends with Obama. Obama loves sleazebags and crooks.

Awan gets a Clinton lawyer. Debbie Wasserman-Jew flees to mental hospital.

Debbie’s brother Steve named prosecutor of the case. What a lucky coincidence.

Awan may have leaked intelligence information to Moslem Brotherhood or Pakistani intelligence.

Awan sold Congress’s emails:

Former DNC staffer Seth Rich was present at a party with Awan the night he was murdered. Seth Rich is known to have offered hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks in return for cash.

George Webb tracks Awan’s car dealership and notes murders at that location. Awan may have been involved in smuggling cars and nuclear materials. Links to Anthony Weiner, Andrew McCabe?

George Webb You-Tube channel.

State of the Nation believes Awan was a CIA plant in a joint Pakistani/Mossad operation.

We would like to see these folks in jail.

News for July 28, 2017

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Europol busts dark web, discovers plot to assassinate Trump and Pence.

Darius Shahtahmasebi reports on a study by the U.S. military that The American Empire is Collapsing. The study vaguely blames the “restructuring of the international framework,” which is code for resistance to Jew-led U.S. New World Order imperialism, mainly by China and Russia. It is obvious the United States is losing on its battlefields and in international forums, but the military hangs on to the same old strategies and gets more funding.

Their answer: Artificially intelligent war robots. We really dread the militarization of robots. Too dangerous to us civilians.

China and Russia’s navies will join forces in the Baltics for maneuvers in September. This should get a lot of attention.

Viktor Orban accuses George Soros of Muslimizing Europe. This post has a chart identifying the ngos involved in organizing the Muslim invasion.

“We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats. And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

Hungary now has billboards showing a photo of George Soros and identifying his anti-white conspiracy. The text says, “Let’s not let George Soros have the last laugh.” Nice going. The Jews are protesting that identifying Soros as the godfather organizing the immigrant networks is anti-Semitism. Be anti-Semitic, be pro-white.

soros poster

Exposing the Soros networks trafficking immigrants to Italy.

How the invasion is shifting Italy’s demographics.

Drieu Godefridi opines that the European Union is now the greatest enemy of the United States. After the last G20 meeting, it certainly looks that way. Merkel hates Trump and is improving Germany’s relations with China.  But Trump traveled to France to meet Macron and reaffirm U.S.-French ties in case Macron needs some support in opposing Merkel’s policies.

Trump halts CIA arming of anti-Assad rebels in Syria. RT News says the agreement was reached with Putin at the G20. This is the biggest positive step in foreign policy since Trump took office. Julian Assange says the CIA wasn’t just arming these terrorists, it was paying their salaries.

Seymour Hersh claims Hillary Clinton authorized sale of nerve gas to the Syrian “rebels.”

England agrees to five-year continuation of EU immigration as part of Brexit.


Donetsk and Luhansk form separate state from Ukraine. And who is going to stop them?

Gatestone opines that Sweden has become a failed state because the police are no longer in control of Muslim-occupied districts. When you import Muslims, you import their criminal gangs.

Zionist Report documents the Jews who control the media in Sweden (turn down the volume on this one):

Swedish government leaks data on all its citizens; government may fall.

Feds bust 412 Muslims in Michigan for medical fraud. Nice going, Department of Justice.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under investigation for illegal political campaigning. Nice going, Office of U.S. Special Counsel.

Jerome Corsi on the reopening of the Vince Foster investigation.

Haitian official set to testify on Clinton Foundation corruption was found dead. Notice a pattern here?

How Trump is draining the Veterans Affairs swamp.

Canada fines black citizen for not removing his shoes in a house which he owned. Canada is adopting sharia law.

Pipo News (UK) reports on street clashes in Europe over immigration and opines that civil war is coming. We tend to agree, just wondering why it’s taking so long.

Paul Weston tells us he saw it coming:

Weston thinks the civil war started this past June. In order for there to be a civil war, some white folks are going to have to get organized and fight back. Weston’s blog.

Italy is so upset about the Muslim invaders it is now threatening to send them north. Sounds like civil war in Europe is coming.


Turkey arrests 43 Guhlen members. So far, Hillary Clinton has avoided arrest. Turkey’s relations with Germany have recently soured, and Erdogan has turned to Russia to buy its missile defense system.

Swedish Liberal Youth Party wants to legalize child pornography, necrophilia. Well, that should help people decide which side of the civil war they are on.

Top Israeli general says Israel is becoming like Nazi Germany. Actually, it became like Nazi Germany a long time ago.

Jason Kessler digs into Who is Antifa?

Mises Institute looks at Europe’s unsustainable welfare state.

Trudeau contributes $20 million to Clinton Foundation to promote gender equity. Trudeau is a gay asswad.

Vanity Fair wrote up a piece on Steve Bannon.

American Thinker catches up with us and notices that the Left has hijacked the American Psychiatric Association. Actually, this happened many decades ago.

An important book on a rarely documented topic: Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union by Dr. Hermann Greife.

The Jews Around Weishaupt

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Our question is whether the head of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, was influenced by satanic Frankist Jews in developing his plan for the New World Order. Adam Weishaupt was a Jew.

Several researchers have attempted to answer this question. They don’t all agree, but the answer should be clear when we compare results from several sources.

For background on this issue, see:

Enlightenment Jewish Style: The Haskalah Movement in Europe, Marie Schumacher-Brunhes.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman on the Sabbatean Frankists


“According to Rabbi Antelman’s chronology, in the 1770s Jacob Frank made a pact with one Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish-born Jesuit, to enlist his Sabbatians to join Weishaupt’s Illuminati. During the French Revolution, documents were discovered which exposed the Illuminati’s plan to destroy the foundations of European civilization; family, religion, royalty and morality, through revolutions. Weishaupt’s organization was formally banned throughout Europe, so a decision was made to infiltrate the relatively benign Freemasonry and instill Illuminism from within.”


“The same year of the Wilhelmsbad congress, according to author (William) Still, ‘the headquarters of Illuminized Freemasonry was moved to Frankfurt, the stronghold of German finance, and controlled by the Rothschilds.’ He added, ‘For the first time, Jews were admitted into the Order. Previously, Jews had only been admitted to a division of the Order called “the small and constant Sanhedrin of Europe.”

“Jacob Katz, in his Jews and Freemasonry in Europe, wrote that founders of the Frankfurt Lodge of Freemasonry included Frankfurt rabbi Zvi Hirsch, Rothschild chief clerk Sigismund Geisenheimer, and all of Frankfurt’s leading bankers, including the Rothschilds, who would later fund Cecil Rhodes and his societies.

Rule by Secrecy, Jim Marrs, “The Illuminati”


“Bernard Lazar, a well-known Jewish author, wrote in his “L’Anti-semitisme”, in 1894, that exclusively Cabbalist Jews surrounded Weishaupt. Confiscated documents show that of 39 Illuminati holding lesser leading positions, 17 were Jews (i.e., 40%). The higher one looked in ranks, the larger was the percentage of Jews.

“Even the fact that the Illuminati headquarters in Ingolstadt were later converted into a synagogue was symbolic of this conspiracy. Lazar stated that all these Jews became the agents of revolution because they had “revolutionary souls”. There were four especially important Jews in the Illuminati leadership: Hartwig (Naphtali Herz) Wessely, Moses Mendelssohn, the banker Daniel von Itzig (1723-1799) and the businessman David Friedlander.” (La Vieille France, 31st of March, 1921.)


“Whether, then, Weishaupt was directly inspired by Mendelssohn or any other Jew must remain for the present an open question. But the Jewish connexions of certain other Illuminati cannot be disputed. The most important of these was Mirabeau, who arrived in Berlin just after the death of Mendelssohn and was welcomed by his disciples in the Jewish salon of Henrietta Herz. It was these Jews, ‘ardent supporters of the French Revolution’ at its outset, who prevailed on Mirabeau to write his great apology for their race under the form of a panegyric of Mendelssohn.”


“In his book History of the French Revolution (1848) Louis Blanc wrote that “The project of Jean Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Order of the Illuminati, together with five Jews, Weseley, Moses Mendelsohn and the bankers Itzig, Friedlander and Myer, was by the sole attraction of mystery, by the sole power of association, to subject to the same will, to animate with the same breath thousands of men in every country in the world, to make new beings of these men by means of slow gradual education, to render them, even to the point of frenzy or death, obedient to invisible and unknown chiefs: with such a legion to secretly … surround sovereigns, unbeknown to direct governments, and to lead Europe to that point where . . . all monarchies are brought down, all privileges of birth declared unjust, the right of property abolished . . . such was the gigantic plan of the founders of Illuminism.”

“Zionist Baruch Levi, wrote to Karl Marx (see La Revue de Paris, page 574, June 1st 1928): “The Jewish people, taken collectively, will be its own messiah. His reign over the universe will be obtained by the unification of the other human races, the suppression of frontiers and the establishment of the Universal Republic’. In this new organisation of humanity the sons of Israel … will become with its opposition the direct- ing element everywhere . . . the government of the nations forming the universal republic will pass, without effort, into Israelite hands . . . individual ownership will be suppressed by the governors of the Jewish race who will administer in all places the public wealth.

Kenneth McKilliam, The Subversion of Britain, How Did They Do It?


“It is most interesting to watch the development of Jewish influence in the preparation and consummation of the French Revolution of 1789; side by side one sees the growth of Illuminism among the Gentiles and Jews with a unique directive power wielded in Berlin by the Jews, Moses Mendelssohn (1728-86, grandfather of the famous composer), Naphtali Wessely (1725-1805), and the Jewish bankers, Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, Meyer, Cerfbeer, and the Goldsmid Brothers in London.

“Jewish Illuminism was called Haskalah, and was headed and directed by Moses Mendelssohn, who also inspired the leaders of Masonic Illuminism such as Adam Weishaupt, H. S. Reimarus, Lessing, Nicolai, Ch. Dohm, Mirabeau, and others. The Jew, Bernard Lazare, has himself written “There were Jews behind Weishaupt.”
(L’antisÈmitisme,” page 339)

Gargano, Irish Freemasons and their Foreign Brothers, page 55.


“At Wilhelmsbad, it was decided to move the headquarters of Illuminized Freemasonry to Frankfurt, at the time the headquarters of Jewish finance. Here the infamous Rothschilds held sway amongst a coterie of Ashkenazim who made it their duty to use Usury not only to bond individuals but entire nations. Money was contributed to the Order not only from the Rothschilds but also from such leading Jewish families as the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, Reiss-Ellissens, Goldschmidts, Schusters, Speyers and Sterns. The influence of Jewry, of the Ashkenazim variety, within this Luciferian Movement can be seen by the fact that out of the thirty-nine “Magi” to Weishaupt, the supposed “Illuminatus Rex” of the Order and himself a Jew, seventeen were Jews.


“Illuminism represented the efforts of the heads of the powerful Jewish Kahal which has ever striven for the attainment of political, financial, economic and moral world dominion. The movement had been founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew, has written that “There were Jews behind Weishaupt,” and upon a close study of Illuminism, we find that the destructive forces which culminated in the French Revolution were of three kinds; financial, intellectual and anti-Christian.

In the first class, we come upon the names of Jewish Financiers such as: Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, Ceerfbeer, Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid, Moses Mocatta, Veitel Heine Ephraim. In the second category, we find Moses Mendelssohn, Naphtali Wessely, Moses Herseim, who are the inspirers of Balessing, Frederick Nicolai, Weishaupt, Mirabeau, l’Abbe Gregoire, the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel and Anacharsis Clootz.

Lastly, the third class is composed mostly of the group known as the Encyclopedists: d’Alembert, Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire and all of the Cabalists practicing magic and among whom we find: Martinez Depasqualy, Leucht, the enigmatic Count of Saint German, Flake and Joseph Balsamo surnamed Cagliostro.”


“As de Poncins has justly said, the secret forces of subversion which must be fought and overcome in order to return to world sanity are: “Freemasonry, Judaism, and Occultism, whose alliance and reciprocal interpretation no longer require demonstration.”

By means of these the mentality of the Western world has been for long and still is being Judaised in all departments of life, producing Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism, which if successful would inevitably lead to Jewish domination and the destruction of Western and Christian civilization.”


“Archives Israelites admitted very ambiguously on the 6th of June 1889:

“The French Revolution has a very expressive Hebraic character.”

The aim of this new politics, pursued for the people’s (the Illuminati’s) own best, was indubitably totalitarian (Svenska Dagbladet, 14th March 1989).”


Adam Weishaupt did not invent the doctrines of the Bavarian Illuminati; he took the preexisting doctrines of the Frankist Jews and the Jewish Enlightenment planning world domination and gave them a conspiratorial organizational form. Illuminism, later renamed Communism by Karl Marx, is a Rothschild Frankist Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

original copy

News for July 9, 2017

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Why James T. Hodgkinson shot congressman Steve Scalise:

Vlad Tepes has coverage of Trump in Hamburg at the G20 meeting if you need more.

The United Nations is noticing that African children are being exploited in Britain, as prostitutes and laborers and as victims in witchcraft rituals. A lot of immigration is really kidnapping.

Illinois, Maine, Connecticut face bankruptcy, the price for embracing socialism.

IBM’s artificial intelligence goals:

A look inside Chinese factories as robots replace workers.

China leads the way in facial recognition:

Apple’s iphone8 is going to install face-recognition software.

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina has a few thoughts about Obamacare, and a bill to stop Health and Human Services from diverting funds to insurance companies that should go to Treasury.

The House v. Price lawsuit, which came about because Congress never appropriated the money for Obamacare subsidies. A federal judge has ruled in favor of the House, but the Obama administration filed appeal. Now it will be up to Trump whether to drop the appeal. If Trump drops the appeal as expected, healthcare costs will get shifted to the states. A group of 15 socialist states wants to join the appeal because they want the federal government to pay the health care subsidies. Obamacare is a swamp all by itself.

Obamacare didn’t save lives, coincides with uptick in mortality.

GAO reports massive fraud in Obama phone give-away program.

Italy is overwhelmed with immigrants and threatens to close its ports to rescue ships if other European nations refuse to take more immigrants. Austria isn’t going to help; it is taking steps to close its borders. And don’t expect any help from Central European Defense Cooperation group. Eastern Europe is defending itself.

More on Italy’s migrant problems and the EU’s plan to import 50 million more Africans by 2050.

Italy is so screwed they are starting to talk about leaving the EU. Good luck with that.

Public opinion polls in Europe show vast split between elites and commoners.

Dutch police suppressed reports on immigrant organized crime groups.

Spain’s lost generation of millennials, screwed by globalism and socialism.

Frankfurt is gone, now white minority.

Barbara Spectre’s Paideia Institute blackmailed the Swedish government into giving it money to promote anti-white Jewish ideology.

Horst Mahler’s last speech, persecuted for Holocaust denial:

Here is a juicy story about the NYPD copying Anthony Weiner’s hard drive and getting enough evidence to throw everybody in Washington, D.C. into jail. But we haven’t seen any evidence of leaks so this is probably a hoax.

Feminists call for sterilization of white women to end white race:

It turns out that a lot of those white people who are expressing their shame at being white are actually Jews.

Jews have their own patrol cars and security in London. Well, you have to when it’s the multicultural socialist jungle. You have security patrol cars, don’t you?

A look into the Tavistock Institute, the Rothschild-sponsored mind-control arm of British Intelligence.

Right Wing News offers a little summary on Obama administration crimes:

The Chinese Communist genocide against the Tibetans

Posted By on July 5, 2017

Tibetan exile Tash Despa spent 3 months underground in Tibet filming interviews with native Tibetans. This documentary exposes forced sterilization, seizure of property, forced resettlement in concentration camps, and shootings of Tibetans who tried to escape from Tibet.