News update for December 7, 2016

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Renzi loses Italian vote, resigns. What Goldman Sachs thinks about Italy’s financial situation. Tom Luongo sees a clash with Germany over Italy’s massive debt.

Malaysia tilts away from Obama toward China. Obama loses another U.S. ally.

China launches social credit system to control every aspect of life. We are well along this path, the ideal of Communism, in the United States today. Try getting a job if you’re conservative.

Slovakia bans Islam. It’s really quite simple.

India to deport 20 million Muslims. Nice move.

German courts recognize the legitimacy of sharia law and sharia patrols. The Moslems can take you over pretty quick.

Obama’s Department of Justice fines Denver for not hiring illegals. That’s right, not hiring.

This video is longish and contains some mumbling and stream of consciousness, but it gets to gay pedophile codes, which are a mystery to the vast majority of normal folk.

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Obama’s legacy: First drag queen performs at White House.

Top Obama fundraiser arrested for raping children.

Obama commutes sentences of a thousand convicted criminals. Obama does love crime.

Arrest statistics for Syrians in England. There appears to have been no vetting of these refugees.

65 countries are building walls to keep out immigrants.

A report on how bad Islam is in France.

Keith Ellison, a Democratic congressman who is presently the leading candidate to head the Democratic Party, has ties to Islamic jihad, Saudi style.

Kellogg withdraws ads from Breitbart, funds Black Lives Matter. A boycott is under way, feel free to join.


Daniel Greenfield believes Hillary’s defeat opens the way for Obama to reign as supreme Stalinist community organizer. Opens the way for him to raise money without much competition, for sure. Obama isn’t giving any indications he wants to retire and play golf. He seems anxious to defend his awful record.

Howard Schulz of Starbucks uses Communist group brainwashing methods on his employees. Hat tip AryanSkynet. We have personally gone through this, though it wasn’t at Starbucks. The best way to handle it is to stay silent. If that’s impossible, ask the discussion leader what his qualifications are for leading the session, then point out that his qualifications are not authoritative about anything, he’s just expressing his opinion. You can lose your job for expressing the wrong opinions at brainwashing sessions, but it’s better to lose your job than be thought a liberal.

Julian Assange disappeared for a while, but he appears to be all right.

The globalist ban on cash has moved to Spain and South Korea. Coming to your country soon.

Niall Ferguson has a think-piece on the new Trump administration and Henry Kissinger’s thoughts on the New World Order. Meanwhile, war criminals Kissinger and Brzezinski have been invited to speak in Norway to a Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Disgusting.

James LaFond explains, briefly, why elites ally with the underclass to check the will of the majority, in ancient Rome and in today’s United States.

MajorityRights delves into the mind and background of Steve Bannon.

Political Ponerology by Andrzej Lobaczewski is an examination of the qualities of psychopaths. He has something important to say about recognizing and dealing with anti-social personalities.

Twitter suspends accounts of Alt-Right tweeters. The war against free speech moves to the top of their agenda.

Following up on our posts about the CIA control of media:

In his book “The CIA and the Media,” Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein quotes William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Baeder said:

“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.”

Bernstein writes:

“The Agency’s relationship with the Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. From 1950 to 1966, about ten CIA employees were provided Times cover under arrangements approved by the newspaper’s late publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. The cover arrangements were part of a general Times policy—set by Sulzberger—to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”

A history of CIA integration with media from Global Research.

“At a 2012 conference held by In-Q-Tel CIA Director David Patraeus declared that the rapidly-developing “internet of things” and “smart home” will provide the CIA with the ability to spy on any US citizen should they become a “person of interest’ to the spy community,” Wired magazine reports. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,’ Patraeus enthused, ‘particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft’ … ‘Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Patraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.” Spencer Ackerman, “CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher,” Wired, March 15, 2012.”

High New World Order strangeness in Africa

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Bill and Hillary visit Ghana during Bill’s presidency, hail Africa’s “ancient wisdom,” which is witchcraft.

18 years later, The Clinton Foundation gets their foot in the door of Ghana with a peanut-growing program.

The Varkey Foundation is part of the Clinton Foundation African initiative.

Obama visits Ghana, calls it a model for democracy. On the Left, “democracy” is code for Communism.

Bill Clinton takes millions of dollars in fees from foundation sponsoring Islamic jihad in Africa, Asia, and Chicago. Hillary favored bringing in thousands of new Muslim jihadis into the U.S. during her campaign.

A little background on George Soros’ investments in Africa.

Thousands of women in Ghana have been imprisoned in camps for being witches. Hmmm, a concentration camp we didn’t know about. What do the Clintons, Obama, and Soros have to say about a concentration camp for witches in Ghana? Not a word.

We know very little about what is going on in Ghana, but we do know about the Clintons and George Soros. If you let these people into your country, they are going to find a way to profit from it while shaping your people to be slaves to the New World Order.


News update, November 22, 2016

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Defcon says the threat of nuclear war has now been reduced to its lowest state due to the election of Donald Trump and an immanent rapproachment with Russia. However, the U.S. military has made its largest shipment of arms and ammunition to Europe in 20 years, and Russia is deploying its new Demon nuclear missile in response to the arms buildup. There won’t be peace until Obama is out of office and Trump takes control of NATO.


Obama is charged with treason. Too little, too late, and we expect Trump to let this slide. Trump has also let it be known he is not in favor of prosecuting Hillary.

While Obama travels around the world pretending not to be the worst president in U.S. history, protests greet him in Greece and Peru. Is there any possibility this crackwad will ever shut up? How about a war crimes trial?

China ridicules Obama again.

Trump might sign legislation classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, which could be the most important thing he ever does. Could save a lot of lives.

Julian Assange documents how Google wormed its way into national security control bureaucracies. Assange’s release of emails documenting John Podesta’s ties to satanic groups and child trafficking are the greatest threat of the moment to Hillary and Bill and their cabal.

Monica Peterson, a woman investigating the Clinton Foundation for human trafficking crimes, was found dead in Haiti. Her death indicates how serious the Clintons are in stifling the story. If the stopper ever comes out on the Clintons’ human trafficking, it could open up the whole Clinton Illuminati can of worms — pedophilia, Satanism, fraud, murder. More on this story here.


Election gossip: The Daily Mail reports that Bill and Hillary had a big fight over her failed campaign strategy. Reports of the Clintons getting a “divorce” may have some factual basis as they appear to be living separately. Of course they would never get a legal divorce because that would mean each could be forced to testify against the other in a court of law.

Twitter purges right wing accounts. This purging strategy is coordinated across Google, Facebook, and other “social” media and is now focusing on taking down websites that report the truth. The Left believes free speech is the greatest threat to its takeover agenda, and they are particularly concerned with the Podesta emails as these emails could expose Hillary and Bill if the dots are connected. Obama is on board with the destruction of alt media. This is going to be nasty and probably is a war to the death.

Who George Soros controls in the media. Remember, even though the lefties call themselves journalists, they aren’t really journalists.

Leaked memos show how George Soros planned to overthrow the Russian government. A great deal more at this post.

The European Union has ordered England not to report when terrorists are Muslims. More lies from your global controllers.

EU can’t even pull off a meeting designed to respond to the Trump victory. The elites are in panic at Trump’s election and related right-wing populist movements, but we expect them to consolidate and fight back. At the moment, the lynchpin of Europe appears to be France.

Bulgaria, Moldova elect pro-Russian presidents.

An opposition party attempt to impeach French President Hollande will probably fall short, but it’s a sign that this failed socialist is going into the dustbin of history.


Anti-white former President Sarkozy has withdrawn his candidacy for president after a humiliating defeat in the first-round elections. Marine Le Pen is ahead in the polls, but former Prime Minister Francois Fillon will become the center-right candidate and may win the presidency.

Italian referendum in December could tilt EU toward dissolution.

The Daily Express catches Merkel flashing Illuminati hand sign and asks if there is a secret society controlling Europe. When an English newspaper wakes up to the Illuminati conspiracy, we feel we haven’t wasted our time in bringing you this history.


Hillary didn’t win the popular vote, over 3 million illegals voted.

The protocols of the elders of Muslim jihad plan to take over the United States. Start on p. 15 for English.

South African political leader says whites will be murdered if they don’t surrender their land.

Hundreds of drug gang murders in Mexico have come to light with arrest of a Mexican mayor.

The controllers have targeted India to experiment with their cashless society program, and so far it has worked out miserably. That doesn’t mean they are going to stop.

A tabloid tour of English Freemasonry.


President George Bush and his masonic friends.

Why you should never allow a feminist to gain a tiny bit of political power, the Swedish example.

News for November 13, 2016

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Election map:


Saudi Arabia halts oil shipments to Egypt; Egypt realigns with Iran, reaches out to Trump.

U.S. launches cyber-attack on Russia. We couldn’t find a Russian response to this story, but this seems to be the aggression Vice-President Biden promised against Russia two weeks ago.

Democrat Vice-President candidate Tim Kaine hails coming end to white majority in America. We just wanted to name the race traitor.

Nancy Pelosi holds fundraiser with Muslim jihadis. We don’t know where the Democratic Party is going from here, but we suspect it might turn more toward Muslim jihad.

German police fear Muslim no-go zones. The Muslims already hold a lot of territory, so why wouldn’t the Left try to build on that success?

Julian Assange reports Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS and Hillary:

Another report from Germany’s Muslim-controlled no-go zones.

French Muslims set police on fire.

Holland proposes anti-racism police force. As if we didn’t have enough voluntary PC police in the bureaucracies.

Naive humanitarian Angelina Jolie ignores Obama’s wars and Soros’ funding of anti-white genocide through European immigration, confuses job-seekers with refugees, lies about refugees being women and children, believes trade deals create refugees, offers globalism as a long-term solution:

People actually applauded this feminist twit, as if she had gotten to the root of the problem. No mention of George Soros and the anti-white agenda.

Accuracy in Academia revisits NAFTA and explains how the transfer of ICANN to the UN will become a revenue source, funding a UN spynet and various “sustainable development” projects. The UN with a steady, dependable income stream apart from national donations is a scary thought.

Lena Dunham celebrates extinction of white men. This appears to be the position of feminism, anti-white genocide.

German magazine warns of the threat of cheerful white families.

We have explained to you previously that CIA agents have infiltrated the media and control news. Now Obama’s Department of Justice has approved FBI agents masquerading as journalists. Hope they don’t squeeze out all the Marxist activists masquerading as journalists.

A nice, calm editorial from Traditionalist Youth Network explaining why the Left cannot admit whites have legitimate political interests.

Jay Syrmopoulos believes George Soros is funding the election protests, and we are in no position to argue with him.

Next up: We need to get rid of Merkel.


How TV manipulates the message

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One of a series of videos on subliminal persuasion from Jonathan Adampants at Subliminal Manipulation.

News for November 5, 2016

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French President Hollande blames the rise of ISIS on Obama. Yeah, we said that years ago. Poor Obama, does he have any friends left who aren’t Islamic terrorists? Maybe some of the Swedish feminists still like him?

History of Black Lives Matter.

Dominion voting machines donates to Clintons.

Anti-whites get militant at UC Berkeley.

Vote fraud? A report from 23 states.

Muslim Brotherhood in the Clinton Foundation? Yep.

Emails show how Soros controls Hillary.

How Hillary’s state department spent your money.

Britain sends troops to Estonia. NATO and Russia are increasing their preparations for war.

ZeroHedge has some reporting about how the Clinton Foundation launders money.

Obama pays CNN to censor news stories.

AT&T’s illegal Hemisphere call-recording program linked to law enforcement.

How they expanded NATO beyond Europe.

NATO’s role in the Turkey coup attempt.

Spain issues arrest warrant for Netanyahu.

What does the Grand Lodge of Israel have to do with broadcasting Satanism to American blacks and the Superbowl halftime show?

100 Years of ADL Hate.

How Canada treats Evalion. Evalion was banned at YouTube, but you can find her stuff at Bittube.

Why you shouldn’t use Google Allo for messaging.

Jason Reza Jorjani argues against perennial philosophy. Take note of this guy, he’s smart.

The Intercept (leftwing) advertises a documentary on the militarization of the police. We suspect everything is worse than you’ve been led to believe, and this video might be informative.

Paris is gone: Migrant violence, camps in the streets.

A look at the purging of whites in one California town.

Crushing multicultural egalitarianism

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We usually don’t spend much time on arguments against the socialists because worldview orientation is impervious to argument. Once the worldview changes, the old beliefs fall away immediately. The great trick is how to change worldview. We try to do it by opening hidden history; then view of cosmos and view of man change to accommodate view of history.

We were clicking around to AmRen and found a wonderful set of arguments against the multicult offered by Frank DeScushin in the Comments section to the post Do You Know an Argument That Works?. DeScushin’s is the first comment. Hat tip for the best collection of arguments we’ve seen.


“It’s easy to argue against multiculturalists and egalitarians because their positions almost always contradict facts, history, and logic. And since they almost always flip their positions when whites are involved it’s easy to catch them in their double standard.

Here’s a few quick retorts I like to ask to put the multicultural egalitarian on the spot:


1) If it was wrong for African and Asian leaders to sell out their people so that Europeans could establish a foothold in Africa and Asia, then why is it right for European leaders to sell out their people so that Africans and Asians can establish a foothold in Europe?

2) If you lionize nationalists like Gandhi and Mandela for pushing back against foreigners in their nations then why do you villainize European nationalists for pushing back against foreigners in their nations?

3) If colonialism is to blame for African nations trailing other nations then why are nations like Hong Kong and Canada that were under colonial rule so far ahead of other nations?

4) If colonialism is to blame for problems in African and Caribbean problems like crime and lack of economic development then why are most of those problems increasing, not decreasing, post-colonialism?

5) If colonialism is to blame for Africa’s problems then why did Africa trail other areas of the world in terms of civilization building, written language, inventions, etc. pre-colonialism?

Whites are so racist:

6) If white nations are racist and racism is the worst thing that someone can live under, then why do all migratory flows show non-white people migrating to white nations?

7) If white nations are so racist then why do blacks enjoy a far higher standard of living in white nations than in black nations?

8) If white people and politicians are so racist then why do blacks enjoy a far higher standard of living in white areas with white leadership as opposed to in majority black cities with black leadership?

9) If white Americans should willing accept becoming a minority and all that entails then current American minority groups should willingly accept being a minority and all that entails, right?

10) If white nations and white people are so racist then why do they allow open and angry anti-white rhetoric and protests in their nations? Seems like they would ruthlessly suppress that language and those protests if they were so racist.

Diversity & The Multicultural Utopia:

11) If you believe that a multicultural Utopia will be reached only when white racists die off then why not let white racists splinter off from your multicultural society so that you can have your Utopia now?

12) If diversity is strength then why is the history of man one where diversity is the major cause of conflict?

13) If divesity is strength then why in the present world does it cause sectarian conflict in the Middle East, tribal conflict in Africa, and ethnic conflict in Europe?

14) If diversity is America’s strength then why do the protests, riots, and political polling we’re seeing all mainly fall along racial lines?

15) If diversity is so good and natural then why does it have to be “a process” rather than readily accepted and compelled rather than welcomed?

16) If diversity is something we should all strive for then why do you support separate black, Hispanic, or Asian groups?

17) If diversity is strength then why do black urbanites complain so much about the ethnic gentrification of “their” neighborhoods?


18) If Islam has nothing to do with terrorism then why do so many terrorists tell us that they’re acting in the name of Allah?

19) If Islam can be fit into non-Muslim societies peacefully then name a society with a Muslim minority that doesn’t have some Muslim related tension and conflict?

Slavery, Segregation, and Trauma as an excuse

20) If the legacy of segregation is the cause for blacks trailing other groups then why did blacks almost instantly surpass all other groups in pro sports once segregation in that field was lifted?

21) If trauma is to blame for one group trailing others then why was Germany a premier European power and Japan a top Asian power mere decades after both nations were bombed into oblivion and lost millions of men?

22) If slavery is to blame for blacks trailing other groups then why don’t other groups who experienced slavery at one point in their history, which is to say nearly all groups, also failing at as high a rate?

Race as a negative social construct:

23) If race is merely a negative social construct that should be eradicated then why continue to propagate it by endlessly using this alleged social construct for Affirmative Action, hiring, appealing to voting blocs, etc.?”