New World Order news, February 15, 2017

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CNN gets kicked out of Venezuela for making up fake news:

George Soros is busy overthrowing the government of Romania, and the United States. The U.S. military is sending arms to Romania. To support the Soros color revolution, we presume.

John McAfee debunks the “Russia hacked our election” propaganda line of the Democrats. Which has already been debunked by several other reliable sources.

Tyler Durden reports on a trio of hackers at the House Committee on Intelligence. Mad World News reports that these three were Muslim spies installed by Obama. The brothers tipped off al-qaeda in Yemen that a Navy SEAL raid was immanent. The raid was planned under Obama and approved by Trump. Draining the federal government swamp of Muslim spies and traitors is going to be a long slog. Obama has booby-trapped every government agency with treasonous Muslim operatives.

“The Obama administration knew that Flynn was going to release the secret documents around the Iran deal, which would blow up their myth that it was a good deal that rolled back Iran.”

NSA Director Michael Flynn was taken down because he was about to expose secret agreements between Obama and Iran. Beyond that, Flynn was a straight-shooter and a patriot, and he knew where the bodies were buried. Flynn could have smashed the Bush/Clinton drug cartels and exposed who was behind 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination. Too dangerous for the Bushes, Obamas, and Clintons.

Exposing the shadow government or deep state. What Trump is really up against. Another look at the shadow government, by John Whitehead. This one is less sophisticated.

China is setting up its midrange missiles to take out U.S. military bases in Asia. Beyond that, China is buying Hollywood companies and Seattle real estate, establishing alliances with West Coast lefties to promote secession of Western states from the U.S. That’s why all those stories about the Left dying are false. China heads the globalist New World Order now, and they can easily support the coming violence planned by Obama, Soros, and the Clintons.

It turns out the illegal immigrants have crowded into a relatively few areas in the United States, mainly in big cities. If you can avoid these cities, there is a good chance you can avoid their crimes and violence. Meanwhile, Obama funded these sanctuary cities with $27 billion of your dollars.

Just a reminder of what happens when you allow Africans to immigrate into your country:

Are you going to miss Obama speaking about how we need to surrender to the New World Order?

Corbett on Obama’s awful legacy.

A Strong Europe in a World of Uncertainties is the title of the plan to double down on European Union tyranny. The plan hinges on cooperation between France and Germany, and its authors are the foreign ministers of France and Germany. Two talking points: Individual nations will have no say in forming immigration policy, and there will be a European army. Oh, and don’t forget shoring up the police state. But they were going to do that even without Brexit.

An interesting report on Fusion Centers, and how the federal government’s octopus for spying has encountered a few snags and cost overruns.

Infrakshun, excellent website, surveys the rise of sex institutes and exposes some of the perverts behind “sex education” and “sex therapy.”

Steve LeVine has an interesting interview with a billionaire who wants to keep the New World Order going.

The dechristianization of Quebec, and what it means.

Opposition to globalism is rising in Canada. Canada? We thought they had entirely sold out to the New World Order. Ryan Scrivans points out that living around minorities creates opposition to minorities. Opposition is the normal reaction to multiculturalism. Well, good for Canada. 

Bill Warner explains why Moslems hate our art and will destroy it:

Amazon is allied with the CIA and is building a database to profile you:

News for February 7, 2017

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How Europe will hold every country hostage that wants to leave the euro. Or, why you should never go in debt to a central bank.

Putin crushes dipwad English journalist:

X22 Report says economic indicators indicate recession ahead. Why Iran will dump the dollar:

How will Trump deal with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Stewart Dougherty has some details on the globalists’ push to eliminate currencies. Who is leading the anti-cash movement in Europe? One of their rationales is, to combat terrorism. But if they wanted to combat terrorism, all they would have to do is stop Moslem immigration and deport the ones already there. More here.

Turkey puts Hillary’s pal Fethullah Gulen on trial for instigating coup.

Italy gets a new government and begins to crack down on immigrants.

Japan, which has been under Rockefeller domination since World War II, now plans to align with Trump and partially finance his infrastructure plan.

George Soros speaks at Davos, promises to bring down Trump.

Trump signs executive order designating George Soros a national security threat:

Pepe Escobar reasons his way through recent events and weighs the balance of power and concludes that Trump will lose and China will win if there is a trade war (tariffs on Chinese goods). But trade is a very complex issue and much remains to be seen.

Geert Wilders speaks in Germany, urges Germans to face the bitter truth about their leaders:

The eight most powerful families, a brief history.

German Green Party wants government to finance prostitution. We don’t recall seeing that in the Communist Manifesto.

How the military corporations shape the police state, at Millennium Report.

Alex Jones reports on China buying up Hollywood.

Patrick Smith takes a look at Ukraine and finds another state failing due to U.S. intervention. The problems in Ukraine are severe, and we don’t see any sort of solution on the table.

Udo Ulfkotte, the German editor who spoke publicly about the CIA’s corruption of media, has been, uh, … dropped dead.

Dennis Hastert wants his bribe money back after the boy broke silence

Montreal mayor convicted of corruption.

Alexander Dugin argues against nationalism and modernism and appeals to, uh, medieval values, or something. At one time we thought this guy was pretty sharp, but today’s battle is nationalism versus globalist slavery. Only white nationalism without Jewish influence gives the white race a chance to survive.

Emily Youcis teaches Gavin McInnes the 14 words. Notice that McInnes based his opinion of Jews on Jews he knows rather than researching history. Gavin, you will never meet the elite Jews who are planning white genocide.

Theosophy and modern art

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We stumbled upon an interesting website called CESNUR, Center for Studies on New Religions. CESNUR publishes articles on a variety of modern religious movements, including Theosophy.

It’s clear that many modern artists were Theosophists, or fringe occultists. Modern art was not mainly about the scientific revolution, it was about the persistence of magic and the occult, linked with revolutionary politics. Of interest:

Every Picture Tells a Story Edouard Schure’s The Great Initiates’ influence on the visual arts.

Theosophy and the Visual Arts: The Nordic Connection

On Theosophy’s penetration into Latin America and influence on the arts; Nicholas Roerich and associates.

Zollner’s Knot: Jean Delville, Theosophy, and the Fourth Dimension

Marco Pasi provides a gentle introduction to occult influences on modern art in Changing Gods: Contemporary Art and the Cultural Fashion of the Occult.

An account of the 2013 conference Enchanted Modernities. There is more going on at the Ritman Library than meets the eye.

Abstracts of papers given at the second conference. Have a look at these titles. Notice the joining of Marxism with sex perversion. We’re not here to make fun of modern art influenced by Theosophy, but we are here to make fun of occultist academics investigating Theosophy. Imagine that you have just enrolled in a university staffed by one of these occultists who has infiltrated the university and now actually makes a living combing through the residue of Theosophical expressions and writing down his thoughts. As long as he focuses on the concept of creativity,  can appear to be on sort of neutral ground, and an investigator rather than an advocate and change-agent, but Theosophy is a pseudo-history as well as a branch of the Illuminati. What they don’t write about is Madame Blavatsky’s membership in Freemasonry and the Carboneiri, channeling of spirits, the Lucis Trust, one-world government, Lucifer worship at the UN, and a historical parade of occultist frauds and charlatans. You should drop out and ask for your money back.

New World Order news, January 24, 2017

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Xi Jinping announces his leadership of Communist globalism at Davos. More on China’s global leadership role here.

The 70 nations meeting in Paris are going to insist on a two-state solution in Israel.

More details on the Netanyahu corruption investigation.

More details on NATO’s aggression against Russia, called Operation Atlantic Resolve.

A discussion on the invasion of Germany:

Obama’s Kenyan relatives and their ties to Islamic jihad.

Obama was born in Kenya, says Harvard Law Review Yearbook.

Barack Obama's official biography in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book







Obama spent $770 million to refurbish mosques outside the United States.

More on Obama’s drug gang connection.

Luke Rudkowski, 5 Things Barack Obama Wants You To Forget:

Britain’s National Health Service is in a financial crisis, and Katie Hopkins has a few ideas about why that is.

Muslims are infiltrating and taking over British schools.

British feminist sets up charity for migrants, has sex with bodyguard she met in the camps.

Drug kingpin El Chapo contributes $15 million to Hillary Clinton. To keep the border open, we presume. Merkel also gave millions to Hillary Clinton. Foreigners influencing the election.

A list of foreign governments overthrown by the CIA.

Storm Clouds Gathering has an in-depth look at the formation of ISIS:

In 2014 Wide Awake Gentile wrote an expose of Europe’s right-wing parties. Sadly, infiltrated or led by Jews.

The Alt Right is Limited Hangout by Timothy Fitzpatrick.

Carolyn Yeager takes on Richard Spencer, Jack Donovan, and Guillaume Faye.

Neoreaction is Jewish.

The Jewish Question (And Some Answers) is an interview with a couple of Alt-Right Jews by Andrew Joyce at Radix Journal.

A.J. MacDonald on Trump, Bannon, Israel.

We have no idea why gays would be attracted to White Nationalism when globalism promises a whole world devoted to perversion, but there it is.

You always have to worry that fringe groups are infiltrated by CIA or FBI or financed as propaganda fronts to discredit opposition. The main task of white opposition should be to build a political party  with a coherent message free of Jewish influence, but Trump’s victory has siphoned off potential support, whereas Hillary’s election would have accelerated the support for party-building. The outlook for Alt Right is not promising as there isn’t much heart for building opposition to Trump.

Global Research worries about Trump’s trade war, but meanwhile reveals some details about the National Trade Council and its staffing.

Back and forth at the House of Commons on the Bilderberger group in the video below. Some MPs are disturbed that a private group of industrialists and bankers is setting policy, when that should be the job of Parliament. The Bilderberger defense is that no one is setting policy, just discussing issues. The alarm bell rings when it is discovered the Prime Minister and other top ministers secretly visited the Bilderberger meetings. It begins to look more like a conspiracy. By the way, the claim that the meeting agenda is publicly available is not true. It becomes available when it is leaked.

In our news post for January 14, we reported a split among the organizers of the women’s march planned for January 21. Our error: the split was not between white and black, it was between pro-life and anti-life, and the antis purged the pro-life element from the leadership of the march. The Left’s coalition remains intact.

Charles Hugh Smith, The Collapse of the Left tries to make the point but fails; the Left coalition has simply shifted away from white workers, it has not collapsed. Communist China now leads the global New World Order. Capital does not completely dominate the state in China. The Left is not merely social justice movements financed by George Soros, there are plenty of politicians and bureaucrats devoted to the legacy of socialism from Franklin Roosevelt through Barack Obama.

Real Secret Societies

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The title of this video is misleading, the video really doesn’t have anything to do with secret societies as we understand the term. But it is worth watching. The first part is about the American industrialists and bankers who financed Hitler. The second part is a fascinating description of the plot to assassinate John Kennedy. The point of the video is, the people who financed Hitler were in the same cabal as those who assassinated President Kennedy.

The obvious connection is to Skull and Bones, though the video doesn’t make anything of this connection.

Poorly documented but very entertaining, we recommend Real Secret Societies.

News for January 14, 2016

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C1xyQZmWEAAsFX6Warmonger Obama continues military build-up in Europe threatening Russia. More here. Obama’s legacy: U.S. Special Operations forces occupy 70 percent of the countries in the world. Lithuania, Poland, Baltic states now occupied by NATO.

Stanley Cohen has a few unflattering thoughts about Israel, Netanyahu, and that UN resolution. Israel tries to destroy the careers of senior British government officials critical of Israel. More here.

Julian Assange says the Obama administration is now in the process of destroying public records. That’s what criminals do.

Bryan MacDonald believes George Soros’ world is falling apart. We’re not so sure. But that would be nice.


Judge Napolitano believes the FBI’s latest document dump on Hillary ensures her prosecution. But Napolitano was wrong when he defended the integrity of FBI Chief Comey, and he could be wrong about this, too.

One effect of the Muslim invasion of Europe has been the disappearance of European women from public spaces. Too dangerous with all those Muslims around.

Czech President Milos Zeman wants to change the constitution to make it legal for citizens to use their guns against Moslem terrorists. Well, yeah.

We were wondering when the Left’s incompatible coalition would start to break up. They hung together longer than we believed they would, but cracks are now appearing. It seems the women’s march on Washington, planned for the day after the inauguration, has broken into groups squabbling about race. Maybe white women don’t have that much in common with black women who believe all whites are racist.

Obama instructs Homeland Security to take over U.S. elections.

Are you wondering who talked India into going cashless? New World Order asswipe Barack Hussain Obama.

Cliff Kincaid, John Podesta’s New Global Order.

Amazon’s Echo is a spy in your house.

Uber and those other taxi companies gather data on their passengers and are giving it to various government bodies.


Some details about how Obama screwed up U.S. healthcare.

Frederico Pieraccini has a summary article on the Iran, Russia, China opposition to Obama’s New World Order. We reported most of this stuff months ago, but it’s fairly solid background.

President Xi, who has taken over leadership of the New World Order, will attend Davos next month and promote his version of globalism. He will warn that populism can lead to war and poverty. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But that’s what propagandists do, scare you.

Globalism has already led to war and poverty, spying on everybody, lying, propaganda, corrupt schemes to take your money, Third World invasions, and trillions of dollars in debt. Peace under world Communism isn’t that appealing. We’re willing to give nationalism a try. Trump is going to have his hands full with this guy as most of the countries in the world are on board with Xi’s alternative currency to the U.S. dollar. The massive U.S. debt will put Trump in a weak bargaining position with China. Call it Obama’s legacy.

Michael Obama’s final speech tells Muslims “This is your country.” Since they don’t believe in democracy, s/he must be thinking of America under sharia law.

After seeing this photo, we wondered how Michael keeps his 5 o’clock shadow from showing up on TV. We looked closely at a few videos and saw it clearly visible under some dark brown makeup. Check it out for yourself.


Jim Kirwan visits San Francisco and reports that it has turned into a liberal multicultural sewer. Obama prevails; San Francisco will never be great again.

Hungary plans to drain the Soros ngo swamp.

Mexico’s drug cartels are linking up with Mideastern Islamic jihadis. They are awaiting the signal for a massive, coordinated attack on the United States.

How CNN creates fake news:

Hat tip Russianvids at You-Tube.

News for January 6, 2017

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Netanyahu investigated for bribery and corruption. More reporting at PressTV. Somebody, we don’t know who, appears to be intent on taking down Netanyahu and putting Israel in its place. Good luck with that.

The Last Refuge has a recording of Secretary Kerry admitting Obama allowed the rise of ISIS. More importantly, they have put together a timeline of policy decisions, with documentation, that lays open the whole affair. Links to McCain and other Republicans.

The Obama administration has sold more weapons abroad than any administration in U.S. history. Their policy was to turn diplomats into salesmen. Let’s remember to include Hillary and the Clinton Foundation in this script.

Was NATO behind the assassination of Russia’s ambassador?



Spain’s Social Security crisis. Sometimes socialist mismanagement is so predictable, you can write the headlines in advance.

Greece has come up with a plan to ban cash for certain transactions, and penalties for not complying. We’re beating this issue to death because we think this policy is going to spread everywhere. The controllers want the spy bureaucracies linked to financial transactions.

How California accommodates Muslims. Creeping sharia.

The Kellogg Foundation gave $2 million in grants to John Podesta. Join the boycott of Kelloggs.

German traitors applaud Merkel’s anti-white genocide. Notice how the treason is cloaked in moralistic language, and how easily the dupes fall for it.

Jewish Anti-Defamation League awards Merkel a prize. Actually, she is their prize.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation awarded Angela Merkel a prize for furthering white genocide. So did B’nai B’rith.

merkel-judenauszeichnung1 credits Coudenhove-Kalergi as the idea man driving the formation of the European Union. Lots of background here.

Balder has translated Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Practical Idealism, so you can get the plan in his own words.

Kerry Bolton reviews the work of Charles Maurras at Counter-Currents. Topics include Fascism, revolution as a con job sponsored by elite vested interests, the character of the French, and the Vichy state as a conservative model. Thought-provoking.

Terry Melanson has some reporting on Italian Freemasonry’s links to the Mafia. Just a brief look; there is a long historical connection between masonry and organized crime.

Nathan Jurgenson and P.J. Rey, Liquid Information Leaks. Sociological theorizing about liquidity of information as a strategy for overcoming conspiracies. The elite cabal will do everything in its power to suppress, discredit the source, reframe the issue, misdirect attention, emotionalize, appeal to some value, and more…. But for us the question is the audience size and receptivity and the ability to act on the information.

Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Jason Jorjani on Zoroasterism: