News for December 9, 2017

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Israel’s Knesset proposes legislation designed to shield Netanyahu from prosecution for corruption. Thousands protest in Israel.


Israeli officials arrested on corruption charges.

Israel’s defense minister calls out Neyanyahu’s lies: “There is no Iranian military force in Syria.”

Israel’s army has gone robotic.

You-Tube, Google agree to censor Palestinian videos.

A look at Putin’s anti-New World Order alliance, and why it excludes the United States and Israel.

EU Parliament embargoes arms sales to Saudi Arabia for war crimes in Yemen.


EU wants to admit another 75 million Turks as soon as possible, with 3 billion euros in benefits.

The globalists have been arguing that immigrants are needed in Europe due to the low birthrate. Those immigrants are supposed to supply the labor needed to support the welfare state. But, unfortunately, the IQ and skill level of the immigrants is so low, and welfare payments are so high, that only 4 refugees are now employed in Rotterdam.

A German immigrant explains why he ignores German laws:

France stops postal deliveries to Moslem neighborhood. Too dangerous.

Germany censors Roger Watters concert due to BDS membership, “anti-Semitism.”

AfD elects Joerg Muethen as party chairman after recent electoral gains.

Germany wants to extend the reach of its government spying.

Eu scamSchulz proposes United States of Europe by 2025. Nigel Farage: “Thank God we are leaving.”

George Soros continues his war against Hungary by urging the EU to cut off funds for Hungary.

Turkey issues arrest warrant for former CIA chief Graham Fuller as part of coup investigation. Could the CIA have been involved in a coup attempt?

Trump is considering outsourcing spy functions for the CIA. One way to drain the swamp?

Susan Duclos investigates how Big Tech algorithms promote sexual abuse of children.

British Intelligence releases files on Israeli terrorist activities.

FBI agent destroyed Hillary’s laptop computers to save her from going to prison.

Eric Zuesse editorializes about the Jewish neocon control of U.S. foreign policy, then and now, and draws parallels with Trump as Zionist chump. Well, at least we have Putin.

We don’t know anything about Bitcoin, and we don’t even know who this lady is in the video. But we know a trend when we spot one, and this is a good warning. The controllers are keen on money transactions going digital so they can track everything. Ignore the propaganda about Bitcoin being a threat to the bankers.

News for November 29, 2017

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The best news of late is Angela Merkel’s failure to form a coalition government following the elections in Germany. See details of the negotiations at the World Socialist Web Site. It’s unlikely there will be a new election as Merkel does not have the power to call a new election. It is possible, though not likely, that Merkel will be forced out of leadership by at least one of the parties as a condition of forming a new government. Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present? Even if this doesn’t happen, Merkel and her allied parties will be hobbled by the compromises necessary to form a coalition government.

The European Union is relying on billions of euros from England for next year’s EU budget. If the money is not forthcoming, “Support for Germany and mainland France would be discontinued, with Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, and the Republic of Ireland also losing out.” Just a reminder that the EU is, among other things, a big money grab.

What Trump got out of his trip to China: Reductions in tariffs on U.S. goods.

Despite ongoing pedophile scandals in Britain, Theresa May is blocking the release of files on child abusers in her government due to “national security.” What does abusing children have to do with national security? Theresa May needs to go.

Sputnik News has a piece on the global extent of the Clintons’ influence and how things might change if the Clintons are exposed and discredited.

Why some of China’s Belt and Road plans are contrary to international law, and what international tensions might result from the continued build-out.

Glint is billing itself as a truly gold-backed international currency and payments account.

Thousands of protesters march in Rome demanding Italy leave the EU. Measuring the growing opposition to immigration in Italy.

Most Catalans don’t want independence from Spain.

Frenchman Christian de Moliner says France will never be able to eradicate radical Islam, suggests creation of a separate Islamic state inside France. Moliner imagines this solution would prevent civil war. No, sir, it would just mean you got your head chopped off sooner. We have a better idea: Why surrender to Islam?

France has a new leader of the Republican Party, Laurent Wauquiez, who has the right idea.

Swedish Liberal Party wants to dissolve Sweden’s borders and be governed directly by Brussels. Yep, not kidding. The dream of globalism is, uh, rule by unelected socialist bureaucrats from a great distance.

A secret government paper, dated 1971, instructed British government officials to keep secret from the British people what European Union membership would mean.

Nigel Farage calls out George Soros. It’s getting difficult for anybody to ignore Soros’ subversion:

James M. Dorsey has a think-piece examining the new Saudi leader’s aggressive policies against Iran and potential fallout in Washington, D.C.

What the police found at a Muslim town in New York.

Apple has allowed Uber’s app to record anything on your iphone screen.

How Facebook Messenger spies on you.

State of the Nation has a long piece on the Soros-Clinton-Obama crime machine.

“Brothels and massage parlors are located everywhere in Tel Aviv. There is not a neighborhood that doesn’t have them.”

Rich Hollywood Jews aren’t the only Jews who exploit white women. Tel-Aviv is a prostitution capital. “Women and children are taken from Russia mostly for prostitution. Their number is estimated at 30,000-60,000 a year. According to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, over the past two decades, over 500,000 women were sold from Russia to other countries.” These crimes are never prosecuted in Israel because it is legal in Israel for Jews to exploit non-Jews.

Kevin Alfred Strom identifies the patterns of Jewish deception and wonders why so many people are fooled by the Jews.

How Hollywood really works.

Stuart Littlewood reports that Israel hired a British PR firm to promote its image, but the propaganda campaign failed due to the nature of Israel.

Avi Gabbay leads Israel’s Labour Party, seeks peace with Palestine. That would be refreshing after Netanyahu’s warmongering.

Tomato Bubble has a long piece on how Jew Benjamin Disraeli engineered the World Wars.

John B. Wells interviews Virginia Senator Richard H. Black, who explains what those Mideast wars were really about. We had this years ago, but some people haven’t caught up yet.

A young gay activist infiltrated Europe’s far right leadership and wrote up a piece telling us a lot we didn’t know.

Amanda Shea believes William D. Campbell has knowledge that will put Hillary away for good. Ah, if only it were that simple.

TradCatKnight has a very interesting piece on seminars, formerly known as ESP, designed to train feminists for success in the business world, that actually serve as a front for DOS mind control. Cults that brainwash their followers were very common in the 1960s and 1970s, here is an updated version.

And then along comes Joe Biden to announce he is working with Lady Gaga to rescue female victims of trauma. As Karl Denninger remarks, to get broken women in one place so he can groom them for abuse.

Taylor McClain reviews Thomas Goodrich, The Day Dixie Died, which is, ah, rich in historical detail about Reconstruction. Brings out the problems both newly freed slaves and former slaveowners faced with defeat in war and a collapsed and looted economy.

5G and the AI Control Grid

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Max Igan warns us about the coming takeover of the internet by Artificial Intelligence. Once Artificial Intelligence becomes self-regulating, it can’t be stopped.

Weston on Crowley and Jung

Posted By on November 26, 2017

Paul Weston finds common gnostic sources for Aleister Crowley and Carl Jung’s channeling of spirits.

News for November 17, 2017

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SGT Report offers a brief summary of the surprising news we have been reporting lately:

60,000 Polish patriots march on independence day. The Left explains why this was a bad idea here.

Germany wants to overthrow the Polish government, and the Polish government objects.

Merkel is allowing Moslem gangsters to infiltrate Germany’s police and intelligence services.

Analyzing the geopolitics of the Three Seas Initiative. Eastern Europe would naturally link with China’s Belt and Road project, but politics makes for strange bedfellows. Conservative party gains in Austria will tilt Austria toward the Three Seas and strengthen this alliance.

Lots of chatter about Israel threatening Iran over Iranians in Syria and in the Golan Heights, but Russia, Jordan, and the United States have signed an agreement to remove the Iranians from Syria and the border with Israel. This will probably not mean much to Israel as their war is permanent.

Netanyahu is being investigated for corruption, could take a fall.

Watch the great Vladimir Putin take down dimbulb feminist Megan Kelly:

Russia announces Congress of the Syrian People, which could have far-reaching effects on Syria’s future.

What is George Soros up to now? Destabilizing Myanmar.

A look at Macron’s governing style and some policy differences in France.

The Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS to compile that phony dossier on Donald Trump. Turns out Fusion GPS compiled a second dossier on Clinton Foundation donors showing “irregularities.” This dossier was passed to Donald Trump, Jr. Collusion? Well, it’s complicated.

Now that allegations of rape and sexual harassment have been made among Hollywood’s top Jews, it seems appropriate to dig into the deeper agenda. Subliminal-Synchro-Sphere has it: The Hollywood Jewish Gay/Paedo Mafia. Hollywood films are propaganda for the gay/transgender agenda of mind control over the entire U.S. population. Once you get familiar with the coded speech in movies, it will become clear that the agenda goes beyond individual films and involves more than a few individual producers. Hat tip SSS for research above and beyond the call of duty into a most unpleasant subject.

If you missed the Cathy O’Brian revelations into satanic rituals and child abuse, Dr. Judy Byington is another source. Some psychotherapists have long known that some of their patients suffer from satanic abuse, but few have gone public with revelations:

Weinstein’s sexual harassment allegations have caused a global ripple effect. Chairman of National Public Radio steps down among harassment allegations. Geez, how many of these top libtwits are harassers?

Marine Le Pen has posted videos of ISIS executions on the internet. Now the Minister of Justice has revoked her parliamentary immunity, and she can be prosecuted for a hate crime. Those globalists are serious about censorship of criticism of Islam.

Andrew Joyce argues against the anti-white narrative that whites are guilty of “colonization” of minority peoples. Thoughts on “Decolonization” as an Anti-White Discourse. It is good to have arguments against the Left’s propaganda line promoting hatred of whites and destruction of our history and culture. Joyce points out that colonization is a human universal in history, not the special project of whites, and critique of colonization by whites has long been a part of Western dialogue. Colonization benefitted minority peoples in countless ways. Japan, India, and Singapore, for example, built successful nations after their colonial experience. Why didn’t the Africans?

Joyce points out that Jewish intellectuals have taken the lead in pushing oversimplified narratives that characterize blacks as innocent and helpless victims of colonialism. This propaganda line has caught on and now dominates academia as well as the activist Left. Joyce preps us to destroy their narrative.

Related: The Folly of Civic Nationalism by R. Houck.

Philip Giraldi digs into U.S. funding of the Jewish crime syndicate.

Russian TV is educating its viewers about the Rothschild banking conspiracy, just as Hungary is educating its people about the evil George Soros:

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia:

A story emanating from BuzzFeed has been circulating that Russia made 60 payments to finance elections in the United States. Very misleading. The 60 payments financed Russian elections inside the United States for Russians living overseas. The fake media has no boundaries on its lies.

Europe is worried that conspiracy theories are actually being believed and are undermining the globalist totalitarian project, so it has organized academics to invent new propaganda.

The anniversary of the Balfour Declaration has stimulated critical editorials, even in England.

Makia Freeman has written up a brief summary of traditions warning about satanic entities, What Mystics, Prophets and Ancient Cultures Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities.

News for November 8, 2017

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The Rothschild-Soros-Montenegro-Russia connection:

Hat tip Endtimes Report.

The Saudi purge is a victory for Donald Trump. Jamie White notices that royal Saudis who financed Hillary were arrested. This should also mark the end of the Bush crime family/Saudi relationship.

Donna Brazile’s book is dedicated to Seth Rich, says she feared for her own life. Brazile’s charge that the DNC fixed the primary to ensure Hillary’s nomination is being backed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren even as Hillary launches a campaign to discredit Brazile. Prominent Democrats separating from Hillary means she is unlikely to be the presidential nominee in 2020.

Gearoid O Colmain offers evidence that Israel is backing Catalan independence.

“Israel must become, as Sheihk Imran Hosein has put it, ‘the new ruling state in the world’. Open borders; mass immigration; the destruction of the nation-state, destruction of the family; in short, globalisation is the process whereby all the world’s states collapse into the institutions of the world-state presided over by the sacerdotal ‘chosen ones’.”

Mjolnir observes that Catalan independence is Communist-inspired and the mayor of Barcelona is a Communist feminist who likes to pee in the streets. Got enough reasons not to support Catalan independence?


Anti-immigration faction gains in Austrian elections.

Judicial Watch briefs congressmen on Imran Awan’s management style. Anonymous Conservative reports that the Awan security clearances were forged.

Not just Hollywood: Top journalists at left-wing magazines charged with sexual harassment. Don’t forget about those Democratic mayors accused of child abuse.

U.S. military increases special ops forces at Russian border.

It’s kind of old news by now, but the FBI has issued a report documenting how lefties cooperate with ISIS.

House Intelligence Committee investigating Fusion GPS ties to Hillary and the DNC finds payoffs to Russian officials, journalists. Related: Obama campaign paid $1 million to fund the Fusion GPS anti-Trump smear dossier. Background on the investigation here.

There has been a lot of chatter about China replacing the dollar with a gold-backed oil-futures yuan. Koos Jansen explains why this is not happening.

European conservatives criticize Junker’s plan for tighter European Union commitments. ZeroHedge on Junker’s grand vision for Europe.

Lars Schall and Douglas Valentine, The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime.

Departments of Transportation across the U.S. are cooperating to spy on everyone’s vehicle and cell phone. Cities are turning street lights into spy nodes. Much more government spy news at MassPrivatei.

Neuro-Hacking the Mass Mind (II) at Infrakshun ties together many of the themes we have been discussing, focusing on the psychology of globalist enslavement.

The Jews Behind Mass Immigration:

The latest in political correctness: Whites are asked to sit in the back.

A look at black and white crime rates, and how the judicial system and journalism respond to racial violence.

Alex Jones reacts to lefties admitting they are Satanists.

News for October 31, 2017

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First it was the CIA supplying arms to Syrian rebels, now it turns out the U.S. military has been doing the same. A major initiative was taken under President Obama in 2015 to increase the supply of weapons to Syria.

The route these military arms travel is important: Flown out of military bases in Germany and Romania to Turkey, Jordan, and Kuwait, then over to Al-nusra rebel bases in Syria.

Germany objected to use of its soil for weapons transport in December of 2016, and the U.S. military then ceased shipments out of Germany.

German prosecutors, acting on evidence collected by Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, are now looking into charges that the U.S. military shipped arms through Ramstein Air Base in Germany, in violation of German law.

As part of the coverup for this operation, the U.S. military asked Google to delete all Syrian war videos from its You-Tube subsidiary as weapons could be identified in these videos.

Meanwhile, Iraqi and Iranian forces have been cooperating with Russia to wipe out ISIS, and President Trump has ended CIA funding of the Syrian “rebels.” It’s fair to say Trump cooperated with Putin to end ISIS in Syria.

Pepe Escobar outlines Xi Jinping’s Silk Road vision, now called Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This is a land-based infrastructure and trade alliance designed to be impervious to Western seapower and to disrupt established sea shipping lines. More on this at ZeroHedge.

Riki Rei believes China is waging war against the West and has some interesting things to say about it.

What is the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency?

Stew Webb names George H.W. Bush and his cronies as pedophiles and offers some evidence.

Evidence showing the CIA has supported pedophilia and child abuse at Steemit.

The Las Vegas shooting is not our beat. Dave Hodges believes he has some inside information about the identity of the shooter, other players, and the role of the deep state, with connections to ISIS and the Philippines. Related: Russia supplies Philippines in fight against ISIS.

George Soros shorted MGM stock before the shooting. You don’t suppose he knew about the shooting in advance?

The European Union is providing welfare grants to human smugglers in Africa so they can get out of human trafficking and set up legitimate businesses.

Sandboxes assesses changing geopolitical circumstances facing Israel.

ZeroHedge offers some thoughts about the new information in the JFK files release.

Google is teaming up with George Soros to train more fact-checkers to fight fake news. Not kidding.

Congressman Trey Gowdy is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the role of James Comey in the FBI investigation.

Douglas Valentine has a long piece at Global Research on drugs, drug policies and CIA involvement in the drug trade.

We have been reporting for years that the CIA controls the media. Here is more documentation.

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp offers inside information about the workings of the deep state and the shadow government. Their control over Congress makes it difficult to influence or reform them. More on Kevin Shipp here.


Kevin Barrett notices that psychiatry is tackling “conspiracy theorists” as a category of mental illness and traces this trend to a CIA document after the JFK assassination that made it CIA policy to ridicule conspiracy theories about the assassination. Barrett fails to note that the U.S. psychology establishment was infiltrated by Russian agents in the 1920s, who tried to turn criticism of Communism into a category of mental illness.

James S. Henry looks at banker crimes and concludes that nobody is interested in prosecuting the banks. He calls this “banker capture” of the government and it looks that way from over here.

Rothschild predicts single world currency in 2018 will cement New World Order.

The Office of the Inspector General has issued an audit of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama administration showing $520 billion missing. Doesn’t anybody ever get prosecuted in Washington?


The Jews are now openly bragging in Europe about their plans for white genocide. They are calling it the Great Replacement.

Hillary’s friend Ed Buck has a messy gay prostitute death to deal with.

In 2015 Dr. William Pierce established that the Diary of Anne Frank was a literary hoax. This knowledge is spreading to our friends in Europe, where Anne Frank believers are being ridiculed.

Jason Jorjani explains why his attempt to form an Alt-Right corporation went down in flames.

Bre Faucheux interviews Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents on white nationalism: