How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 2

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Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


Ben Gurion and Chaim Weizman stood by in readiness to revive and to re-establish one of the main pillars of world rule—the State of Israel. They issued their orders to the soldiers of Washington, and replaced the White Cross insignia on the steel helmets of the American 6th Division with the Magen-David (six-pointed star). They ordered the bombing not only of Germany but of all the monuments of European culture. They delivered arms to the Soviet Union and gave her eleven (thousand) billion dollars out of the pocket of the American taxpayer.

The magnitude of Jewry’s world conquest is demonstrated by the fact that of all the war aims and promises, including the Atlantic Charter, the only plans achieved were those above mentioned together with some small adjustments.

All raw materials and industrial production of territories under quarantine, continues Clause 37 of the world order, will be used for post-war reconstruction. Other clauses explain that all persons born in East Prussia or the Rhineland will be expelled from the occupied territories and their estates confiscated for reparations. For potential military reasons, a plan must be elaborated to control the birth-rate of the territories in quarantine and thus reduce the numerical strength of the aggressor nations. This is the very first instance in the history of mankind that a nationalist minority has openly renounced a law of nature and proclaimed its intention of destroying other nations. p. 101

Samuel Fried, the well-known Zionist and pacifist, during the early part of the 1930’s, while still in the flush of the First World War victory, does not hide the mass-murderer psychosis which is to be found in the drafts of the later peace treaties. “People dreading the revival of German power will never again see the restoration of Germany’s military might. We will nip in the bud every effort to restore it and finally, should the danger persist, we will destroy this nation hated by everybody both by partition and also by dismembering the country as well as by ruthless mass- murders.” p. 104

It is a shock to realise that in the security of freemasonic lodges, “democratic editorial offices” and Zionist associations, books, articles, essays and political speeches are conceived and written, all proclaiming murder. These are not the unavoidable casualties of war but murders and cruelties planned for the ensuing peace.

Th. Nathan Kaufman, in his book Germany Must Perish (edited at Newark, see p. 104), wrote as early as 1941 that after the war Germany must be completely dismembered. Kaufman demanded that the German population, both male and female, surviving the aerial bombings, be sterilised in order to secure the total extinction of the German race.

The same hatred flares up in Maurice Leon Dodd’s book How Many World Wars (New York, 1942), in which the author proclaims that no Germany and no German race must be left after this war. Charles G. Haertran in his book There Must Be No Germany after War (New York, 1942), also demands the physical extermination of the German people. Einzig Palil, a Canadian Jewish writer, in his book Can We Win the Peace? (London, 1942), takes a similar stand demanding the dismembering of Germany and the total demolition of German industry. Ivor Duncan, another Jewish writer, in his article Die Quelle des Pan-Germanismus, which appeared in the March, 1942 issue of Zentral Europa Observer, demanded the sterilisation of forty million Germans. He estimated the total cost of his scheme to be five million pounds sterling. Douglas Miller, writing in the New York Times in 1942, states that seventy million Germans are too many. Exports and imports must therefore be so regulated that more than forty million Germans will starve. p. 106

There is little doubt that the commands of the Protocols were obeyed by the United World Federalists during the war when they submitted proposals for a world government. These proposals were the exact opposite of those principles laid down in the Atlantic Charter.

“The nations must surrender their sovereignty to a world government because the age of independent nations is over,” emphasised Robert Hutchins, Chancellor of the University of Chicago. “All armies, fleets, air forces and atomic bombs must be under the world government. The Panama Canal, Gibraltar, Okinawa, the Dardanelles, Aden, Singapore and the Kiel Canal must all be under the administration of the world government. The laws of immigration and citizenship must be abolished. A world court and a world bank must be established. The world government must be formed… The most important thing is to destroy that dangerous perversion called patriotism.”

It could not be proved, even in Nuremberg, that it was the intention of the Hitler regime to annihilate Jewry. Nevertheless Jewry in its blind thirst for revenge wished to destroy forty per cent of the ninety million Germans.

The Morgenthau plan is a grandiose, undeniable historical proof of this. Jewry wished in cold-blooded premeditation to murder an entire nation. It is characteristic that the full details of this plan were never published in America. Perhaps this would have been too much even for American public opinion. But the plans of Mr. Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury in Roosevelt’s administration, aimed at depriving Germany of her industry and of all means of livelihood. During the treason trials of Alger Hiss, it was shown that the Morgenthau plan was worked out by the Communists with the help of the Soviet Union.

The memoirs of Cordell Hull (American Secretary of State, 1933-44) testify what this double-faced tribal nationalism intended to do. According to Cordell Hull “the Morgenthau plan aimed at the massacre, enslavement and liquidation of the German people.”

“Shortly after the return of the President,” writes Cordell Hull, “I told him angrily that the Morgenthau plan contradicts common sense and could never be adopted by the U.S. Government. I told him that the plan would wipe out Germany from the face of the earth forever, whilst forty per cent of her population would starve to death as the land can feed only sixty per cent of her population.”

The war propaganda was first concentrated on the necessity of defeating the “Nazis”, But when the Jews thought they had won the war, they wished to exterminate the whole nation. p. 111

“The Society for the Prevention of World War Ill”, the most fanatically Old Testament organisation of Morgenthau, especially demanded that the revengeful clause relating to the dismembering of Germany be carried out. All Germans should be expelled from neutral countries. American businessmen should be given no visa to visit Germany. For the next twenty-five years no German person may receive any visa to visit America. Marriage with German women is to be forbidden and German women may not enter the U.S. Postal communication with Germany is not to be restored.

“The new world state can now come. Now the glorious day of the Kingdom of God is at hand. Behold! From the East our victorious Bolshevik armies are attacking a rapidly shrinking Europe. There they are: Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Breslau in flames. In a single night more than 300,000 East civilian refugees perish amid the downpour of bombs from our Liberators. In our ‘humanity’ we scatter graphite powder in the air. The air is burning, mothers and their children are stifled. We fulfill Jehovah’s commandment. The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire . . . ye shall cut down their groves . . . and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction, until they be destroyed.” 113

Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under Jewish occupation. Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2,000 years now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism but by those of a victorious Jewish nationalism glowing with hatred. Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes there was but one crime—to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose, Jewish nationalism.

To be a Jew in Europe became a greater privilege than any enjoyed by even reigning princes of the Middle Ages. The railway stations were guarded by special Jewish police and an identity check of Jews could be carried out by Jewish police only. They received their food ration cards without queueing, For a while, immediately after the war, only Jews received traveling passes, thus securing for themselves free movement and the unrestricted monopoly of the black market.

The Western and Eastern Jew set out hand-in-hand to liquidate the Christian upper classes who had succeeded in escaping to the West from Bolshevism. These were considered unreliable people. Vlassow’s Cossacks, for instance, wanted to fight against Bolshevism. But whoever resists Bolshevism is actually fighting one section of the Jewish world-kingdom. These Cossacks knew very well who were the commissars of the collective farms (kolkhoz) before whom the Russian peasant had to go down on his knees. In 1940 they had seen the” Russian” M.V.O. entering Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and thus knew the Jews almost exclusively organised the deportation of tens of thousands of unfortunate people from these small Baltic states. These people were dangerous because they had witnessed certain things. These witnesses must be slain!
Everything that took place in Eastern Europe can, perhaps, be explained away by the cruelty of the Bolsheviks, although we know very well that the agents of Jewish nationalism were its real instigators. At the end of the war the casualties of the German Reich amounted to 8,300,000 dead. 3,300,000 German soldiers were killed in action; more than 2,500,000 of these in the fight against Bolshevism. 1,200,000 civilians, amongst them many women and children, were killed in air raids. More than 1,400,000 men perished or were murdered in captivity by the Eastern and Western allies, mostly in Soviet P.O.W. camps. 2,400,000 Eastern Germans were butchered by the Soviet occupation forces invading East Prussia, or killed by an aerial warfare blindly extended to include the civilian population. p. 119

When Edward Benes, the great humanitarian, the rebel espirit and master of freemasonry, entered Prague on Sunday, May 13th, 1945, German citizens were burned alive in his honour in St. Wenceslas Square.

One million Hungarian women were raped by the Russian Bolshevik troops, usually led by Jewish commandants. Six hundred thousand prisoners of war, as well as 230,000 civilians, were dragged off to extermination camps in the Soviet Union. At the most modest estimate, 500,000 people were murdered by the Jews in the cells of Andrassy-ut, Budapest, in internment camps or in the open streets. All the characteristic features of biological class-warfare can be distinguished in this campaign of revenge. The Hungarian middle classes, the intellectuals and the national leaders had to be slain so that their places could be taken by another middle-class, by the Jews! And, moreover, those who presided as judges in the revolutionary tribunals were almost all Jews.

Quite a number of Jewish witnesses gave evidence at Nuremberg that though they lived in the vicinity of crematoria they were not aware of their existence. Nevertheless, radio commentators and “judges” taunted the German people with “You all knew of these! You are all murderers!” If anyone, even a bishop or a cardinal, tried to raise a word of protest and state the truth, he was silenced with the threat of “Nazi”. Perhaps he was also threatened with being handed over to the Russians. Thus not only the German people but the whole of cultured Europe was intimidated. Thus a stage was reached when nobody dared to tell the truth or state the basic facts for fear of appearing to defend murder and atrocities. p. 127

This propaganda tried to convince the ill-informed Gentile masses that the Jews were the only victims of this war and that no other nations suffered any losses whatever. It remained silent about the common graves dug for ten millions of Gentile victims and not a word was said about the massacred Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians and Frenchmen. At the same time the story of Jewry’s sufferings was exaggerated beyond all measure.

The Nuremberg verdicts were pronounced to punish crimes committed against humanity. But on the bench sat the mass murderers of Katyn together with those responsible for the bombing of Dresden. The most basic legal principle of the American constitution and judicature was ignored, i.e., Nulla Poena Sine Lege, which means that no one can be convicted for acts which were not punishable by law when committed.

Now we know what actually took place behind the scenes. Robert M. Kernpner, a Jew of course, and formerly an “oberregierungsrat” in Germany, had been working behind General Taylor, the Chief Public Prosecutor. Morris Amchan assisted Kempner. In the court buildings of Nuremberg, excepting the judges and the accused, there were hardly any other people but Jews. The staff of the Ljudljanka and the M.V.D. was not any different from the personnel of the courts of Nuremberg, Dachau and other places dealing with “war criminals”. It consisted of Jews almost exclusively. The majority of witnesses were Jews as well, and of these Maurice Bardeche writes that their only concern was not to show their hatred too openly and, at least during the hearing of the witnesses, to try to give an impression of objectivity. It is characteristic of this kind of “administration of justice” that the number of witnesses called to give evidence in court was 240 only, yet 300,000 written affidavits were accepted supporting charges without this evidence being heard under oath. It is needless to say that the majority of these depositions were not true. p. 134

I think the world expected us to give proof of American legal principles and judicial practice by using them when dealing with our defeated enemies. Instead of this, Gestapo and M.V.D. methods were used. I have heard evidence and read documentary proofs to the effect that the accused persons were beaten up, maltreated and physically tortured “by methods which could only be conceived in sick brains.”

A periodical called Madrid reported the hearings of the Nuremberg trials, that some American business Jews had converted some of the concentration camps into museums and in return for cash were conducting tours to these camps to show American tourists, journalists and other invited people the horror spots. With the help of wax figures, the entrance to the camp “gas-chamber” was reconstructed. Wax figures representing horribly distorted human forms were used to demonstrate the alleged tortures in these camps. If a camp had no “gas-chamber” —-and in most of the camps there were none—then they built an improvised one with expert studio methods.

Not only did the propaganda of the World Jewish Congress and of similar other Jewish organisations utilise film trick photography, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Robert M. Kempner, former German-Jewish emigrant, operated with “proofs” of a similar value. In a film about Funk, Minister of Economy, great piles of gold teeth, spectacle frames and pince-nez were to be seen, which were supposed to prove that they came from Jews exterminated in these camps. It is generally known today that American Jews brought these films with them when they arrived at Frankfurt, a few days after the city was occupied, in the wake of the American troops. The notorious film called ”Todesmuhle” (The Mill of Death), which was shown in the courtroom during the Nuremberg trials with the purpose of turning public opinion against the accused prisoners, is also a forgery.

It is enough for us to conclude that Nuremberg was not the work of either American or British mentality, but that of typical Jewish tribal “nazism”. It is a clear demonstration of the fact that once administration of justice falls into the hands of Jews there will be no justice since, according to Jewry’s double morality, against Gentiles everything is permitted. p. 138

Out of 3,000 people employed on the staff at Nuremberg Court, 2,400 were Jews. This figure speaks for itself! But, in the background of the Nuremberg tragedy there is another far-reaching aim discernible: the terrorizasion of the whole world through the Nuremberg sentences. It was to silence all opposition, to brand as “war criminal” anybody daring to criticise Jewry, and on the Soviet pattern, to punish with death all those who might become embarrassing witnesses.

Besides the above-mentioned aims, a further and even greater one was completely achieved: the prevention of any reconciliation between the Gentile nations. The aim was to arouse the hatred of the Germanic people against America. Other nations also have their dead and their martyrs, perhaps many more than the Jews. Six million people were starved to death in the Ukraine as victims of the food-dumping plans of the Kremlin Jews, but the world never awarded privileges to the Ukrainians. Nobody ever gave double rations to the dependents of the victims buried in the common graves of Katyn Woods. Nor have the survivors of Brno death-march ever received any compensation. Not one of the perpetrators of the Bromberg, Prague or Yugoslav massacres was hanged at Nuremberg. p. 148

The New York Times produced the most reliable evidence regarding Hitlerian policy, when, after the war, it published statistics concerning the world’s Jewish population, and admitted that Hitler allowed 400,000 Jews to emigrate from the Reich. Had he cherished the intention to exterminate the Jews, these emigrants would never have been allowed to leave Germany.

After the events of the Kristallnacht (crystal night) in Germany, forty-eight states, led by America, France and Great Britain, held a conference, the only topic of which was how to save the Jews threatened in Germany. Although it was clear to all parties concerned that in the case of war the position of European Jewry would be precarious, the conference ended without any positive results. Great Britain was not prepared to take in the German Jews. Though America was ready to grant German Jewry admission, certain Jewish forces working behind the scenes sabotaged this solution. They knew very well that this would have meant the end of anti-nazi propaganda. It may sound paradoxical, but the anti-Jewish character of German National Socialism came in handy for world Jewry. World Jewry required a Second World War, despite knowing that this would cost a certain number of Jewish lives.

The book Nuremberg on la Terre Promise, by Maurice Bardeche, answers this question when discussing the Nuremberg trials: “It is clear from the documents of the trials that the solution of the Jewish question, as approved by the leader of National Socialism, meant simply to concentrate all Jews in one place set apart for them and this place would be known as the Jewish reservation.”

This would have been a special type of European ghetto, and this intention can be recognised by various ministerial executive decrees by interdepartmental orders emanating from higher authorities of the Reich. There is nothing else to it! Those accused at Nuremberg could state repeatedly with a clear conscience that during the war they knew nothing of mass-executions or of Auswitz or Treblinca, and that they first heard of them from the Public Prosecutor.

The real aim was the establishment of a special territory for Jews in the East. This was the project referred to, and the journals and magazines containing German war propaganda published pictures illustrating it. These were the modern ghettos and in each one the Jewish population of a whole district lived and worked. The Germans were convinced they would win the war and then they wanted to expatriate the Jews from Europe. The Eastern ghettos, therefore, did not represent the permanent Jewish homeland but a temporary reservation only.

How the Jews hoaxed the Holocaust, Part 1

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“Anti-Semitism’ is the means of counter-revolution.” Vladimir Lenin

Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, translated from the Hungarian, London: Joseph Sueli Publications, 1958.

Louis Marschalko was a Hungarian journalist and author who was declared an enemy of the state for his anti-Communist views. The following material is quoted directly from The World Conquerors.


During the Zionist Congress of 1897 at Basle, Dr. Mandelstein, Professor of the University of Kiev, in the course of his speech opening the conference on August 29th, emphatically stated that “The Jews will use all their influence and power to prevent the rise and prosperity of all other nations and are resolved to adhere to their historic hopes, i.e., to the conquest of world power.” (Le Temps, September 3rd, 1897.)

It is taught by the Jewish Rabbis that all non-Jewish people must be excluded from sharing the new world or taking any part in it; they can only be tolerated as a despised herd. (Traktat. Gittin, Fol, 57, Babylonian Talmud.) p. 17

Maimonides also admits that Christianity made the world familiar with the Old Testament, i.e., with Torah, but adds that its interpretation was erroneous and that the errors will be evident at the arrival of Jewry’s political Messiah who, as leader of Jewry’s armed power, will subjugate the non-Jewish nations of the world and will exterminate, together with their women and children, all those who refuse to accept the laws of Noah. (Jewry and Christianity, by Canon Lipot Huber, p. 141.)

One of the greatest mistakes of the “anti-Semites” was to regard the Jew as an internationalist. The Jew was never an internationalist, but the conscious representative of a tribal nationalism that sought domination over all the other nations on earth. He lived in various lands, occupied positions of different social levels but fundamentally remained a Jew.

During the preparatory sittings of the Sanhedrin summoned by Napoleon in 1806, Rabbi Solomon Lippman Cerfberr said: “We have forgotten whose descendants we are. We are neither German nor Portuguese Jews. However dispersed all over the globe we may be, we still remain the same nation.”

Doctor Leopold Kahn summed up these sentiments when speaking about Zionism in a Jewish school at Pozsony (Bratislava) in 1901: “Jews will never be assimilated and will never adopt the customs or morals of strangers. The Jew will remain a Jew under all circumstances.” pp. 20-21

German National Socialism was ready and willing to co-operate with other peoples. It was hostile to one race only, Jewry. Whereas the Jewish type of “Nazism” is hostile to all races and to all non-Jewish social and ruling castes. p. 23

“We are one nation”, stated Theodore Hem, the founder of Zionism. “We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews!”

“And (God) hath made of one blood all nations of men.” (Acts xvii, 26) says Paul in Athens. And he says this because from the God-created blood brotherhood, one nation, one r a c e — t h e J e w s — excluded themselves by their own fierce tribal nationalism. p. 28

In the Wiener Freie Presse on December 24th, 1921, the Jew WaIter Rathenau wrote precisely the same thing when he said: “Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.”

Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who gave the name of Great; the secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world.” (Protocol Ill.) p. 46

Before the First World War a certain picture postcard was freely sold in the Jewish shops of Russia, Lithuania and Poland. On this postcard a rabbi was shown holding Torah in one hand and in the other Nicholas II, the Czar of Russia, cartooned as a white pullet with the Romanoff crown on its head. Under the picture the following text appeared in Hebrew: “sa chaliphati si ternurati, si kaporati.” This means: “This sacrificial animal shall be my absolution, it will be my substitute and expiatory offering.”

The Hebrew text is actually part of the prayer called “Kaporah”. The rituals relating to this sacrifice are contained in Leviticus (chap. xvl, 15): “Then shall he kill the goat of the sin offering, that is for the people, and bring his blood within the veil, and do with that blood as he did with the blood of the bullock, and sprinkle it upon the mercy seat, and before the mercy seat.” p. 49

The London Jewish Chronicle of April 4th, 1919, boldly states: “The conceptions of Bolshevism are in harmony in most points with the ideas of Judaism.” Victor Marsden, the Morning Post reporter in Russia, states that among the 545 leading Bolshevik officials there were 477 Jews at the birth of Bolshevism. p. 53

In Argentina as early as 1918, Solomon Haselman and his wife Julia Fitz began to organise Communism. The Argentine revolution broke out in January, 1919, and its victims in Buenos Aires alone included 800 dead and 4,000 injured. The leader of the revolt was Pedro Wald, alias Naleskovskij, and its Minister of War was Macaro Ziazin, both Eastern Jews.

The Chilean Bolshevik uprising of 1931 and the Uruguayan Bolshevik rebellion of 1932 were engineered and led by the descendants of the seed of Abraham almost exclusively.

When the short-lived Brazilian revolution was suppressed in 1935, it came to light that the actual leaders were all Jews with the exception of a nominal leader called Louis Carlos Perestes. The Braccor, an Eastern Jewish association, organised the dock workers, and the leader of this revolt known as Ewert was, in fact, called Harry Bergner. This uprising was directed from the Soviet Embassy of Montevideo by a Jewish leather merchant called Minikin.

Of the South American revolutions the Mexican one is particularly interesting for here again a Jewish millionaire leads the Bolsheviks. The Dictator of the Mexican Bolshevik revolution, Plutarco Elias Calles, is the son of a Syrian Jew and an Indian woman. Calles is a freemason of the 33rd degree and his personal fortune amounts to eighty million pesos. His friend, Aron Saez, who played an important role as his lieutenant, and who had a fortune of forty million pesos, is a Jew as well.

The bulk of the followers of the American Communist Party consisted almost entirely of those Jews who had emigrated to the United States from Russia, Poland and those countries lying today behind the Iron Curtain.

The number of Jewish radical and Communist papers as well as Jewish periodicals edited in the U.S.A. reached 600 by 1936, and as early as 1933 the total membership of the Communist Party was estimated by Earl Browder to be about 1,200,000. In the preparatory work of organising American Bolshevism, the National Textile Workers Union and the Workers International Relief played important roles. The leaders of both these great associations were Jews, Charles Steinmetz, Upton Sinclair, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Bishop William M. Brown.

After all these facts the reader will not be surprised that when Eugen Dennis was arrested on May 16th, 1950, the famous Jewish writer Albert Kahan commented as follows in Jewish Life, the monthly supplement of the New York Zionist paper Freiheit:

“When, on May 15th, Eugen Dennis, the leader of the Communist Party, was sent to prison, a shadow fell on the life of every American Jewish man and woman.” p. 56

(See the following pages for Jews heading the Communist organizations in Europe.)

When the hour strikes the mask falls! Christian churches and centuries-old art treasures go up in flames, drunken terrorists shoot at Christ’s cross and the same “experts” again expertly crucify priests as they had done in Russia before. They scuttle prison-ships with anti-revolutionaries locked up in the hold, they shoot tens of thousands of captured Christian hostages in the bullfight arena. The dead bodies of one and a half million victims and martyrs cover the battlefields of a stricken Spain.

Old Testamental “nazism” thereby paid back Ferdinand’s Catholic Spain for the expulsion of the Jews, and two decades later the American Jewish Congress had the impudence to declare that, up to the present day Jewry has not forgiven the Spanish nation for their expulsion.

The Western capitalist Jew saw no enemy of capitalism in the Soviet leaders; he saw only Jews. He was able to excuse the Bolsheviks’ barbarities for they were committed mostly by Jews. According to the strangest beliefs of Jewish nationalism, the Jew is a superman, Jewry is a supernation. The Jew is at liberty to act as he pleases against other races. This is the teaching of Torah and Talmud. The Jew’s standing is “beyond good and evil.”

After the First World War the Jewish question in America became more and more acute. Through the monopolisation of commerce and banking, the control of the turnover of public commodities, their despotic rule over the press and the poisoning of public education, the encroaching Jewish power began to threaten the American way of life. The peril was foreseen earlier by great Americans such as Benjamin Franklin who, on one occasion, said:

“There is a great danger for the United States of America, this great danger is the Jew. If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than 100 years they will stream into this country in such numbers they will rule and destroy us and change our form of Government for which we Americans shed our blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. lf the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews while they remain in the counting-house gleefully rubbing their hands.” p. 61

On March 7th, 1934, the Carnegie Institute compiled the family tree of the Roosevelts, from which it is evident that the President of the United States is of Jewish descent. His ancestors came to America about 1682: they were Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt, and on the distaff side Janette Samuel. They were originally of Spanish sephardim descent, Jews who had escaped from Catholic Ferdinand’s persecution in 1492 and who had gone to England. From the time of their arrival in America the Roosevelt family tree is studded with Jacobs, Isaacs and Samuels. p. 74

In 1935 Yeats Brown brought out his book European Jungle and on page 181 we read that “in the Central Committee of the Communist Party, consisting of fifty-nine members, ninety-five per cent were Jews, i.e., 56 members while the other three members were married to Jewesses; Stalin, Labov and Ossinsky.”

This actually means that out of the three-and-a-half million Jews in Soviet Russia more than one million hold administrative offices in various key positions of the Bolshevik dictatorship. They are the most loyal, intelligent and fanatical supporters of the Bolshevik system. They become commissars, party leaders, loyal Soviets, provincial governors and senior officers, as well as commissars of the Army and of the N.V.D.

After the great purge ordered by Stalin at the end of 1936, the top rank officials of the forty Soviet Republics, i.e., the party secretaries who were holders of actual executive power, consisted of four Russians, two Armenians, one Georgian, one Buryat and forty-one Jews. (World Service, 1936, p. 1.) Beginning at the Polish frontier, in all the provinces up to Stalingrad, Jews exclusively were the leaders of the towns, the commissars in charge of the collective farms and the chiefs of police. All Soviet commissars, all secret police officers and leading officials captured by the Germans belonged, without exception, to the same world-conquering race.

The High Command of the Soviet Army also contained many Jews, and in this connection we find the following quotation in a book entitled The Hebrew Impact on Western Civilisation published in New York in 1951 by Dagobert Davis Runes: “In the war fought against Hitler there were 313 Jews amongst the Soviet generals.”

Hamilton Fish, a congressman of New York, as early as 1933 referred to the Jewish character of the Soviet, and certain data and figures were published in the Congressional Records of February 29th, 1933. According to these the Soviet Government, including the governments of the provinces, consisted of 503 members of whom 406 were Jews. Out of the twenty-three members of the local Soviet in Moscow, nineteen belonged to the race of the world conquerors. Among the forty-two editors and publishers of the official press were forty-one Jews, led by David Zaslavsky, editor, and Ilja Ehrenburg, publisher of Pravda. p. 91

Until the end of the Second World War, Soviet Russia was the only State in the world in which “anti-Semitism” was declared a crime by law and in which the “criminal” often suffered the death penalty. All this logically follows from the teaching of Lenin that “Anti-Semitism’ is the means of counter-revolution.” This tenet, in a reversed sense, is an open admission that Bolshevism is, in fact, a form of Jewish domination. p. 93.

The “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” hoax

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“In ancient times we were the first to put the words ‘Liberty’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Fraternity’ into the mouths of the masses … words repeated to this day by stupid pollparrots; words which the would-be wise men of the Goyim could make nothing of in their abstractness, and did not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter-relation.” He claimed the words brought under their directions and control ‘legions’ “Who bore our banners with enthusiasm.” He reasoned that there is no place in nature for ‘Equality’, ‘Liberty’ or ‘Fraternity’. He said “On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of MONEY. The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent upon us.”

Mayer Rothschild

From Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr,


Having established in our previous posts that Illuminism, the doctrine of worldwide revolution to form a one-world government, was the plan of Frankist Rothschild Jews, the question naturally arises, who put together the propaganda campaign to turn people’s loyalties toward this project? The Illuminati propaganda relied on an appeal to abstractions, most notably “liberty, equality, fraternity,” as a promise of a better life under the governments of the revolutionary republics. To round out this propaganda campaign, the monarchs of Europe, and most notably of France, had to be made out to be tyrannical despots, whereas the constitutional republics were portrayed as reflecting “the will of the people.”

Obviously this propaganda was quite effective, for it drove revolutions in France, the United States, Europe, Mexico, and South America, all planned within the lodges of illuminated Freemasonry. The slogan continues to inspire the globalist socialists who intend to unite humanity in their Universal Republic, erasing class differences, cultural differences, national differences, gender differences, religious differences, and probably many other differences as well, thereby ending human evolution by enforced sameness or similarity. For this project to succeed, “the people” must first be formed into the blindly obedient brainwashed masses. This has already happened through control over media and education.

We wonder why this project seems appealing? One must break one’s identity with one’s race and culture to embrace an impossible uniformity among the peoples of the world. The real program, rule by satanic Jews from Jerusalem with the rest of the world their slaves, is even less appealing. We’re not too keen on rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem and reestablishing the practice of animal sacrifices, either. But the true objectives of Illuminati globalism remain hidden from the masses behind a veil of propaganda and lies.

So, who invented the appeal to bloody revolution, murder of the king, and the elimination of Christianity as liberty, equality, and fraternity? And why did people think the revolutionaries would make better rulers than the kings?

Here we begin our search. William Guy Carr’s book Pawns in the Game is a great source for understanding the campaign of propaganda and deception and the role of the Jewish leaders in establishing the propaganda front.

Next, we briefly stop by Living in the Langudoc, where they tell us the motto was invented by Francois Fenelon and was associated with the Enlightenment. After the revolution, Parisians wrote this on their houses:

“Unity, indivisibility of the Republic; liberty, equality or death.”

This slogan reminds us that the revolutionaries were bent on genocide of the Catholics and death to opponents of the revolution. The first manifestation of the revolution was to split the population into pro-revolution and anti-revolution factions and institute the Terror of mass murder against the opponents of the revolution. Notice also in this slogan there is no possibility of escape from the republic.

Dwight Longnecker at the Imaginative Conservative reminds us that the slogan replaced earlier slogans, such as “faith, hope, and charity.” We would add, the pursuit of “the good, the true, and the beautiful.” Longnecker analyzes the shortcomings of the terms “liberty, equality, fraternity” in the ways the modern Left defines them, but these terms had different meanings to the early revolutionaries.

To Thomas Jefferson and the slaveholders of Virginia, the word “liberty” meant the liberty to own slaves. For all of the early revolutionaries in France, “liberty” meant anti-Catholicism. See our book The Illuminati and Thomas Jefferson for documentation of these points.

Let us recall that the slogan was taken up by the Freemasons, and the Freemasons have their own definitions of words. Here is a quote from the Grand Lodge of Universal Mysteries website:

“The Liberty of soul and conscience; the Equality of divine origin; and the Fraternity of that true fellowship which characterises humanity’s eternal purpose, which is ‘to love one another,’ and that to secure these essential Rights of Freedom in the spiritual life of all peoples and their quest in the pursuit of Wisdom and of Truth, the Ancient and Honourable Institution of Masonry (Free-Masonry) has been established upon the Earth by The Most High (and the Grand Lodge on High) to be a custodian of the Ancient Mysteries (and therefore a custodian of the divine Plan) within the bosom of Humanity, in order to secure and establish these Mysteries within the program of human living, and to guide the members of the Craft in their Lodges at Labour upon the Earth to assist in and cooperate with the divine Plans of The Most High and His Lodge—the Grand Lodge on High—in building and raising the Temple of Humanity (as a Temple of Light) to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe for the welfare and betterment of all peoples; that through establishing the perpetuation of these Mysteries (pertaining to humanity’s divine purpose), the divine rights and spiritual life of mankind may be protected and preserved.”

This interpretation of the slogan may be understood within the framework of Freemasonry’s ideas about its own divine founding and its project of building the Temple of Humanity in order to preserve the ancient Mysteries. But this idealistic interpretation is itself a propaganda cover for the true objective, rebuilding the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and rule by elite Jews over all of humanity. Notice, at this website, the logo gives prominence to the slogan “As Above, So, Below.” So, for the Freemasons, the purpose of revolutionary liberty, equality, and fraternity is to build a united humanity that is guided by ancient superstitious magic. Seems far removed from the Age of Reason, doesn’t it? In fact the spiritual belief system justifying revolution and a new world order is the Cabala, which is associated with worship of Lucifer. That high-level Freemasons worship Lucifer has been well documented in many books and at many websites.

The phrase “As above, so below” refers to the belief among the ancients that temples, pyramids, and other symbolic structures were built upon the earth directly under particular constellations or stars. Some of the ancient Mystery schools considered these stars to be the locations our human ancestors traveled from to arrive at earth and teach certain humans the arts of civilization. These “secrets of the Mystery schools” provide foundational beliefs of Freemasonry and similar occult organizations that they are the proper, authorized guides to humanity. But there is nothing in the early Mystery schools about liberty, equality, fraternity, and nothing in Freemasonry about liberty, equality, fraternity until the time of the French Revolution. The slogan was a late injection into masonry by the Illuminati, and it caused endless squabbling among the masons as the ideal of equality conflicted with the established hierarchical grades of initiation.

Among the French revolutionaries, the idea of liberty meant liberation from villages, guilds, monasteries, and large families. Equality meant the abolition of the privileges of the clergy and the aristocracy and the end of serfdom for the peasants. Merchant guilds were banned. Workers were collectivized and forbidden to form associations. Charities were banned as it was the responsibility of the government to provide employment and charity for the needy.

“There is no longer any association inside the state, there is nothing else than the individuals’ interests and the General Will.”

General Will meaning, the will of the leaders of the Illuminati. So the idea of “fraternity” does not mean a right of free association, it means the requirement that associations be banished so there is no other location for the loyalty of the individual to deflect from his required loyalty to the state and to Freemasonry.

The General Will is another of those meaningless abstractions. There is no general will, or will of the people. The “people” are the revolutionary party; for the revolutionaries, the will of the faction in power is the will of the people. The General Will in practice is the will of the leader of the Illuminati, and everyone must conform to it or face death.

The revolutionaries promoted government schools to provide a uniform indoctrination in republicanism.

A new religion was established, worship of nature, but this quickly faltered. Next they tried worship of the leaders of the revolution, which disappeared after the Restoration in France. Finally the revolutionaries settled on worship of the state as their religion for the masses. For the upper-level Freemasons and the Frankist Jews who guided them, worship of Lucifer was their religion.

According to the propaganda of revolution, by definition all other systems are an intolerable tyranny, and so wars of liberation are necessary to bring the benefits of mandatory uniform individualism to the entire world. How extreme French nationalism is supposed to translate to other countries is a problem that is never addressed in the public propaganda of revolution. But out of necessity the culture shift from nationalism to international government must be addressed in the secret councils of Jews and Freemasons guiding the world to its uniform slavery under the rule of Jerusalem. We see this shift in propaganda after many republics were formed with the formation of the Communist International and the current propaganda promoting globalism and the New World Order. The early republican revolutions directed loyalty toward the state; after the revolutions had achieved a world of republics, loyalty is directed toward international organizations devoted to abolishing the sovereignty of the state.

At Humanity in Action we find a post that describes the present state of France with regard to its slogan. France is quite insistent on inculcating the revolutionary values in its schoolchildren, as long as they are interpreted as the values of the French state and its citizens, with no room for any gap between the two. The French republic cannot have its people using its revolutionary rhetoric against the French republic. Every republic must pose as the single defender of the revolutionary values, with no alternative and no secession possible.

A sample of public opinion in France reveals widely differing interpretations. Some believe that liberty, equality, fraternity has been achieved with the constitution of 1958. Some believe the revolutionary ideals have yet to be achieved and are a work in progress. Interestingly, many immigrant groups have fastened on the slogan as a way of gaining more political power for immigrants, as a way of shaming the French for exclusionist ideas and practices. Immigrants to France use the slogan to support multiculturalism and affirmative action programs. The widespread immigrant Muslim violence is interpreted as the voiceless symbolizing their desire to be integrated into France with violence rather than through education and employment. It never seems to occur to the French that the Muslims aren’t going to integrate and will take them over and force them to convert to Islam.

“The revolutionary symbols are hung onto so badly precisely due to the emptiness of their meanings. This proves to be an interesting safety mechanism, as the more disaffected people become, and the more the gap grows, the more people will cling to these symbols and hence feel more a part of French society.”

So it turns out that the French law that makes immigrants and natives equal under the law is bolstered by the empty slogan of liberty, equality, fraternity, now stripped of its terrorist and socialist connotations and appealing to a nonexistent national unity while the Muslims form their separate communities and gangs, ruling under sharia law, and their Jewish masters roll ahead with their plan to eliminate the white race.

From Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952, comes the following quote:

“The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born.

“Our control Commissions will, in the interest of peace and wiping out our interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with white. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark people.

“… This war will end for all time the struggle against the Gentiles… Our race will rule undisputed over the world… And so, with vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israel will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.”

It was the international satanic Jew who invented the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” to fool the goyim with a false philosophy while they built their empire on the ruins of Western civilization.

We all have our individual interpretations of freedom and equality, but hundreds of years of legislation have overridden and limited whatever values our individual ideals might uphold. One cannot make a coherent politics out of contradictory abstractions that had peculiar meanings to our revolutionary Jewish overlords and was designed to ensure white genocide. We badly need a different slogan that represents true Western values and a direction toward formation of white enthostates.

The Truth About “All Men Are Created Equal”

Jared Taylor, from American Renaissance

News for December 15, 2017

Posted By on December 15, 2017

House of Representatives passes bill to make anti-Semitism a hate crime. Telling the truth about Jewish history and Jewish beliefs is anti-Semitism to the Jews and their lackeys. Free speech is going to disappear under the new internet neutrality regime. We expect our site to be taken down. Download and save what you need now.

Israel’s Capital is Washington, D.C.

Not all Jews are Zionists:

European Union refuses to endorse Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump doesn’t have supporters in other countries reinforcing his decision to move the U.S. embassy.

Ashraf Ezzat explains why Jerusalem was not the capital of Israel in biblical times.

Patrick Cockburn speculates about future geopolitical alignments following Trump’s announcement regarding Jerusalem.

Jews salivate about Third Temple, the messiah, and total control over the world. We are so looking forward to seeing those animal sacrifices to the Jew god at the new Temple.

The late Dr. Udo Ulfkotte wrote a book exposing the CIA control over media. Then he died.

Tyler Durden looks into China’s $10 trillion investment plan. China’s control over the New World Order looks unstoppable.

Finland has its very own anti-EU political party.

How the Clinton crime syndicate looted Russia. Anne Williamson’s testimony before the House banking committee.

Putin declares Russia is gmo-free, set to become the world’s top producer of organic food. The future of the white race is in Russia.

Joachim Hagopian discusses Satanism and the deep state:

Charlie Bayliss reports on local government documents in England showing a large number of child abuse cases involve witchcraft and demonic possession. updates us on the challenges facing the Euromediterranean Union. There is growing pushback against EuroMed, but not enough.

Media cover up high anal cancer rates among homos.

International Men’s Organization, an excellent website, names the Jews behind the politicization of homosexuality.

Explaining the historical relationship between Gnosticism and homosexuality.

Russia sets commission to investigate Jewish ritual murder of Romanov family. Mike Walsh has some comments on this history at Renegade Tribune.

2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder.

The Zionist Congress directs the World Zionist Organization. We don’t see much reporting on their activities in the Jew-controlled media, do we?

Wolzek’s Terror Timeline: History of the Jewish War Against the World.

Justin Raimondo reminds us that the communist media pushing the Russia conspiracy theory were the same media controlled by the Soviet Union a few decades ago.


News for December 9, 2017

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Israel’s Knesset proposes legislation designed to shield Netanyahu from prosecution for corruption. Thousands protest in Israel.


Israeli officials arrested on corruption charges.

Israel’s defense minister calls out Neyanyahu’s lies: “There is no Iranian military force in Syria.”

Israel’s army has gone robotic.

You-Tube, Google agree to censor Palestinian videos.

A look at Putin’s anti-New World Order alliance, and why it excludes the United States and Israel.

EU Parliament embargoes arms sales to Saudi Arabia for war crimes in Yemen.


EU wants to admit another 75 million Turks as soon as possible, with 3 billion euros in benefits.

The globalists have been arguing that immigrants are needed in Europe due to the low birthrate. Those immigrants are supposed to supply the labor needed to support the welfare state. But, unfortunately, the IQ and skill level of the immigrants is so low, and welfare payments are so high, that only 4 refugees are now employed in Rotterdam.

A German immigrant explains why he ignores German laws:

France stops postal deliveries to Moslem neighborhood. Too dangerous.

Germany censors Roger Watters concert due to BDS membership, “anti-Semitism.”

AfD elects Joerg Muethen as party chairman after recent electoral gains.

Germany wants to extend the reach of its government spying.

Eu scamSchulz proposes United States of Europe by 2025. Nigel Farage: “Thank God we are leaving.”

George Soros continues his war against Hungary by urging the EU to cut off funds for Hungary.

Turkey issues arrest warrant for former CIA chief Graham Fuller as part of coup investigation. Could the CIA have been involved in a coup attempt?

Trump is considering outsourcing spy functions for the CIA. One way to drain the swamp?

Susan Duclos investigates how Big Tech algorithms promote sexual abuse of children.

British Intelligence releases files on Israeli terrorist activities.

FBI agent destroyed Hillary’s laptop computers to save her from going to prison.

Eric Zuesse editorializes about the Jewish neocon control of U.S. foreign policy, then and now, and draws parallels with Trump as Zionist chump. Well, at least we have Putin.

We don’t know anything about Bitcoin, and we don’t even know who this lady is in the video. But we know a trend when we spot one, and this is a good warning. The controllers are keen on money transactions going digital so they can track everything. Ignore the propaganda about Bitcoin being a threat to the bankers.

News for November 29, 2017

Posted By on November 29, 2017

The best news of late is Angela Merkel’s failure to form a coalition government following the elections in Germany. See details of the negotiations at the World Socialist Web Site. It’s unlikely there will be a new election as Merkel does not have the power to call a new election. It is possible, though not likely, that Merkel will be forced out of leadership by at least one of the parties as a condition of forming a new government. Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present? Even if this doesn’t happen, Merkel and her allied parties will be hobbled by the compromises necessary to form a coalition government.

The European Union is relying on billions of euros from England for next year’s EU budget. If the money is not forthcoming, “Support for Germany and mainland France would be discontinued, with Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, and the Republic of Ireland also losing out.” Just a reminder that the EU is, among other things, a big money grab.

What Trump got out of his trip to China: Reductions in tariffs on U.S. goods.

Despite ongoing pedophile scandals in Britain, Theresa May is blocking the release of files on child abusers in her government due to “national security.” What does abusing children have to do with national security? Theresa May needs to go.

Sputnik News has a piece on the global extent of the Clintons’ influence and how things might change if the Clintons are exposed and discredited.

Why some of China’s Belt and Road plans are contrary to international law, and what international tensions might result from the continued build-out.

Glint is billing itself as a truly gold-backed international currency and payments account.

Thousands of protesters march in Rome demanding Italy leave the EU. Measuring the growing opposition to immigration in Italy.

Most Catalans don’t want independence from Spain.

Frenchman Christian de Moliner says France will never be able to eradicate radical Islam, suggests creation of a separate Islamic state inside France. Moliner imagines this solution would prevent civil war. No, sir, it would just mean you got your head chopped off sooner. We have a better idea: Why surrender to Islam?

France has a new leader of the Republican Party, Laurent Wauquiez, who has the right idea.

Swedish Liberal Party wants to dissolve Sweden’s borders and be governed directly by Brussels. Yep, not kidding. The dream of globalism is, uh, rule by unelected socialist bureaucrats from a great distance.

A secret government paper, dated 1971, instructed British government officials to keep secret from the British people what European Union membership would mean.

Nigel Farage calls out George Soros. It’s getting difficult for anybody to ignore Soros’ subversion:

James M. Dorsey has a think-piece examining the new Saudi leader’s aggressive policies against Iran and potential fallout in Washington, D.C.

What the police found at a Muslim town in New York.

Apple has allowed Uber’s app to record anything on your iphone screen.

How Facebook Messenger spies on you.

State of the Nation has a long piece on the Soros-Clinton-Obama crime machine.

“Brothels and massage parlors are located everywhere in Tel Aviv. There is not a neighborhood that doesn’t have them.”

Rich Hollywood Jews aren’t the only Jews who exploit white women. Tel-Aviv is a prostitution capital. “Women and children are taken from Russia mostly for prostitution. Their number is estimated at 30,000-60,000 a year. According to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, over the past two decades, over 500,000 women were sold from Russia to other countries.” These crimes are never prosecuted in Israel because it is legal in Israel for Jews to exploit non-Jews.

Kevin Alfred Strom identifies the patterns of Jewish deception and wonders why so many people are fooled by the Jews.

How Hollywood really works.

Stuart Littlewood reports that Israel hired a British PR firm to promote its image, but the propaganda campaign failed due to the nature of Israel.

Avi Gabbay leads Israel’s Labour Party, seeks peace with Palestine. That would be refreshing after Netanyahu’s warmongering.

Tomato Bubble has a long piece on how Jew Benjamin Disraeli engineered the World Wars.

John B. Wells interviews Virginia Senator Richard H. Black, who explains what those Mideast wars were really about. We had this years ago, but some people haven’t caught up yet.

A young gay activist infiltrated Europe’s far right leadership and wrote up a piece telling us a lot we didn’t know.

Amanda Shea believes William D. Campbell has knowledge that will put Hillary away for good. Ah, if only it were that simple.

TradCatKnight has a very interesting piece on seminars, formerly known as ESP, designed to train feminists for success in the business world, that actually serve as a front for DOS mind control. Cults that brainwash their followers were very common in the 1960s and 1970s, here is an updated version.

And then along comes Joe Biden to announce he is working with Lady Gaga to rescue female victims of trauma. As Karl Denninger remarks, to get broken women in one place so he can groom them for abuse.

Taylor McClain reviews Thomas Goodrich, The Day Dixie Died, which is, ah, rich in historical detail about Reconstruction. Brings out the problems both newly freed slaves and former slaveowners faced with defeat in war and a collapsed and looted economy.

5G and the AI Control Grid

Posted By on November 28, 2017

Max Igan warns us about the coming takeover of the internet by Artificial Intelligence. Once Artificial Intelligence becomes self-regulating, it can’t be stopped.