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Late September News

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Sartre defends nationalism against the New World Order assaults on sovereignty at From the Trenches.

“As it stands now, the American government has forfeited any claim as a legitimate steward of the public trust. Compounding this fact is that the technocratic superstructure of agencies, institutions and authorities has become integral parts of inflicting the New World Order upon the entire world.”

Hat tip to Sartre for explaining why nationalism is superior to globalism. We don’t have a public figure defending nationalism whom we can rally around. However, there are opposition parties in Europe and leaders of local separatist movements, and we are confident that separatism and opposition to globalism will grow in the future. Rapidly.

As EU leaders meet to debate policies regarding the flood of Moslem immigrants, Germany appropriates private property for “asylum accommodation.” How would you like to get kicked out of your house so a Moslem immigrant can have it?

Evil Pope Francis calls on Catholics in Europe to provide shelter for Moslem invaders. This pope is a Marxist (liberation theology), and he supports Agenda 2030 from the UN. Agenda 2030 is an update of Agenda 21. They are shaping populations for the socialist prison camp.

Pope Francis’s speech to Congress. Not much Christianity in this speech.

4 out of 5 Moslem immigrants to the EU are not from Syria. Most are from Turkey. Aangirfan explains the New World Order migration agenda. Basically, the globalist Left is importing hundreds of thousands of young men into Europe to destroy the white race and the heritage of Western civilization. Pope Francis’s role in this takeover is to head the integration of Christianity and Islam into a hybrid new religion. We don’t think it’s going to work. (more…)

Eyes wide open now

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You’ll learn a lot about Satanism in high places from this video, Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed 2015. Hat tip FisherofMen at YouTube.

Rock singer Chrissie Hynde attacks female pop stars for creating a porn culture.

Kenneth Barker has written a book to help Monarch mind control victims.

NWO dirty tricks, Sept. 18, 2015

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George Soros-sponsored “human rights” groups are in Syria to subvert the Assad regime. We told you not to trust any group devoted to human rights. They are covers for NWO takeover.

Reporting on the U.S.-sponsored “color revolutions” in Lebanon and Armenia.

Mike Whitney has an incisive article on Obama’s alliance with Turkey’s President Erdogan to attack selected groups in Iraq and Syria. Sharp.

A hacker has put up Hillary’s emails for sale.

Jon Rappoport exposes the motivation for administering psychotropic drugs to kids. It’s not ADHD, it’s low achievement.

Dalrock finds that one out of eight prisoners in South Carolina prisons is there for failure to pay child support. Stunning. Excellent analysis of socialist marriage laws imposed on the United States. (more…)

Putin agrees with us

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Vladimir Putin agrees with us. The New World Order is run by Satan-worshipping socialists. He didn’t mention the Frankists, the Marxists, the Rothschilds, the Freemasons, Madame Blavatsky, the New Agers, Aleister Crowley, the Church of Satan, Hollywood, or Adam Weishaupt, but he did say that the Bolsheviks were dominated by Jews, so we know he has a grasp of Russian revolutionary history. Some Putin quotes follow:

“If New World Order Agents and Satan worshipers want a challenge, then they can count me in.”

“We are facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency versus those who wish to destroy all values.”

“In a situation where you had domination by one country and its allies, or its satellites rather, the search for global solutions often turned into an attempt to impose their own universal recipes. This group’s ambitions grew so big that they started presenting the policies they put together in their corridors of power as the view of the entire international community. But this is not the case.”

“The measures taken against those who refuse to submit are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes.

“Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.

“Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become?”


Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan

Vladimir Putin Battles Satan Worshipers and New World Order Again

Putin’s Greatest Challenge to Satan-Worshippers and New World Order Agents

We had to spend years in the library reading books to figure it out. Putin was probably given the information as part of his intelligence training.

This video is old news, but we never get tired of hearing a national leader call Obama what he is, a war criminal. We wish all of the world leaders who oppose Obama’s policies would get together and have a little educational symposium on the reasons for their opposition. Unfortunately, international affairs is not a theater for truth-telling, so you’ll have to rely on the alt news sources.

The great error of “conservative” news outlets in the Obama era is to confuse Obama’s foreign policy and the U.S. military with the nation of United States. Under Obama the U.S. military is a tool of international Marxist/Islamist interests, not U.S. interests. The longheld “conservative” habit of supporting U.S. military actions as being in the interests of America becomes a fundamental error in the era of New World Order globalism.

The conservatives are confusing U.S. national interests with Obama’s NWO globalist agenda. Hence, rooting unreservedly for all U.S. military actions becomes a grotesque betrayal of conservative U.S. national interests. Chinese and Russian counterattacks toward Obama’s global socialism are not directed at the interests of U.S. citizens, they are opposing Obama’s aggressive international socialism — in particular, the overthrow of Ukraine’s duly elected government by Obama’s revolutionary cabal as well as Obama’s destabilization of Middle Eastern states.

Since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, the U.S. military is no longer “our” military, just as the U.S. government is no longer “our” government, U.S. corporations are no longer “our” corporations, U.S. universities are no longer “our” universities, and the U.S. media are no longer “our” media. The Obama administration’s initiative to integrate local police forces under the control of the U.S. military and NSA spying — full spectrum dominance — means the police are no longer acting in the interests of U.S. citizens. They are acting as socialist control agents, spies and persecutors of all his enemies as “terrorists.” All U.S. institutions have become instruments of control over the population under socialism. They are no longer “our” institutions.

Check out page 7 of this START report on the attitudes of law enforcement regarding the sources of terrorism. Obama has brainwashed local police forces into believing THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are the greatest terror threat to the U.S. government.

On TV you can still tell who is brainwashed by their use of the pronoun “we” in referring to the U.S. government. The U.S. government is “they” not “we.”

Good people have to look elsewhere for someone good to identify with. We are admiring Vladimir Putin’s frank language and courageous opposition to our common enemy. Unfortunately, he is not our leader, he is far away, and he is under fierce attack.

Of interest: Why the Head of the Russian Railways is Worried about the New World Order.

The following video is number 2 of 3 of Americans Meet Your Masters: Faces of Evil That Rule the World by Zen Gardner. Poorly documented but an accurate representation from what we have learned in our research. View the other parts of this series at You-Tube. Know your enemies.


News roundup Sept. 1, 2015

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The global economy is complicated, but Zero Hedge explains the latest downturn in a few paragraphs. When Saudi Arabia lowered the price of oil to harm Russia and drive North American shale drillers out of business, it sparked a fall in commodity prices. Money flowed out of emerging economies. China, which had been selling U.S. Treasury notes, sold an additional $100 billion. The yuan appreciated, China’s stock market crashed, and China depreciated the yuan, which led to a selloff in world stock markets. Saudi Arabia has similarly been selling U.S. Treasuries as it is faced with budget shortfalls. As these trends continue, liquidation of U.S. Treasuries will act as a kind of Quantitative Tightening to offset the Federal Reserve’s policy of Quantitative Easing (U.S. Treasury bond purchases). The selling of U.S. Treasuries essentially raised U.S. interest rates, preempting such a proposed move by the Fed.

The Federal Reserve needs to raise interest rates to bail out pension funds, which have been drastically underfunded the past several years due to low bond yields. However, if the Fed raises rates and ceases to buy Treasuries, the bloated socialist budgets of the United States and the states controlled by Democrats will face significant revenue shortfalls and increased borrowing costs.

Obama is at war with China on several fronts. Two wars will determine the future of the globalist economy. First, Obama is competing with China to recruit Asian nations into regional trade agreements. Obama’s plan is to isolate China economically, but China is fighting back by recruiting Asian nations into its own regional trade bloc. So far, the advantage seems to lie with China as the terms for membership under Obama’s TTIP are heavily weighted to favor U.S. multinational corporations and disadvantage Asian corporations. The final result will depend on deal-making and arm-twisting behind the scenes and won’t be known for months. But look for news stories announcing loyalties and alignments from individual Asian nations.

Second, China and Russia are leading the movement to provide an alternative to the U.S. dollar, the BRICS New Development Bank established last year. The more countries that support the New Development bank, the more likely a dollar crash.

These two economic struggles over leadership of the NWO are the background for press reporting on “currency wars.” Actually, the Russia/China/Iran coalition is winning hearts and minds and is taking action on a variety of fronts to neutralize Obama’s wars.

A little bad news for Obama: The EU is exploring a relationship with Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union. The EEU will not use the U.S. dollar in trade.

Rob Kirby weighs in on the Greek debt deal and the ominous implications for the economy if the globalists continue on their one-world economy course. The Greek socialist party has been such a failure that dissident party members have broken off and formed a new party, called Popular Unity.

Brazil’s Economy Is Now a Job-Destruction Machine. If you’re going to elect a Marxist as president, you need to expect corruption and economic failure.

Kyrgyzstan breaks 1993 cooperation agreement with U.S. over U.S. government meddling.

How the U.S. military launders its black-budget money.

“Global financial elites have configured an elaborate system that makes most of the military budget unauditable. This is because the real black budget includes money acquired by intelligence groups via narcotics trafficking, predatory lending, and various kinds of other financial fraud.”

How Private Intelligence Contractors influence U.S. military policy.

Turkey’s role in Obama’s attack on Syria.

We are finding it difficult to get good information about the Jade Helm operation. Dave Hodges thinks it’s a nationwide occupation. We really don’t know.

Hillary’s emails contained classified information, regardless of what she is saying. But the bigger problem is donations from foreign governments.

Hillary Clinton is a sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Black Democratic congressman Chaka Fattah charged with corruption. Surprised? Business as usual for the Democrats.

Whatever happened to Eric Holder? Oh, he’s a lobbyist for the banking industry.

Obama’s Labor Department loses court case, but Obama presses forward to regulate retirement accounts.

Merkel wants to use the refugee invasion crisis as a way to strengthen the European Commission.

Czech President Zeman wants to use the military to repel the foreign invaders.

NDP leads anti-immigrant rally in Dresden. Why let them settle in?

Finnish member of Parliament vows to fight multiculturalism, but Finland’s prime minister wants white genocide.

Steven Macmillan, Britain, The Pedophilic Establishment.

Lies homosexuals tell about children in their care.

A homosexual describes what it’s like to be possessed by a demon.

Still using Windows? How it spies on you.

Google secretly downloads a microphone onto its Chrome browser.

A summary of the aims of cultural subversion of the Fabians and the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxism). Pretty far along now, aren’t we?

The CIA and gangster rap.

Employers are tracking employees through wearable devices.

How the Illuminati like to party. Dressed up as the disciples of Satan.


CIA control of culture

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In July we posted Intelligence Agencies and Satanism as an introduction to organized Satanism and mind control within the U.S. government. Today we are wrapping up that series with a discussion of CIA control over culture.

Cathi Morgan at UK Mind Manipulation has put together a longish piece connecting the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments with the Bilderbergers,  the formation of the European Union, and the CIA’s efforts to control cultural organizations. The piece exposes various players in the “web of conspiracy” to control populations and events from the 1940s through the postwar period. This piece is a bit scattershot. We are recommending it mainly because we want to emphasize one part, the CIA’s founding of cultural front groups.

The American Committee on a United Europe (ACUE):

“ACUE’s Vice- Chairman was Allen Dulles, Bedell Smith’s successor as Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961; its Executive Director was Thomas Braden, head of the CIA’s International Organization Division, responsible for setting up CIA front groups throughout the world . . . David Teacher : Rogue Agents 2011

“The CIA front groups were spreading propaganda, and with powerful, wealthy figures on board via Intelligence organisations they gained significant control of media – movies, books, radio broadcasts, newpapers – ensuring the version of reality they wanted people to believe reached entire populations.”

This sounds fairly innocuous in the context of the cold war, but as we dig into the details you will be surprised at how widespread the cultural fronts were, and still are. There is more to this conspiracy than promoting American artists or “capitalist culture” in a cold war against Communist propaganda. (more…)