World Government Summit

The global controllers have formed a new organization to enslave us. It’s called World Government Summit. It holds annual conferences. The main difference with this global conference seems to be a very favorable Arab/Islam representation. The Left has embraced radical Islam, so it makes sense to update their global control conferences with more representation.

They can come up with more organizations to control the world faster than you can keep up because they are rich and nimble and you aren’t.

New American has a report on the World Government Summit.

Blacklisted News has a report on the World Government Summit that focuses on the symbolism of the Arch of Baal and traces the satanic conspiracy to Babylon.

A German immigration official wants voting rights for immigrants. Do they even speak German?

Everybody is asking, how much would it cost to abandon the euro? The answer is complicated, but at least they’re asking.

Trump’s wall will pay for itself if it keeps out 160,000 illegal invaders.

How the U.S. military turns U.S. citizens into enemy combatants.

Is Wikileaks now controlled by CIA? We would hate to see the end of Wikileaks. Their hacks have provided needed documentation of the crimes of the elites. We assume this video is not the last word on the subject.

A little news about George Soros. Background on Soros and the Rothschilds’ open society plans.

The White House believes John McCain gained access to President Trump’s phone calls and is leaking rumors to the press about involvement with Russia.

Newsmax is reporting on federal agencies facing budget cuts.

Paul Wood has a somewhat snarky piece on Trump’s promise to eliminate ISIS.

English police chief confirms former Prime Minister Edward Heath was a pedophile. Opening this up to public disclosure would help people get a handle on the perversion of the global elites.


Obama saved his biggest lie for his last speech: “Big countries don’t go around bullying smaller countries.” Pure bullshit from a globalist bully.

Homeland Security employee says he was ordered to scrub records of Islamic terrorists inside the United States. There is much more interesting reporting in this post on Obama’s coverup of Islamic terrorism.

1400 Years of Islam:

How Japan deals with Islam:

How Media Matters plans to carry on the Communist agenda while Trump is president. reports on Kremlin hardliners gaining Putin’s ear, as well as Putin’s ties to Israel. Pretty fair and balanced. Trump’s administration is staffing up with military hardliners as well, dashing hopes for peaceful relations with Russia.

Special Hillary Clinton Memorial Corner

There is a fake Hillary Clinton news site devoted to the idea that Hillary won the election, for those who can’t handle it. Amusing.

38 reporters on Hillary’s payroll:

Hillary Clinton’s appearance changed so drastically during the campaign that rumors circulated about a double or a clone. One researcher thinks he has a measure to distinguish between real Hillary and fake Hillary. Notice that the fake Hillary was in the debates.


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