Why sociology is anti-human, Part 2

We can quickly apply our understanding of Emile Durkheim’s errors to the two main attempts to create the social contract, the French and American revolutions. The social contract is the basis for the Constitution of the United States. The basic idea is that man can form a new civil society through rebellion by agreeing to be governed by the new civil institutions the Constitution creates. We understand the appeal of the American Revolution for ambitious free traders such as Hancock and ambitious landholders such as Washington. We even understand the appeal of freedom from British control by ultra-conservative Virginia slaveholders. But the idea that the secular civil society replaces and destroys the existing genuine societies (based on ethnic groups united by a religion) is not well articulated by any founding father. Just the opposite, the Bill of Rights and the refusal to outlaw slavery appeared to reinforce older social customs, the idea of religious tolerance had widespread appeal, and the appeal to freedom made any thinking about society appear retrograde. No one, at the beginning of the American experiment, recognized that the creation of civil society would allow the Marxists to build upon this new invention to eliminate the family, religion, and culture and force the integration of the existing ethnic groups so that whites would be discriminated against and controlled by black, gay, and feminist bureaucrats.

The existence of the Western frontier also masked the dynamic of civil society supplanting traditional society in America, but contrast this dynamic in America with the aims of the French revolutionaries. The French smashed the old institutions, the Catholic church, the monarchy, French culture, and the economy of France, with gusto and glee. But their ideas were so unworkable that Napoleon’s dictatorship soon arose, creating universal fear among the other countries of Europe that the Illuminati agenda would soon prevail under Napoleon’s conquests. France later experienced Restoration and a cultural revival tied to the monarchy that represented the last gasp of genuine conservative European culture, but it was short-lived. For some reason this oasis of genuine conservatism has little appeal to today’s conservatives. American conservatives are oriented toward British Victorianism. We think this is a measure of how brainwashed they are with the radical ideas of the Enlightenment and an orientation to England promoted by public school education.

President Washington foiled the attempt of French Illuminati immigrants to force a second revolution in the United States, and it appeared that American tolerance was preserving social and ethnic diversity in a “melting pot.” But the Progressives and Marxists renewed their assault on genuine society in the twentieth century and succeeded in gaining control over public education and the media. Under their control we can see today that the civil society becomes the mass pseudo-society, which destroys all previous genuine ethnic, religious cultures using the mass media and forced public education as agents of cultural destruction.

The federal government reinforces social destruction while acting as an arbiter of their claims against the secular state.

Let’s bring into high relief the problem of those living under a genuine ethnic culture and religion in the secular mass society. But first, we want to point out the processes of adaptation and compromise, the project of intellectual synthesis between Christian culture and Enlightenment radicalism. This synthesis led to a dominant Protestant popular culture in the nineteenth century as Protestants embraced industrial capitalism and the power nexus of Wall Street and government as progress. The values of the American Protestant synthesis really had nothing to do with biblical Christianity or the impulses that prompted the Protestant Reformation. But even today, as this synthesis ages and declines, many Protestants believe that revolution, freedom, equality, and happiness are Christian values, and many Protestant suffer from the false belief that the founding fathers were Christian. Their error is in referring only to the Puritans as the first pioneers. It was a second wave of immigration by elite New England occultist families that set America’s destiny. These families controlled the elite eastern universities, which led a cultural assault that destroyed Puritan culture by the time of the revolution.

It is only when the Protestant majority becomes a minority that their eyes are forced open to the reality of the secular agenda of Enlightenment radicalism that formed the basis for the American revolution and Constitution. Counting the number of times God is mentioned in the founding documents misses the point. Franklin and Jefferson were radical Deists, and profoundly and actively anti-Christian.

You won’t find a Christian symbol in Washington, D.C. All of it is occult Freemasonry.

The conflict between the secular economy and government and the religious nature of genuine societies always works to reject religious claims in this era of mature progressive secularism. The frontier has disappeared. There is no escape from the totalitarian takeover. Their agenda is to destroy Christianity.

The few genuinely religious societies that we can point to in modern America, such as the Amish, reject modernism, control land, keep a separatist perspective, and resist forced integration and secular mandates. The Utah Mormons form an intermediate case: they control land and Utah politics, but they have surrendered some of their customs to federal power and have become supporters of the secular state. The American Indians had a tragic encounter with federal force, then were granted sovereignty and retained tribal government. Indians today generally are caught between ethnic tribal identity and the benefits of white schools, jobs, and the money economy. They have identity problems, and they will continue to have identity problems as long as they compromise with the powerful secular state. The clash of worldviews is too strong to be overcome by adaptation or compromise or synthesis. Trying to live under two worldviews splits identity and prevents the individual from integrating his energy with force to produce greatness.

You can continue this line of thinking, contrasting religious society with the phony secular mass society, and find many political issues arising along this faultline. For example, the Catholic church has admonished Communist senators, such as Kennedy and Kerry, for claiming to be Catholic while supporting abortion and birth control. The secular Progressives have created infiltration and propaganda campaigns to undermine the dominant Christian sects and turn their members toward the Progressive agenda. Homosexuality is now one of the most prominent issues along this faultline.

We don’t object to the remnants of genuine societies continuing to battle for their “rights,” but religious societies need to recognize that they are outnumbered, disrespected, conspired against, and increasingly marginalized, and they are relying on radical secular institutions to grant them temporary victories. The long-term trendline favors their total destruction.

If one wishes to escape the power of the New World Order police state and the dumbed-down secular education agenda of ideological control, one must consider the possibility of recovering genuine ethnic religious societies independent of federal government control. It wouldn’t be enough to establish havens as the Progressive agenda is elimination of religion and the family, and it is just a matter of time until they do so. It is self-defeating to remain thinking in terms of “rights” or other secular concepts as the rights are merely there as a “democratic front” while the true agenda remains destroying democracy and rights with the socialist dictatorship.

Moving to a “more conservative” state merely buys a little time. America is governed by radical ideals and institutions. They are corrupt. The media, the government, the police, and the spy network penetrate everywhere. No state has outlawed public schools, or is about to. No state is about to outlaw usury, or ban large corporations from doing business, or outlaw credit cards, or prosecute bankers.

We could swamp some of the dying small towns in America that are going under as corporations move out, but you still have the problem of re-forming the genuine society within the existing radical political framework. The fault lines are still there, and you would be spending way too much time on self-defense and resisting forced integration while our secular enemies mount massive propaganda campaigns against our self-determination.

The formation of a genuine society would also involve lots of factionalism, argument, and dissent. People are used to thinking that they are entitled to have opinions, even though their opinions are entirely predictable from their worldview orientation. One of the greatest errors in secularism is the promotion of opinion rather than knowledge.

We should also refer to the history of the failed small-scale socialist experiments, and the later Neo-occultist social experiments, to understand the difficulties involved in re-forming genuine ethnic religious societies.

But we are also faced with the failure, and the historical disgrace, of every form of socialism. Socialism is not just evil, it is also unstable, even with a police state, local spies, and propaganda campaigns. Socialism is going to fail one state at a time, and these small failures promise to ripple into large financial crashes because of the inherently stupid idea of integrating the world economy and financial system under the New World Order dictatorship.

As states fail and devolve into anarchy, we can look forward to chaotic, small-scale power centers arising temporarily. It is possible that these can be the locus of our interest and support. Before there was a nation-state system and an Enlightenment, there was medieval Europe with a genuine society. Our search for a process of Undoing phony modernism leads us to consider a return to medieval arrangements as genuine conservatism. But we don’t think this can be accomplished by examining and attempting to copy the decentralized models of medieval Europe before centralized power took control and the misguided Enlightenment conspiracy produced the present crop of liberal flea-beetles bent on undermining everything of genuine human value.

The history of human development doesn’t support the idea that people can re-form religious ethnic cultures consciously and rationally. In fact people don’t make a move until their lives are threatened or their income is taken away or they face starvation or imprisonment. That is why the New World Order is so successful, the planners of tyranny are always several steps ahead of the disorganized people. They have the military, the courts, the Congress, the president, the tax revenue flow, endless credit creation, the media, the public schools, and well-financed networks of propaganda and activism. We have nothing except the true version of history and the understanding that all of their ideas are anti-human and leading to a very bad future for humanity.

Despite the odds against our success and even our survival, the project of disengaging from the secular crud society is engaging. What would you rather do, build a genuinely good society or live in the boring suburbs and watch feminist TV? What would you rather do, pay the Marxists to have yourself indoctrinated at a Marxist university or learn the true history and man’s potential for greatness from New World Order University? Would you rather survive with the crumbs socialism hands out and lose all your freedom and all opportunity for a meaningful life, or would you rather declare your independence from the police state, the propaganda, and the corruption and start over? For us it isn’t even a choice.

How is socialism working out for you? Are you on Attention Deficit Disorder drugs yet? Have the enviros confiscated your land yet? What proportion of your income are you paying to the government? Is your teacher or your boss about as smart as a fifth-grader? Has your kid been chipped yet? Is the public square in your town a ghost town? Have they built a mosque in your town yet? What excuse do they give you when you interview for a job? Just how beaten down are you, and how could you possibly imagine that you are going to have a future under socialism?

Contrast the present state of the American wasteland with the rhetoric of the revolution. Identify who robbed you of its promise. What did those abstract slogans really amount to? This isn’t a society we are living in, it is a socialist prison camp divided into marketing segments and the imaginary communities the socialists favor. Do you really want to put your faith in a single corrupt institution the socialists have created? What was Emile Durkheim talking about, the moral perfection of humanity? Kind of a cruel joke, isn’t it, the elevation of perverts to the control bureaucracies and legalized discrimination against whites? The joke is on you, if you got taken in by the social sciences.

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