Weaponizing immigration

Islam does not seek to integrate, Islam seeks to dominate.

How the United States and its allies weaponize immigration.

“To put it frankly, the US purposely created the conditions that sparked the refugee crisis, and it’s weaponizing the individuals that are fleeing from these theaters to use them as unwitting tools in a larger power play against Europe. In the course of events, the refugees (identified by the US as ‘strategic weapons/assets’) plow through the Balkans and simultaneously achieve one of Washington’s other goals, which is to destabilize Serbia and Macedonia. Everything that’s going on is basically the application of chaos theory in a geopolitical context.”

“Why don’t the migrants go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and similar countries in the region? These states share the same religion as most of the migrants and are also among the richest in the world.

“Saudi Arabia and Qatar only want migrants that can work menial jobs and be controlled, which is why they instead prefer South Asians from India and Pakistan. Destitute Syrians and Libyans would be a burden to their national budgets, which both absolute monarchies prefer to keep exclusively for the benefit of their actual citizens. Also, the migrants are fleeing sectarian warfare and terrorist groups, and those two countries are the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world, with their ideologies being directly to blame for the wars in Libya and Syria. It’s for these reasons why those refugees don’t go to either state, and plus, they know that even in the unlikely event that they decided to do so, they’d be immediately kicked out, jailed, or possibly even killed by the security forces (which is even more likely if they are of a non-Sunni sect).”

“There is no doubt that the refugee crisis is being exploited by terrorist groups as cover for infiltrating the region, and this is being done in full compliance with American foreign policy precepts. The “Islamic State” is basically a ‘territorial Al Qaeda’ that can be deployed anywhere in Africa-Eurasia that is of strategic benefit to the US, and right now, it looks as though its newest theater will be the Balkans.”

U.S. seeks to control the EU elites via refugee crisis.

“Of those ‘Syrians’ entering Germany, an estimated one in three is lying about his national origins, according to Germany’s Foreign Minister.”

A great big-picture review of recent immigration history in Europe at Those Who Can See. Most of the refugees entering Europe are not war refugees from Syria, they are economic opportunists responding to Angela Merkel’s invitation.

Don’t miss the sections on refugee complaints, public urination, violence, and crime and local protests against immigrants. Nothing on these subjects is being reported in the Marxist media.

peter-sutherland-thumb1On 22 June 2012 former EU Commissioner, Chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP, Bilderberger board member and honorary chairman of The Trilateral Commission, now migration chief of the UN, Peter Sutherland, said that the EU “should do its best to undermine the homogeneity” of its member states .

The Muslim Brotherhood Project: Cultural invasion and eventual conquest of the West through an alliance of like-minded Islamic groups pursuing a common strategy. Read about The Project at Front Page Magazine. The Project has been confirmed by a Senate Committee on Homeland Security report in 2008.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Conquest of Europe at The Middle East Quarterly explains the history of Germany’s embrace of radical Islam.

European Union “hate crime” legislation is designed to blunt any criticism of the takeover and criminalize anyone in Europe’s national populations who reveals the invasion plan.

A former adviser to Tony Blair revealed the conspiracy and explained that The Project would be sold to the public as an economic necessity due to a need for labor.

Saudi Arabia has a hundred thousand empty tents but has taken in no refugees. The Project does not aim to invade Saudi Arabia.

What percentage of Moslems support jihad terror groups? An international survey. Obama lied when he said that 99 percent of Moslems reject radical Islam. For recent immigrants to the U.S. from Syria, 13 percent supported ISIS. Support for sharia law is much higher.

One can only assume that these estimates are low. How many Moslems want to answer this question honestly?

How many Moslems would fight to defend the U.S. Constitution if it were being overthrown and replaced by sharia law? None. Any Moslem so doing would be beheaded. Just like you will be beheaded if you refuse to convert.

ISIS can print Syrian passports. Makes it easier for terrorists to join the refugee stream.

Obama’s screening process didn’t catch our San Bernadino shooter.

Obama shuts down investigative unit to make it easier for jihadis to enter U.S. As if racial profiling were a bad thing.

Radical Islamists cross Texas border.

Spain estimates 800 jihadists returned from Iraq and Syria ready to attack Europe.

Even if these terrorist tracking and screening procedures were effective, do you really want to build huge spy bureaucracies and international databases just so Moslems can come to the United States?

The omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government next year contains funding for 170,000 more immigrants from Moslem countries.
cuckseervReporting from Germany: The radical Islamists in Germany are just waiting for the immigrants so they can radicalize them. Come to our mosque, you’ll feel right at home.

German authorities arrest immigrant ISIS recruiter. Well, there’s one less, anyway. How many ISIS recruiters has Obama arrested?

Destroying the myth that the European immigrants are refugees from war zones.

Italian journalist asks immigrants if the terrorist attacks in France are justified by Islam:

The Third World Is Colonizing Us. The broader context. It’s not just the Moslems. It’s anti-white population replacement.

Julian Assange comments on the “strategic depopulation” of Syria.

German reporter inside ISIS says their plan is to get nuclear weapons, kill millions. Obama says, nothing to worry about. Climate change is the big threat.

The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act prohibited Moslems from entering the United States. The law is still in effect. Anyone who advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government is similarly banned from entering. Now that we have a Moslem president, he’s not going to enforce the law, is he?


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