UN now favors drug decriminalization

The United Nations has lined up with the Obama administration (or is it the other way around?) in favoring decriminalization of drugs. See the story at the Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports that Britain is the cocaine capital of Europe, with 1 million estimated users.

In South America, cocaine production is growing in Bolivia and Peru, down in Colombia.

West Africa is growing as a supply source for Europe’s cocaine.

The drug trade is keeping big banks from going bankrupt. More at EIR.

Turkey is a drug portal into Europe. Imagine that governments, mafias, warlords, terrorists, and banks are linked in underground networks.

Growing opium in Afghanistan.

Mexican heroin reaches Ohio suburbs.

How Mexican drug gangs recruit American teenagers and turn them into killers.

Drug-related cash flows from the United States into Mexico are estimated at $24 billion per year, the size of California’s deficit, but Mexico doesn’t do a good job of looking for the laundered money.

At the moment it appears that the worldwide push for drug decriminalization is an attempt to place drugs under the control of governments and cut out the cartels. Drugs are the number 1 cash crop in the world, and tax and control strategies would bring a lot of revenue into government coffers at a time of tax revenue shortfalls. But even if we are right, this is just step one in a long process.

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  1. Mayo?urtis says:

    Interesting article. Were did you develop all the selective information from… :)

    The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World. Read the quote at the top of the page. I’ve been doing full time research into the New World Order for over eight years.

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