Trail of the Serpent, Part 3

The following quotes are from The Trail of the Serpent by Inquire Within (For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and R .R. et A.C.), London: Boswell, 1936.

“Freemasons have contended for the empire of the world as few sovereigns have done, and to what end? To be the point of issue of all follies and all monstrosities; the Cabala, magic, hermetic philosophy, communications with spirits, magnetism, theosophy, deism, atheism, physical and moral regeneration, vengeance, destruction of empires, the Universal Republic; if we exclude these follies, what remains? A few honest citizens playing mournfully in the Chapel of the Tomb of Hiram.”

“Thus the existence of Freemasonry queers the pitch of every institution. A secret political power is incompatible with an independent Government. The Commissions of Inquiry are cored by the secret power. The good will of honest members of the Commission strikes up against a permanent conspiracy. It is thus in all workings of the State, the Mason Deputy does not represent his electors. The Mason-official does not impartially fulfill his duties; he represents his Lodge. He places his public authority at the service of his secret chiefs. The Mason-judge is not free; he is obliged to submit to fraternal pressure. An independent Government cannot co-exist with a secret Government; it suppresses it or else loses its own independence.”

During 150 years we have lived on the revolutionary myth. Has it been able to realise the infinite hopes that men had placed in the splendid formula, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”? Instead we see the failure of all institutions which claimed to be inspired by these three prophetic words.

Looking back over history, it seems to be evident that the spread of secret societies, illuminism, theurgy, and spiritism has always been a sure precursor of revolutions and the fall of Crowns. From its commencement, the reign of Nicolas II of Russia was one long succession of mystics, prophets, and Illumines—instruments of the “Hidden Hand”—who, by their strange practices and sometimes scandalous lives, contributed not a little to bring discredit upon the Court of Russia, eventually led to its downfall, and through death and destruction initiated the Jew-led Soviet rule with its dream of World Revolution and World Domination—the dream of Grand Orient Illuminised Masonry.

An extraordinary glamour has for long hung around the name of the Comte de Saint-Germain and today he is one of the most sacred masters, even to an obsession, of the Theosophical Society. Below we give some varied opinions about this almost legendary character. In a series of articles The Anatomy of Revolution, by G.G. or “Dargon,” author of the Nameless Order (see the Patriot, October 1922), he writes,

“There can be no doubt that a hundred and fifty years ago Grand Orient Masonry and Templar Masonry on the Continent were permeated and used by occult societies with subversive and anti-religious aims. The High Priest and master-mind of this movement in the eighteenth century would seem to have been a brilliant adventurer calling himself Count St. Germain or Ragoczy—believed to have been a Portuguese Jew—an assiduous organiser of revolt, and among whose connections or intimates we find Mirabeau, Weishaupt, Cagliostro and Paschalis (the two last also of Jewish origin), all of whom played their part in preparing the network of secret societies which helped to bring about the French revolution.”

Again, in the same series he writes,

“The origin of all the occult societies of today could probably be traced directly back to similar societies of the past. . . . The Theosophical Society, for instance, was founded by Mme Blavatsky, who was employed as an agent of the Carbonari, which she joined in 1856, when under the influence of Mazzini, who appears to have founded a branch of the Carbonari in England, and whose connection with Orient Masonry is well known. Mrs. A. Besant, Mme Blavatsky’s disciple and successor, could, therefore, justly claim to be of the line of the prophets of the mystical revolutionary cult which reveres Ragoczy as the Master. Hence it is not surprising to find that in founding Co-Masonry in England the adoration of Ragoczy . . . is a cardinal part of the ritual of the higher lodges of that body.”

Mrs. Besant, herself, in a pamphlet on “The Masters,” 1912, tells us:

“The last survivor of the Royal House of Rakoczi, known as the Comte de St. Germain in the history of the eighteenth century; as Bacon in the seventeenth century; as Robertus, the monk, in the sixteenth; as Hunyadi Janos in the fifteenth; as Christian Rosencreuz in the fourteenth—to take a few of his incarnations—was disciple through those laborious lives and now has achieved Masterhood, the ‘Hungarian Adept’ of The Occult World, and known to some of us in that Hungarian body.”

Another theosophist and occultist, of New York, Mrs. Alice A. Bailey, thus describes him in her book, Initiation Human and Solar, 1933. Master Rakoczi is a Hungarian, and lives in the Carpathian Mountains. Was known as the Comte de St . Germain, Roger Bacon, and later Francis Bacon. Works with the occult side of affairs in Europe, largely through esoteric ritual and ceremonial, being vitally interested in the effects of the ceremonial of the Freemasons, of various fraternities, and of the Churches. Acts practically in America and Europe as general manager for carrying out the plans of the executive council of the Lodge, which is an inner group of Masters round the three Lords—the latter being, Manu, Maitreya, and Manachohan.

Then, according to Eliphas Levi, who was a Martinist: St. Germain professed the Catholic religion and conformed to its practices. His family connections were unknown, but he talked as if he had lived for centuries. He chose his own disciples, required passive obedience, and told them that they were called to the royalty of Melchisedek and Solomon which was both an initiation and a priesthood, and he said to them: “Be the torch of the world; if your light is that of a planet, you will be nothing in the sight of God. I reserve for you a splendour of which the solar glory is a shadow. You shall guide the course of stars and those who rule empires shall be ruled by you.”

His principles, according to Eliphas Levi, were those of the Rose-Croix; he was ambassador of the illuminated Theosophists, and he was said to be a skillful physician and chemist. And as Eliphas Levi concludes,

“The Comte Saint-Germain was a fashion for a moment, and as he was an amiable and youthful Methuselah, who knew how to combine the tattle of a roue with the ecstasies of a Theosophist, he was the rage in certain circles, though speedily replaced by other phantasiasts. So goes the world!”

Finally, after the illuminising of the Grand Orient Lodges of France, a General Convent of Masons was convoked by the secret Committee for 15 February, 1785, and among the deputies were: Saint-Germain, Etrilla, Mesmer, Cagliostro, Mirabeau, etc. At this Convent the French Revolution and its propagation throughout Europe was resolved upon, even to the decree of regicide. We know that Cagliostro’s place in this scheme was to besmirch Marie-Antoinette and so prepare for the fall and death of the King.

Such are the varied accounts of this mysterious “Master Rakoczi,” masquerading under the name and cloak of the by-no-means “Holy” Comte de St. Germain, thus enchaining the imaginations and emotions of thousands of worthy but undoubtedly deluded Theosophists, more especially in America, that land of fantastic “isms.” Moreover, one can easily understand how important the doctrine of reincarnation is to such sinister Masters, for without it the name “Comte de St. Germain” would be dead and useless as a burnt-out ember.

Finally, we would agree with Rene Guenon, the well-known Orientalist, who accuses Theosophy “of immediately unbalancing feeble minds who are drawn into these centres; the number of unfortunates led by these things to ruin, madness, and at times even to death is much more considerable than can be imagined by insufficiently informed people. It can be said without exaggeration that the diffusion of ‘Neo-Spiritualism’ under all its forms, constitutes a veritable public danger which cannot be too insistently denounced.”

M.J. de Boistel, in the R .I.S.S., 15 November, 1934, writes: “It can be said that the occult sects which have formed themselves in the heart of Christianity, and Freemasonry itself, are almost all merely an adaptation, more or less crude, of the Cabalistic and Gnostic errors.” He gives the principal dates of the renaissance of this cabalistic gnosticism as 1855, the revival of Spiritism by Allan Kardoc; 1875, the formation of the Theosophical Society, 1885, the reconstitution of Martinism; 1888, the restoration of the sect of Gnostics; 1912, the foundation of Symbolism; 1919, the opening of the International Metaphysical Institution. In 1888, he tells us, F . : . Jules Doinel, departmental archivist of Loiret and member of the Council of the Grand Orient of France, revived the Gnostic Church, calling himself the First Patriarch, Valentin II. He grouped together high intellectuals, and in 1893 a Synod was constituted, a Hierarchy was established, and several bishops were created. Later F. Doinel repudiated these doctrines and returned to the Catholic Church. He was succeeded, as Patriarch, by F . Synesius, who founded the review, La Gnose, in 1909; in 1907, the rival Patriarch, Jean II (J . Bricaud), founded the review, Le Reveil Gnostique.

After his resignation F. Doinel wrote:

“Jewish action, Jewish infiltration, Jewish hatred! How often have I heard Freemasons groan under the domination which the Jews impose upon the Lodges, upon the Philosophic Lodges, upon the Councils of the Grand Orient in all countries, at all points of the Triangle, the whole length of the vast world…Since the Revolution the Jews have invaded the Lodges. To the learned, the Cabala; to the ignorant, the Jewish spirit. The Cabala dogmatises and makes of metaphysics, the metaphysics of Lucifer. The Jewish spirit directs action.”

One of the earliest steps in this renewed World Movement appears to be the Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 by the Russian, Mme Blavatsky, a woman, according to Mrs. Besant, “with little education” but a powerful medium. She was an initiate of the Druse Order—a development from the House of Wisdom, Cairo—and was initiated into the Carbonari by Mazzini. The aims of the Alta Vendita, the Supreme Directory of the Carbonari, were identical with those of the Illuminati.

In 1880 Weishaupt’s Illuminati was reorganised at Dresden by Leopold Engel, under the name of Ordre Renove des Illuminati Gervnanice, and played a very suspect political role; Rudolf Steiner, it is believed, belonged to it, but later Dr. Franz Hartmann, who was born in 1838 at Donauwerth, in Bavaria, along with others, founded the Ordre de la Rose-Croix Esoterique, which was closely linked to the above; he also established in Switzerland, September 1889, a Theosophico-Monastic body called Fraternitas, and associated with him in this were Dr. R. Thurmann, Dr. A. Pioda, and the Countess Wachtmeister, the last a friend of Mme Blavatsky. About 1887 he also appears to have belonged to an American branch of the Golden Dawn at its centre in Boston.

In 1895 a certain Ordre des Templiers Orientaux was founded by Dr. Karl Kellner, and at his death in 1905 was carried on by a Theosophist, Theodore Reuss, and the Rose-Croix Esoterique finally became its “inner circle.” Theodore Reuss, who later called himself Reuss-Wilsson, was a German living in London, where for long he held an official position in the “Theosophical Publishing Co.” Unable to return to his own country, he nevertheless, founded a so-called Grand Orient of the German Empire, with Franz Hartmann as one of its dignitaries. It was said that Reuss initiated Rudolf Steiner into the O.T.O., and that Crowley’s O.T.O. was a branch of the same movement.

It is interesting to note what the Jewish writer, Dr. Alfred Nossig, wrote of Socialism and the League of Nations in his book Integrales Judentum:

“The modern Socialist Movement is in great part a work of the Jews, who impress on it the mark of their brains; it was they who took a preponderating part in the directing of the first Socialist republic, although the controlling Jewish Socialists were mostly far from Judaism.”

“The present world Socialism forms the first step of the accomplishment of Mosaism, the start of the realisation of the future state of the world announced by our prophets.”

“It is not till there shall be a League of Nations; it is not till its allied armies shall be employed in an effective manner for the protection of the feeble that we can hope that the Jews will be able to develop without impediment in Palestine, their national State; and equally it is only a League of Nations penetrated with the Socialist spirit that will render possible for us the enjoyment of our international necessities as well as our national ones.”

Here we must note that there has always been among the Arcane societies a dual movement—on the one hand mystical, on the other political. Such esoteric bodies as the Fraternity of the Rosy-Cross, the Martinists, the Swedenborgians, and Theosophists have consisted no doubt largely of harmless enthusiasts to whom mysticism or magic appealed. But they have also been used as the cover for political intrigue, and as a net wherein to catch, test, and select persons who could be used for subversive ends. For it is one of the methods of the revolutionary directorate to use, wherever possible, harmless bodies as their cloak, and innocent people as their unconscious agents.

The result of Yoga meditation and processes for awakening the kundalini, whether Western or Eastern, is the same in all groups working under unknown Masters; it means that gradually the Master takes possession of the adept’s mind and impresses his own will upon it, so that an advanced initiate, such as Steiner, would work under the impetus of the Hidden Master and for his ends alone.

According to Eliphas Levi, in his History of Magic, “The secret of the Great Work, which is the fixation of the Astral Light by a sovereign act of will, is represented by the adepts as a serpent pierced with an arrow, thus forming the Hebrew letter Aleph.”

Dion Fortune explains her real attitude towards Christianity in her book, The Esoteric Orders, when, speaking of Hermetic traditions, she writes:

“Its highest development was in the Egyptian and Cabalistic systems, and it was blended with Christian thought in the schools of the Neo-Platonists and the Gnostics, but the persecuting energy of the Church, long since exotericised, stamped it out as an organised system. Its studies were only kept alive during the Dark Ages among the Jews, who were the chief exponents of its doctrines.

Its Egyptian aspect was reintroduced into Europe by the Templars after the Crusades had put them in touch with the Holy Centres in the Near East. As we have shown, the secret doctrine of the Templars was Manichaean and Johannite, and they were allied to the Assassins! Stamped out again by the fear and jealousy of the Church, it reappeared once more in the long line of Alchemists who flourished after the power of Rome was broken by the Reformation; and it is still alive today.

“By thinking of the Masters we attract their attention, and it is unbelievably easy to establish a magnetic link with those who are always more ready to give than we are to receive.” As the Masters said to the present writer, “We have need of thee and all thy gifts!” Their plan is to rule over a Universal World State, and for this purpose they have need of passive yet gifted instruments.”

“All these influences are employed to construct a great thought-form in the group-mind of the Lodge, and into this thought-form are poured the potencies evoked by the Names of Power used in the initiatory work, and these influences are focussed upon the candidate while he is in a state of exalted consciousness. This is the rationale of initiation.”

“There was formed in the heart of thickest darkness a society of new beings, who knew each other without being seen, who understood each other without explanation, who served one another without friendship. Their society aims at governing the world, appropriating the authority of sovereigns, usurping their thrones by leaving them the mere barren honour of wearing the Crown. It adopts the Jesuitic regime, blind obedience, and the regicide principles of the seventeenth century; from Freemasonry the tests and exterior ceremonies; from the Templars the subterranean evocations and incredible audacity. It uses the discoveries of physics in order to impose upon the ignorant multitude.”

The Kundalini-Yoga in one form or another is found in all these sects; it is the basis of their attraction and power. Without it they could not exist, there would be no mysterious Overmasters pouring out suggestive and intriguing teachings, giving directions and seemingly wise advice; there would be no seeing of visions and hearing of voices, there would be no going out into the profane world orienting minds by means of these insidious teachings, drawing into the nets the unwary and sometimes genuine seeker after truth, but more often the craver after excitement, looking for something to enhance or give interest to an otherwise colourless life, enticed by the promise of awakening hitherto unsuspected and mysterious powers—but always under control and ostensibly for the betterment of collective Humanity. Binding the members together with an oath of secrecy and blind obedience—the secrecy of their contact with these Masters or Elder Brethren who, through these pseudo-mysteries and their dupes, would govern the world and usurp authority.

Such is the “God within” of all these various sects. It is represented by the Caduceus of Hermes, with its twin serpents, negative and positive, twining round the central rod, the spinal column, surmounted at the pineal gland by the wings of what is called liberation; the ball at the top of the rod being the pituitary body, the seat of supreme power.

The great danger of this Yoga as practised among Western and modern Illumines would, therefore, appear to be not only an intoxication of astral light, producing illusions and deception, even mania, but also the serious risk of a stronger mind, working on the astral plane, taking possession of a weaker and less-informed mind, using it for its own ends, as in the case of these Masters and Elder Brothers, who seem to be taken on trust by the leaders of these cults. As Dion Fortune writes:

“By thinking of the Masters we attract their attention, and it is unbelievably easy to establish a magnetic link with those who are always more ready to give than we are to receive; and if anyone, after thinking about the Masters and formulating a wish to be accepted as a pupil, finds that the circumstances of his life are beginning to blow up a storm, he will know that his application has been accepted and that the preliminary tests have begun.”

“If the experiment is successful . . . you will experience a feeling of cold at the extremities, especially in your hands, and you will tremble slightly. At the same time you will feel a sensation, which cannot be explained to those who have not experienced it, as though an extraneous entity entered into you . . . You will then find that a series of images, and afterwards of intuitions, come into your mind very quickly, but characterised by the fact that it seems to you that it is not you who are thinking, and that things are being revealed to you by another through the medium of a sort of internal illumination.”

“By becoming more proficient in certain exercises we can succeed in bringing other people under the same influence, that is, we can convert our own particular hallucination into a collective hallucination. That is true both of positive and negative hallucinations.”

In the Golden Dawn the “Hidden Chiefs” were “Great Adepts of this Planet still in the body of the flesh.”

“The Masters of Wisdom are mortal men…in thy higher self (Cabalistic Tree of Life) thou shalt hear my voice; when thou art willing to obey that voice of silence . . .I am guiding thee.” Thus this ‘voice within’ is not that of a spirit nor yet is it divine, but merely that of a controlling ‘mortal man,’ influencing the medium from outside, and it may be from a distance—an unknown illuminatus.”

“I use her in this way. At the top of her head there is a large cone-like shape [pituitary body!]. It is down this cone, like a passage [or funnel] that the power is poured. I am able to play and work on the brain, and use the whole body as I will, while the control is taking place.”

This is hypnotic control or possession, and appears to be somewhat similar to the method taught and attempted by the R. R. et A. C. masters when seeking to gain permanent control over the Chief and the Order. According to them the transmission of the forces, set in motion by thought and will-power, from the mental plane above to the material plane below, is in the form of a double cone or hour-glass; the power from above transmits the force through the upper cone, and by means of the lower translates it to the passive and prepared medium below, along the etheric thread of communication (see Light Bearers of Darkness, pp. 124 and 134). This method has also been compared by other occultists to the action of a waterspout or whirlwind, creating a vortex down which the forces rush.

It is the invisible “Holy Empire” over all peoples and over all nations. The Pentagram is its shining star, the symbolism of Illuminism, the star of revolution. Its symbol of power is the Interlaced Triangles, the Seal of Solomon, the seven powers representing complete magical power through the knowledge, in all its combinations, of the magnetic currents of attraction and repulsion in all nature. He who has this power and can wield it has “the Keys of the East.”

To originate a current of ideas which produces faith and draws a large number of wills in a given circle of active manifestation, a well-formed chain is like a whirlpool which sucks down and absorbs all. . . . To be able to apply these currents and direct them is to be Master of the World. Armed with such a force you may make yourself adored, the crowd will believe you are God.

One cannot fail to be struck by the similarity which exists between the doctrines of the Pharisees twenty-five centuries old [borrowed from the Chaldeans of Babylon] and those professed in our days by the disciples of Allan Kardec or of Mme. Blavatsky. The most important difference is that the final blessing is reserved by the Talmud for Jews alone, whilst Spiritists and Theosophists affirm that all beings will attain it.

As the Talmud says: “The Messiah will give the Royal Sceptre to the Jew, all peoples will serve him, and all kingdoms will be subject to him.”

The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony. . . For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. Those magicians who object to the use of blood have endeavoured to replace it with incense. . . . But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.

All so-called divine or barbarous names used in their evocations simply set up vibrations, awakening and reawakening these hidden forces in man and in the universe as required for the end in view. Most of these sects and orders are in fact merely nurseries, training unwitting men and women to become the passive material instrument in the hands of so-called “White Brothers” or more truly black magicians.

Adepts trained in these magic schools lose their “I” and become mere robots, even as these images, and are thrown aside as empty husks when no longer useful to their evil taskmasters. Study of the history and workings of all these secret sects proves the truth of this, and always it has ended in perversion for the purpose of domination, individual or universal.

In London and elsewhere, we are told, Black Mass is still performed, no doubt in a less terrifying form, but nevertheless erotic and vicious, pandering to neurotic and depraved minds, who in turn contaminate others, insidiously infecting the sanity of the nation, sowing seeds of chaos and putrefaction, moral, physical, and mental.

Concluding his book on Black Mass, 1924, J. Bricaud says:

“It is certain, as we have shown, that the sacrilegious ceremonies, the scenes of profanation have not disappeared. But they have lost their primitive meaning and their psychological aspect is no longer the same. Today the followers of Satan put all their ardour into the accomplishment of what they believe to be the highest expression of sacrilege; they give themselves up to sensual pleasures before a derisive Christ, the better to defy Him. Under Louis XIV, it was still the rule to sacrifice a little child on the altar. Today it is no longer watered with blood, it is soiled with filth. Modern Black Mass is no longer true Satanism. It is no longer the monstrous revolt of the creature against the Creator, the criminal revolt of man lost in hatred against the Divine Power. His disgusting saturnalias and his orgies against Nature are merely sadism.”

By rhythmic movement and sound the kundalini is stimulated, the centres vivified, and the vacuum created through which the required forces and influences are directed by their Master, affecting not only the performers, but the whole audience, merging and orienting them for occult purposes. Magnetising the hall and preparing the people for illumination!

Much emphasis is put on so-called purification, physical, emotional, and mental, for unless the body is purified and the brain stilled, the shattering forces transmitted by the Masters, in their experimentations, would, they well know, cause grave physical and mental disease, even such as ever follows in the train of these occult schools. This purification is attained by dieting, and the use by the Masters of coloured lights and sound, shattering, stilling, stimulating, and attracting, until initiation or hypnotic control by the Central Power is accomplished for “the great Law of attraction draws you to Him, and nought can withstand the Law.”

The necessity of establishing a spirit of international dependence and interrelation, so that the nations would be politically forced to realise that isolation, separateness, and the cultivation of national egoism must go. Thus bringing about the Brotherhood of Nations—a World Federation State!

We are asked to drop antagonisms, antipathies, hatreds, and racial differences, and to think in terms of one family, one life, one humanity. The end and aim being unification and mental control by the so-called Hierarchy of Supermen.

Thus the new world is to be unified by means of these cosmic and psychic energies, which would undoubtedly culminate in world domination and control by some very powerful and positive group superior over all others in development of will power and intense concentration, having profound knowledge of the laws of these energies, as well as of human nature and its weaknesses, using these energies to prepare and rule negatively developed men and women—a happy future indeed for enslaved humanity.

The candidate of the “Short Path,” when seeking admission as a disciple, is reminded of the risks he runs of incurring dangerous illness, madness, and certain occult happenings that may cause death. Considering the forces being used, this can be understood. The disciple must have faith in his initiating Master and in the efficacy of the angkur he confers.

One can, therefore, realise the dangers to which the adept is exposed in these high mystic and psychic initiations, common to all gnostic and cabalistic sects, more especially when one remembers that in all such modern sects the initiating adept and teacher is himself merely an intermediary, oriented and controlled, carrying out the commands of some unknown and ambitious Hierarchy of Supermen who, as related by Mrs. A. A. Bailey of New York, would dominate the nations through such tools, moulded to occupy their several appointed posts, light bearers of darkness leading the peoples to commit mental, religious, national, and racial suicide so as to make way for some monstrous New Era, new civilisation, new subjective religion.

In England we are not without our quota of exploiting and proselytising Swamis and Yogis, and what we would emphasise is, that such a crude form of Eastern Yoga, when applied to Western mentality, whether in the form of Indian or Tibetan systems or the Magical Cabala of the Jews, merely results in a hypnotic passivity or unbalance, through an over-charge of astral light, and is destructive to Western virility and mental power, which will end in submerging Western and Christian traditions, leaving the nations an easy prey to domination by their ever-watchful and secret enemies. Also we must never forget that these cosmic and vital forces can both slay and make alive, bodily and mentally, and in the hands of ambitious and unscrupulous men, “Supermen,” “Elder Brothers,” or the whole gamut of those who astrally control these sects and cults which have eaten into the life of the Western World today, this Yoga teaching can be a deadly weapon of power for evil domination or vengeance, under the masquerade of soul-development or religious attainment.

The same apparent paradox is found in modern secret societies in Europe and America; superficially they appear religious and moral bodies, but under all runs the eternal cry of revolt: “Everything, yes, everything must be destroyed, since everything must be renewed.”

Steiner says that the Atlantean Kings had spirit guides in human form, “Messengers of the Gods” (Elder Brothers), who actually ruled men through the kings. As he explains, these guides were under Luciferian influence, but used it progressively to free themselves from error by becoming initiates of the Solar-Christ Being they became Illumines! They imparted the mysteries to disciples and in fact became Christ-oracles. Matter in the form of Ahriman came along and intellect was born and the gods receded from among men. In the later Atlantean evolution the mysteries, he said, had to be kept secret so that the knowledge of how to control and direct Nature’s forces should not be used for evil and sensual purposes, but in time these powers became known, black magic became rampant, and Atlantis was destroyed.

Tibet has preserved many details of the wars of this lost Atlantis, charging the cause of its destruction to the cultivation of black magic.

The sacred territory of Agarttha is independent, synarchically organised, and composed of a population rising to the figure of nearly 20 million souls. That is, Yogis, adepts, and initiates, who, all over the world, practise Yoga, Eastern or Western, and are united on the astral by the magnetic life-principle which penetrates all peoples and all nature.

In 1869 the Chevalier Gougenot des Mousseaux wrote in his book, Le Juif, Le Judaisme et La Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens:

“The anti-religious but, above all, anti-Christian efforts which distinguish the present epoch have a character of concentration and universality which marks the stamp of the Jew, the supreme patron of the unification of peoples, because he is the cosmopolitan people par excellence; because the Jew prepares by the licence of libre-pensee, the era called by him Messianic—the day of his universal triumph.

Moreover, in support of the above, we quote, in Jewish World of 9 and 16 February, 1883:

“The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people, and in this capacity must act, and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is not that Jews shall be allowed to flock together one day in some hole- and-corner fashion, for, if not tribal, at any rate separatist objects; but that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations—a greater Judaism, in fact—all the separate races and religions shall disappear.

In conclusion, these, then, are the results of our further investigations into the many secret and occult societies both of yesterday and today, as published in the Patriot from 1930 to 1935. Everything seems to point to the cabalistic and revolutionary Jew as the Master-mind working behind them, using them as pawns in his great gamble and world-wide conspiracy, which would disintegrate and destroy, not only the Christian Faith, but the entire traditions of Western civilisation. His weapon of control and attack being the Triangle of Fire, these magnetic-forces of Life which can both slay and make alive, and by which he professes to free and enlighten the peoples, only the more surely to bind, unify, and enslave them under some unknown and alien Ruler. Moreover, to forward this sinister gamble he entraps and blinds them with the ancient catch-words “Know Thyself” and “Ye shall be as Gods.” That is Illuminism or so-called Liberation of Man—Free not to use his freedom for himself, but to fulfill the Plans of the Great Conspiracy and its Supreme Pontiff.

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