Trail of the Serpent, Part 2

The following quotes are from The Trail of the Serpent by Inquire Within (For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and R.R. et A.C.), London: Boswell, 1936.

The Jew and high Mason, Cremieux, founder and president of L’Alliance-israelite-universelle, said in his manifesto, 1860:

“The net which Israel now casts over the terrestrial globe enlarges and extends. . . . Our power is immense. Learn to turn that power to our cause. The day is not far distant when all the riches, all the treasures of the earth, will become the property of the children of Israel.”

“Equality and liberty are the essential rights which man in his original and primitive perfection received from nature. The first attack upon this equality was made by property, the first attack upon liberty was made by political societies or Governments; the sole supports of property and Governments are the religious and civil laws. Therefore, to establish man in his primitive rights of equality and liberty, we must begin by destroying all religion, all civil society, and finish by abolishing property.”

Their sinister methods of enticing the unwary into their universal net have been exposed by the latter in the following letter of instructions sent by him to the superior agents of the Piedmontese Vente, 18 January, 1822:

“It is essential to isolate the man from his family and cause him to lose his morals. Entice him, draw him away, give him the idleness of the shows. Man is born a rebel. He loves the long talks of the cafe, any kind of importance, teach him discreetly to tire of his daily work, and in this way . . . after having shown him how tiresome all duties are, inculcate in him the desire for another existence. Having insinuated in several minds the distaste of family and religion, let drop certain words which will incite the desire to become affiliated to the nearest lodge. This vanity of the bourgeois to identify himself with Freemasonry has something so banal and so universal that I am ever in admiration of human stupidity.”

These secret societies have been agents in all insurrections and revolutions in Italy, Spain, and France. In Italy they were known as Carbonarism, in France as Charbonnerie, and in Spain as Communeros, and they were all bound together by an occult direction, forming the irresistible weight of public opinion influencing elections.

The Haute-Vente was composed of some corrupt grand seigneurs and of Jews, and was the continuation of the Inner Order (of the Illuminati) constituted before the revolution of 1789.

“In order to kill surely the old world we have believed it necessary to stifle the Catholic and Christian germ.”

Further, we find the Jew Freemason Cremieux, founder and president of the Alliance-israelite-universelle, proclaiming in the name of the Provisional Government, 1848: “The Republic will do what Masonry does, it will become the splendid pledge of the union of peoples over all points of the globe on all sides of our triangle.”

To know, to dare, to will, to keep silence! Such is the system common to all occult, subversive, and secret societies, always apparently controlled by some Unknown Superiors working for the Universal Domination.

“The anti-religious but, above all, anti-Christian efforts which distinguish the present epoch have a character of concentration and universality which marks the stamp of the Jew, the supreme patron of the unification of peoples, because he is the cosmopolitan people par excellence; because the Jew prepares by the licence of the libre-pensee, the era called by him `Messianic’—the day of his universal triumph.

“L’Alliance-israelite-universelle religions. . . addresses itself to all. It desires to penetrate into all religions as it has penetrated into all countries. How many nations have disappeared? How many religions will in turn vanish? Israel will not cease to exist.”

Adolph Cremieux more than any other gave a strictly Jewish character to the French revolutionary movement; “He prepared and loudly proclaimed, during the last years of his life, the Messianic reign, the time so long expected when all nations will be subject to Israel and all men will work for the representatives of the race blessed by Jehovah.”

It hopes to Judaise the world and open the way for Judaic expansion and development, penetrating all religions and all nations.

According to Leon de Poncins, 1928, the Jewish Masonic Order B’nai B’rith was founded in New York in 1843. According to well-informed sources, there is in the B’nai B’rith a super-position of secret societies ending in a single governing power. Above the B’nai B’rith are the B’nai Moshe, then the B’nai Zion, and finally the hidden centre of supreme command.”

After the apparent dissolution of Weishaupt’s Illuminati, Fessler, as Eckert says, took upon himself the task of giving an exterior form to the aims and methods of Illuminism. He therefore organised in Prussia the Grande Loge Royal York A l’Amitie, under the patronage of the Prince Royal, afterwards Frederick-William III, which served as a centre for anti-Christian and anti-social conspiracy. The idea of the reunion of Germany under Prussia never ceased to be the aim of these lodges, and after 1848 Bismarck was the man who grouped all the forces of secret societies under his own direction, and the Jews, allied with him from 1866, were his most active supporters in this unification.

Out of this secret Masonry was built up the simpler outside manifestations, the Marxist and other Socialist systems, which in Russia culminated in the present Soviet regime of collectivism, slavery, immorality, and atheism. Their aim was that of Weishaupt—liberty and equality of the forests, upon the ruins of religion and property.

“The Bund, or General Union of the Jewish Workers, was founded in 1897 for proletarian Jews. . . . It carried on active propaganda in Yiddish. It is a political and economic association of the Illuminati.”

“[It] served as model to those who fought for liberty and were pioneers of the Russian Revolution. There was not a political organisation in the vast Empire which was not influenced by the Jews or directed by them—the Social-Democrats, the Revolutionary Socialist parties, and the Polish Socialist Party, all had jews among their directors.”

Communists have their centres of activity, their pamphlets, and their journals of revolt against capital, civil, and religious authority; their single thought, their single passion, the creation of a Soviet machine working for World Revolution which would bring in, not as they think, the reign of democracy, but that of unknown task-masters whose slaves they would eventually become.

These controlling “Supermen” behind the scenes are, it would seem, past-masters in the knowledge and working of this Practical Cabala built up from cults of the remotest past. Is it not therefore justifiable to suppose that these Supermen are magic-working, cabalistic, and revolutionary Jews?

In the Jewish Chronicle, 28 April, 1911, M. Schindler, an American Rabbi, wrote:
“For fifty years I have been a resolute partisan of assimilation of the Jews, and have believed in it. Today I confess my error. The American melting-pot will never produce the fusion of one Jew.”

Their disastrous influence makes itself felt above all in affairs which have most weight in the fortune of the country; there is no enterprise in which the Jews have not their large share, no public loan which they do not monopolise, no disaster which they have not prepared and by which they do not profit.

As de Poncins has justly said, the secret forces of subversion which must be fought and overcome in order to return to world sanity are: “Freemasonry, Judaism, and Occultism, whose alliance and reciprocal interpretation no longer require demonstration.” By means of these the mentality of the Western world has been for long and still is being Judaised in all departments of life, producing Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism, which if successful would inevitably lead to Jewish domination and the destruction of Western and Christian civilization.

Further, in explanation of the role played by Judaeo-Masonry in Hungary, we take the following documented information from Leon de Poncin’s book La Dictature des Puissances Occultes. The history of this Masonry in Hungary is of special interest, because after the fall of the Bela Kuhn Bolshevik revolution, the Government of Hungary dissolved the Masonic Lodges, seized and published their archives, and these clearly showed the connection of the Jew-dominated Masonry with the revolutionary movement of 1918. He reproduces an open letter on this subject sent by the Deputy Julius Gombos (Prime Minister of Hungary) to Comte Paul Teleki, President of the Hungarian Council, in which we read:

“The Royal Government of Hungary has, as the whole world knows, dissolved Hungarian Freemasonry because some of the members of this organisation have taken part in the preparation of the October revolution and the work of systematic destruction which has taken place against the interests of the people and State of Hungary. There were, according to the investigators, among these people men who, in this country, were representatives or agents of Jewish tendencies having in view universal domination, and who have dreamed in the silence of secrecy to lull to sleep national sentiment so as to make an anti-national doctrine triumph, which is foreign to us but dear to them. Although the decision on the fate of Hungarian Masonry is the business of the Interior order, in my opinion, Your Excellency would render a great service to the country by enlightening the foreigner on this question, and another, connected with it, the Jewish question, so that the foreigner does not form erroneous ideas on the measures taken in view of the defence of the religion and morality of the people and nation.”

Catherine at first declared herself Protector of Masonry, and in 1784 the Imperial Lodge was formed in Petersburg. However, after the Revolution in 1792, having found that Novikof, unknown to her, had initiated the Grand Duke, later Paul I, Novikof was thrown into the Fortress Schlusselburg and the Princes Leopuchin, Troubetskoi, and Turgenjef were exiled to their estates; still Masonry worked in secret. Paul I favoured Masonry and released Novikof, but in 1797 closed the lodges and exiled most of the dangerous initiates. Alexander I, through Bober Counsellor of State and Grand Master of the Russian Grand Orient, revoked Paul’s ordinance, and in 1803 was made a Mason. The first Grand Lodge, Vladimir, was founded in 1811, but was later replaced by two groups, Astres and Provinciale. In 1822, fearing the result upon the State of such a democratic organisation, the lodges were dissolved by Imperial ukase.

There was another society at Kiev, 1823, the Slavoniens unis, having relations with the Socicte du sud. Their rites were those of high Masonry, aiming, with certain independence, to unite the eight Slav countries, Russia, Poland, Bohemia, Moravia, Dalmatia, Hungary (?) with Transylvania, Serbia with Moldavia, and Valachia, having a federal and central town—one of the sects’ early forms of the United States of Europe! If the conspiracy had succeeded Pestel would have been Dictator. He sought to unite with the Poles, but when he disclosed plans to murder the whole Imperial family and proclaim a Socialistic republic, Prince Jablonowski recoiled in horror, and the Poles were allowed to form their own government.

According to Leon de Poncins in La Franc-maconnerie, 1934, after the Bolshevik revolution of Bela Kuhn in Hungary, the Government ordered the Masonic archives to be seized and published, thus showing the flagrant connection of Masonry with the revolutionary movement. In a resume of the secret papers found in the lodges of Budapest we find:

“The book on Hungarian Freemasonry which has just been published by the Union des Societes chretiennes et nationales de Hongrie, is divided into three parts: (1) The crimes of Freemasonry, by Adorjan Barcsay, contains a great quantity of documents seized when the Lodges were dissolved in 1922. (2) Written by Joseph Palatinus, is called, The Secrets of a Provincial Lodge, and exposes the secret work of Masonic destruction which led Hungary to the revolution of October, 1918, and to Communism in 1919. (3) Contains the list of members of the Masonic Lodges in Hungary, which proves to us that 90 per cent of the Hungarian Masons were Jews.

A letter, 15 January, 1728, shows that Spanish Masonry began by a delegation from the English Grand Master; the lodge was called Matritense. The introduction of the Scottish Rite in Spain was due to Comte de Tilly, authorised by his relative, Comte de Grasse-Tilly, who shortly before had introduced the regularised rite from Charleston into France.

One of the first lodges, under the Grand Lodge of England, was formed at Madrid, 1731, and, when Charles III came from Naples to the Throne of Spain, among his courtiers were several Masons; very soon the lodge at Madrid began to exercise serious influence over the Government. In 1766, through Count Aranda, the Jesuits were driven from Spain and Spanish possessions; Jansenist, Masonic, Encyclopedist, and even Illumine doctrines infected Episcopal seats, chapters, and universities.

During Napoleon’s invasion French officers and officials formed the Afrancesados, lodges favourable to French rule.

According to Thomas Frost, the historian, all moderate constitutionalists were Freemasons, and made use of Masonic organisation to consult secretly on the movement which ended in the revolution of 1820. The extreme party, the Communeros, formed a similar organisation, Confederation, which was divided into communes, each of which consisted of unlimited local groups or tours. Their receptions, password, and oath were copied from Masonry: absolute secrecy, obedience, and submission to vengeance if unfaithful as with the Carbonari. It had only one grade, offices were elective, and the Supreme Assembly was over all. They were closely linked to the Jew-dominated Haute-Vente of Paris; the federalistes were their successors.

The lodges continued to increase, and in 1881 the Grand Lodge of Spain had 154 lodges; the Grand Orient of Spain had 162, plus 30 chapters; the Grand Orient Lusitanien had 40 under its jurisdiction, and all three are now united as obedience-members of the Association Maconnique Internationale (A.M.I., 1933). Nationalism has become Internationalism (Deschamps and Claudio Jannet)!

“The Republic is our patrimony . . . . It can be called the perfect image modelled by the gentle hands of our doctrines and principles. It will be impossible to realise another example of a political revolution more perfectly Masonic than the Spanish Revolution.”

“Chance brought into my hands a number of books, until then unknown to me, in which is shown the life of Masonry in Portugal from the middle of the eighteenth century. In examining these books I have noticed that almost all the most noted men in religious, political, and intellectual revolutions of our country, during the last two centuries, were affiliated to Masonry . . . . Several illustrious Portuguese were also Masons, and some even Grand Masters, in the conspiracies and revolutions of 1817, 1820, 1833, 1836, 1842, 1846, 1851, 1868, 1891, and in 1910 almost all the principal personages who took part had been initiated in masonic lodges. At the end of these researches I was convinced that the history of Masonry in Portugal was absolutely linked with the history of the country.”

In 1804 the Portuguese Grand Lodge was constituted. The invasions of Napoleon profoundly modified the situation to the profit of Masonry, and the officers of the Portuguese Legion in the armies of Napoleon returned in 1814 largely masonised, and secret societies developed and spread.

Just as Halperine-Kaminsky tells us, it was during the march through Europe after the retreat of Napoleon’s army that the Russian officers became imbued with French revolutionary and Liberal ideas, and on their return a secret society was formed in 1816, out of which Paul Pestel finally evolved the Society of the South.

“The Portuguese revolution of 1910,” says Dr. Fredrich Wichtl, “was brought about by certain leading Jewish families . . .all related to each other and all united by the tie of Freemasonry and . . . L’Alliance-israelite-universelle. Freemasonry thus formed a State within a State, a strong occult State behind the feeble apparent State, which reduced the latter to a purely superficial role.”

Freemasonry thus leads to a great international diplomatic occult action directed probably by a foreign head. Such a submission to foreign international direction is contrary to the patriotic sentiment of the country.

The Association maconnique internationale, or A.M.I., is neither rite nor obedience, but a confederation formed in an attempt to bring about international unity of all Masonic powers throughout the world, while, nominally, preserving to each full independence. They held that “the ancient chain must be soldered again, which, in making the Order more powerful, would allow it to influence, in a humanitarian [sic] sense, the politics of rulers.” The first meeting was held in Geneva, 23 October, 1921, and united some eleven obedience-members, including the Grand Lodge of New York. By 1930 it had enlisted the active cooperation of 30 countries. Its president in 1931 was F .’. Raoul Engel, Supreme Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium. The Grand Chancellor was F.’. John Mossaz (Switzerland).

In 1877 the Grand Orient of France suppressed from its regulations the name of “The Grand Architect of the Universe” and the belief in the immortality of the soul. Because of this the Grand Lodge of England, along with others, broke off relations with it.

Continental Masonry, on the contrary, is to a great extent anti-religious, political, and largely dominated, directly or indirectly, by Jews, and there are many proofs to show that this Judaeo-Masonic power has always been, and still is, in the name of Humanity, the secret insidious cause of all revolutionary movements.

“So long as Democracy has remained confined to the lodges, so long as it has only been a theme for lecture, it has been able to deceive. Mystic Masons were able to believe they could build a livable regime. But Masonry has experienced power, and what has been the result? It has ruled in Russia with Kerensky; it has ruled in Italy with Giolitti and Nitti; it has ruled in Germany with the momentary triumph of the Social-Democrat and the complicity of Bruning; it actually rules in Spain with Largo Caballero, Indalocio Prieto, Rodolpho Llopis, and Alexandre Leroux; it rules still in France. But everywhere, everywhere without exception, the experience of power has been ill-omened to it.

Masonry begins to understand that all its democratic ideology leaves it without resource, and that it can draw not the slightest light from it to solve actual political conflicts. It knows it and it admits it.”

The Grand Orient of France reported “International Congress, A.M.I., held at Geneva, 21 to 24 August, 1930. The League declares particularly that they aim at no interference in the authority or the central action of the great Masonic bodies. What it desires is individual approachment, good relations, and links of personal friendship between regular Masons, in order thus to form a chain encircling the globe.”

In 1922 the Orator of the Grand Lodge of France wrote,

“My brother Masons, my hope is that Freemasonry, which has done so much for the emancipation of men, and to which history owes the national revolutions of 1789 and 1871, will also know how to make that greatest revolution, which will be the International Revolution.”

Speaking of the “spirit of revolt and spiritual anarchy” in Freemasonry, J. Marques-Riviere quotes the Mason Jean Bon, Deputy of the Seine, who declared in the Convent of the Grand Orient of France, 1919,

“We know no limits on the Left…for we ourselves have closed the roads on the Right.”

And again at the Convent of the G .O., 1920, the same Mason said: “The Society of the Jacobins which was the great author of the French Revolution was only, so to say, the exterior aspect of the Masonic Lodge. What the Jacobins did during the immortal five years of 1789 to 1794 we can and must do again if the danger returns.”

In 1917 a Congress, now celebrated, uniting Latin, some Allies, and Neutral Masonries, met in the hall of the Convents of the G.O. of France, and there the Masons Andre Lebey and Meoni laid the foundations of the League of Nations, of which the F. Sieyes and the Jacobin Deputy Milhaud already dreamed in 1792.

“This creation of the League of Nations was a manifestation of International solidarity which only scoffing and systematically sceptical minds mocked at or foolishly disparaged. . . It was the same sentiment which guided the founders of the A .M.I. in 1921; they desired to establish closer relations between the multiple obediences which bore the name of lodges and give to an institution spread over the entire surface of the universe, a rational organisation and a centre of development which would increase its power a hundredfold.”

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