Trail of the Serpent, Part 1

The following quotes are from The Trail of the Serpent by Inquire Within (For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and R .R. et A.C.), London: Boswell, 1936. We assume this book is out of copyright and we may quote extensively.

From the Foreword:

“We have endeavoured to prove that the aim, in the higher grades of these varied mysteries and cults, is to awaken this serpent, the sex-force or “God within” man, raising it by processes and yogic methods, uniting it with the Universal Creative Principle without developing the latent senses or, so to say, deifying the adept, but only that he may be enslaved by some astute, outside, and stronger mind or group of minds, who, it would seem, seek to rule the nations through hypnotically controlled adepts. For one and all of these modern mysteries are dominated and ruled by some unknown hierarchy, just as in the Ancient Mysteries the Egyptian high-priests were the masters of the old world through their knowledge and power to manipulate these invisible serpent forces, the magnetic forces of all nature, by means of which they bound and dominated the mystes and even the epoptes and through them the masses.”

In other words, the author’s intention was to locate and describe the actions of the “Hidden Masters Who Rule the World” and the cults that promote psychic takeover of initiates and one-world government.

“We have finally sought to materialise these invisible masters and, allowing the Cabalists to speak for themselves, we arrive at the revolutionary and cabalistic Jew, the most cosmopolitan of peoples, who look for the Coming of their Messianic Era. To some of these the Messiah is their race and their race is their God, the Tetragrammaton, the Creative Principle, this Serpent Power, binding and unifying, leading to the hope of merging all races, all faiths under the Law of this their Unity of Race, thus creating the “Greater Judaism” spoken of by the Jewish World, 9 and 16 February, 1883.”

“In Les Sectes et Societes Secretes political and religious Le Couteulx de Canteleu, 1863, remarks that the aim of secret societies ‘as a whole was, is and will always be the struggle against the Church and the Christian religion, and the struggle of those who have not against those who have. . .They all have almost analogous initiations, from the Egyptian to the Illuminati, and most of them form a chain and give rise to others.'”

Hallucination was one of the great methods of Egyptian theurgy; burnt opium, datura, henbane, hasheesh, cinnamon, and laurel formed these vapours, which caused the frenzy of the pythoness or initiate.

In Illuminism the adept’s personality must be killed out and a new being formed—the controlled tool by fixation of the astral light, the etheric link!

A valuable series of articles on subversive movements throughout the centuries, The Anatomy of Revolution, by G. G., better known as “Dargon,” author of The Nameless Order, was published by the Patriot, October 1922. In one of these he writes:

“For centuries there have existed certain esoteric schools of mystical philosophy originating apparently in several Oriental currents of thought meeting in the Levant, Egypt, and the nearer East. We find in these schools elements of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Egyptian occultism mingled with Grecian mysteries, Jewish Kabalism, and fragments of ancient Syrian cults. Out of the hotch-potch of Oriental philosophy, magic, and mythology arose in the earlier centuries of the Christian era numerous Gnostic sects, and after the rise of Mohammedanism, several heretical sects among the followers of Islam—such as the Ismaelites, Druses, and Assassins—which found their inspiration in the House of Wisdom in Cairo. To the same sources may be traced the ideas that inspired such political-religious movements of the Middle Ages as those of the Illuminati, Albigenses, Cathari, Waldenses, Troubadours, Anabaptists, and Lollards. To the same inspirations must be assigned the rise of early secret societies. The Templars are said to have been initiated by the Assassins into anti-Christian and subversive mysteries, and we find similar traces of an old and occult origin in the Alchemists, the Rosicrucians, and the later mystical cults of which the Swedenborgian is a familiar example.”

As their origin is derived by the learned Scaliger, with every appearance of truth, from the Kassideans, a fraternity of Jewish devotees, who, in the language of Laurie, had associated together as `Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem.’

He also says that Pythagoras met the Jews at Babylon, where he visited during the Captivity, and, Oliver says, “was initiated into the Jewish system of Freemasonry.”

Albert Pike, in Morals and Dogmas, tells us that, after the intermingling of different nations, which resulted from the wars of Alexander, the doctrines of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and India met and intermingled. Gnosis, he says, is the science of the mysteries handed down from generation to generation in esoteric traditions.

“The Gnostics derived their leading doctrines and ideas from Plato and Philo, the Zend-avesta, the Kabalah, and the Sacred books of India and Egypt. The cosmological and theosophical speculations, which had formed the larger portion of the ancient religions of the Orient, joined to those of the Egyptian, Greek, and Jewish doctrines, which the Neo-Platonists had equally adopted in the Occident.”

“From Ptolemy Philadelphus until the middle of the third century, the Alexandrian Jews, with the object of maintaining and strengthening their propaganda, devoted themselves to an extraordinary work of falsification of real texts as a support for their cause. . . The most important of these inventions was that of the Sibylline Oracles, fabricated entirely by the Alexandrian Jews, which announced the future era, when the reign of One God would prevail.

“The Jews even attempted to ascribe to themselves Greek literature and philosophy. In a commentary on the Pentateuch which Eusebius has preserved to us, Aristobulus endeavoured to show how Plato and Aristotle had found their metaphysical and ethical ideas in an old Greek translation of the Pentateuch.

“The exegesis which consists in distorting texts in order to bring out of them what they desired is the only ‘science’ which can be traced to the Jews… The attempt to ‘Judaise’ Hellenism, which today appears to us so perfectly absurd and disastrous, has had, nevertheless, the result of obscuring the intelligence of humanity for hundreds of years.”

“Alexandria, newly built, was colonised by the Jews, who came in crowds to people the new town. The result was a mixture of men of different nations and religions, who gave rise to new occult schools.”

“In Egypt and Judea, before the commencement of Christianity, the philosophy of Pythagoras and Plato had thrust deep roots among the Jews, which gave rise to the dogmas of the Essenes, Therapeuts, Sadducees, Carpocratians, Cabalistic-Gnostics, Basilideans, and Manichaeans; all these dogmatists adapted part of the doctrine of the Egyptian Magi and Priests to the above philosophy. They spread in time into Asia, Africa, and Europe. These different Jewish-Christians preserved the mysteries of the Temple of Solomon with the allegory of the Grand Architect, who was the Jewish Messiah, an idea still preserved by the Jew today.”

The Practical or Magical Cabala with its combinations and correspondences was the astrological, magical, and magnetic basis used by the Alchemists and Magicians of the Middle Ages in working their transmutations and conjurations. It was impregnated with the “fluidic magic” derived from very ancient cults, and still practised at the time of the Captivity among the Persians and Chaldeans. Today all Rosicrucians and cabalistic sects use this Magical Cabala for their works of divining, clairvoyance, hypnotic and magnetic healing, making of talismans, and contacting their mysterious masters.

As des Mousseaux notes, the Gnostics and Manichaeans preserved the cabala of this primitive Masonry, of which a branch has thrust deep roots among the Druses, and when the Crusaders inundated Asia, they infected the ancestors of our Freemasonry with it—the Templars, the Rose-Croix, and the organs of Western Occultism.

Today, in these numerous sects, cabalistic and illuminati, much the same methods as with the Ismailis are used, and the same doctrine taught. It is always a gradual reorientation, first an attempt to adapt these doctrines of the Magi, Manes, and the philosophers to Christianity, destroying the very essence of Christian beliefs, leading to pantheism, dualism, and materialism, often ending in pantheistic mysticism. Through mystical meditation and yoga they achieve magnetic but controlled union with their sinister masters, from whom they receive the universal teachings necessary for their master’s “Great Work,” unification— and world control —religious, political, and intellectual.

Speaking of the House of Wisdom, Springett quotes Ameer Ali’s book, A Short History of the Saracens, in which he says “Makrisi’s account of the different degrees of initiation adopted in the lodge forms an invaluable record of Freemasonry. In fact, the Lodge at Cairo became the model of all the lodges created afterwards in Christendom.”

As for her (Madame Blavatsky’s) controls, she was for a time member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, who taught that “these phenomena were due, not to spirits of the dead, but to certain forces directed by living men.”

Today the whole world has become a veritable hive of cabalistic and gnostic sects, and in each and all is found this same system of gradual mental absorption, as with the Dervishes, of the adept’s personality as he advances upward, successively by the official teacher of the Order, by a Teacher on the astral plane, in Rosicrucian Orders by its so-called founder Christian Rosenkreutz, and finally complete absorption by some unknown Central Power, still in the material body. Thus oracles are trained, apparently inspired, giving forth teaching, which in turn is passed down through the various grades of the order orienting the members. They finally go out among the people spreading the ideas, often in the name of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, leading them astray under the direct or indirect influence of these sects and their outside manifestations, international, universal, socialist, communist, and atheist.

As reported by the Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes, 1 May, 1932, Pierre van Passen, of the Toronto Daily Star, gave an account of a Black Mass ceremony which he witnessed in the Temple, rue de Montparnasse, Paris. He said there are eleven temples, and, it is estimated, about 10,000 worshippers of the Devil in Paris—men and women who have passed through a long apprenticeship. These worshippers of the Devil are in communion with a sect still existing in the Syrian desert in the neighbourhood of Bagdad, who worship “Shaitan,” which name must never be spoken, not even words beginning with the first two letters. There have been, for ten or twenty years, many outside complaints, but, under the “liberty of worship” decree, this cult is allowed by the French Government on conditions that no open propaganda is carried on.

Louis Daste, speaking of Freemasonry in the French Revolution, remarks:

“This mysterious illumination of the low grades of Masonry, this hierarchy of which Philalethes junior has so jealously guarded the secret, those `Unknown Superiors’ venerated by the Judaizing Martinists and Philalethes, who claim domination over ordinary lodges—is not all that the unbreakable chain which links the Jewish Cabala to Freemasonry, and have we not henceforth the right to suspect the Occult Power hidden behind the Masonic Lodges to be the brain of Judaism which would conquer and dominate the entire world?”

The Illumines, organised under the law of secrecy, exercised important influences in revolutionary movements, and both Martinists and Swedenborgians allied themselves to the Illuminati of Weishaupt, as seen in the Wilhelmsbad Convent of 1782, the object of which was thus expressed by a horrified delegate, the Comte de Virieu who had been deceived by Saint-Martin’s mysticism: “There is a conspiracy being plotted so well planned and so deep that it will be very difficult for religion and governments not to succumb to it.”

As the French Revolution approached, the ground, it was found, was being mined and prepared for the sinister upheaval of 1789 by, among others, the still active power of the former Order of the Templars. As the high Mason Albert Pike wrote, in Morals and Dogma: The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and Altar upon the tomb of Jacques de Molai.

The Templar Guillaume de Monthard received Masonic initiation from the Old Man of the Mountain in a cave in Lebanon.

“The Secret Government, but not less powerful, must lead other Governments towards this noble aim without, however, allowing itself to be perceived except through the universal opinion and assent of society. There exists a considerable number of our brothers; we are spread throughout most distant lands, all led by an invisible force. If you desire only to be a perjurer and a false brother, do not pledge yourself among us, you will be cursed and unhappy; our vengeance will reach you everywhere.”

Of the Jewish power in these secret societies, Bernard Lazare, in L’Antisemitisme, 1894, writes:

“It is certain that there were Jews at the cradle of Freemasonry—cabalistic Jews, as is proved by certain existing rites; very probably during the years which preceded the French Revolution they entered in still greater numbers into the councils of the society, and themselves founded secret societies. There were Jews around Weishaupt; and Martinez Paschalis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organised numerous groups of Illumines in France.”

In La Vieille France, 31 March-6 April, 1921, it was stated that five Jews were concerned in the organisation and inspiration of the Illuminati—Wessely, Moses Mendelssohn, and the bankers, Itzig, Friedlander and Meyer. Further it is curious to find that the important Illuminatus Mirabeau, under the influence of Mendelssohn’s disciples, wrote a book, On Moses Mendelssohn; on the Political Reform of the Jews, 1787.

It was into the lodges of the Amis Reunis that Mirabeau and Bonneville introduced Weishaupt’s Illuminati. One of its chiefs was the famous revolutionary Savalette de Langes, Keeper of the Royal Treasure, but secretly deep in every mystery and lodge, and all plots against religion and Royalty.

They called themselves Philalethes—seekers of Truth; it was a form of Martinism, and, according to Clavel, led to the deification of man, being a mixture of the dogmas of Swedenborg and de Pasqualis.

To cover his intrigues, Savalette de Langes at times gave up the common Lodge to adepts, brothers, and sisters of high rank, who danced and sang of equality and liberty, while unknown to them, in the upper Lodge, was the secret committee guarded above and below by two freres terribles. Among the principal members of this committee were Willermoz, Chappe de la Heuziere, Mirabeau, Comte de Gebelin, and Bonneville. There the codified correspondence of the Grand Orient was received by Savalette de Langes and dealt with by the Committee.

“What will we do with all this people while muzzling their principles of honesty and justice? Good men are feeble and timid; it is the blackguards who are determined. It is advantageous to people during revolutions to have no morals. There is not a single one of our old virtues which can serve us. . . All that is necessary for revolution, all that is useful to it is just—that is the great principle.”

According to Bazot, Secretary-General of the Grand Orient, 1812: “Masonry is merely the primitive cult of man discovered after his first wants are satisfied. The Brahmans and Egyptian priests transmitted its mysteries to Solomon. Jerusalem, victim of revolutions, having been destroyed, the Jewish people being dispersed, this Masonry spread with them all over the earth.”

In revolutionary Masonry and secret societies this pantheistic and cabalistic creed is applied to all aspects of life; old ideas and opinions are destroyed, others, new and subversive, are insinuated and more or less unconsciously absorbed and established; Christian beliefs are perverted and nullified; man, illuminised, apparently becomes his own redeemer, and God, though in truth enslaved to the invisible hierarchy—according to some the kundalini is man’s redeemer! Kings are dethroned and replaced by some form of disintegrating republic or socialist democracy. It is death to all old traditions and civilisations, and out of inevitable chaos and putrefaction is to arise the “New Heaven and New Earth,” the Universal Brotherhood of all these subversive and Judaic sects.

In the Morning Post, 14 July, 1920, Cause of the World Unrest, speaking of this revolutionary Masonry, it said: “When at length the candidate is admitted into the 30th grade, and after going through terrifying ordeals to test his obedience and secrecy, becomes a Knight Kadosch, he learns that it is no longer Adoniram or Hiram whose death cries for vengeance.” And their catechism says “Do you fully understand that this degree is not, like much of so-called Masonry, a sham that means nothing and amounts to nothing . . . that what you are now engaged in is real, will require the performance of duty, will exact sacrifice, will expose you to danger, and that this Order means to deal with the affairs of nations, and be once more a Power in the world.”

In The Power and Secret of the Jesuits, 1930, Fiilop-Miller writes: “The leaders of the Enlightenment (Encyclopedists), Montesquieu, d’Alembert, Diderot, Lamettrie, Helvetius, La Chalotais and shortly before his death, Voltaire, were members of the Parisian Lodge ‘At the Nine Sisters.’ The success of Encyclopedists was to a considerable extent due to the initiative and support of the Parisian Grand Lodge.”

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