The Shabbatean Frankist Illuminati

The Shabbatean Frankists are the Illuminati.

“According to Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, in To Eliminate the Opiate, it (was) the founder of the Rothschild dynasty who convinced Weishaupt to accept the Frankist doctrine, and who afterwards financed the Illuminati, with the aim of fulfilling the Frankist plot of subverting the world’s religions, or the Kabbalah’s Zionist objective of instituting a global government to be ruled by the expected Messiah.”

That is why the aims of Zionism and Communism are ultimately the same. But not all Communist revolutionary agents are told all the particulars of this religion.

How various occultist lines got folded into Illuminism. Plus an outline of leading Illuminati agents and their contributions to the project.

Karl Marx was the third cousin of Nathan Rothschild. It’s a family business.

The Jewish financial family cabal.

Tracing their roots to Khazaria.

“Democracy is mob rule which we control.”

The Rothschilds wrote the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Union.

A rather long piece on Rothschild banking scandals.

How the family puts its people in positions of influence to run banking and economic policy. The socialist leaders are the puppets. With Russia now purging its Rothschild interests and allying with China, it makes sense that the family would focus on subverting India and Brazil.

Of interest:

In answer to a question we posed a few weeks ago about whether Putin would purge Rothschild interests from Russia, Putin’s Purge of the Rothschild Money Changers in Russia tells us Putin’s opposition to Obama’s world order is genuine.

Egypt issues arrest warrants for Obama and Hillary for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. Russia issues arrest warrant for George Soros. These are symbolic actions, but it doesn’t hurt to label these criminals as criminals. Makes the battle-lines clearer.

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