The politicization of race: white ignorance

“The white boys got taken fair and square.” Willie Brown

In Northern California we associate Willie Brown with ballot boxes discovered floating in San Francisco Bay after elections, dead people voting, and voting early and often. The corruption of the Democrats is just static background in California politics. After while, you take it for granted. We didn’t pay close attention to Willie Brown’s racism when he made his anti-white statement. Why should we, this is normal Democrat politics.

Our discovery of the European Union’s plan to destroy the European white culture with Moslem immigration (publicized in the press in October of 2008), combined with the planned Hispanic takeover of the southwest under Communist Reconquista slogans, has us taking another look at the threat to the white race. Like many others in our town, we dismissed the threat of Reconquista because we believed the Left was not powerful enough to make it happen, and many local Hispanics are responsible citizens. We were not aware of the Zogby poll indicating that over half of Hispanics favor the Reconquista agenda. Looking back, we understand now that we had ignored a lot of anti-white hate speech in the popular culture, and we failed to keep up with the creative creep of socialist affirmative action programs discriminating against whites. You will need to go through a similar process of awakening to move away from the Newspeak slogans of “tolerance” and “integration” designed to undermine the white race.

We are all aware that Communist China has used Chinese immigration into Tibet and persecution of Buddhism as a policy of slow-motion genocide against the Tibetan people. The Chinese are doing the same thing in Urumchi. The ethnic riots in Urumchi were a protest against the Chinese immigration wave and second-class status for the Uighur Moslems. Catch up with details at The Raw Story.

Communist China is the preferred model for the New World Order takeover agenda promoted at the United Nations. You can forget about UN rhetoric proclaiming “human rights.” The UN has never sanctioned a Communist country for genocide or racist emigration policies.

“White America needs to thank black people for still talkin’ to them ‘cause you know what happens when we stop.” Ice Cube

Immigration is a political weapon in the New World Order. How long do you think it will take whites in America to arrive at the consciousness of the Uighurs, the Tibetans, the New Right in Europe, and the anti-immigration whites in southern California, Arizona, and Texas?

Let’s give a little credit to those who got there before us. The New Century Foundation has devoted itself to study of the politicized threat of racial subversion. Jared Taylor is one of their leading authors. An example of his reporting at Taki’s Magazine. Taki’s Magazine gathers conservative writers, including New Right and anti-neocons, and is a nice source for keeping up with developments in U.S. conservative thinking.

American Renaissance is the New Century news website. Of interest there:

A racial survey of immigrants shows that about 40% of London is nonwhite. Native Brits are angry that immigrants get preference for government subsidized housing. Ooops, there is that preference for immigrants again, giving away the New World Order takeover agenda as Social Democrats stop governing in the interests of their native peoples. Whites are now a minority or near-minority in most U.S. large cities. The Sanctuary Cities policy is an anti-white, anti-citizen policy of favoritism for immigrant minorities.

Britain has 85 sharia law courts operating in secrecy. Obviously, decree by fatwa is going to interfere with the socialists’ claims of universal human rights. This is the cutting edge of controversy today in Europe. French President Sarkozy seems to have stepped in his own mess by issuing an anti-burkha statement, which has gotten an angry response. Rather than focusing on the back-and-forth of this issue, which will bog you down in details, just understand that the Eurabia deal that brought Moslems into Europe was negotiated by the Left under the propaganda claim of peaceful multiculturalism. Peaceful multiculturalism is the Big Lie. Islam is incompatible with traditional Western culture and socialist universalism.

The Left is attempting to use massive Islamic immigration to destroy the white civilization of Europe, even as America uses Islamic terror as the excuse for invading Iraq and Afghanistan and imposing “democracy” there. Actually there is no need to invade Iraq or Afghanistan to stop Islamic terrorism, all one needs is tight immigration policies in Europe and the United States, combined with monitoring of threatening groups. But the Left also doesn’t want any monitoring of potential terrorist groups as terrorist and criminal profiling targets their preferred minorities. So the Left leaves the rest of us exposed to more terrorism and more crime as they pin their bid for power on favored minorities.

“White males are only hired by default.” Elizabeth Smith, Texaco Corp.

Australia is worried about importing Pacific Islander gangs. Sorry, whenever you import a people, you import their gangs. Racial tensions are greatest among the lower classes. Elites don’t seem to mind immigration as the gangs don’t invade their neighborhoods. When they take their jobs and rape their daughters, they will be looking to join us.

Californians for Population Stabilization reports on immigration news.

Richard McCulloch has written about preserving the nordics through territorial segregation of races. Another post by McCulloch explores criteria for racial compatibility. The idea of racial preservation leads to the idea of a Racial Compact to divide territory. We like the idea of a homeland for each ethnic group where it can develop without interference, but we also recognize that this is an idealism without broad support. Also, race is not necessarily the crucial factor in forming communities of like-minded people. People mostly want to live in Left or Right communities free of the cultural and political influence of the other party in the culture war. This political divide is more extreme than any racial divide, but the Left’s politicization of race makes it appear to be a racial divide because today all minorities are under suspicion of being colonized by the Left. Normal social interactions are ruined by the Left’s politicization of race.

More intelligent writing about the Diversity takeover at Yggdrasil.

Affirmative action programs are designed to put the Left’s favored races in universities and in jobs. If admissions to the University of California were strictly by merit, Asians would dominate university enrollments. Walter Williams gets behind the equality smokescreen to show how UC officials manage race to the detriment of qualified Asian students. “Colorblind” policies are not the Left’s agenda. It wants to politicize and control race to overcome any tendency toward merit.

One irony of this situation is that over 60% of Asians voted for Obama in the last election. That is, they voted to be discriminated against. But there are lots of stupid people voting Democratic. The takeaway lesson is, we can’t trust Asians to be supporters of white civilization or even to vote in their own interest.

Edmund Connelly explains why Harvard discriminates against whites. Connelly also reports on the anti-white male discrimination policy in the Clinton administration. The New York Senate Democrats who recently purged whites from their staff are simply following the Clinton administration model.

“Come up, black dada nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats.” Amiri Baraka, poet laureate of New Jersey

Race/history/evolution is a blog devoted to discussion of racial issues from the perspective of evolution. Not much politics here, mainly small-scale scientific issues.

La Griffe du Lion tackles racial and political issues with scientific intelligence.

If you haven’t heard enough anti-white hate speech, American Renaissance has gathered a few quotes. Don’t ignore this trend, it’s only going to get worse under the Obama administration.

Throughout corporate America, adults were infantilized, intelligence was insulted. Few escaped humiliation even if the extent of their participation was merely bearing witness.

Matt Labash brings us up to date on Diversity, Inc. Wondering where your stimulus dollars went? They went to the “most diverse” government petitioners. Business is now thoroughly infected with racist thinking. Diversity appears to us to be intellectually bankrupt, but that doesn’t matter as long as people can profit from it. The Obama administration will take this sort of prejudice to new levels. And, we don’t see any timetable for unwinding Diversity thinking and returning to merit as long as the race grifters are making money from it. Wise up, this is not a temporary experiment, this is a long-term takeover.

The New World Order promotes student migration, too. Ten percent of Hardvard’s graduate students come from Communist China. Harvard has a long history of supporting Chinese Communism. Chairman Mao was a student at Harvard Yenching University. University World News explains why Chinese students are going to dominate the global marketplace.

The fact that Diversity was allowed to become powerful means there is something wrong with the white race. Too many people saw what was going on and did nothing to resist it. There is a fundamental blind spot in white thinking and white culture, and this goes beyond the problem of white women being seduced by feminism. It also involves white males being fooled by “integration” as the front slogan for the Communist anti-white racial takeover.

This observation, that we need a fundamental reassessment of the reasons for the historical success of Communist subversion, leads us to a related point we have been wanting to make. All those folks who are wishing for a global economic recovery and globalist control over the world economy, a rise in the inflation of housing prices, and the good old days of Wall Street predatory speculation are looking in their own rearview mirror to imagine the future. Their vision is nothing more than restoration of a failed past. That is why we really need to dig beyond “recovery” scenarios of the moment and clearly understand why the leaders of the twentieth century failed us and betrayed us. There is no Leftist conceptual thinking of any value, and so the project of inventing a good future for ourselves and for humanity belongs to the New Right. Big picture thinkers are few and far between as most “conservative” proposals simply build upon the slogans and programs of a failed past. There’s your New World Order challenge for today.

Finally, on a lighter note, if you are white, visit the Stuff White People Like website. If you don’t think there is such a thing as a stubbornly persisting and widespread white identity, read these entries. You might be surprised how funny and insightful this site is.

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