The politicization of race: Reconquista

“It’s time that African-Americans and Korean-Americans put aside their differences and focused on what’s really important, hating white people.” Margaret Cho

Following the ideas of the Left always makes everything worse, and nowhere is this more evident than in matters of race. Honest talk about race is now prohibited by law. Tougher “hate crime” legislation is the key to the New World Order takeover as it will make honest talk about the Left’s racial subversion agenda impossible. The Left intends to use hate crime legislation as the final nail in the coffin of socialist takeover by preventing criticism of its central strategy, flooding Europe and the United States with foreigners to destroy white conservatism and white culture.

Even as public discussion about race has been channeled into Communist politically correct approved slogans, some scientists have continued to do research into racial differences. This field is called evolutionary biology. One outcome of this research has been genetic maps of genetic racial differences. Another outcome has been statistical study of racial IQ differences. Various writers have drawn this or that conclusion from this research, and we shall later draw a couple of conclusions ourselves, but first we must explain that studies about race don’t really matter much because they don’t take into account the most important fact about race today, its politicization. Studies of IQ and genetic differences measure individual differences, but these are divorced from social context and become mere abstract statistics. Racial consciousness is the tip of the arrow of revolutionary Communist aggression, and this makes evolutionary biological studies irrelevant to the overwhelming power of socialist politics.

The Communist slogans mobilizing race aggression are “equality,” “leveling of the playing field,” and “overcoming discrimination.” These slogans appear to support a broad goal of racial integration and racial mixing, but we are here to let you know that integration and mixing really are not the goal of the Communist race movements. These slogans appeal to naive idealists who believe that racial differences are relatively unimportant and that social integration in a mass society and racial mixing (an end to racial differences through biological homogenization) will be desirable long-term outcomes of integration policies. Actually, the slogans mask the socialist takeover, and we shall explain later in this article why there will not ultimately be an end to ethnic genetic differences through race-mixing.

In reality there is no racial equality or level playing field, of course. Nature does not produce equal individuals or societies. Minorities and women are favored by affirmative action quotas, and white males are consistently discriminated against. “White men need not apply” is now an operational criterion for hiring in corporations and state and national bureaucracies. If you are not aware of “no whites” hiring policies, we’ll provide documentation in future posts in this series. See our recent post on the New York state Senate, for one example. For many manual labor jobs, firms hire immigrants only. Americans need not apply. These policies are New World Order racial takeover policies, not equality of opportunity policies.

The background policy on immigration is that the New World Order controllers intend to destroy the white race and the white culture by massive immigration of Moslems and Africans into Europe and massive immigration of Hispanics into the United States. In America this program of racial conquest is called Reconquista.

Introduction to the agenda of La Raza and Mecha.

The Reconquista planners don’t like being called racists, so they emphasize anti-Chicano discrimination as justification for their policies in their propaganda. They hope you will believe that granting U.S. civil rights to illegal immigrants is a fair and reasoned response to discrimination against Hispanics. But with California’s huge spending on education and health care for illegal immigrants and the various cities that have become Sanctuary Cities protecting criminal gangs, no one can make a case that there is any anti-Hispanic discrimination. Just the opposite is the case. Police departments in America’s major cities protect Hispanic criminals and underreport Hispanic crimes.

Michelle Malkin has spoken out about Reconquista. From this article you can see how charge and counter-charge cloud the issue. When discourse descends to this level, the racial takeover agenda can be reframed as a misunderstanding and misinterpretation on Malkin’s part. However, the documentation on the racial takeover agenda is so clear that there can be no error or misinterpretation.

More at FrontPageMagazine. Historical claims, racist charges, the usual propaganda.

One more report on demonstrations from 2006 under the Mexican flag. The organizers recognized that this was a mistake, a kind of red-flag warning to Americans that these demonstrations were not taking place within the “U.S. civil rights” framework that most Americans are comfortable with. Most white Americans frame racial issues as civil rights issues. This is an error because civil rights are individual rights, whereas the present takeover agenda is social and cultural. Civil rights are individual rights, and such laws cannot deal with societies.

Background on Prop 187, accelerated citizenship, dual citizenship, threats from the Mexican government.

Sonia Sotomayor is a member of La Raza.

A rebuttal to the Reconquista theory, claiming Reconquista was made up by white supremacists, not Communist Hispanics.

The Field is a Left-wing site that relies on Wikipedia (!) for their information. They believe La Raza is about race-mixing to one smooth color and a population with very mixed DNA. OK, but even if these boys are right we’ll pass on endorsing race-mixing as it lowers the average person’s IQ by 15 points. Anyway, these liberal white guys are just inhaling each other’s carbon dioxide emissions in their dorm room, they’re not insiders with knowledge. If any of these boys actually met a ruthless Communist at the top of the pyramid, he’d wet his diapers and run home to mommy. We just throw in liberal stuff for comic relief. We really don’t know what’s going to happen to liberal white guys after the Reconquista, but we’ll be surprised if they end up with mixed Hispanic children.

The National Council of La Raza website is scrubbed clean of any racial takeover talk. However, their support for hate crime legislation, housing subsidies, affirmative action preferences, and voting rights for illegals fits right into the Communist racist Hispanic takeover agenda.

We are not exactly sure from the La Raza propaganda whether La Raza wants to eliminate whites, enslave them, force them to move, or have sex with them. But the true intentions of the inner circle do not need to become known for the “hate whitey” propaganda to be effective. Lots of Lefties pick up some Communist slogan to justify bad behavior without understanding the true motives of the Politburo.

La Raza is pushing hard for universal health care in the United States. The plan is to insure illegal immigrants and let old white people die under rationed socialized medicine.

Very interesting article at VDARE on the U.S. housing bubble as a Hispanic housing bubble. Yes, the Left caused the housing crisis by mandating loans to unqualified people of color as well as to unqualified whites. has published a Reconquista invasion map. If you live in the white areas on the map, you may not have any idea about Reconquista. If you live in a red area, you know there is more going on here than jobs for migrant workers. California has a long history of “guest worker” programs, but nothing prepared California for the massive invasion of illegals after NAFTA was passed.

Those who deny there is a Reconquista agenda attempt to settle this issue by claiming there are a very small number of people devoted to it. As we reported in our post “July 4 tea parties,” Canada Free Press reports that over half of Hispanics in the United States favor Reconquista. In reality, probably few poor, job-seeking migrants come to California armed with a desire to take back California for Mexico. Instead, migrants are coached about where to go for work and where to apply for welfare benefits, a drivers license, voting registration. Migrants mainly go to towns that have been swamped with Mexicans, where they can take their place in a friendly culture. Illegal immigrants are not prominent in white neighborhoods, though we have seen a few cruise through our local neighborhoods looking for something to steal.

We live in a small town dominated by agriculture. Migrants have lived on the fringes of our town as long as we can remember. In the 1990s an event occurred that convinced us the Hispanic takeover agenda was real. Not only did immigration increase dramatically after NAFTA was passed, we also witnessed the takeover of our local school. A Hispanic principal was appointed to our local school. Within a few months he had fired all the white workers and replaced them with Hispanics. There was a little local outrage, but the replacement workers stayed. Many local residents moved out of town as a result.

We should not focus on the the migrant workers as carriers of Reconquista. More important is the alliance within the state Democratic Party, carrying out agreements made at the national level by Bill Clinton and Mexican leaders such as Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox. Thanks to NAFTA, the Mexican government can consider the border to be a kind of fading fiction. If you pay attention to the statements of Mexico’s presidents, you will see that they claim a “right” for Mexicans to pass back and forth over the border and to enjoy all the civil rights and socialist “human rights” they can get. NAFTA provides these Mexican presidents with the legal foundation for such claims.

Most Americans have no idea what NAFTA has created. It creates a supergovernment that is not answerable to states, localities, or Congress. NAFTA is a superlaw that undermines democracy and makes illegal immigration legal.

Open borders is not exactly the same as Reconquista, but the two ideas operate in parallel. We believe the real intentions of the Democratic leadership at the moment are not to promote Mexico’s sovereignty over the southwestern states but to swamp these states with politicized Mexicans who will ensure Democratic rule. Either way, it’s a politicized racial takeover. The migrants who come to our town don’t talk openly about Reconquista, but they do openly talk about the weakness of white males to prevent California from being taken over.

The Hispanic takeover agenda has worked well for the Democrats. The turning point was the defeat of Representative Bob Dornan and the election of Representative Loretta Sanchez in a contested election which the House of Representatives refused to review. The flooding of Hispanics into southern California has transformed this region from a bastion of conservative voters to a minority-dominant Leftist no man’s land dominated by Hispanic politicians, Mexican gangs, state bureaucrats, community organizers, and Communist La Raza spokesmen.

But California’s overspending on support for the Hispanics threatens to bankrupt the state even as it has ensured a Democratic majority. The question that naturally occurs to responsible citizens is, why would the Democrats continue such irresponsible spending? We believe the answer is, their vision for California’s future is not the return of California to Mexico but to make California like Cuba.

Whether the current crop of Democrats ruling California is sophisticated enough to follow the Communist agenda remains to be seen. So far, so good. But Communist propaganda always involves two messages, one to the masses and another to the inner circle of activists. If the feminists and homosexuals who govern California aren’t savvy enough to promote the Hispanic takeover, they can easily be replaced by browner Marxists. The Left always operates this way. Subversion is planned in stages.

If we were the president of Mexico, we would not take back the southwestern states as they are a cash cow for Mexico in their present conditions. Mexico has never shown any genius for government or economy. La Raza and other Communist groups have no vision for what happens when the money runs out. Historically, the Left has always been satisfied with poverty as long as they are in control.

Now for a little common sense about race. Let’s refer back to the genetic map of racial differences we mentioned at the beginning of this article. We’ll give you the link in Part 2 of this post. Evolutionary biologists have mapped racial genetic differences, and they theorize that mating and cultural accommodation are least likely when racial and cultural differences are extreme. (Imagine, for example, Chinese mixing with Africans or white Christians mixing with Arab Moslems.) Mixing and accommodation are easiest when the genetic and cultural differences are least. Genetic racial differences between whites and Hispanics in the southwest are actually small, so we should expect marriages and even cultural compatibility to be strong between these groups. Neither Mexico nor the United States has a strong culture, so cultural mixing is relatively easy.

Historically this has been the case, but the Left’s politicization of race adds a layer of aggressive racial politics to the hypothetical “state of nature” (state of culture and society, actually) that has prevailed in the American southwest. Yes, there were wars between Mexico and the United States, and squabbles between individuals, but there was a lot of mixing of these peoples in every sense because their differences were not very great. So really what is happening today is the polarization of peoples who otherwise would get along pretty well as the Left capitalizes on their ability to mobilize Hispanics as part of their race and gender coalition.

One could create a model of racial and cultural accommodation or conflict based on extreme racial and cultural differences versus similarities, referring to the genetic research statistics as a kind of rough guide to differences. Add your own understanding of strong and weak cultures to the model. You can make thought experiments yourself about fairly compatible and fairly incompatible races and cultures and how they might mix for any combination you choose. Whatever results you come up with in your imagination you can compare with actual racial and cultural mixing in history, worldwide. We don’t want to do the specific work involved because it takes too long, there are too many examples of compatibility and hostility in history. We just want to establish that there is such a model for making predictions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but we believe it probably works fairly well most of the time.

But here is the great secret about race. Even in extreme cases of difference, race is not the deciding factor between accommodation or hostility. There is another factor that is more important. Trust.

People naturally favor their own race and culture, but it is easy to imagine someone trusting someone of a very different race or culture more than one trusts a member of one’s own family. People sift through issues of race, religion, culture, age, gender, and politics before deciding whom to befriend, marry, do business with, trust. Whoever aligns with one’s deepest values is who you are going to trust. Trust trumps race, or any other single identity characteristic.

That is why Michelle Malkin, who is Asian, is worried about Reconquista. It’s not her race, it’s her identification with the values of white civilization and her fear of Communism that leads her to oppose the Reconquista. And that is why otherwise incompatible races and cultures align under the Left umbrella of multiculturalism, because they trust Leftist leaders and Leftist slogans. Asians and Negroes don’t have anything in common except the mutual bond of trust offered by Communist propaganda. That is why Margaret Cho’s “joke” is actually a serious directive.

What can you take away from today’s post? On an individual level you can align with anybody who shares your values, but the New World Order plan to swamp the United States and Europe with immigrants who are devoted to socialism adds a degree of complication to any discussion of racial and cultural differences. Politicization of race adds that extra complicating element to the question of who you can trust. The Left’s politicization of race establishes a trust bond between Leftist radicals, whatever their race. It also creates a suspicion of distrust from conservatives to radicals of all races, including white radicals. The politicization of race disrupts normal race relations and creates false categories of friends for the purpose of revolution.

We believe most Mexicans are forced into migrant status by NAFTA and are simply being used by Marxist controllers. Most of these migrants would prefer to remain in Mexico and build up their own country. That is why many of them don’t apply for U.S. citizenship and prefer to maintain a Mexican national identity. But to analyze Hispanics accurately, one must divide them into categories based on motive. Some seek citizenship, some are temporary migrant workers, some are drug gang members, and some are individual criminals. From this analysis one can make a better accounting of potential friends and foes.

The most noteworthy aspect of Mexican politics is the absence of a nationalist leader who could rally Mexicans to return home and build up their own country. To accomplish this, they would have to throw out the Leftist Mexican politicians, the New World Order controllers, and clear out the drug gangs. Note carefully, readers of all races. The New World Order is not a positive vision. It is a corrupt vision that manipulates entire peoples into disintegration and disorder. Only short-term thinkers are attracted to globalism. Evidently, all Mexicans are short-term thinkers who are unable to act for positive human values in the interests of their nation. Where is Mexico’s national leader? The absence of one is a measure of how disruptive the New World Order program really is.

If we are pessimistic about the outcome of this issue it is because the well-intentioned people who would just like to work and live and get along have lost the ability to shun and expel the Marxists, regardless of race. The overwhelming reality is the overwhelming of California by huge numbers of migrants since the passage of NAFTA. The state is going bankrupt because of it, and entire regions are passing out of democratic control to socialist takeover. The Left is devoted to undermining democracy through such slogans as “women representing women,” “blacks representing blacks,” etc. to infinity.

Finally, we promised to explain why there will never be a worldwide mixing of the races such that racial differences disappear. The New World Order elites are racial supremacists of various races. The elite families will never intermarry with races they regard as inferior even as they encourage the masses to do so.

There really isn’t any coherent logic to La Raza propaganda, but if you are a liberal who believes in the Marxist version of history, the line of argument that white Europeans had no “right” to conquer the Americas, then we suggest that you do the right thing and move out of the southwest. Move out of America, actually, as you must also believe that the Indians have previous squatters rights to the land, and whites don’t belong here. But of course the Left is not going to follow their own propaganda to its logical conclusion and “do the right thing.” White liberals may end up in a precarious position by supporting the racial takeover. The more it progresses, the less they are needed. Working for socialism always involves working for your own destruction.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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    Obama is now allowing africans with FBA (Full blown AIDS, and HIV) to come to America and gain citizenship, it was banned up until now africans with HIV/AIDS were not permitted. In the Toronto newspaper “The Star” their was a black guy meeting white girls off a dating website, whom would have sex with them, who had AIDS> He spread this on to over 50 woman, who now infected their white boyfriends that they were cheating on, AIDS in Toronto has scy rocketed in the past year from Negros having sex with white girls. But I guess it looks good on them, they have AIDS, are on welfare, and are stuck with a braindead mixed child, and their parents disowned them. Young white girls everywhere are having sex and getting pregnant going on welfare dropping out of school, as 89% of mixed impregnations in my area where the father is no longer around are from blacks. And mixed relationsships has increased by 48% in the past couple years in Canada between 17-25 year olds. It is very sickning, and I am lost as to how stupid these girls are.

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