The politicization of race: Destroying Europe

In America the controllers of the New World Order plan to swamp the United States with illegal Hispanic immigrants. In Europe the New World Order plans to swamp Europe with Moslems and Africans. The parallel agendas should unite white Americans and white Europeans in a common purpose. However, “white” is not exactly the right word. The parallel agendas should unite alarmed, conservative Americans and Europeans. The white Left is in favor of the takeover, so they cannot be our allies. For honest, decent people, it’s time to get to know your European allies and understand the racial political agenda of the New World Order controllers.

The Gates of Vienna has been a forum for fighting multiculturalism well before New World Order University started. We found some worthwhile reading there:

The Self-Defeat of the United States. The comment from Conservative Swede is right on target defining the differences between European and American conservatism. European conservatism is less corrupted by Marxism and globalism and is to be preferred to American conservatism. Ethnic national identities are still strong in Europe. To achieve the same result in America, states or regions would have to become ethnic enclaves. Actually, we think this is a good idea. We favor the idea of an ethnic homeland for each ethnicity. The New World Order is going to build its Communist takeover on Hispanic swamping of the southwest under Democratic control. The whites in liberal states might as well respond by emigrating to states with honest governments where they can build their own defensive ethnic areas.

The problem with such a defensive, territorial strategy is, how to prevent the subversion by Marxists that got us into this mess. The real threat to a genuine white cultural preservation and flowering isn’t so much other races and cultures as it is Marxism of every stripe. Here is the nut of the problem to be solved if whites are to survive. The history of the twentieth century is the history of Marxist subversion, first by Russian Communists, then by feminists and black radicals, now by promiscuous immigration. There is no point in building institutions that are so poorly defended that they allow the same subversion.

It may seem like an enormous job to reconstruct institutions such as families, businesses, schools, and governments purified of Marxist influence, but the white race will decline and fall unless this project gets accomplished.

Solving this problem in Europe may be easier than in the United States as Europe still retains ethnic groups attached to the land. New Right political parties could conceivably come to power in European nations, withdraw from the European Union, and undo the common currency and open borders policies. The peculiar nature of Europe is that it is more taken over but also has a longer history of resistance. However, Obama’s socialist takeover is in high gear in the United States. The problem for both Europeans and U.S. citizens will be how to regroup, survive, and resist the total corruption of all institutions. The enormity of this problem has us thinking about small enclaves rather than political parties.

Taking Care of Your Own rebuts left-wing Christian arguments drawn from scripture that favor multiculturalism, pacifism, and an end to race consciousness.

A related essay on Christianity and nationalism appears here. Worth reading.

Men of the North offers a brief history of northern Europe and suggests we will need to cultivate northern virtues to survive the socialist world order. We look specifically to Eastern Europe for models about how to survive and resist the takeover as Eastern Europe has suffered so much under socialism.

Conversations with Fjordman reveals the degenerate state of Sweden, a failed welfare state. Swedes are migrating to Denmark. Although Britain has the worst police state, Fjordman believes the British might have a spirit of resistance left in them. We remain unconvinced about British resistance.

“What we are about to witness is the birth of a complete new polity in Europe, born in blood and fashioned in fire. The passivity is about to end, the anger simmering just below the surface is too enraged to be pacified now, it just awaits a spark to ignite the flame, and the furnace will be set. Our elites believe what they want to believe, they cannot help this as they are blinded by their own lies, so they do not see the danger, they believe that they can brow beat their respective populations into meek acquiescence, it is in the nature of the powerful, to be blind to their own limitations.”

By contrast, Americans have difficulty in even identifying corrupt leaders. However, the powerful are not blind to their own limitations, they are weasels, criminals, and sociopaths devoted to global Communism. Naive people err in believing their leaders are governing in their interest or are making unforced errors in judgment. They are carrying out New World Order directives.

The Enemy Within is a starting point for understanding politically correct Marxism.

In Defense of Hatred is a rather weak post on the value of hate. Hate is a noble emotion. If you recognize and love the good, you must also hate evil. While hatred may be misplaced and emotionally driven in individual instances, the Left in all its forms deserves our undivided and unending hatred for the wars, revolutions, prison camps and genocides of the twentieth century, its infiltration and subversion of countries around the world, and the late-phase feminist and multiculturalist attacks on American society and culture. Big international capitalism is a bad actor, but nothing compares with socialism for pure death and destruction.

At Dhimmi Watch, the article Beheading Nations, the Islamization of Europe’s Cities provides on-the-ground details about the Moslem takeover that go unreported in the American press. There really is no peaceful multicultural integration, even under Marxist control.

A dramatic rise in rapes has resulted from the EU’s forced Moslem and African migration.

Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.

Somali men talk about raping Scandinavian women.

All of the rapes in Oslo last year were committed by immigrants.

In the United States there about about 8 rapes per day by immigrants. The high rate of rape is the cutting edge issue of resistance against Marxist-controlled immigration. The secular society cannot control the rape rate, or doesn’t want to. White males need to be defenders of white women in local communities dominated by white power groups that do not rely on police forces. Police forces are now racially integrated and politically correct. They are not going to do anything to protect white women. Many police forces alter sex crime statistics to show fewer crimes than occur and minimize the racial aspect of sex crimes.

Feminists “empower” women (actually, it’s just the opposite) by telling them that they can go anywhere, dress any way they want to dress, act any way they want to act, and associate with everyone. Now that whites are a minority in every major city in America, this is a recipe for rape. But it’s not our job to protect feminists, our job is to protect our teenage daughters from feminism and from racial predators and keep them out of secularized Marxist institutions.

The Jackal Manifesto

Frank Salter has a long article on NeoDarwinist theory regarding immigration. Notice that Salter’s assumptions about nations defending their borders and the value of trade are all false in the age of globalism. Noteworthy point: most evolutionary biologists ignore the long-term interests of ethnic groups in promoting reproduction. That’s because they are taken over by the secular agenda of “individual rights” or global integration under world government.

Takuan Seiyo has a long series, From Meccania to Atlantis, at Brussels Journal. This is one of the best long pieces on the multicultural takeover and the threat to white culture. If you are short on time, start with Part 6, or just read the last couple of posts. Are you Pod or Nonpod? To escape Podism, you need to understand the history of Neo-Communism and the New World Order racial agenda for destroying the United States and Europe. Unfortunately, the Leftist program disrupts what otherwise could be good relations between peoples by politicizing race and using it as a weapon. But that’s not our fault, and today our greater concern is simply to identify the source of the problem and survive the assault. Our true allies are Europe’s New Right.

This brief introductory post fails to address important questions. What exactly is the conservative culture that we want to preserve? Is it entirely “white”? How do we build an economy that is superior to monopoly capitalism and socialism? NWOU cannot find a model in history to serve as our template. But we do have a lot of resources to draw from, and we have an enduring belief in our own creativity.

We need to begin with a proper analysis of the problem. This means using New World Order studies, not conventional conservatism, as the basis for analysis. Even though we don’t have all the answers, we are convinced that making experiments is a better alternative to living under New World Order socialist tyranny. Very soon the Iron Cage will be constructed and our options will be fewer. The sad truth is, you cannot contribute to any institution or to building any system as all systems are scheduled to be taken over. Where to start? With your own declaration of independence from globalism in all its forms, identification of true friends and enemies. and a good look around for escape hatches and defensible bunkers. Our main thesis is, it’s better to make a move and try something good than to remain where we are and suffer the injustices and evil agendas of socialism.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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  1. Ras says:

    I was looking for an E-mail adres for NWOU but cant find one. Anny one anny idea?

    As a South African my heart truly go out for the ignorant Americans and Europeans, I have a good idea of what is coming for you.

    About `escape hatches and defensible bunkers` there is only OUR CREATOR! Dont get me wrong, with all respect, fuck your church, its just another comunist institution (even if it pretends not to be).

    God gave us His Word and according to the the book of Obadja (and manny manny more in the Bible) The jews `Edomites` are to blame for migrating the dark nations over the White nations (Jacob / true Israel) and there for if we hide in the bunkers of God, we will be save.

    White folks…. ISRAEL, Trust your CREATOR YHWH on this one, He will not disapiont His true believers but we will see many fall, only to admit at the end…. We were saved not by our own deeds, but by the hand of the only true God…. Praize be YHWH`s!
    We’ve never understood why white people would want to worship the god of the Jews, or believe that white people are Israel, or why anyone would believe that a god arranges good outcomes for people who believe in Him while allowing evil people to rule the world. You must have put your faith in some book. We’re more interested in using our reason and organizing resistance than sitting back and doing nothing.

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