The Polaire Fraternity

We recently came across mention of an obscure secret society called the Polaires. Members included Rene Guenon and Julius Evola. The Polaires believed they had found a method to communicate with the leaders of Agartha.

The Oracle of Astral Force was their method. Zam Bhotiva published a book about it in 1929.

The late Philip Coppens investigated the story and wrote about it in The Wooden Book of Montsegur.¬†There are various versions of the discovery of the oracle. Eventually the Polaires lost interest in their oracle, but the story leads to the Nine Unknowns, the CIA, and Andrija Puharich’s remote viewing sessions.

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More details on the Polaire Fraternity appear in On Edward Bulwer-Lytton: Agharta, Shambhala, Vril, and the Occult Roots of Nazi Power by Joseph George Caldwell, beginning on page 32. The quotes are from Jocelyn Godwin, Arktos.

It appears the idea of the Nine Unknowns and the Hidden Masters comes from the Agartha myth as perpetrated by Saint-Yves d’Alveydre. However, there were unknown superiors and channeling of spirits in the Baron von Hund’s Rite of Strict Observance in the late 1700s, and earlier rumors about Rosicrucians leaving Europe to settle in India, so it is unlikely that we will be able to locate a single source for Madame Blavatsky’s Hidden Masters. Spirit channeling and possession is a very old practice.

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