A Goy Guide to World History

| March 23, 2017

“We have internalized the commands of our oppressors”  E. Michael Jones The title A Goy Guide to World History is misleading if you are expecting a comprehensive guide to the role of the Jews in Western history. There is some discussion of the subject, but the omissions are glaring. We are always surprised when a […]

The destructive power of media, Part 2

| September 25, 2010

The early history of TV is really the story of the radio and vaudeville acts being gradually replaced by the rock and roll acts, the sitcoms, and the dirty comics. This trendline of elevating sex talk and sex imagery wiped out the old humanist popular culture and replaced it with the vulgar liberal pop culture. […]

The destructive power of media, Part 1

| September 23, 2010

“We are compelled to forget by the collage style of the mass media.” Milan Kundera We were thinking about media addiction and wondering why there are so few capable writers on modern media. Then it came to us. The obvious answer is that there are many ways of approaching the study of media, and most […]

Why all the liberals are so gay

| June 6, 2010

Enlightenment is a word with two meanings, secular enlightenment and occult enlightenment. Actually, both terms are entirely misleading, there is no such thing as enlightenment. Today we are going to give you the secret of occult enlightenment, the secret doctrine of the secret societies that all occult initiates aspire to learn. But we are taking […]

Dreaming other people’s dreams

| December 10, 2009

“Other things being equal, the more a child is exposed to the media (television and Internet), the more materialistic she becomes, the worse she relates to her parents and the worse her mental health.” Television has introduced an entirely new form of thought control to the Marxist mass pseudo-society. Yes, there are more specific and […]