Obama is a radical Islamic terrorist

Hat tip Western Journalism.

Former FBI counter-terrorism special agent John Guandolo reveals how the Muslim Brotherhood has organized over 2000 mosques in the United States into a jihad network.

“‘The most prominent Islamic organizations in America and North America are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the jihadi network here.’ Guandolo said that ‘internal documents entered into evidence say that the purpose of this network is to wage civilization jihad… until the entire world, and specifically the United States, is under Sharia law and the Islamic State is established here.’”

Muslim Brotherhood members are top officials in the Obama administration.

Washington Times: Obama Secretly Backing Muslim Brotherhood.

Joe Giambrone has a lengthy piece on how President Obama supports ISIS at the International Policy Digest. Obama’s main terrorist allies are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar.

35 Suspected Moslem Terrorist Training Camps Inside the U.S. Wonder why Obama hasn’t cleaned this up?

“A 2007 FBI record states that MOA members have been involved in at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing.” Source: Washington Standard.

Obama funds anti-Syrian terrorist groups to the tune of over a billion dollars this year.

Why has Obama released so many terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay camp? So they can rejoin Islamic jihad.

Muslimrape.jpg-largeWe are beginning to appreciate Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine for his insightful assessment of Obama’s Isis Cover-up speech. Obama’s “ISIS doesn’t speak for peaceful Muslims” theme is absurd, and his gun-grab policy makes Americans more vulnerable to his immigrant hordes. Obama’s claim that immigrants can be screened to prevent the jihadis from entering got exposed as a lie before he spoke.

“If Obama ever wants to figure out how to really defeat ISIS, he can start by trying to figure out how he would defeat himself.”

Leaked Pentagon document reveals U.S. created ISIS. Sorry to keep beating you over the head with this, but it’s essential for understanding Obama’s treason against America. Obama gets ISIS jihad against Russia for the same price.

Interview with President Bashar al-Assad by Czech TV.

“You cannot fight terrorism while you are supporting the terrorists directly with armaments and having alliance with most zealous supporters of terrorism in the world; which is the Saudi Kingdom. You cannot. This is contradiction. You cannot be the police and the thief at the same time. You have to choose either way to stand.”

Obama has already made his choice. He just doesn’t want you to figure it out.

A comparison between Islam and the Mafia. Make your own comparison between Islam and the Marxist social democrats. Gangsters.

Obama admits he is a Muslim.

Hat tip FeelTheChange at You-Tube.

By the way, Obama’s list of Moslem accomplishments is mostly a load of bull. Unfortunately, this history is taught in public schools and universities to glorify Islam, and few are aware of how misleading it is. See our previous post A 1400 Year Secret. The goal of Islam is cultural destruction, not cultural flowering. This destruction is already well under way in Moslem countries and will be a feature of the Moslem invasions of Europe and the United States. As we pointed out in The Hidden Masters, some ancient texts were preserved in Arab countries and were the basis for further philosophizing and religious syncretism, but Moslem authorities generally frowned upon this cultural stream as heresy.

A long series of videos on the Muslim Brotherhood in America can be viewed at You-Tube.

As you watch TV news, notice that the intelligence agencies, the military, and the security agencies are pretty much lined up to fight the jihadis and make America safer, but they are stymied by Obama’s inner circle of advisors and Muslim apologists in federal agency leadership positions. As the Muslim jihadi threat increases, watch for high-level defectors to expose Obama’s Muslim terrorist conspiracy to the sleeping public.

Obama’s strategy is to try to make the native population into a dangerous threat against multiculturalism, requiring hate speech laws to silence them and gun control to disarm them. This strategy is not new, and it did not originate with Obama. We’ll have more on this in our next post.

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