News for November 29, 2017

The best news of late is Angela Merkel’s failure to form a coalition government following the elections in Germany. See details of the negotiations at the World Socialist Web Site. It’s unlikely there will be a new election as Merkel does not have the power to call a new election. It is possible, though not likely, that Merkel will be forced out of leadership by at least one of the parties as a condition of forming a new government. Wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas present? Even if this doesn’t happen, Merkel and her allied parties will be hobbled by the compromises necessary to form a coalition government.

The European Union is relying on billions of euros from England for next year’s EU budget. If the money is not forthcoming, “Support for Germany and mainland France would be discontinued, with Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, and the Republic of Ireland also losing out.” Just a reminder that the EU is, among other things, a big money grab.

What Trump got out of his trip to China: Reductions in tariffs on U.S. goods.

Despite ongoing pedophile scandals in Britain, Theresa May is blocking the release of files on child abusers in her government due to “national security.” What does abusing children have to do with national security? Theresa May needs to go.

Sputnik News has a piece on the global extent of the Clintons’ influence and how things might change if the Clintons are exposed and discredited.

Why some of China’s Belt and Road plans are contrary to international law, and what international tensions might result from the continued build-out.

Glint is billing itself as a truly gold-backed international currency and payments account.

Thousands of protesters march in Rome demanding Italy leave the EU. Measuring the growing opposition to immigration in Italy.

Most Catalans don’t want independence from Spain.

Frenchman Christian de Moliner says France will never be able to eradicate radical Islam, suggests creation of a separate Islamic state inside France. Moliner imagines this solution would prevent civil war. No, sir, it would just mean you got your head chopped off sooner. We have a better idea: Why surrender to Islam?

France has a new leader of the Republican Party, Laurent Wauquiez, who has the right idea.

Swedish Liberal Party wants to dissolve Sweden’s borders and be governed directly by Brussels. Yep, not kidding. The dream of globalism is, uh, rule by unelected socialist bureaucrats from a great distance.

A secret government paper, dated 1971, instructed British government officials to keep secret from the British people what European Union membership would mean.

Nigel Farage calls out George Soros. It’s getting difficult for anybody to ignore Soros’ subversion:

James M. Dorsey has a think-piece examining the new Saudi leader’s aggressive policies against Iran and potential fallout in Washington, D.C.

What the police found at a Muslim town in New York.

Apple has allowed Uber’s app to record anything on your iphone screen.

How Facebook Messenger spies on you.

State of the Nation has a long piece on the Soros-Clinton-Obama crime machine.

“Brothels and massage parlors are located everywhere in Tel Aviv. There is not a neighborhood that doesn’t have them.”

Rich Hollywood Jews aren’t the only Jews who exploit white women. Tel-Aviv is a prostitution capital. “Women and children are taken from Russia mostly for prostitution. Their number is estimated at 30,000-60,000 a year. According to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, over the past two decades, over 500,000 women were sold from Russia to other countries.” These crimes are never prosecuted in Israel because it is legal in Israel for Jews to exploit non-Jews.

Kevin Alfred Strom identifies the patterns of Jewish deception and wonders why so many people are fooled by the Jews.

How Hollywood really works.

Stuart Littlewood reports that Israel hired a British PR firm to promote its image, but the propaganda campaign failed due to the nature of Israel.

Avi Gabbay leads Israel’s Labour Party, seeks peace with Palestine. That would be refreshing after Netanyahu’s warmongering.

Tomato Bubble has a long piece on how Jew Benjamin Disraeli engineered the World Wars.

John B. Wells interviews Virginia Senator Richard H. Black, who explains what those Mideast wars were really about. We had this years ago, but some people haven’t caught up yet.

A young gay activist infiltrated Europe’s far right leadership and wrote up a piece telling us a lot we didn’t know.

Amanda Shea believes William D. Campbell has knowledge that will put Hillary away for good. Ah, if only it were that simple.

TradCatKnight has a very interesting piece on seminars, formerly known as ESP, designed to train feminists for success in the business world, that actually serve as a front for DOS mind control. Cults that brainwash their followers were very common in the 1960s and 1970s, here is an updated version.

And then along comes Joe Biden to announce he is working with Lady Gaga to rescue female victims of trauma. As Karl Denninger remarks, to get broken women in one place so he can groom them for abuse.

Taylor McClain reviews Thomas Goodrich, The Day Dixie Died, which is, ah, rich in historical detail about Reconstruction. Brings out the problems both newly freed slaves and former slaveowners faced with defeat in war and a collapsed and looted economy.

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