News for May 6, 2017

China plans to build 6 new aircraft carriers and 10 bases to support its international military presence.


Hillary Clinton state department employee Candace Claiborne has been indicted on charges of treason (with China).

Hillary Clinton aide Johnston McGill was found dead after being summoned to testify before Congress. Part of a familiar pattern.

Former CIA Director John Brennan leaked phony British intelligence to the Democrats in an attempt to defeat candidate Trump. Brennan is a Moslem. More here.

Trump strengthens alliance with Saudi Arabia to get U.S. more involved in Yemen. Trump’s foreign policy alliances seem to be taking shape. Pro-Israel, pro-Saudi, anti-Russia. Just what we didn’t want.

Jews Celebrate Successful Coup Against Trump Administration, at Occidental Dissent.

H.R. McMaster’s ties to George Soros. Unfortunate.

What is By Any Means Necessary:

How the media form international trusts to share information. Google is at the organizing center of this media cartel.

Now that the feminists have ruined Fox News, there is talk of forming a new network. We don’t understand why anybody would be interested in the opinions of young women. ESPN made the same mistake, hiring young feminists who know nothing, now ESPN is losing viewers. Kathryn Murdoch’s influence on Fox dumping Bill O’Reilly.

Antifas interviewed about the dangers of Fascism at Sub-media. Have a look at what the Left is planning, by any means necessary.

What the Awan brothers are up to.

Amazon and GridSmart cooperate to spy on traffic, pedestrians.

A little good news: Duterte kicks the Rothschilds out of the Philippines.

India is really going cashless as ATMs run out of money. If the banks don’t have any cash, you’re going cashless.

Julian Assange interview.

Interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Netanyahu’s wife Sara indicted for corruption.

What the 5G network buildout will mean for our health. Samsung’s new smartphone will spy on its owners, anticipate behavior. Big Tech is capable of enslaving us, even without socialism. Conrad Amenta has a few thoughts on the tech dystopia.

Patrick tries to piece together ancient Aryan history at Renegade Tribune.

Francois Guillamat explains why socialism must manufacture racism. Put simply, socialism is theft, so socialism requires the politicization of race as an accusation to divert attention from its criminal nature and put the victims of socialism on the defensive. But he says it much better.

Six secret cities:

A little insight into how occultists handle problems: They create symbols. It’s magic! This junk reminds us of the demonic African art the globalists were pushing at Magiciens de la Terre justified as multiculturalism. If demons are attracted to their representations, they don’t have very good taste in art.


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