News for June 23, 2017

How is the opposition doing in the street? Identitarian march, June 17, 2017, Berlin:

Hat tip Daily Stormer.

Texas groups unite to oppose Antifa, Austin, Texas, May 2.

Poland, Czech Republic oppose EU migration quotas. How this disagreement plays out will have a lot to say about the future of Europe.

French President Macron wants to make the government’s state of emergency permanent. Sure, so he can keep France under a police state.

UN appoints transgender czar, targets schools for brainwashing. The UN has a lot of power.

Andrew Korybko has a think-piece on U.S. strategic shifts in the post-Zbigniew Brzezinski era.

Rebecca Kheel at The Hill tries to keep track of Trump’s foreign policy. The problem with analyzing Trump’s foreign policy is, Trump is under the control of the military establishment, and he changes his mind a lot.

Tracing the “Russian hacking” story back to Crowdstrike. The Millennium Report believes the DNC paid Crowdstrike to hack its computers so it could blame the hack on Russia. Sounds a bit outrageous, but Millennium Report has been a good source in the past.

“The plot to frame Russia — for the DNC’s own criminal conspiracy — was closely coordinated between the DNC and the C.I.A. and carried out with the full support of the Obama Administration.”

Keep an eye on this story line, it might turn out to contain some truth.

A deeper look into the Clinton/Lynch/Comey connections. This swamp needs draining.

Comey sued for massive FBI warrantless wiretapping. Good luck with that.

Section 702 of the Patriot Act authorizes NSA spying. The code is due to expire on December 31 of this year, so Congress is debating reforms. Keep up with Section 702 news here and here.

New releases a communication from European Freemasons promoting the immigration invasion. Just for the record, the Freemasons are behind the anti-white agenda as well.


How did Theresa May become prime minister? Well, she was head of the Home Office when files investigating 40 members of parliament as child abusers were lost.

Theresa May has been instrumental in removing laws blocking pedophiles’ access to children.

William Craddick uncovers child trafficking networks in the United States.

“Detectives also stated that these call services would supplement their income by selling information on the sexual proclivities of their clients to agents of British, Israeli, and Soviet intelligence services. Intelligence agencies have a documented history of seeking sexual blackmail to exert control over public figures and government assets.”

Yeah, like we wuz sayin.

Anonymous gives us an overview of Cuba/Cali/Venezuela drug trafficking. Dave Hodges links the Duterte/Obama clash to drug trafficking.

Janet Napolitano plunders $175 million from University of California income stream.

Utica, New York falls to Muslims.

Illuminati tool Kathie Griffin poses with Donald Trump:















On the Rothschild Inter-Alpha group of banks and their global looting. More here. At the moment, running against Fascism and promoting the Rothschild puppet is the winning electoral strategy in Europe.

A look at the pro-gay faction of the Alt-Right.

Jason Lee Steorts at National Review offers a few criticisms of Mencius Moldbug, though he doesn’t mention Moldbug’s biggest error: Leftism comes out of occultism, not Christianity. We interpret the publication of this article as evidence the Republicans are feeling threatened by Neoreaction, but Steorts doesn’t offer a very stout defense of mainstream Republicanism. We are wondering, where do ordinary Repub folks believe Leftism came from? Probably from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Somebody should open up for these folks the history of secret societies and utopian literature. Oh, wait, we already did that. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World.

James Laffrey investigates the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, asks why it was secret, and exposes the constitutional conspirators who overthrew the Articles of Confederation. Hat tip for great research. The best piece we’ve seen on this topic.

Oliver Stone is a brainwashed libwad who believes Communism was about helping the workers, but his interviews with Putin are worth a look, just to see the greatness of Putin handling Stone.

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