News for June 11, 2017

What Bilderberg Really Wants in 2017:

Hat tip Truthstream Media. Check them out.

Rand Paul schools globalist dipwad Jake Tapper on the Paris climate change agreement:

Moon of Alabama takes a look back at the Saudi seduction of Trump.

Duterte returns to Philippines as ISIS targets Mindanao.

Matteo Salvini calls European migrant crisis an invasion. The Italians are getting a little backbone.

Immigration is human trafficking: Soros ngo investigated for sexually abusing migrants in Greece.

“It is very likely, within a century or two, Homo sapiens, as we have known it for thousands of years, will disappear.”

AI and biotechnology are going to remake humans.

The Jews around Mao.

Gordon Duff takes on Google and Wikipedia.


Merkel flashes Illuminati sign at G7 meeting.






Former CNN reporter Amber Lyon exposes how CNN broadcasts “sponsored content” by foreign governments.

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz threatens Washington chief of police holding Imran Awan’s computers (the Pakistani Democratic Party employee who hacked Congress’s computers). She must be desperate that the truth not come out.

The Church of England is planning a ceremony to celebrate transgender sex changes.

Airlines will use Microsoft HoloLens to read your emotions.

Richard Spencer, Red Ice, and Arktos form Alt Right corporation. Good luck with that.

Red Ice has an assessment of global architect Zbigniew Brzezinski following his death.


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