News for July 9, 2017

Why James T. Hodgkinson shot congressman Steve Scalise:

Vlad Tepes has coverage of Trump in Hamburg at the G20 meeting if you need more.

The United Nations is noticing that African children are being exploited in Britain, as prostitutes and laborers and as victims in witchcraft rituals. A lot of immigration is really kidnapping.

Illinois, Maine, Connecticut face bankruptcy, the price for embracing socialism.

IBM’s artificial intelligence goals:

A look inside Chinese factories as robots replace workers.

China leads the way in facial recognition:

Apple’s iphone8 is going to install face-recognition software.

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina has a few thoughts about Obamacare, and a bill to stop Health and Human Services from diverting funds to insurance companies that should go to Treasury.

The House v. Price lawsuit, which came about because Congress never appropriated the money for Obamacare subsidies. A federal judge has ruled in favor of the House, but the Obama administration filed appeal. Now it will be up to Trump whether to drop the appeal. If Trump drops the appeal as expected, healthcare costs will get shifted to the states. A group of 15 socialist states wants to join the appeal because they want the federal government to pay the health care subsidies. Obamacare is a swamp all by itself.

Obamacare didn’t save lives, coincides with uptick in mortality.

GAO reports massive fraud in Obama phone give-away program.

Italy is overwhelmed with immigrants and threatens to close its ports to rescue ships if other European nations refuse to take more immigrants. Austria isn’t going to help; it is taking steps to close its borders. And don’t expect any help from Central European Defense Cooperation group. Eastern Europe is defending itself.

More on Italy’s migrant problems and the EU’s plan to import 50 million more Africans by 2050.

Italy is so screwed they are starting to talk about leaving the EU. Good luck with that.

Public opinion polls in Europe show vast split between elites and commoners.

Dutch police suppressed reports on immigrant organized crime groups.

Spain’s lost generation of millennials, screwed by globalism and socialism.

Frankfurt is gone, now white minority.

Barbara Spectre’s Paideia Institute blackmailed the Swedish government into giving it money to promote anti-white Jewish ideology.

Horst Mahler’s last speech, persecuted for Holocaust denial:

Here is a juicy story about the NYPD copying Anthony Weiner’s hard drive and getting enough evidence to throw everybody in Washington, D.C. into jail. But we haven’t seen any evidence of leaks so this is probably a hoax.

Feminists call for sterilization of white women to end white race:

It turns out that a lot of those white people who are expressing their shame at being white are actually Jews.

Jews have their own patrol cars and security in London. Well, you have to when it’s the multicultural socialist jungle. You have security patrol cars, don’t you?

A look into the Tavistock Institute, the Rothschild-sponsored mind-control arm of British Intelligence.

Right Wing News offers a little summary on Obama administration crimes:

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