News for July 28, 2017

Europol busts dark web, discovers plot to assassinate Trump and Pence.

Darius Shahtahmasebi reports on a study by the U.S. military that The American Empire is Collapsing. The study vaguely blames the “restructuring of the international framework,” which is code for resistance to Jew-led U.S. New World Order imperialism, mainly by China and Russia. It is obvious the United States is losing on its battlefields and in international forums, but the military hangs on to the same old strategies and gets more funding.

Their answer: Artificially intelligent war robots. We really dread the militarization of robots. Too dangerous to us civilians.

China and Russia’s navies will join forces in the Baltics for maneuvers in September. This should get a lot of attention.

Viktor Orban accuses George Soros of Muslimizing Europe. This post has a chart identifying the ngos involved in organizing the Muslim invasion.

“We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats. And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

Hungary now has billboards showing a photo of George Soros and identifying his anti-white conspiracy. The text says, “Let’s not let George Soros have the last laugh.” Nice going. The Jews are protesting that identifying Soros as the godfather organizing the immigrant networks is anti-Semitism. Be anti-Semitic, be pro-white.

soros poster

Exposing the Soros networks trafficking immigrants to Italy.

How the invasion is shifting Italy’s demographics.

Drieu Godefridi opines that the European Union is now the greatest enemy of the United States. After the last G20 meeting, it certainly looks that way. Merkel hates Trump and is improving Germany’s relations with China.  But Trump traveled to France to meet Macron and reaffirm U.S.-French ties in case Macron needs some support in opposing Merkel’s policies.

Trump halts CIA arming of anti-Assad rebels in Syria. RT News says the agreement was reached with Putin at the G20. This is the biggest positive step in foreign policy since Trump took office. Julian Assange says the CIA wasn’t just arming these terrorists, it was paying their salaries.

Seymour Hersh claims Hillary Clinton authorized sale of nerve gas to the Syrian “rebels.”

England agrees to five-year continuation of EU immigration as part of Brexit.


Donetsk and Luhansk form separate state from Ukraine. And who is going to stop them?

Gatestone opines that Sweden has become a failed state because the police are no longer in control of Muslim-occupied districts. When you import Muslims, you import their criminal gangs.

Zionist Report documents the Jews who control the media in Sweden (turn down the volume on this one):

Swedish government leaks data on all its citizens; government may fall.

Feds bust 412 Muslims in Michigan for medical fraud. Nice going, Department of Justice.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under investigation for illegal political campaigning. Nice going, Office of U.S. Special Counsel.

Jerome Corsi on the reopening of the Vince Foster investigation.

Haitian official set to testify on Clinton Foundation corruption was found dead. Notice a pattern here?

How Trump is draining the Veterans Affairs swamp.

Canada fines black citizen for not removing his shoes in a house which he owned. Canada is adopting sharia law.

Pipo News (UK) reports on street clashes in Europe over immigration and opines that civil war is coming. We tend to agree, just wondering why it’s taking so long.

Paul Weston tells us he saw it coming:

Weston thinks the civil war started this past June. In order for there to be a civil war, some white folks are going to have to get organized and fight back. Weston’s blog.

Italy is so upset about the Muslim invaders it is now threatening to send them north. Sounds like civil war in Europe is coming.


Turkey arrests 43 Guhlen members. So far, Hillary Clinton has avoided arrest. Turkey’s relations with Germany have recently soured, and Erdogan has turned to Russia to buy its missile defense system.

Swedish Liberal Youth Party wants to legalize child pornography, necrophilia. Well, that should help people decide which side of the civil war they are on.

Top Israeli general says Israel is becoming like Nazi Germany. Actually, it became like Nazi Germany a long time ago.

Jason Kessler digs into Who is Antifa?

Mises Institute looks at Europe’s unsustainable welfare state.

Trudeau contributes $20 million to Clinton Foundation to promote gender equity. Trudeau is a gay asswad.

Vanity Fair wrote up a piece on Steve Bannon.

American Thinker catches up with us and notices that the Left has hijacked the American Psychiatric Association. Actually, this happened many decades ago.

An important book on a rarely documented topic: Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union by Dr. Hermann Greife.

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