News for April 12, 2017

Worst news first: Trump refuses to name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. There won’t be any victory over Islamic terrorism as long as the Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to operate.

The Muslim Brotherhood is behind Hawaii’s court challenge to Trump’s travel ban.

The Muslim Brotherhood is running Sweden.

Trump is keeping Obama’s programs that grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

Larry Klayman claims to have documents proving that Obama and Comey spied on Trump. The Wall Street Journal claims there was a second administration official besides Susan Rice involved in unmasking Trump transition team members.

Lee Smith believes Obama weaponized the NSA for global spying before 2016. Seems pretty obvious by now.

James Comey’s checkered resume. We reported on this earlier; a few more details here.

Trudeau gives Islam preference over other religions in Canada. Google to censor criticism of Islam.

CIA infects iphone chain with spy malware.

The FBI is investigating Google and Facebook for cyber operations designed to throw the 2008 and 2012 elections to Obama. George Soros was involved.


Mike Adams says Google and You-Tube are removing advertising from selected alt-media to drive them out of business.

Upcoming technology developments: 5G and AI will link everything in a global hive mind. Big Global Tech supports Agenda 2030 and UN Sustainable Development for the totalitarian control over the whole world. It’s not enough to defeat the politicians, we also have to bring down Big Technology.

Seth Goden explains what AI is good at and why you should develop alternative skills.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a few comments about the CIA and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.


Nigel Farage has a few choice words for European Union officials following negotiation of terms for Brexit. It turns out the European Union officials are sort of … dictatorial.

EC President Juncker denies Austria’s request to withdraw from the EU refugee resettlement program.

Lots of commentary on the death of New World Order dragon David Rockefeller on You-Tube. A brief compilation of David Rockefeller quotes.

Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development was so corrupt, Ben Carson may never be able to drain the swamp.

Trey Gowdy has ordered the body of Vince Foster exhumed for autopsy. No autopsy was performed when he died as his death was ruled a suicide. But the recent autopsy shows two bullet holes in the back of his head. Wonder who could have pulled the trigger?

Traditionalist Youth Network has an interesting piece on Kentucky politics, with something about white nationalism.

A rather long historical explanation supporting the greatness of Putin. We don’t endorse all of this, just thought you might find it interesting.

Harvard University engineers plan geoengineering experiment for 2018.

Minnesota Somalis are unable to participate in democracy.

Occultism in Russia today.

Preston James and Mike Harris, Christian Churches Under Sinister Long-Term Attack.

Lawrence J. Epstein, Zionism’s Ultimate Goal, The Times of Israel. The goal of Zionism is Jewish domination of the world. Printed in their newspaper.

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