New World Order news, March 17, 2017

We were dismayed to learn that U.S. forces in Syria have been blocking Russian forces. Assad has denounced the recent deployment of U.S. troops in Syria as unwelcome. Trump is not going to meet with Assad. Are U.S. troops there to defeat ISIL and turn over territory to Syria, or are they there to control territory?

We are wondering how Trump can cooperate with Russia and Syria to wipe out al-qada and ISIL when the administration’s diplomatic initiatives are with Saudi Arabia and its loyalty is to Israel. More reporting on the complexities and very good discussion at Moon Over Alabama.

Northern Truthseeker has more details and is also appalled at the U.S. position.

Big-picture reporting on the progress of the Iran/Russia/China alliance at Strategic Culture. Now that we have a clearer picture of the neocon/socialist alliance in blocking Trump, we wonder if Trump’s foreign policy initiatives will ever materialize or even matter against the grand plans of this alliance.

Jacob Rothschild is still profiting from the New World Order, but he’s getting a little worried.

Polish people organize to oppose Islamic takeover of Poland. Take notes on this speech, you might want to deliver one like it some day.

Brigitte Gabriel reads from the Muslim Brotherhood plan to destroy Western civilization and take over America:

Moslem jihadis are being educated at America’s top universities.

ISIS jihadis in Syria draw welfare payments from Sweden.

President Xi Jinping recognizes Islam as China’s greatest threat, vows to build an “iron wall.”

The headline of this story is about Soros-funded groups providing drugs to protesters and targeted victims, but the first part of the story, the Obama/Jarrett/Sunstein opposition faction, now called the Black House, engaging in hacking and leaks to bring down Trump, is more important.

Amazon bans sale of Holocaust-denying books, destroys thousands of books:


Jeff Bezos owns and the Washington Post. He provides cloud internet services to all 17 U.S.intelligence agencies, including the CIA. You already know that the CIA controls the media. The Washington Post is now one of their chief outlets for leaks. Connect this story with the Obama Black House story above to connect the dots of the conspiracy to overthrow Trump.

A quick look at some world leaders the NSA has wiretapped. More here.

True Pundit has a piece on the anti-Trump faction inside the FBI. Hillary Clinton donated $700,000 to the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe at the time she was being investigated. True Pundit believes McCabe was instrumental in burying the Clinton investigation and opening an investigation of candidate Trump.

Mexico has budgeted $50 million to fund “assistance centers” to link illegal immigrants with lawyers to clog the court system and prevent deportations. Mexico doesn’t want its Mexicans back.

Nevada state senator proposes legislation to require consent before microchips are implanted in anyone. Good idea.

Gay Tim Cook promotes gay agenda. Gay Apple approves an app for gays to contact 12-year-olds.

A short history of gay Disney. Walt Disney was gay, and now your kids get it in Disney movies.

Former KGB Russian General Reshetnikov outlines his vision for a return to a Russian empire. This point of view contrasts with our usual strategizing about regional New World Order rivalries. Reshetnikov insists Russia is a multicultural empire and seeks to take that form more completely. White nationalists can appreciate Putin blocking Obama’s takeover plans, but Reshetnikov says Russia is not white nationalist.

Jean-Yves Camus distinguishes among German, French, and American conservatism, broadly speaking. The Right is faced with difficult choices among competing backgrounds, regardless of the question of ignorance versus knowledge of the Jewish agenda of white genocide.

Underground caves have been discovered beneath Shropshire that were once used by the Knights Templar. Daily Mail has many photos.

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