New World Order news, March 11, 2017

Syria retakes Palmyra, with U.S. assistance. Trump authorized U.S. airstrikes, though not in cooperation with Russia.

On February 17 an international security conference was held in Munich. Vice-President Pence and Secretary of Defense Mattis  represented the United States. Here are a few highlights:

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called for an end to the New World Order dominated by USA.

Germany’s defense minister warned Trump not to ally with Russia and not to attack Muslims. Pence and Mattis said Europe needs to spend more on security. Secretary Mattis said he regards Russia as the top security threat to the United States, and Trump supports NATO.

New World Order warmonger and Soros puppet John McCain trashed Trump’s polices.

Our conclusion: Trump is not going to roll out a new foreign policy and ally with Russia.

Former CIA agent explains how the shadow government works:

Center for Security Policy identifies Representative Andre Carson, Democrat of Nevada, as a Moslem Brotherhood mole sitting on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Center for Security Policy has a longer report on Carson’s Moslem terrorist associations here.

The three Awan brothers, IT specialists and Moslem spies for Democrat congressional staff, had a history of criminal activity. The Democrats didn’t care because they have a history of criminal activity.

Awan is still employed by Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, even though he is under criminal investigation.

Tony Cartalucci notices that the King of Saudi Arabia recently took a tour of southeast Asia. We are awaiting increased reports of Moslem terrorism in that area of the world.

The European Union is searching for a future, offers a white paper with 5 alternative future scenarios.

Leaders of the Visegrad Four met on March 2 and issued a statement of goals to counter the plans coming from European Union leaders.

How Obama’s Justice Department shook down the banks. The Obama administration was a criminal mafia.

Communist racist LaRaza declares war on Trump’s proposed wall.

Jeremiah Johnson reports from Ukraine on a massive blockade of coal shipments organized by the Soros faction. He believes Soros wants to control the mines in eastern Ukraine.

This is a new genre to us: video psychoanalysis of George Soros:

Opposition to Soros is widespread and public in Europe. The resistance knows Soros represents the New World Order enemy.

A quick look at radical Muslims in Belgium:

And in London:

A black African wants to end the European bloodline forever:

Crusader at The Phora names the Jews running the gay movement.

Baxter Dmitry reports on a private satanic sex club in Hollywood, with famous members.

Merkel’s party bans eating meat at party meetings to save the climate.

France’s deradicalization program didn’t work because the Muslim radicals don’t want to be deradicalized. They want to take over Europe and America.

How a few party-poopers dealt with A Day Without Women.

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