New World Order news, February 15, 2017

CNN gets kicked out of Venezuela for making up fake news:

George Soros is busy overthrowing the government of Romania, and the United States. The U.S. military is sending arms to Romania. To support the Soros color revolution, we presume.

John McAfee debunks the “Russia hacked our election” propaganda line of the Democrats. Which has already been debunked by several other reliable sources.

Tyler Durden reports on a trio of hackers at the House Committee on Intelligence. Mad World News reports that these three were Muslim spies installed by Obama. The brothers tipped off al-qaeda in Yemen that a Navy SEAL raid was immanent. The raid was planned under Obama and approved by Trump. Draining the federal government swamp of Muslim spies and traitors is going to be a long slog. Obama has booby-trapped every government agency with treasonous Muslim operatives.

“The Obama administration knew that Flynn was going to release the secret documents around the Iran deal, which would blow up their myth that it was a good deal that rolled back Iran.”

NSA Director Michael Flynn was taken down because he was about to expose secret agreements between Obama and Iran. Beyond that, Flynn was a straight-shooter and a patriot, and he knew where the bodies were buried. Flynn could have smashed the Bush/Clinton drug cartels and exposed who was behind 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination. Too dangerous for the Bushes, Obamas, and Clintons.

Exposing the shadow government or deep state. What Trump is really up against. Another look at the shadow government, by John Whitehead. This one is less sophisticated.

China is setting up its midrange missiles to take out U.S. military bases in Asia. Beyond that, China is buying Hollywood companies and Seattle real estate, establishing alliances with West Coast lefties to promote secession of Western states from the U.S. That’s why all those stories about the Left dying are false. China heads the globalist New World Order now, and they can easily support the coming violence planned by Obama, Soros, and the Clintons.

It turns out the illegal immigrants have crowded into a relatively few areas in the United States, mainly in big cities. If you can avoid these cities, there is a good chance you can avoid their crimes and violence. Meanwhile, Obama funded these sanctuary cities with $27 billion of your dollars.

Just a reminder of what happens when you allow Africans to immigrate into your country:

Are you going to miss Obama speaking about how we need to surrender to the New World Order?

Corbett on Obama’s awful legacy.

A Strong Europe in a World of Uncertainties is the title of the plan to double down on European Union tyranny. The plan hinges on cooperation between France and Germany, and its authors are the foreign ministers of France and Germany. Two talking points: Individual nations will have no say in forming immigration policy, and there will be a European army. Oh, and don’t forget shoring up the police state. But they were going to do that even without Brexit.

An interesting report on Fusion Centers, and how the federal government’s octopus for spying has encountered a few snags and cost overruns.

Infrakshun, excellent website, surveys the rise of sex institutes and exposes some of the perverts behind “sex education” and “sex therapy.”

Steve LeVine has an interesting interview with a billionaire who wants to keep the New World Order going.

The dechristianization of Quebec, and what it means.

Opposition to globalism is rising in Canada. Canada? We thought they had entirely sold out to the New World Order. Ryan Scrivans points out that living around minorities creates opposition to minorities. Opposition is the normal reaction to multiculturalism. Well, good for Canada. 

Bill Warner explains why Moslems hate our art and will destroy it:

Amazon is allied with the CIA and is building a database to profile you:

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