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We have been surfing around to men’s websites to catch up with current thinking. We are pleased to see how many new websites there are, and the level of anger. Here are a few highlights.

Mindweapons in Ragnarok caught our attention with a nice piece of anti-feminist propaganda. This is how you do it, boys, with conceptual art rather than essays on the history of Communism and population reduction. The next step is to get these images, or something similar, up on a billboard. Pool your money, do a small project, get noticed.

Mangan’s has a short post on clueless conservatives and the impossibility of saving marriage. Mangan’s blames conservatives for not offering a more robust opposition to feminism; now they are reaping the whirlwind with social destruction while more men are adopting the marriage strike and other female avoidance strategies. We agree, but opposing feminism is a difficult job. They have control of the legal system as well as quotas in government, education, and the corporations. We see many stories on the web about conservative teachers being squeezed out of jobs. Notice, in this regard, that Pat Buchanan was recently banned from MSNBC. Even high-status conservatives can’t overcome liberal oppression.

Digression: The Chinese do a better job of fighting back against black aggression than whites do.

Chariot of Reaction proposes a new type of marriage contract to fix the perverse legal system in the United States. Advising men on choosing a suitable mate, he concludes that about 10 percent of American women might be suitable for marriage. There aren’t many good old-fashioned girls anymore. All women are feminized now because the institutions are controlled by feminism.

Social Pathologist argues in his post Conservative Tectonics that flaws in traditional society created pressures that led to radical movements. This is a flawed argument. It is liberal thinking. It is what the liberals want you to think. Social change does not occur according to Social Pathologist’s model of social pressures, it occurs by conspiracy from elites and is imposed by subversion.

We agree that you cannot reset to “initial conditions” without being specific about exactly which initial conditions you want to reset to. We specifically reject Israel, Egypt, Babylon, and Greece as traditional models. The society worth imitating is Western European paganism as described in John Michell’s At the Center of the World, Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic, Norse, and Other Ritualized Landscapes (London, Thames and Hudson, 1994). You can still find this model in rural village America and Europe if you try. But you are surrounded by the evil power of the socialist New World Order.

This is Traditionalism without mechanization, and we recognize that folks love electrification, automobiles, and modern medicine. The trick is not to destroy the society for the sake of economy, and certainly not for a global economy. If you are drawn toward the White Village model, you must control local politics, put up barriers to entry, buy guns, and ban liberal media.

The error of the Left, and of Social Pathologist, is that “the natural order of female desire” is something to be respected. Social conservatives do not idealize women or ignore their sexuality, especially now in the modern media age when liberal consciousness is entirely sexualized and disgusting liberal sluts are media role models.

You have to ban Romance literature, especially novels that glorify adultery. This line of culture control is true conservatism. Conservatives who believe in free speech, free expression, free press, liberty, equality, fraternity, and the rights of man are radicals, not conservatives.

Social Pathologist’s post Aenemia criticizes the Christian/Romantic view of love as too ignorant of libido. Actually we believe many Christian counselors are aware of this phenomenon and attempt to correct deficits when they present. The libido/seduction/adultery theme dominates modern liberal literature. The stereotypical character conflict is the closed, rigid, puritanical man married to the life-loving, adventurous woman, who eventually finds her fulfillment elsewhere. Madame Bovary was an important literary model, and D.H. Lawrence exploited the theme.

This theme could easily be countered by a literature that describes divorce and what comes after as a less-than-fulfilling adventure leading to social pathology and social dissolution. But social statistics describe the broken family pathology in such grim detail that facts are now more powerful than any counterculture literature could be. We are now walking around in the feminist post-catastrophe wasteland. The genius of the socialists is, they will make a big-government welfare state out of the destruction they have caused.

Digression: On being a reactionary. Sober thinking. Chariot believes the brainwashed socialist masses can be persuaded to become more noble, but we doubt that any superior idea can penetrate their fog.

From his post Whittaker Chambers: The Failure of Conservatism: “As mentioned previously by Chambers, Socialism (and its bastard brother Fascism) did not arise in a vacuum, rather they were a  cognitive response to the social crises of the times. They were an attempt to solve the problem and hence were proactive remedial proscriptions and offered hope. The fact that they were eventual quack remedies is irrelevant in terms of their effect to elicit societal transformation, since what they offered was hope to multitudes in a promise for a better world.”

No, actually, they were conspiracies and counter-conspiracies, not attempts to solve problems, and this failure to grasp the conspiratorial nature of history is the key fact that leads Social Pathologist to false theorizing about “society’s flaws leading to the success of revolutionary movements.” Social Pathologist is a strange dog, a Catholic fascinated with social science and theorizing about society yet apparently unfamiliar with the history of the Catholic literature exposing the conspiracy of Freemasonry. We hope this important history is not entirely lost to young Catholics. We appreciate the value of reason, but your reasoning is only as good as your knowledge base and worldview. Reasoning based on social science concepts is a liberal dead-end.

There is nothing wrong with libidinally satisfying a woman, but her temporary emotional state is not a supreme social value.  The larger point is, one cannot build a society based on the satisfaction of the libido, one can only build a society by controlling it.

All men should learn how to satisfy a woman sexually, but that isn’t what Game is about.

Game is a scientific study of seduction, and seduction is not a conservative art or of any social value. The proponents of Game see it as a solution to feminist privileges over men. It is, in a way, a reversing of their legal power advantage, but gamers ignore what happens after the seduction. Usually, nothing good to write home about. Seducing a liberal woman is pointless.

And, by the way, the idea that successful seducers are all alphas is baloney. Most of them are low-level con artists.

But there is value in self-confidence in handling women, and men’s websites provide valuable knowledge for the confused. We don’t believe in generalized “solutions” as relationships and marriage are dominated by individual preferences, goals, and life experiences.

We like the idea of grading one’s dating status using a number, and the advice not to venture outside your league. We like the advice to learn about women’s psychology. We like the advice to initiate encounters and just see what happens, as long as you avoid liberal women. The most important point is, if you don’t dominate the woman, you will be lost in her web of manipulation. And, how she feels at this moment doesn’t really matter that much, learn how to move her emotional state. It’s pretty easy.

We recognize wide variations in preferences and proclivities. Some men are ruled by their sex drive their entire lives; some aren’t. Some want to build resistance, some are just marking time where they are, some want to flee.

We also recognize that reason falls away if one falls into romance.

You don’t need to take a Game seminar to learn how to handle women. Watch how Bogart handles Bacall in To Have and Have Not.

And guys, it’s OK not to have any success with women. Your social environment is a wasteland. Think about all the trouble you are saving yourself. There are lots of interesting things to do in life that don’t involve women.

Of interest:

Rex Patriarch appears to be a new site. We are glad to see new sites popping up to replace the ones that go down. Solo blogging is not a recipe for success, there isn’t enough positive feedback. Rex has the right baseline.

The Spearhead has caught the vibe and is putting something into it.

Alcuin struggles against feminism, the modern secular wasteland.

Foseti writes about conservative issues but hasn’t figured out the Jew bankster angle.

Collapse thinks in terms of Catholic conservatism.

Complementarian Loners. This ‘n that.

What Men Are Saying About Women. Reports from Australia. Nice effort.

Foreign Women Only. Creative, amusing. The opposition to feminism is so weak because you have to go along with women’s privilege in every public organization. Most men will surrender to earn a living, what else would you expect?

Single Dude Travel. If it’s not working where you are, it might work somewhere else.

Ghost Nation. Because we always want to hear about England, and he’s livelier than we are.

What Men Think of Women. Lively and prolific.

There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it):

International Men’s Organisation.

The difference between the United States and England is, the English know that they are taken over by Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

If you don’t know the link between Freemasonry and feminism, start this course over again at the beginning and catch up. There is no point in thinking about these issues with the wrong set of concepts, you’ll just go around in a small circle and end up nowhere, victimized by liberal thinking.

By the way, we will stop selling books from this website soon. Last chance to order.


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