Jew world order

A Short History of Usury in Europe. This is a brilliant little piece. Besides offering relevant history, it explains why charging “as much as the market will bear” is an anti-social practice. It also explains why bank lending must debase the existing currency and why future lending is necessary for usury (repayment with interest) to be supported.

History of the Jewish War Against the World. Because you’re not going to get Jewish history from the Bible.



Renegade Tribune has an excellent piece on how the Jews are organized, the Kehillah.

The Edict of Expulsion of 1290. A history of Jews in England.

Even before the U.S. government gets it hands on your personal data, it goes to the Jews.

How the Jews multiculted England.

A review of Jew As Criminal by Keller and Anderson, 1937. Interesting discussion of Jewish attempts to modify laws and affect court decisions. The enduring problem of Jewish judges.

The Jew World Order Is Upon Us. The power of the Jewish lobby.

“On page 249 of “Duncan’s Ritual and Monitor” it states that Masonry is subservient to Judaism, noting that a recipient of the Royal Arch Degree pledges himself ‘For the good of Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular.'”



Chabad Lubavitch Identified as Supremacist Criminal Cult. Powerful politicians are members of Chabad Lubavitch.

The five dancing Israelis on 9/11

A short course on Holocaust deprogramming.

Source: A graceful watchman at You-Tube.

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