Islam is unconstitutional

What we can expect from Islamic refugees in the West:

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Moslems have been forbidden to enter the United States: See our link The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act in our post Weaponizing Immigration. However, not only have Moslems gotten around this immigration prohibition, they have actually created an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations that conflicts dramatically with the U.S. Constitution, The Declaration of Human Rights, and UN declarations regarding human rights. The following material is quoted from New Euro-med:

“Islam is unconstitutional because it preaches concepts and ideologies contrary to the constitutional fundamental principles, with regard to respect for life and equality between people.

“– Art. 2 of the Constitution: “… the inviolable rights …”, which are totally different in the Islamic religion, so as to have created its own paper, The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed on Saturday 19 September 1981 at UNESCO in Paris.

“– Art. 3 of the Constitution: “equal social status … without distinction of sex, race, language, religion“; in the Qur’an, however, it is enshrined in the superiority of man over woman and the Muslim over non-Muslims.

“– Art. 13 of the Constitution: “Personal liberty is inviolable, may be limited only by reasoned decision of the Judicial and only in cases and ways provided for by law. … “; in the Islamic Declaration of Rights of Man, however, individual freedom is subordinate to the Shari’a.

“– Art. 27 of the Constitution: ”death penalty is not permitted …”; Islam, instead, has death penalty for apostates, adulterers and homosexuals; it is confirmed by all four Koranic schools and, therefore, reliable.

“Here comes a bitter statement that is politically incorrect – but not far from the truth

“Jim Kirwan, Jeff Rense 27 March 2016: (Muslim immigrants) always steadfastly remain ignorant of all that is needed for anyone to even exist in the world of today.

“Muslim-migrants    Young Muslim men + one woman and children invading Europe – thanks to Angela Merkel and many other Marxist feminists, who are severely infected with inverted humanism, and who can look forward to women´s future status in Sharia Europe: The woman carries a big child and has to walk barefoot in snow and ice – while the men do not care!

“They steal whatever they think they need, like cellphones, computers, etc., but they are powerless to maintain the cell-towers, or the infrastructure at any level: Because they have on an average a low IQ level. Many cannot read, yet they are convinced that if they just take over the countries where millions of people once lived—they too will be able to have the same kinds of success that those formerly settled nations once enjoyed, just because they decided to invade anywhere they choose to go: Believing that no one can, or will ever be able to stop them.

“The truth is all they will end up doing, is bringing about utter poverty, total destruction and starvation to every place they decide to invade. The world must come together to wipe Sharia Law & Islamic forces off the face of the earth or die: That is the only choice.

“According to this ranking of world states by IQ, the average IQ of the migrants surging into Europe is about 83 (Somalia only 68).”


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