How postmodernism controls your identity, Part 2

In our previous post we explained how Communists model their approved stereotypes in media to brainwash and colonize naive, confused, and anxious people, the most unstable personalities, and turn them into change-agents of the cultural revolution. There was little Communist modeling in the media of the 1950s, but starting in the 1960s Communist models appeared more frequently. The media takeover is nearly total today. That is, it’s difficult to find a non-Communist or anti-Communist model anywhere in media. This means the work of subversion and conversion can operate from a distance and influence everyone.

“The anthropologist James Clifford has pointed out that radio, TV, film, and the internet change places, so that local cultures are no longer local. Local cultures exposed to television no longer exhibit local qualities but new global qualities. Clifford calls this virtual migration. Culture is now hybridized by media penetration, and even locals who have never migrated experience the process of migration through the culture shift. This phenomenon expresses as disappointment in broken culture for those who have adopted mass media. The place of their home has become radically disconnected, unstable, unhomogenious, alienating. Clifford describes this new state as a universal migrancy, the product of a global culture. Clifford believes there is no global homogeneous culture. Instead, imagined places hold cultural and ethnic identities. This means the migrant recreates his identity in each new place in relation to the homeland. Increasingly, these identities are shaped by reference to history rather than by reference to place. For example, blacks do not identify with pastoral Africa contrasted with Jim Crow America; instead they identify with a series of historical relationships that are removed from the real history of world slavery (involving blacks as slavers, real slavery today), that is, they identify with a partial and mythologized historical narrative supplied by Marxism. Similarly, Jewish identity today has more to do with Holocaust narratives than with identification with Israel. Since this identification is individual, artists are able to create endless “identity documentaries” using bits and pieces of historical signs as narrative.”

(1) By denigrating genuine identity and substituting the phony Marxist identities of feminist radical, gay radical, black radical, etc., postmodern Marxism destroys identity and society from a distance. No place is safe from Marxist culture destruction because mass media penetrate everywhere and influence everyone. But this process of social and cultural destruction was working before Marxism was invented. Genuine ethnic and cultural identity are destabilized by any appeals to a universal human nature, a universal human condition, and the imaginary extension of universal rights from Revolutionary France to the entire world. The implication of universal human rights and a universal brotherhood of man is that everyone should subordinate his historical cultural identity to the French Revolution, Napoleon’s army, international Communism, the world government. But of course Napoleon, the Bolsheviks, the UN agencies, the global Communists don’t really act in the interest of humanity, they act in the interest of their own power. If one adopts this line of thinking, one must abandon one’s genetic and cultural identity to participate in the great cause of universal revolution. One must turn one’s back on any cultural heritage and destroy it so that the new mass culture can prevail. One must destroy all native authority sources and hand over power to the Politburo, the Marxist government, the Party, the UN agency. Since modern media carry the models of identity reformulation everywhere, all local cultures become contaminated with Marxist messages of identity reformulation. The mass media do the work of the Communist change-agent operating in a local cell in destabilizing the community to make it ripe for takeover. The work of brainwashing can take place without a single Communist agent visiting all these isolated places. Communists create historical myths (the Marxist version of history) to control the new ideological orientation of various groups. The Marxist propagandists link these new myths (victimization) with slogans (empowerment, liberation) to colonize the new radicals of each ethnic group. Marxist spokesmen parading as cultural figures then come forward to lead the newly brainwashed masses away from the old cultural forms to the new Marxist culture.

Today’s Marxist cultural modelers include Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, the female sports reporters, the feminist lawyers on Fox News, the female detectives in the crime shows, the women warriors in science fiction movies, Wonder Woman, any female superhero in comic books, any female who models females as an expert or authority, any black who models blacks as experts or authorities, anyone modeling homosexuals, minorities, or women as “oppressed” in the age of affirmative action quotas.

There are other approved postmodern role models apart from these hard Communist stereotypes. You should also be wary of women who spend too much time bonding with the apes, girls who want to play on boys’ sports teams (and the men who let them), mafia bosses who seek therapy, anyone who attends an international conference, self-reinvention gurus, anyone who appears on PBS offering you more power, volunteer hustlers, charity hustlers, eco-tour guides, any Green spokesman, anyone promoting use of cell phones by teenage girls, any group of people living in a house together.

The techies have the worst of it, with their video games and sc-fi movies. Techies imagine they are making everyone’s life better with some new gizmo and some killer ap. Actually, building the global communication network is building the global police state. Gizmos and aps kill society and allow the postmodern models to saturate every medium. Science fiction movies and games model technologically controlled global futures under multiculturalism and feminism. Wimps in outer space? We can’t watch.

Myths and models do the work of subversion under postmodernism. For example, in the 1930s and 1940s, some Negro intellectuals converted to Marxism, and a variety of Negro artists and cultural figures became Communist spokesmen. In the early 1950s, Communist theorist Theodore Adorno invented the term “black” to refer to these Communist radicals. The term gained currency and replaced the word “Negro” in the thinking of many Negroes, even those who were not particularly radical. “Black” came to be cool, and “Negro” was devalued. By this method, an entire ethnic group was given a new radical identity, whether they embraced Communism or not. This is how Communist postmodernism redefines identity. If you have ever wondered why Negroes have so little interest in their African roots and make so little connection with Africa, it is because they are all colonized under the Marxist myth of victimization in America, and this myth controls their identity. The same process has occurred for virtually every ethnic group as well as for women (“feminists” rather than bourgeois ladies) and homosexuals (“gays” rather than perverts). If you adopt their language, you fall under the control of their myths and stereotypes.

Adopting this radical language introduces so much confusion that renaming itself becomes an effective destabilization strategy both for individuals and for cultures. Renaming creates identity confusion within those who are not completely converted to the new models, and it also induces confusion for everyone else as to other people’s identity. The problematic identity of the Communist spy from the period of the 1930s to the 1950s becomes the problematic identity of everyone thereafter. Is this woman I’m meeting a good woman or a feminist? Can I trust this Negro or does he vote black and Democrat? Marxist models offer a “second identity,” and people often switch back and forth from one pose to another. For example, women often switch from a victim identity to Marxist authority on “human rights,” depending on their perceived interest of the moment. This makes navigating one’s way through social life difficult, and subject to nasty surprises.

Mass media models split and destabilize genuine communities. “Community organizers” then come in to focus the attitudes of the newly confused toward collectivization. There would be no possibility of Marxist community organizers scalping away the confused if communities maintained ethnic identities and had strict controls banning Marxist messages of subversion. Marxism thrives under freedom of speech, but Marxism denies freedom of speech once it takes control. That is why your purge and banishment of Marxist influences must be total and complete in order to survive. And that is also why defining “hate speech” is so important to Communist control over any public dialogue.

When communities are forced to integrate racially, they lose any possibility of maintaining authority or control. They become multiracial mass society, ripe for subversion. The same problem occurs in public schools, universities, and corporations. When you participate in these mass institutions, your identity is on a list of preferences somewhere, and you are subject to “sensitivity training” and other forms of Communist brainwashing. This is particularly bad for boys as they become feminized in mass institutions. You can’t subject boys to feminist role models year after year and expect them to turn out to be men.

“Anthropologist Michael M.J. Fisher has studied expressions of ethnic identity. Fisher rejects the idea that ethnicity is taught or transmitted. Instead he believes that each generation must construct its ethnicity. He rejects the idea of archetypes or models for ethnicity but instead finds a constructive “livability” that is future-oriented. Ethnicity is thus a kind of performance. This idea breaks historical connections, especially with place. Ethnicity becomes a kind of quest or search, and is ennobled by adopting this spiritual metaphor of the occult tradition. Artwork concerned with identity thus becomes an expression of a search rather than a reflection of a reality. This attitude accounts for much of the dithering, self-indulgence, and pretentiousness of new art.”

(2) So why would an anthropologist reject the idea that ethnicity is taught or transmitted, which is one of the most obvious truths of history? Why would anyone hypothesize that each generation must “construct” its ethnicity, presumably in isolation from elders? Fisher isn’t talking about history in this quote, he is talking about the situation today, now that entire ethnic groups have been destabilized by Marxist models and labels. Fisher is addressing a certain “fluidity” in identity that is current today, not previously. Fisher is recognizing that rebellion against the authority of previous generations has left postmodern man adrift, without authentic cultural models. He believes one must struggle to “reconstruct” an ethnic identity under conditions of modernity. But actually this is only true for those who resist Communism. The Communist models are set and approved. The path of least resistance is to join the multicultural mass society and work for the New World Order tyranny under the belief that you are working for “justice” or “peace” or “equality.” As time passes, fewer people can even remember genuine culture, let alone live in one.

To understand what has happened to us, let’s imagine the situation a few generations back, and ignore New World Order Wars I and II. Industrialization created a new modern urban economy whose inventiveness defined genuine progress. This economy created new classes through specialization and raised standards of living. The modern corporation embodied the new skills and created the new products. For a normal man, contributing to progress meant learning the new skills and working for a corporation. But when the Marxist models of feminism and black power were forced on corporations, they lost the ability to hire whom they wished to hire, and corporations lost their cultural and ethnic character. As corporations went multinational, they destabilized foreign local businesses and societies while enlisting foreign elites into their staff. This mixing of multinational corporatism with Communism is the leading edge of the New World Order takeover. Corporations are no longer national, they are global and cosmopolitan, and they cooperate with international Communism. So the period of modernizing nations preserving national interest and national identity now belongs to the past. To control the global takeover process, the New World Order controllers must also change individual and national identity to align with its goals. That is why they are so intent on brainwashing school children into thinking of themselves as world citizens “saving the planet” by sticking their nose into other people’s personal habits. The slogan that justifies the total tyranny of socialism is, “making the personal political.” The Communist postmoderns can only justify their total control over everyone by denying any private sphere of life. All of the propaganda campaigns running today attempt to convince the naive that there is some great problem that requires everyone to align their behavior with a greater collective cause.

Marxism has destabilized so many societies and fooled so many people into becoming radicals that anyone who wants a genuine identity must go through a process of reconstructive work to have a normal social identity. This process includes recognizing the Communist models as Communist, rejecting them, learning about your family history, recognizing and honoring genuine culture as opposed to modern pseudoculture, and acting on the genuine identities of masculinity, femininity, and ethnicity from past cultures. This also means rejecting the two main modern myths that control mass identity in favor of genuine social identity. The two main myths that control identity today are the conservative myth of the founding fathers as geniuses who opened the American Dream for the ambitious individual, and the Marxist myth of total state power operating in the interest of the collective. Both of these myths cover the reality of the corruption of the elites and the fact that your labor enables their corrupt exercise of power.

“Today much of postmodern art is homosexual because homosexuality is the latest weapon for subversion of religion, society, and culture. The important shift that takes place in this new art is the shift from homosexuality as homoerotic desire of the feminine soul in the masculine body (or vice versa) to a masculinized homosexual identity (male) or feminized lesbian identity.”

“Freud refuted the idea of homosexuality as a woman’s mind in a man’s body in his essay “Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman.” Freud broke down the idea of homosexuality as a “masculine inversion to the feminine” and made the link between a gendered identity and the sexual object-choice problematic. Silverman followed Freud by positing three homosexual models, the negative Oedipus complex, said to precede the positive Oedipus complex; the Greek model of narcissism, in which the man identifies with the young boy he once was and desires youthful femininity sexually; and the Leonardo model, in which the man identifies with the mother and makes up for her penis deficiency through his feminine sexual expression using his penis.”

(3) None of these definitions of homosexuality makes any sense, so just ignore them. Freud has been entirely discredited, but postmoderns invent a “new Freud” or a “revised Freud” to keep their radicalism alive. There is nothing in Freud that is correct about human psychology. Freud himself was a manipulator and self-promoter, a kind of model for postmodern artists who want to con the public.

We don’t care about definitions of homosexuality. All we want is to get homosexuality out of the mass culture so we can watch TV without being disgusted by its representation. This of course is exactly the normal conservative attitude the radicals need to confront and overcome if a healthy white culture is to be subverted with pro-homosexual messages. The postmodern strategy is to attack normal male disgust with homosexual imagery as “homophobic.” Homophobia is then elevated as a pseudo-psychological category of neurosis, as if normal guys were sick and homosexuals were the normal and healthy ones. We’re not kidding, this strategy actually works on naive young girls. If you adopt their language, you adopt their reversal of values and their takeover. If you believe that psychologists and psychiatrists are authority figures, you know nothing about the history of psychology.

“The basic point is that the postmodern model in art or media refers to a theory of constructed sexuality that blurs male-female differences.”

(4) Again, we don’t care about any theory of constructed or blurred sexuality, but we would like the pseudomasculine feminists, the gender identity confusion victims, the sex radicals, and the Left’s obsession with sex perversion and sexual cruelty purged from our media so we can watch TV again. The Left parades a variety of perversions into our living room, usually under the guise of “crime shows,” to present models of perversion for the young and naive to model. This strategy was first used successfully in the situation comedies, where fathers were ridiculed and feminists were applauded as appropriate role models. This worked so well that an entire lost generation of women has now adopted feminism as normal. Today the subject has switched to mass murderers, child molesters, and rapists. The Left models these activities while often preserving the old “crime doesn’t pay” story line. But unstable personalities imitate what they see in movies and TV. The Left’s control over the media means the media create more perverts simply by showing them.

We don’t care about any manifestations, artistic or otherwise, that refer to a constructed theory of self. This was also Stalin’s idea of human nature, and Pavlov’s, that people can be conditioned to anything. There is no moral basis to it, it is simply media manipulation. It’s the equivalent of making black seem white, or 2+2 = 5. Allowing the soulless materialist Marxists to program media means the masses consume a steady diet of materialism mixed with low occultism. This is a recipe for smuggling unqualified radicals into positions of authority while debasing culture to the lowest possible level.

Czeslaw Milosz (a Polish poet who suffered under Communism) reported this quote from his interview with a socialist bureaucrat, “A million more people here, a million less people there, what’s the difference?” Marxist strategies in postmodern art are ultimately boring to anyone who recognizes that Marxism is the apex of cruelty and inhumanity. This is the level of inhumanity we are up against.

The proper response to this infiltration of media by postmodern strategies is simply not to consume it and to block it from communities purified of Marxist influence. Unfortunately, all of our public institutions and mass media are infiltrated with the crap imagery of the approved Communist stereotypes. Because this corruption is so pervasive, we don’t believe it can be undone. After all, millions of people are making big money from this system. This is yet another reason to form enclaves with high borders where Marxism cannot penetrate. If you don’t do so, your ethnic identity and ethnic culture become dead history. Have you been colonized under a Marxist “community” or are you part of the resistance? Even if you maintain a normal, healthy identity, in all public institutions you are surrounded by soulless zombie radical personalities operating under the controlling slogans of the moment.

The fact that this question can even be asked indicates how subversive Marxist identity strategies are. Everyone’s identity is under question in the era of identity politics. Our public sphere has become guarded, quiet, filled with suspicion as a result of the success in confusing and colonizing identities and flooding the culture with immigrants. This is because there is no genuine society today, there is only a Communist-controlled mass pseudosociety where identity is fluid, borderless, mixed. Now that these stereotypes have become the controlling stereotypes in law and policy, everyone is under their control.

Don’t imagine that you have escaped its influence. You are in it, too. It’s everywhere, and the monster has claimed your identity as well as everybody else’s. If you attend public schools or work in corporations or state bureaucracies, you are governed and identified under Marxist identity politics. You are probably never exposed to a healthy, normal role model from your culture.

This may be your first step toward escaping Marxist colonization and starting on a real life for yourself. Adopting Marxist language, extending “rights” and tolerance toward members of Marxist communities, and failing to draw boundaries will leave you in the Communist mixed cosmopolitan culture and working for your own enslavement under the New World Order. Now get busy and undo all that Communist sensitivity training. The good news is, when you reject the Marxist perversion and reclaim your genuine identity and recognize your true friends and enemies, it feels really really really really good.

If you’ve been spending too much time around feminists, black radicals, Hispanic infiltrators, or gays, you need to get your soul back. Remember who these radicals are. The same guys who are writing “hate speech” laws today were running in the streets calling the police “pigs” in the 1960s. The same feminists you saw in the 1970s bullying teenage boys with “male guilt” are writing the “health care” bill to intervene in every aspect of your private life. The postmoderns are liars, deceivers, soul-suckers, but today they do it with comedy, with imagery, with stereotypes, with language designations and false myths rather than with spells and hot pokers. If you can avoid being stampeded into the multicultural corral, you can avoid being dumbed down, degraded, manipulated, branded, castrated, and twisted into some false identity serving your own enslavement under their control.

This might seem like the deep stuff, but it isn’t. It’s just an introduction to the really deep stuff, which we will discuss in later posts. You won’t be able to follow us if you can’t master this material. Reclaim your ethnic and gender identity now by overcoming Marxist brainwashing, or you’ll lose the thread out of the labyrinth and be lost forever to the soul-snatching Marxist identity controllers. You will end up working for global tyranny without even realizing what you are doing, the very definition of a controlled and wasted life.

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