Euro-Med expands to Africa, Middle East

We don’t know who Justin Vaisse is, but we do know that Foreign Policy magazine promotes globalist propaganda. Anyway, Justin has an anti-Eurabia article criticizing the “far right’s” alarm at the islamification of Europe as imaginary hysteria. Among Vaisse’s main points:

  • the Eurabia writers overemphasize culture and religion in explaining current tensions and lay the blame solely on Muslims.
  • current tensions are part of a normal and democratic process of adjustment, not the first signs of an impending catastrophe.
  • in the long term, the basic cultural values of Muslim migrants evolve to conform to the predominant culture of the European society in which they live.
  • though there are tensions, these are mostly due to racism, not some grandiose clash of cultures.
  • The most likely scenario for the next few decades includes increasing integration of Muslims accompanied by continued cultural tensions, occasional terrorist bombings, and differentiated outcomes in various countries.

Are you reassured yet? So what end is Vaisse promoting that justifies terrorist bombings, car fires, Moslem gang rapes, street fights, and the various cultural tensions caused by Moslem immigration? Justin forgot to tell us that. As if Moslem immigration were some naturally occurring phenomenon requiring “adjustment” instead of a planned anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-nation regional agenda.

Wash that unpleasant taste out of your mouth by reading the corrective to Vaisse’s disinformation at Centurean2. Vaisse omitted the political conspiracy, the Euro-Mediterranean integration required by the LIsbon Treaty. This plan includes the economic betrayal of European workers by their socialist masters, who are beginning to outsource jobs to Moslem nations as well as mandate preferences in hiring to new immigrants.

The Euromediterranean Free Trade area is scheduled to take off in 2010, according to the Euromediterranean Declaration of Barcelona of 1995, which was confirmed in the Joint Declaration of the heads of state and government at the proclamation of the Union for the Mediterranean in Paris on 13 July 2008.

The main elements of the 6 Euro-Mediterranean projects are “cumulation of origin” and outsourcing of European industry to “partner countries” that have the potential of cheap labour. In other words, they are laying down a free trade area as the basis for building an expanded European Union to include African and Middle Eastern nations.

Funny, isn’t it, that Vaisse didn’t mention this in his Foreign Affairs article. Isn’t it also funny how it’s up to the Europeans to “understand” the Moslems deposited in their midst? In fact, criticism of Islam will be criminal. Of course all these immigrants are going to need mosques and private religious schools, so there is a lot of work to do to make sure they don’t really integrate with the secular European institutions. In fact the Moslem will not be governed by European laws but by sharia law.

This means, Moslem criminals can get away with their crimes.

So it’s not really integration, is it? The Left might revise its “integration” position to “multicultural coexistence.” But you can’t trust the Left to assess the motives of the Moslems. Actually, the goal of Islam is domination in every country. Multiculturalism is an unworkable mess fronting for the planned elimination of the white race.

“Muslims find it difficult to assume minority status in a majority non-Muslim society. More than other minority communities, they constantly, sometimes subconsciously, strive to redress the balance and assume an expanding and dominant position in their host countries.”

Do you trust Vaisse’s statistics? Try Centurean’s:

  • A record number of immigrants settled in the UK in the year to June 2007, topping 600,000 for the first time. There are currently 6.3 million people in the UK who were born abroad – more than 10 per cent of the population and 1.1 million more than in 2004. (22.5.09)
  • 900,000 schoolchildren do not speak English as a first language
  • More than three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK
  • Crime committed by foreign nationals has doubled in five years.
  • A record number of work permits were handed out to immigrants last year despite rising unemployment. More than 151,000 people from outside the EU were given permission to work in Britain.
  • Poor white people living on some of the country’s most deprived estates believe they are the biggest victims of a decade of mass immigration, according to the study. They feel unable to complain for fear of being branded racist.

Liberals care about the poor, right? Right, as long as they aren’t white people.

Let’s develop the photo. Behind the phony propaganda front of “Moslem integration” is a plan for massive immigration into Europe to displace white people and white culture. This plan already begins to hand power over Europe to African Moslem leaders. They will get more power over Europe when the nations are admitted to the EU. The EU will be taken over by Islam.

Integration isn’t the goal. Moslem domination is. White Europeans are currently heavily discriminated against as nearly all new jobs go to immigrants. Europeans who speak out are ostracized with the “far right racist” label. Moslems will be favored with their own courts and laws. Europeans will be shut up by “hate speech” laws.

What exactly was the purpose of this “integration project,” Mr. Vaisse? Refer to his points at the beginning of this post. Can you see through the lies now?

If you are going to consume pro-New World Order propaganda from the likes of Justin Vaisse, you will find yourself asking this question: Are liberal reporters ignorant of reality or do they fail to report on the ongoing meetings and treaties as a deliberate tactic of deception?

Don’t try to figure out whether the globalists are extremely retarded or extremely evil. It really doesn’t matter. Face the fact that God is not throwing the global socialists into a dark place ringed with fire. Take on the job yourself. The existence of the white race is at stake.

The Moslem nations can develop their own industries. If they buy into global integration, they will end up looking like Mexico and other Third World countries, with massive family destruction and economic destruction and the exploitation that multinational corporations bring whenever they enter a country. Their politics will be taken over by EU federalism as globalist bureaucrats negotiate laws and regulations in secret. There will be constant tensions between Islam and secular initiatives. They will be subjected to massive propaganda campaigns designed to control their personal behavior. They will be monitored and tracked by the police state bureaucracy. They will be flooded with the Western TV and video crap culture, and the greatness of Islamic culture will be marginalized. Immigration and regional integration are bad ideas for everybody, except the wealthiest moguls, the socialists directing control over the human wreckage, and, of course, the international bankers.

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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  1. I would just like to point out that there are more than 200 religions practiced in this world and in almost every single one of them there is an ethic of reciprocity, a “golden rule”, by which followers are supposed to live (even in the constructs of Satanism, this rule exists, and the only two “belief” systems which do not have some allusion to this rule are agnosticism and atheism, because the two contain no moral code) It is the only rule that is needed, yet it is the most difficult rule to live by.

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