Down the Awan rabbithole

The Amran brothers were crooks and had ties to terrorists. A perfect fit for the Democrats.

FBI seizes smashed hard drives from Imran Awan. Kind of reminds you of Hillary’s smashed Blackberrys, doesn’t it? Like he might be hiding something?

The next day Awan tries to leave the country and is arrested, charged with bank fraud. Bank fraud? We were thinking national security violations.

“One bombshell that has been all but ignored by the main stream media is that Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.”

Imran Awan also worked for the Clinton News Network.

Looks like Awan could have been involved in a variety of crimes.

Debbie Wasserman-Jew keeps Awan on payroll even after Awan is banned from Congress. They’re closer than close.

Investigator found dead.

Not just friends with Bill, also friends with Obama. Obama loves sleazebags and crooks.

Awan gets a Clinton lawyer. Debbie Wasserman-Jew flees to mental hospital.

Debbie’s brother Steve named prosecutor of the case. What a lucky coincidence.

Awan may have leaked intelligence information to Moslem Brotherhood or Pakistani intelligence.

Awan sold Congress’s emails:

Former DNC staffer Seth Rich was present at a party with Awan the night he was murdered. Seth Rich is known to have offered hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks in return for cash.

George Webb tracks Awan’s car dealership and notes murders at that location. Awan may have been involved in smuggling cars and nuclear materials. Links to Anthony Weiner, Andrew McCabe?

George Webb You-Tube channel.

State of the Nation believes Awan was a CIA plant in a joint Pakistani/Mossad operation.

We would like to see these folks in jail.

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