Celebrities under mind control

| May 14, 2017

How TV manipulates the message

| November 12, 2016

One of a series of videos on subliminal persuasion from Jonathan Adampants at Subliminal Manipulation.

How the CIA created the 60s

| July 31, 2016

Psychedelic Intelligence — The CIA and the Counterculture From Tragedy and Hope The website Dangerous Minds carries an interview with David McGowan, author of Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. “To the extent that it has a central thesis, I would say that it is that the music and […]

News post July 8, 2016

| July 6, 2016

Nigel Farage makes a few remarks following the Brexit vote. Old news by now, but very amusing. Our side doesn’t have many victories. Nigel Farage has since resigned from UKIP, and UKIP is not likely to have much influence in upcoming elections. There is no conservative party in Britain. LaRouche Pac remarks on Brexit: How […]

Trail of the Serpent, Part 1

| June 10, 2016

The following quotes are from The Trail of the Serpent by Inquire Within (For some years a Ruling Chief of the Mother Temple of the Stella Matutina and R .R. et A.C.), London: Boswell, 1936. We assume this book is out of copyright and we may quote extensively. From the Foreword: “We have endeavoured to […]

Stories of interest, May 22, 2016

| May 22, 2016

Mexican drug gangs are moving Islamic terrorists across the border. Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal for Men. You can keep up with these and other disturbing stories from Sweden at Cucked Sweden. Evalion (was) a You-Tube poster whose videos were attracting some attention, until her channel was banned. It […]

CIA control of culture

| August 29, 2015

In July we posted Intelligence Agencies and Satanism as an introduction to organized Satanism and mind control within the U.S. government. Today we are wrapping up that series with a discussion of CIA control over culture. Cathi Morgan at UK Mind Manipulation has put together a longish piece connecting the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments with […]