A Goy Guide to World History

| March 23, 2017

“We have internalized the commands of our oppressors”  E. Michael Jones The title A Goy Guide to World History is misleading if you are expecting a comprehensive guide to the role of the Jews in Western history. There is some discussion of the subject, but the omissions are glaring. We are always surprised when a […]

How TV manipulates the message

| November 12, 2016

One of a series of videos on subliminal persuasion from Jonathan Adampants at Subliminal Manipulation.

World War II primer

| April 7, 2016

The big capitalist/Communist connection is one of the hidden secrets of the New World Order conspiracy. Communism in its propaganda appears to be anti-capitalist, but the history of the Soviet Union, for example, shows otherwise. The Russian Revolution was funded by Western bankers, and Lenin and Stalin often favored Western investors over native Russian businesses. […]

The RINO/socialist alliance

| February 22, 2016

What is their shared value system? Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism isn’t conservative, Peggy. And globalism, “free trade,” UN mandates, population control, any propaganda defining world citizenship or the universal brotherhood of man. Any tolerance for immigration. Any support for Israel. The socialists and the Progressive Republicans are squeezing together on common ground now that there […]

Why liberals are morons

| October 9, 2015

CIA control of culture

| August 29, 2015

In July we posted Intelligence Agencies and Satanism as an introduction to organized Satanism and mind control within the U.S. government. Today we are wrapping up that series with a discussion of CIA control over culture. Cathi Morgan at UK Mind Manipulation has put together a longish piece connecting the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments with […]

Hypnotism, initiation rituals, and mind control

| August 7, 2015

Continuing our series on mind control and intelligence agencies: History of government-sponsored mind-control programs by Tom Porter. A gentle introduction to hypnotism. George Estabrooks militarizes hypnosis. In his own words. The Corydon Hammond lecture on hypnosis and ritual abuse. A naive psychologist discovers the levels of programming among his patients. Notice how scared Hammond was about […]