News for June 23, 2017

| June 24, 2017

How is the opposition doing in the street? Identitarian march, June 17, 2017, Berlin: Hat tip Daily Stormer. Texas groups unite to oppose Antifa, Austin, Texas, May 2. Poland, Czech Republic oppose EU migration quotas. How this disagreement plays out will have a lot to say about the future of Europe. French President Macron wants […]

The Enlightened Society of Oculists

| April 30, 2017

The Wilhelmsbad Convention of 1782

| March 31, 2017

Khaos Odensland Archive Docs is a website with links to 154 books and documents about the Great Conspiracy. Our text under discussion is titled The Wilhelmsbad Conference of 1782. It is Chapter 1 of a longer work which we cannot identify. It is item 132 in the catalogue. We regret that we cannot find the […]

The international Gay Mafia

| March 4, 2017

Spies, Lords, and Predators UK (July 20, 2015) introduces you to the Gay Mafia in England. The Gay Mafia is a huge scandal over there. All of a sudden there have been a lot of pedophile raids and arrests.  Details of a raid in Ohio. Many others not reported here. It seems that these particular arrests […]

Freemasonry unveiled

| October 25, 2016

“You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.” Ronayne, Handbook of Masonry, p. 183 Profiles of a couple of Freemasonry’s “Worshipful Masters” — crime […]

Jew world order

| October 9, 2016

A Short History of Usury in Europe. This is a brilliant little piece. Besides offering relevant history, it explains why charging “as much as the market will bear” is an anti-social practice. It also explains why bank lending must debase the existing currency and why future lending is necessary for usury (repayment with interest) to be […]

Calling out Merkel

| March 25, 2015

              Obama’s puppet Merkel flashes the Illuminati pyramid sign.