Obama’s executive orders and martial law

| August 31, 2016

@admtrainee has put together an interesting video on Obama’s martial law: Obama’s Executive Orders: Source: KillingTime at You-Tube. X22: Obama and UN are building a global police force, the strong cities network:

The origins of conservatism

| March 13, 2015

Review of Darrin M. McMahon, Enemies of the Enlightenment, New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. McMahon subscribes to the liberal/Marxist position that the French Terror was a “necessary” response to counterrevolutionary opposition and was not the original program of the revolutionaries. However, a close examination of historical documents and events contradicts the standard Marxist analysis, […]

FEMA camp-fu

| August 8, 2014

Ooops, a TV news crew films a prison camp. From Above Top Secret

Progress means total takeover

| May 11, 2009

The global economic crash dried up some trade pipelines and set back plans for global integration, but nations proceed to develop and deploy new technologies for tracking and monitoring their subjects. You may interpret technological progress in terms of yourself as a consumer, but technological progress is building the machinery for total takeover.

Missouri retracts “militia” threat report

| March 27, 2009

McClatchy News reports from Missouri that Missouri’s report to the highway patrol warning of militia and third-party threats of violence has been retracted. MIssouri Governor Kinder has suggested putting the director of Missouri’s public safety on administrative leave and investigating how the report was written. Missouri’s director of public safety has apologized to the offended […]

Democrats marginalize the opposition as “militias”

| March 24, 2009

KansasCity.com has a brief article on the Missouri Law Enforcement Report, which warns Missouri law enforcement about the dangers of organized conservative opposition to Obama’s New Order. NWOU wondered why President Obama would bother to publicly engage Rush Limbaugh right after taking office. We interpret Obama’s permanent campaign in light of Clinton’s precedent.

FEMA camps

| November 21, 2008

Q: Regarding your article on martial law, what do you think about the FEMA concentration camps? A: The U.S. government has long been prepared to declare martial law and put people in camps in the event of a national emergency. William Pabst was following this story in the 1970s. For his 1979 article on the […]