America is not normal

Feminists love matriarchy like crack addicts love crack cocaine. What’s the point of being a feminist if you don’t have control over men? Equal rights? Please, that’s not what feminism is about. It’s about having power over men and destroying the family. Matriarchy is the historical model feminists are trying to establish globally under the Communist dictatorship. Feminism is the most successful Communist strategy. It has transformed America.

To gain total power over reproduction, feminists needed two things, a right of abortion all by themselves, without any input from the father, and no-fault divorce, so they could quickly walk away from marriages and get money for divorce. They got these legal changes in the 1970s. Let’s take a look at what has happened since then.

John Crouch of Americans for Divorce Reform has gathered quotes, statistics, and proposals for reform at his website. The home page only offers links. The Divorce Reform Page is also a link page. The Quotes page is a better place to start. Here is how they sold women on no-fault divorce:

“We decided in the 1970s, out of a sense of optimism about the future, that we were going to reengineer family relationships in a way that made them more productive of our own individual satisfactions, and that it was okay to give up on an unhappy marriage and move on. That was a big change in thinking. And the second part was that children would bounce back. That was such a pervasive idea in the literature [of] the 1970s. Well, who would refuse a deal like that? And then, sadder but wiser, we now stand in the 1990s and we realize that that optimistic scenario hasn’t been played out” (Ladies’ Home Journal, March, 1995, p. 73).

By “we” she means feminists, of course. And, it wasn’t an “optimistic scenario” if you were the least bit familiar with the Communist agenda to destroy the family and enslave women in the workplace and brainwash children in state-controlled childcare. So how could these women who embraced feminism, infiltrating male occupations, easy divorce, and easy abortion not understand that this was the Communist agenda of subversion? First, they had to be very ignorant of history and of the sources of feminist literature. Second, they had to fall for the claim that women needed special rights.

The very fact that women were not inoculated against false feminist ideas means there is some fatal flaw at the heart of the American conservative tradition and some fatal flaw in the psyche of ordinary American women. We are just speculating here because we don’t really have a grasp of the fatal flaw and the fatal appeal, but it must be that many women desired “equality” and “special rights” because of some feeling of inferiority rather than one of special status. In the 1950s married women were domestic princesses experiencing one of the highest standards of living in history, surrounded with new labor-saving devices in nice suburbs. It was a privileged and easy life. Why would they give it up to embrace careerism, social destruction, and the mass murder of unborn babies, even if they were totally clueless that the feminist authors who wrote those best-selling books were Communists? Please, somebody explain this mystery to us. We would like to get a handle on this underlying flaw in white, middle-class American women.

“White female children of divorce were 60 percent more likely to undergo divorce or separation in adulthood than a similar population from intact families. The divorce/separation rate for white male children of divorce was 35 percent higher than for white male children from intact families….40 percent of girls in school today will be the head of households.”

The sales pitch of new special rights for women intent on “reengineering” the family was just the front for the true agenda of feminism, matriarchy, families headed by women. Here is how matriarchy has played out in America.

“The illegitimacy rate has increased 66% since 1980 and is still growing. By 1994, 40% of never-married women in their thirties had had an illegitimate child.”

It has always been the goal of Communism to destroy the family. Trotsky articulated this goal around the time of the Russian Revolution. What the Communist theorists didn’t explain was, what would replace the family? State-run nurseries? The feminists answered this question, matriarchy, families headed by women.

The children of divorced moms and the never-married moms are carriers of social degeneracy. Pay close attention to the statistics on this page to understand what matriarchy creates.

“Women raised in female-headed families are 53 percent likelier to have teenage marriages, 111 percent likelier to have teenage births, 164 percent likelier to have premarital births, 93 percent likelier to experience marital disruptions.”

Feminists love matriarchy because shifting the power roles gives women more power, right? Well, sometimes, but not always. How much power do you really have if you are living at home with mom as an adult, on welfare, or a pregnant teenager? It’s difficult for women heading families without men to feel more empowered when they work and attempt to fit childrearing into their schedule. Such women constantly complain about stress. Hmmm, maybe feminism doesn’t really empower women at all, it makes their lives worse. But it’s not just women who suffer under feminism, take a look at the children. The statistics of social destruction are simply staggering. Feminism does not translate into a good future for young women or young men. The feminist matriarchy is the low-achievement, high-crime, slacker and stoner culture, the sexual freedom culture, the degenerate mass culture.

The New York Times reports on families without fathers, the new matriarchy. How female-headed families help other female-headed families in networks without men.

Feminism promotes sexual freedom, and sexual freedom increases the transmission of sexual diseases. The statistics at Orwell Today are rightly called a Holocaust. Feminism doesn’t just increase the abortion rate, it also increases the disease rate. One-fourth of sexually active teens has a sexual disease. The herpes infection rate has increased 500 percent. One in five people today has herpes. 46 percent of teenage girls get HPV after their first intercourse. 50 percent of black teenagers have herpes. So much for healthy sexual expression.

Britain has such a high sexual disease epidemic that the health care system had to be reformed to allow faster treatments.

Positive modeling of homosexuality on TV has led to an explosion in homosexual sex.

A little background on how the education system got taken over, by Tom Deweese. Much more in The Hidden Masters.

Why a children’s rights movement is the logical successor to feminism, and why this is a very bad idea, by David Tubbs.

How state control over children “for the best interest of the child” is working out in Scandanavia. The basic law prohibiting incest has been repealed in Sweden. We are stunned by the implications of repealing the law against incest, one of mankind’s oldest taboos. Why are Scandinavian feminists making it easier for adults to abuse children? “Saving the children” isn’t really what this movement is about. It’s about destroying the authority of the father and building a big child welfare bureaucracy that needs to take children from parents in order to justify its existence.

How the gender war pits children of one sex against the other in San Francisco.

If you live in the United States and don’t pay attention to the rest of the world, you might imagine that every country is falling apart by divorce and moving to matriarchy. You might imagine that the present state of feminist matriarchy is normal. That’s not true:

“The voices of despair argue that times have changed, that underlying forces ripping our marriages apart are too powerful to resist. A quick scan of international data, however, suggests that marriage and modernity are not nearly so incompatible as the divorce advocates would have us believe. Germany, for example, has a illegitimacy rate of 15 percent, half of that of America’s. In Italy the rate is 7 percent. In today’s Japan, just 1 percent of babies are born outside of marriage, the same proportion as in 1970.”

America is not normal. Taking rights from men and giving them to women is not normal. Women having all the rights is not normal. Families headed by women, the matriarchal crime and drug culture, is not normal. It is not happening around the world. It is only happening here and in Scandinavia and England, the leading laboratories for the New World Order police state takeover.

In Russia, a judge recently ruled against a woman’s sexual harassment claim. Only two claims of sexual harassment have won in Russian courts. Drawing a firm line against sexual harassment lawsuits prevents a lot of confusion. Women should not be empowered to loot corporations because of small words and behaviors. Do you know what constitutes sexual harassment in the U.S. today? Me neither, and the fact that sexual harassment is an industry with a long history of fine-tuning acceptable behaviors indicates something is fundamentally amiss with this aspect of law. Did you know that a man in Denver was recently arrested and ultimately fined for telling a woman he thought she was beautiful? If you reward women with financial settlements for words and touching, you are going to get a lot more lawsuits over words and touching. Women love this. This is empowerment, money for nothing and the men cowed in the corner. No man should put up with this legal system, and no business should operate in this environment.

We’re old enough to remember life before feminism, before feminists criminalized a man touching a woman in the workplace. Add to the list of feminist crimes the criminalizing of innocent gestures of friendship. Feminism is cold, and anti-social.

Russia outlawed sex education in schools in the 1950s due to its falling birthrate. Russia could no longer tolerate feminist indoctrination into sexual liberation because it leads to extinction of the race. Today Russia pays women to have children, but it remains to be seen whether Russia can recover from feminism. So far, no nation taken over by feminism has recovered from the declining birthrate of feminism, the feminist death spiral.

If you read our previous post on how Cultural Marxism uses postmodernist strategies to control your identity, you understand that in America television models the female-headed family as normal, even superior to traditional families. More freedom, more choice, more equality. Gay roommates can form a kind of family. On TV, it’s fun. Television does not report on the statistics of social destruction or model the victims of the sexually transmitted disease epidemic. TV does not model fathers involved in divorce and custody battles as legally powerless. TV does not portray families headed by women as the source of the high-crime, low achievement culture of lost children. TV does not model men who lost their jobs or promotions to affirmative-action hires as victims. Instead TV models a like-minded coalition of black radicals scrubbed clean, patriotic Hispanics, in-the-know feminists, and homosexuals who can’t help it as the Committee Deciding What’s Normal and Fair, the new Committee of Public Safety.

Television rarely models real feminist groups, real black radical groups, real Hispanic Leftists, or the real agenda of homosexual activists. The TV model is the easily accepted fun fantasy. That is why your sympathies are entirely misplaced, your values are upside down, and you are ineffective in stopping the takeover.

Another way they fooled you was with slogans. We don’t subscribe to Thomas Jefferson”s formula that “All men are created equal.” It obviously is not true. All societies are hierarchies, even matriarchies. All organizations are hierarchical. Soldiers don’t vote on when to go to war, and football players don’t vote on which play to run. Any attempt to impose equality undermines all of the hard effort that goes into acquiring expertise, hence authority, in every field of endeavor. We won’t discuss all the reasons Jefferson was wrong in this post, but even if Jefferson’s slogan has become the basis for your identity, your belief system, and your idealistic aspirations for America and the world, you should at least recognize that Jefferson’s slogan has now been replaced by the slogan from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The radical Marxist agenda is not equality, it is preference for designated supporters of the socialist revolution and destruction of its enemies. This is the agenda at the heart of the culture war, the replacement of the high culture of the West with the degenerate matriarchal popular TV culture of happy Marxist role models getting along in every situation. Communist identity stereotypes dominate the TV and movie culture, the radical rock and rap culture, and the gay culture, modeling every kind of rebellion and deviance as normal. But this emphasis on rebellion and freedom only occurs before the revolution. After the revolution, none of the leaders discuss freedom any more, all the talk is of equality as the Iron Cage door shuts.

The degenerate matriarchal culture is not normal. The rest of the world is not like this. America is not normal. The TV culture is not a culture, it’s a feminist propaganda stream. That is why TV is unwatchable, it is becoming a women’s propaganda medium. How did you miss this? Why would you want to put up with it?

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I read over 500 books on the history of the New World Order, but you only need to read one book to make up for the poor education they gave you in the public schools. The Hidden Masters Who Rule the World is a scholarly history that will take you beyond all parties, all worldviews, all prophecies, and all propaganda to an understanding of the future that the global controllers have planned for us.


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  1. chlamydia can give you lots of painful and itchy moments so always practice safe sex.**-

  2. Good website overall but very ignorant comment about Jefferson. All men are created equal, means that all men are CREATED equal. It means no one has aristocratic privileges, like King George III had. Jefferson never said that all men are equal in the extremely perverted modern sense but quite the opposite.

    Right. We don’t mind if you believe this because it is an important break with the European class system. Sorry we don’t have the space to describe all the reasons we oppose Jefferson. The information is in the chapter, The Illuminati in America. We consider patriots our allies against the socialists. If our biggest problem was arguing about Jefferson, the world would be in good shape. If you’d like more information about why men are not created equal in any sense, and why Jefferson was a hypocritical slave-holding aristocrat, send us an email. Or read the book.

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  5. Increasing numbers of chlamydia infections have made it the most widespread STD in the USA. In 1997 there were 537,904 reported diagnoses, corresponding to a rate of 205.5 per 100,000 population. However, by 2007 the annual total had more than doubled to 1,108,374 and the rate per 100,000 had risen to 370.2.

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