NWO news, April 20, 2016

| April 20, 2016

Britain’s Home Secretary says Britain to phase out “whiteness” by 2030. She apologizes to Jews, supports pedophiles. This is what we’re up against over on the Left. A professor at Portland Community College delivers a lecture against whiteness. A Jewish professor comes out against whiteness. Hat tip acesOaces. Hungary’s government names 900 Moslem “no-go” areas […]

Links March 27, 2016

| March 27, 2016

Eric Zuesse reports on the high-level planning, mainly between Germany and Turkey, to limit the flow of refugees into Europe in exchange for a pipeline deal that cuts Russia out of Europe’s energy supply. “Gerald Knaus, director of the Soros-funded think tank European Stability Initiative (ESI), for many months now has been advising Chancellor Angela […]

News for March 16, 2015

| March 16, 2016

A leading imam in Denmark admits the agenda of Islam is to conquer the West. He advises immigrants not to assimilate with European culture. Don’t worry, they won’t. “Soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing.” Moslems seem pretty keen on getting to Europe and America, helping themselves to “all the stuff white people stole […]

Old news that is still news

| March 5, 2016

George Soros, one of the NWO masterminds behind European immigration, has proposed “surge funding” — massive spending by Europe’s governments to provide goods and services for the immigrant population. Whether or not there is a massive surge in government funding, one way or another Europe is going to pay a lot more for social services […]

Obama edging to war

| February 7, 2016

We’re going back to November, 2015, to establish that Turkey is Obama’s proxy in the Mideast, supporting ISIS and opposing Russia. A little more on the subject. Yeah, we repeat stuff from time to time so that your building blocks are solid. The news: Turkey is massing troops on the Syrian border. We think this […]

Youth without a migratory background

| January 28, 2016

Voices of the identitarian movement in Germany. Rather moving, don’t you think? The really sad part of recent European history is how the controllers were able to deceive the Europeans into believing a union would bring them benefits. European socialism has been one of the greatest con jobs of history. The reaction is way overdue. […]

More immigration mischief

| January 21, 2016

The problem that Stephen Hawking is most worried about is anti-white genocide. From Crush Zion. Notice how deadpan Charlie Rose is when Hawking tells him he’s worried about anti-white genocide. These words are not supposed to be uttered on globalist TV. Slovakia resists: Prime Minister Robert Fico says there will never be a united Muslim […]