News and opinion, October 16, 2016

| October 16, 2016

Putin asks Obama to remove troops and defense infrastructure from Eastern Europe. Russia killed 30 top U.S. officers in Aleppo¬†when its planes bombed ISIS headquarters. Russia blocks UN no-fly-zone proposal. Putin cancels trip to France.¬†Russia threatens to destroy U.S. forces in Syria. Russian TV warns of war with America as Obama sends troops to Norway. […]

News you might use, September 9, 2016

| September 9, 2016

Pepe Escobar reports on China’s assumption of world leadership at the G20 meeting. Chairman Xi’s plans mainly focus on promoting small businesses. Kind of a strange priority for a Communist, but better than Obama’s plan to knock over governments that pose no threat to the United States. Hezbollah explains why Obama created ISIS: Hat tip […]

NWO News, July 22, 2016

| July 22, 2016

EPIM is a coalition of ngos forming the pro-immigration industry in Europe. These radical organizations are the backup support group for the EU and national governments. The global socialists are well organized to push resources into destroying Western civilization through immigration and destruction of the white race. Know your enemy. European Program for Integration and […]

News post July 8, 2016

| July 6, 2016

Nigel Farage makes a few remarks following the Brexit vote. Old news by now, but very amusing. Our side doesn’t have many victories. Nigel Farage has since resigned from UKIP, and UKIP is not likely to have much influence in upcoming elections. There is no conservative party in Britain. LaRouche Pac remarks on Brexit: How […]

New World Order news, June 28, 2016

| June 28, 2016

Putin bans Rothschilds from Russia. This is an intensification of a trendline of opposition to the New World Order that began with Obama’s destabilization of Ukraine and continued with Putin’s ban on George Soros and his associated ngos and Putin’s military support for Assad. It is more than a ban on the Rothschilds, it is […]

News of interest June 3, 2016

| June 3, 2016

The invaders have taken over the Paris metro. Some Dutch citizens are a little peeved that Moslems are getting free dough from the government. It’s almost as if they are getting paid to replace you. How many of those immigrants got jobs? What are the rest of them doing? “No more blue eyes and blonde […]

Stories of interest, May 22, 2016

| May 22, 2016

Mexican drug gangs are moving Islamic terrorists across the border. Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal for Men. You can keep up with these and other disturbing stories from Sweden at Cucked Sweden. Evalion (was) a You-Tube poster whose videos were attracting some attention, until her channel was banned. It […]