Illuminati gays control rap industry

| June 12, 2015

Hat tip FisherOfMen

NWO follies, May 8, 2015

| May 7, 2015

Has Obama’s war talk against Russia gone silent? This might be why: “Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence includes satellite images.” More at Veterans Today. If you have it, Mr. Putin, release it. Operation Jade Helm [...]

A Satanist exposes the conspiracy

| May 1, 2015

From Activist Post Like I was sayin’: Satanism = liberalism progressivism socialism communism. It’s a worldwide conspiracy among the elites. They spread it through the popular culture to enslave the masses. Popular culture is mind control. Despite what he says about Freemasonry, there are no deep moral lessons in the symbolism. There is nothing good [...]

Freemasonry: organized crime syndicate

| April 18, 2015

“Brethren and Companions, give free vent to your sorrow; the days of innocent equality are gone by. However holy our mysteries may have been, the lodges are now profaned and sullied. Brethren, and companions, let your tears flow; attired in your mourning robes attend, and let us seal up the gates of our temples, for [...]

The Shabbatean Frankist Illuminati

| April 11, 2015

The Shabbatean Frankists are the Illuminati. “According to Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, in To Eliminate the Opiate, it (was) the founder of the Rothschild dynasty who convinced Weishaupt to accept the Frankist doctrine, and who afterwards financed the Illuminati, with the aim of fulfilling the Frankist plot of subverting the world’s religions, or the Kabbalah’s [...]

Occult Hollywood

| February 6, 2015

Conscious Reporter has a two-parter on occult symbolism in the music industry. Part 1. Part 2. Thanks to Conscious for digging into the specifics, we don’t care to spend our time looking at it. But we think if you don’t know what it is you’ll probably think it’s just “entertainment” rather than occult brainwashing. Henry Makow [...]

Who controls Putin?

| December 26, 2014

Brandon Smith at Activist Post opines that Vladimir Putin is really a globalist cooperating with the New World Order, despite his many speeches attacking President Obama’s policies and political correctness. Smith believes Putin is under the control of the central bankers and favors the IMF’s global financial reforms. We have pinned our hopes on Putin’s [...]