L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons

| September 25, 2013

There is more background to the story than we are giving here. In reprinting this page we are attempting to preserve a version of the story written by T. Allen Greenfield of the OTO, published at http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg44631.html. Websites have a way of going down, so we offer the entire text below.

Satanic psychologists design sex ed to create more perverts

| March 12, 2011

Hat tip to TFLwarhammer.

On demon-possession

| November 29, 2010

Once upon a time the good people tried to get away from the bad people and form their own separate societies. They are called monasteries. This worked for a while, mainly because the kings converted to Buddhism and Christianity and the monasteries provided services to the society of not-so-bad people.

Putting it all together: The model for takeover

| November 1, 2010

Today we’re putting together several of our recent themes so that you can grasp the total picture. We have found that the model for takeover is most obvious in England, where many researchers are bringing the corruption to light. Centurean2 is such a good website that sometimes we think we should quit and just send [...]

The New Age code

| June 30, 2010

We got our invitation in the mail, even though we dropped out long ago. Things have changed a little bit over the decades, but not much. Let’s catch up with the offerings at the New Age festival coming to town.

Elite gay pedophiles

| June 9, 2010

President Obama has declared June as gay celebration month. What exactly about gay is worth a celebration? Celebrate your independence from gay Marxism and gay Satanism by tuning in to the elite pedophilia networks and rejecting the gay propaganda of “equal rights” masking the gay child-abuse networks. The networks are based in the Illuminati control [...]

Dreaming other people’s dreams

| December 10, 2009

“Other things being equal, the more a child is exposed to the media (television and Internet), the more materialistic she becomes, the worse she relates to her parents and the worse her mental health.” Television has introduced an entirely new form of thought control to the Marxist mass pseudo-society. Yes, there are more specific and [...]