Roman religion

| November 20, 2014

Chris Everard describes Roman demon-worship. From

Germany in the squeeze

| August 14, 2014

“The West is on the wrong path.” The German Handelsblatt editorializes for a reasonable solution to Obama’s pressures on Germany to extend economic sanctions to Russia. Germany is in the squeeze. Why should Germany favor Obama’s sanctions when it has long-standing economic ties with Russia? Well, the outcome depends on how Merkel tilts. And this [...]

The all-seeing eye

| June 30, 2014

History of the all-seeing eye symbol at leave the cult. Nice work.

Kevin Annett on Irish child murders

| June 19, 2014

Kevin Annett on Irish child murders, evidence linking the royal family of the Netherlands and the Catholic church. Annett is also leading the movement to draft a new constitution for Canada.

L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons

| September 25, 2013

There is more background to the story than we are giving here. In reprinting this page we are attempting to preserve a version of the story written by T. Allen Greenfield of the OTO, published at Websites have a way of going down, so we offer the entire text below.

Satanic psychologists design sex ed to create more perverts

| March 12, 2011

Hat tip to TFLwarhammer.

On demon-possession

| November 29, 2010

Once upon a time the good people tried to get away from the bad people and form their own separate societies. They are called monasteries. This worked for a while, mainly because the kings converted to Buddhism and Christianity and the monasteries provided services to the society of not-so-bad people.