79 nations resist gay agenda

The United States and the European Union are trying to force the world to accept their gay takeover.

“Seventy-nine countries from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific islands sent a letter to the European Parliament that is notable for its strong demand that the EU stop pushing its homosexual agenda on developing countries.”

Well, we’re starting to think that there may be good countries to migrate to after all.

More on the U.S. role at the UN.

The myth of the “normal” homosexual: The biggest mass murderers in history were all gay. Hmmm, our teachers forgot to tell us that in school.

Staggering statistics on homosexual child molestation. Just in case you were in denial about gay pedophiles.

Christopher Doyle rebuts the gay Marxist line that bullying and intolerance are the cause of gay suicides.

Why Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Johnson opposed gays in the military.

Horowitz on queer theory. Don’t expect queer theory to make sense. But it’s very popular among Marxist queers. They don’t reproduce, yet there are more of them all the time. Who is causing this increase?

What is cultural competence? Another Marxist propaganda front. Gee, there are so many we can’t keep up. Of course it’s really anti-cultural competence, just a way for the pervs to network with the anti-white racists and the enviro-liars.

Obama’s little gift to gays. Funny, isn’t it, how the Left never debates their agenda in the open? Cockroaches.

Get your kids away from gay cartoons on TV. Kids don’t know anything. The Left knows this and always targets children with their propaganda. Love and tolerance are the gay takeover themes to fool naive kids.

Homosexuality is demon-possession. One revealing story. We explained this to you earlier in our post On demon-possession.

It’s important to the gays to push atheism and denigrate religion because none of the world’s major religions tolerated homosexuality. You have to make it a crime, like it was just a few years ago.

While we’re at it:

Female pedophiles. Feminist criminals.

Feminism, the biggest killer:

“Every single society or subculture in the world that has adopted feminism now has a below-replacement birth rate”

And we’ll add, feminism was spread around the world for this purpose.

Why don’t the media celebrate the success stories of female corporate executives? Because there aren’t any. Yet the feminists continue to push for quotas on corporate boards. Why are they so keen on getting incompetent women in positions of power? The Left isn’t interested in competence or in successful capitalism, but they are obsessed with power. They can’t just leave it up to the corporations to choose whom to hire or the radical women would never get hired.

Corporations that do not shun feminists are digging their own grave.

How many women file false reports of domestic violence each year in the U.S.? It’s a big number. Why would the Left push women to lie? Because it’s an anti-male agenda, silly.

Now let’s answer our previous question, why are there more gays now? Who is causing this increase in perversion?

We don’t know of any supporting research, but it makes sense that feminist mothers are producing gay children. How feminist mothers abuse their children. Doesn’t it make sense that feminized boys would turn gay out of an inability to form a normal internal male role model? Kids can’t grow up healthy if they have feminist mothers.

Half of all U.S. teenagers have a mental disease. Well, this is caused by feminist homes or feminist schools. But notice that no one in the comments was able to make this obvious connection. Why do feminist family-destroyers get a pass?

Why liberals should not be allowed to raise children. Now you know why there are so many mentally ill kids. Feminist mothers. Psychiatric drugs aren’t the solution, eliminating all the feminists is the solution.

It’s not possible to set up enough therapy programs to address the massive damage that feminists cause. The Left wouldn’t let you heal those kids anyway. Their agenda is to create a sick pseudo-society of damaged and lost people so the Marxist perverts can exploit them. They’re doing very well in imposing the gay Marxist agenda right here in the USA. Other countries are far ahead of you in resistance. Why is that? Oh, we answered that question in a previous post, America is not normal.

Feminists and gays should not have any access to children. Period. They are inherently child-abusers. Your tolerance and apathy allow them to abuse kids. They also have you under their control. Nice going.

All liberals are the waste products of Marxist propaganda. Most tribal societies killed their gays and their traitors. The Hebrews didn’t tolerate homosexuality, and neither did pagan Rome or Christian Rome. Why would you? Have you been infected with secular thinking about “rights”? It’s all just a cover for the arrow of destruction pointed at Christianity, and ultimately at the white population.

Criminalizing feminism and homosexuality is the right answer to degenerate liberalism. Why would you allow unrecyclable waste products to even be near you, let alone govern you? Feminism is the global death agenda, depopulation and genocide. Turn the tables on them or the children are lost to perverts and perversion. Other countries are taking steps to preserve themselves. What exactly is holding you back from doing the right thing?

Of interest:

How Oprah degrades men for fun and profit. Notice that  the degradation spectacle is presented as a therapy spectacle but nobody gets better. Standing up on TV and airing your previous problems is not therapy.

This is a very important insight, guys:

“Even in my weakest state I knew not to look to women to help me solve my personal problems.”

Following this bit of advice can keep you from going down the wrong forking path.

Actually studying women reveals their feminist-induced schizophrenia.

“The widely promoted goal of “symmetrical family roles”, with men and women sharing child-care, housework and employment, is popular among a highly educated, professional elite. But it is “not the ideal sought by most couples”, the report said.”

Sometimes studies reveal the obvious. But we guarantee you that no social scientist will make a study that blames gay orientation, family destruction, and screwed-up children on feminism because the social scientists are all Marxist feminists.

Honorable mention:


A look at sex slavery.

Heather MacDonald, Why community organizing doesn’t work. Families without fathers.

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